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Whispering Smith-E1 The Blind Gun

Jun 08, 2021
Here they come George, take the one on the left, okay, burn it, guys, unbuckle the belt, let's take a break, imagine how to make that one, what about it? My eyes I can't see, oh please don't be someone healthy, I can't. Look, their names were Thad Zanuck and Clegg Wiley on the afternoon of July 7, 1868, they broke into our bank in Denver, shot dead our banker Sam Gallagher, and forced his daughter Mary to open the vault for them that they filled in canvas bags. of gold in green banks they took 71 thousand dollars, that is the large amount of money that must be taken from a city of six thousand inhabitants in our police force, there are only nine men.
whispering smith e1 the blind gun
I'm a detective on that force named Smith, my partner's George. Mac ruled, we received our orders from our boss John Richardson, his orders had been to bring back that money and the men who stole it. We had the men well, but not the money and only one man could take us there and he was


, yes. He is


, will he ever see you again? It's hard to tell you. I mean, I don't stand a chance. I didn't say that the last time I saw a case like yours and then he completely regained his sight. Pressure on the optic nerve.
whispering smith e1 the blind gun

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whispering smith e1 the blind gun...

An operation. He relieved it and then operated on me. I'm not a surgeon. The nearest ophthalmologist is a thousand miles away in st. Louis his price comes I will pay him whatever he wants with what I have the money you talk as if it were yours look Jenny I'm sorry for what happened to your eyes we will try to help you again will you have to help us tell us where you hid that money would you like that, would you? Won't you listen, man of the law? I may never see you again, but you wouldn't see the money either, you finished doctor, yes, I will send you a bottle of Medicine to help with the pain.
whispering smith e1 the blind gun
I'll look again tomorrow. Hey, boss, you got that telegram from Santa Fayette. No, no, good boys shouldn't mind waiting for prisons as a home for you, what do you think, Smitty, what are we going to do with that money? He will never speak again. One thing we can do is men together and search the entire valley, those 30 mile long valleys, hit anywhere. You're right, you were invited on a wild goose chase. Oh, this particular wild goose is worth over $70,000. It's worth a try. so they finally caught up with your sad boy, who are you your old friend Ben Avery Avery, yeah, my brother Rex is here too without your little job at the pool a couple years ago, the bank in Echo City, remember, oh yeah , I remember that was uh at all?
whispering smith e1 the blind gun
Maybe you also remember that you didn't stay to distribute it he just grabbed it and lived where is it now thud did you ever hear a wine women and a song now I can believe that, how are you guys here on suspicion of robbing a stagecoach? It's just that we were in jail and in Santa Fe when it happened it sounds like you made another sad loot where did you hide that money? No, I don't know what they're talking about money. I'm not going to tell you, you know something. I'm glad what happened to your eyes, I'm so glad I searched Locust Valley for three full days trying to find the money Janek hid, but it rained the first day and washed away any footprints we might have left, we didn't have any. luck and then, at the bank, more problems arose when I told myself that a Gallagher and some fair depositors had not found their money, some desperate, mortgage-burdened farmers spoke for the others, either you get Janet to speak, he said, or we will eliminate their ways of forcing it Smitty don't mean using force, they are just afraid that money means life or death for them.
I know, well, isn't there anything else we can do? Maybe now you said the other day that you would give a $2,000 Reward that still stands, of course, I'll see you later Danny, what do you want in the office? I want to talk to you, sit down Jen, would you like a chance to get your eyes back? Don't say that, Smith, not unless you I mean it, I mean it, this city needs that money. You are so bad. Let me be your eyes and guide us there. The money is back in the bank. Will send the st.
Louis, get that specialist to bring in Malley and let him operate on you. The bank is offering a $2,000 reward that will pay the cost. What happens to me after that will depend on a jury. Operations, the only exchange we can make. How is everything? right, you have a deal, when do we leave? I'll let you know. Did he return that telegram from Santa Fe with you? Jen, I don't know, I don't like him, what if he has friends outside waiting to help him? frantic for him to keep the money, he knows it's about the Averys. I'm going to have to let it go.
