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What Would Happen If 9.2 Earthquake Hits?

Jul 02, 2023
I'm pretty sure you have no idea where the most powerful


in American history occurred. It all started with tremors that had a magnitude of 9.2 that shook the earth for only four minutes but were enough to trigger a monstrous tsunami that reached more than eight. meters high, all this horror did not occur in an


-prone state like California, but in Alaska, the merciless force of nature devastated the entire village of Chimega. 68 people lived there and 23 of them died, the only reason the number of victims was relatively The worst thing is that Alaska was not densely populated when an equally powerful earthquake occurred in populist Japan in 2011.
what would happen if 9 2 earthquake hits
A similar disaster


a densely populated region of the US somewhere where it is least expected. I'll tell you more. There are signs that it won't be long before nature launches a brutal attack. How can people survive an earthquake in that part of the US? where no one is prepared to face this type of catastrophe 200 years ago something terrifying exploded from the depths of the American territory on February 28, 1812 the readers of the weekly messenger saw strange news the newspaper said that in December of the previous year the residents of The small city of New Madrid woke up from an intense tremor.
what would happen if 9 2 earthquake hits

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what would happen if 9 2 earthquake hits...

Furniture was flying through the air. Buildings were collapsing and all the trees were uprooted and fell. Everywhere people were running outside only to see fountains of sand emerging from beneath the ground wherever they looked as they were horrified. The animals completed this truly apocalyptic picture with their howling due to the earthquake. The church bells that day rang alone and the chimneys fell hundreds of kilometers from New Madrid. According to modern estimates, the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.7. to more than eight, however, at the beginning of the 19th century, Washington officials did not take this news seriously, since it was not California known for its seismic activity, but a region located much further east of the state of Missouri, where Something like this had never


ed. recorded before and as if to put the skeptics in their place, nature decided to attack again on January 23 and on February 7, an earthquake reached a magnitude of no less than 7.5, although according to other sources there were almost nine, this terrestrial upheaval transformed some Parts of the Mississippi The rivers against themselves flowed backwards, huge waves swept all the boats to the shore and the swampy ground bubbled and splashed in all directions.
what would happen if 9 2 earthquake hits
This time the ground vibrated all the way to Washington. In general, the tremors could be felt in a territory that occupied two and a half million squares. kilometers in addition to massive earthquakes scientists detected around 2,000 smaller earthquakes when experts arrived at the epicenter in New Madrid they found 40 meter craters and pits filled with sand, some of them were right under houses, but


could cause such calamity in the American Midwest and


are the chances of history repeating itself? These are not just useless questions, because compared to the beginning of the 19th century, when this region was almost uninhabited and the death toll remained unknown, today it has become a major metropolitan area, which means that in total 45 million People are potentially in danger if the New Madrid disaster


s again and right now the tragedy of the earthquake that hit Turkey, where more than 50,000 people died in early 2023, will seem much less dire than the consequences we could witness, it is not so hard to imagine the extent of the damage because we already have examples of earthquakes that hit the western US and this time there is no shortage of details, so how did people survive them?
what would happen if 9 2 earthquake hits
Among many apocalyptic earthquakes that have ever struck the western United States, there is one that stands out, the deadliest occurring in 1906 in San Francisco. It was almost as powerful as the earthquake that had hit New Madrid a century earlier. A series of earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.9 plunged the big city into chaos, turning it into hell. The asphalt on the streets buckled and pooled as the ground moved like ocean waves. Houses were swept to the horizon and fires burned for three days straight because communications between fire companies were cut overall by 80 percent. One hundred of San Francisco was completely destroyed three hundred thousand people were left homeless the disasters cut old telephone and telegraph lines there was no electricity or water supply to stop the looters who were brazenly clearing the city.
The police received permission to shoot them at the scene. The agents did not hesitate to do so when they caught the criminals. Meanwhile, hospitals were overwhelmed and staffed. She simply could not cope with the avalanche of victims, one woman even jumped out of a fourth floor window due to the terrible pain that she could no longer bear. According to estimates, this earthquake and its consequences claimed the lives of about 3,000 people in San Francisco. The 1906 Francis tragedy left a lasting impression on everyone, including the authorities, so they decided to act and developed a special preparedness plan to teach people the basics of survival.
Here are five rules that every San Franciscan knows that could save your life during an earthquake in the first place. All in all, if you are inside when an earthquake starts, you should get under a table or other sturdy furniture. Secondly, stay away from doors, windows and anything that can fall and break, including walls, even if they look strong, they don't. Doesn't mean they won't collapse on you. Thirdly, forget about elevators, you can get stuck in them or, even worse, fall from a great height. The fourth roll, stay still and wait until the shaking stops. Most of the time, people get hurt when they try to do it. find a better hiding place while new earthquakes continue to occur finally the fifth rule if the disaster starts when you are outside stay in the most open area where you can find any buildings, trees and power poles are your enemies, anything that threatens to collapse permanently will do As soon as the ground moves and if you are near the ocean you are in big trouble, your only chance to escape is to climb to the highest place you see, leave your car without regrets because you will never leave. of a possible tsunami anyway, I think D, but when people follow these rules the number of victims is lower.
There was a large earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994, registering a magnitude of almost seven, but it claimed the lives of only 60 people, plus Californians saw many. disaster movies about the San Andreas Fault and thanks to numerous documentaries, everyone in the US knows that the cause of earthquakes in the region lies between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. The colossal fault that separates them extends 1,276 kilometers along the coast. of California, although this area is dangerous, it is already well studied, but what about New Madrid, of course? Specialists know about this horrible catastrophe, but only a few locals have heard of it.
Naturally, the question arises as to who will draw up an emergency plan in the event of another terrible earthquake. This happens interestingly, if you check a plate tectonic map, you will see that the North American plate is absolutely monolithic. Could it be that scientists have overlooked fragments that rub against each other and cause tremors, especially considering it's already happened in U.S. history and not? severe and extensive damage deep beneath the surface between California and Alaska there is a latent danger that once triggered a record disaster that most people had no idea about for quite some time in the 1980s geologist Brian Atwater and graduate student David Yamaguchi discovered something very strange near the Copalis River in Washington State it was a mysterious ghost Forest a large grove in Northern Bend in the river full of long dead planters the trees were without leaves, without branches, even without bark, they were literally reduced to their trunks sticking out of the marsh.
For a long time, experts assumed that cedar trees had died because their roots had gradually disappeared into the salt waters, but Atwater conducted a more detailed analysis and in 1987 made a discovery that surprised everyone. Colleagues: The ghost forest was a victim of a horrible cataclysm, the layers of soil seemed as if the entire river bank had suddenly collapsed, which was exactly the reason why the trees sank into the marsh. This is what Yamaguchi concluded after impressive growth ring patterns on dead cedars. It turned out that the ghost forest stopped growing. in 1699, that is, in the winter of 1700 The Grove was suddenly flooded with seawater.
Taking into account the terrain, the researchers understood that behind us there could only be one tsunami and that it had to be at least 15 meters high, the waters hit the coast with enough force. to compress the soil by basically burying tree roots, scientists now believe that the devastating wave followed the unprecedented Cascadia earthquake in 1700. The point is that this region of the northwestern United States is located in the subduction zone of Cascadia, this fault zone is located north of the San Andreas and extends for 960 kilometers along the west coast. Curiously, in addition to two tectonic plates like those that form the San Andreas fault, there is also a third active microplate called Wanda Fuca that is lurking underground and was not known to science before it occurred.
It sinks beneath the North American plate into magma and this crushing causes earthquakes of magnitude 9 or 10. One of them occurred in 1700, but experts unraveled the ancient mystery of Cascadia only 45 years ago. Currently, modern technologies predict that a series of large earthquakes will occur. Diego Melgar, a seismologist at the University of Oregon, believes that, judging by the patterns of seismic activity, the Cascadia disaster may repeat itself in the coming years, but our local authorities and ordinary people and current are ready for that in the Pacific Northwest and find out about an impending catastrophe in advance is possible only if you have a special application installed on your phone, but even if you receive a notification, it will be extremely difficult to resist panic when nature Show your true strength.
It will all start with high frequency compression waves that the dogs will feel. them and begin to howl in fear until people feel the first small tremors under their feet, then the ground will move slightly under the low-frequency surface waves and only after that we will have to deal with the main shock before it gets there . It will take you only about five minutes to find shelter, but if it is in the middle of the dark, you will be able to narrowly escape only if you bother to look for an earthquake-proof building beforehand and I am afraid that will not be an easy task since the 75 percent of buildings in Oregon and Washington were built without such catastrophes in mind, so many homes will slide off their foundations and slide along unstable ground and be ruined in the process if heavy objects are not present.