Look, I think Janux will take you there. It may take some time. I need a pack horse and some supplies. I offered you a deal. Isn't that what it was? Nothing just for money looks sad, don't be stupid, he's a man of the law, you want to make a deal with us, well, yours, yeah, yeah, I know that's what I don't like about you. oh come on bad boy I was just trying to do a blind man a favor no hard feelings Pierce smoke thanks that's a joke burn a blind man okay men the horses are in front get on him and keep riding well.
What do you know? She found out that we were telling the truth and probably for the first time in your life I will see you in the morning, Jenny. We're leaving early. Earlier we left the song my specialist listens to here as we left Denver towards Locust. Valley, the hopes of many people were with us, but my spirits were high. I doubt the only problem I faced was whether or not a blind man could find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Where we are? The Rock Creek Bypass Trail splits here. North Fork follows Ridge. South Fork descends to the river.
We took South Fork. I'm sure there's a big red rock up ahead shaped like an Indian's head. Yes, just to the right, we wrote just below. There is a trail about a half mile downstream. that's where we digress, let's turn off just one place here I thought you couldn't see I can't, but I can hear it was a waterfall not far away, listen to it, yes, I hear sir, when a man lowers his eyes, it has to do with his ears . Mine doesn't lie to me, this is the place, okay, I don't see any side paths.
We turned off next to Big Pine Tree. His trunk was split in half. I have a good memory, Johnny, is this up ahead, we ride fast. we can reach them easily we don't want to reach them yet that rabbit smells good, so does a coffee. It's funny how a man takes all his senses for granted when he has them all. Will I ever get my Smith eyes back? I'm going to be a changed man. I can never get enough of just looking. What's wrong with them following me? I do not hear anything. I'm telling you, someone is following us.
The horses, two of them, come the same way. We talk more slowly. Still coming, Smith place started, are you going to get lost? Why is Smith that you are right up to France in the next cell? I was afraid of him. They are after the money. Don't tell us to get it. I don't think so. So look, I've traveled with them before those fast weapons. I take what they want. They won't touch us until we see the money come out of the ground. I think we'll let him see it first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be there soon, we know, but they're not with us yet, yeah, this is a good place to stay here, don't leave my side, they won't have a chance to shoot him, thank you, I'll think I'm.
I live if I can here you're right Janek if you leave canvas bags I'll take them out here a minute you tonight I can't hear what you're saying what below Ben I don't want to kill you let me Smith Janek cliff Smith Smith how did you get there? I fell I can't get out, help me, are you okay? Did you get both? Yes, Smith, never leave me alone again. I need you, you are the only eyes I have. Come on Oh, how much brother do you think we have well, it is known now we should be there before dark, you say, my head is going through me, where is that medicine that the doctor gave me in that package?
I'll bring it to you in a minute. No, let me try, just tell me which way to go, it's about 30 feet in front of you, level ground, what's up? You all got bitten by a rattlesnake, hey, I guess I owe you my life, Smith, I'm glad you have eyes. Look out for the two of us, yeah, well, from now on, if you need anything, stay still, I'll get it for you. Look, that big oak tree you told me about, there are some jagged rocks on the ground, that's right. Oh, we're waiting for looks. How did we do it?
Where is it? look for the biggest rock around there is a log nearby the money is under a small rock next to it I'm sure you didn't bury them too deep we were in a hurry I sure want to thank you Smith deliberately he is safe and sound even digging up the money for me my rights I guess I should give you a reward let you keep a thousand or two I'm greedy I want to keep it all for myself that's what I thought but it won't work Jack, that's not what this rifle says, what does it really say do you want to hear?
Well, listen well, throw it away. I took the horns off that thing a long time ago when I discovered you could see again. When was it at Rattlesnake, at camp, that you heard the Avery? brothers half a mile away, suddenly you couldn't hear a rattlesnake ten feet in front of you there will be another time Smith, I got my eyes on a bike anyway next time I'll have my own gun, you got your eyes back Okay, but you want to know something you can't see yet. It was almost like carnival time in Denver, when we returned to the city, no one cared about the nonsense that happened, but the strange adventure was over as we had all wanted it for the workers. of the farms and mines that lost their savings recovered their money the bank opened its doors again while Janek played blind man's bluff and lost demonstrated the truth that those who wear badges have always known that every man has five senses except one The man of the law had a sixth sense, the sense that warns you when a rattlesnake calls and is ready to attack you.

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