They are fixed to the walls of the apartment. We will cartwheel through the rooms and hurt the people inside. Over time, around a million buildings will become piles of rubble and most roads and bridges will be damaged beyond recognition, not to mention railway tracks and airport runways. Police stations and hospitals will not survive either, so wait. Aid will be meaningless, especially since they will be the second round of the tsunami. You will have a chance to pass only if at the moment the shaking stops you start running away from the ocean without looking back, but even if everyone tries to follow the safety rules.
The Cascadia earthquake will be so large and terrible that it will cause numerous victims. According to the most optimistic forecasts, 13,000 people will die and 27,000 will be seriously injured if the Cascadia earthquake occurs in summer and the beaches are crowded. packed with tourists, it's safe to say we could double or even triple these numbers, so take my advice before taking a walk around Ocean's Edge. You'd better check the latest seismic news and, if you live not too far from the faults, start stocking up on the biggest bolts. in the market and secure all your furniture to the floor and appliances to the furniture just in case.
Meanwhile, a scientific search for active plates hidden beneath New Madrid has yielded unexpected results. Radar data has revealed that the North American Plate is composed of smaller plates. but they have remained passive for millions of years, that is, the terrible earthquakes in the midwestern United States are certainly not caused bycrushings in the bowels of the Earth, at the same time, studies dedicated to the oldest layers show that the series of apocalyptic tremors in the region occurs once every two or three hundred years, this means that the mysterious force of nature can attack again even at this time and if you have accumulated more energy than the previous time we will not have to depend on the media or social networks. networks to know that by moving through adjacent tectonic plates, the tremors will take a few minutes to reach even New York, but what if we don't understand the reasons behind the earthquakes in the eastern US just because they are unique to this specific area?
To find the truth we will have to zoom out and see a bigger picture in world history, there are cases where earthquakes occurred in regions without tectonic boundaries, the plates were very far from each other and yet entire cities disappeared underground in 1556. The deadliest earthquake ever recorded devastated China, affecting 97 provinces and its epicenter was in the river valley, where the landscape was disfigured by 20-meter holes, the reverse direction of the river flow in the mountains crumbled and fell , but the most terrifying thing was that dozens of houses began to sink into the ground along with the people inside.
It was later revealed that a Buddhist monastery had sunk two meters underground. Tremors in the region continued for six months and killed 830,000 people. Just think about this staggering figure. The great earthquake wiped out almost two-hundredths of a percent of the world's population at the time. The result was so apocalyptic that it may seem that the chroniclers exaggerated the entire situation, but no scientist confirms this information, and yet the mysterious Force had not finished torturing the planet. In 2018, a terrifying magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Indonesia and snowballed into a tsunami. People tried their best to escape, but it turned out that the ground could no longer contain them.
It seemed like the ground became almost liquid and as a result, it rose and fell like waves. around 1700 houses sunk underground like in a horror movie nature had abnormal tantrums like this in many other places also India Jamaica and even Madrid in Spain during the excavations carried out a few kilometers from the city the archaeologists found the ruins of a ancient abandoned Roman city that had evidently been hit by a large earthquake that caused entire buildings to collapse, there were also sand craters up to 2 meters in diameter and houses fell into them, wait a minute, the same craters were discovered in New Madrid only 20 times.
Larger on the right This exact detail became a clue that led scientists to a conclusion that explains, at least in part, what may have caused the earthquake in the American Midwest. It was determined that although there were no faults beneath some of the devastated regions, there were thick layers. of sandy soil, so the wells found near Madrid and in New Madrid were actually traces of sand geysers that occur when the pressure of groundwater at great depths increases to the point of throwing sand out of the ground, which is a very bad sign, it means the entire Midwest is standing on sand that can suddenly sink without any plate friction involved in this mind-blowing change beneath the surface can be strong enough to produce a series of earthquakes if it happens today, say, in Memphis, inhabited by more than a million people and full of skyscrapers with up to 37 floors, will be a truly catastrophic event.
The city is located right on the sand on the ground. Waters without solid rocks to support it, which is why if this mass is shake off the wet sand it will settle and the entire city will literally sink Sucked underground, it is useless to strengthen the foundation with screws, bolts or even piling here and if you somehow manage to run out you will be greeted by sand geysers and sand craters from the earthquake and that's just in Memphis. The magnitude 7.5 earthquakes will also cause skyscrapers to collapse in St. Louis Memphis Nashville Indianapolis Kansas City and Cincinnati if the tremors reach magnitude 8 we will have to say goodbye to Minneapolis Detroit and Dallas this will be calamitous not only for most of the area But it will affect the entire country.
The tremors will destroy roads and explode oil and gas pipelines. Furthermore, they are the vibrations that spread along the North American Plate and will make some skyscrapers tremble even in New York, Boston and Washington. Given the uniqueness of this catastrophe, the anti-seismic safety measures designed in San Francisco will not be useful, since the catastrophe could repeat itself. In the end, in just one month, a new version of the New Madrid earthquake can cost the lives of around a million people and this will make it worse than the deadliest and most devastating earthquake in human history, the one that occurred in China, according to experts' assumptions. about the reasons behind the tragedy of New Madrid are true according to the most conservative forecasts for the year 2050 the probability of a magnitude 6 earthquake in the region will increase to 40 percent the worst thing is that even being well informed about the threat we do not nothing and we keep waiting in silence, it is time to take measures that must be taken quickly, otherwise, half of the country will be left in ruins in the middle of giant craters.
It seems that the only reliable solution to survival that anyone can count on right now is to move to a safer location within the United States, the first place that comes to mind is Maine where new earthquakes have occurred and where the vibrations coming from the Midwest do not arrive in general, it seems that nothing and no one disturbs the peace of this state, except Stephen King, who uses it. as a backdrop for most of his books, it seems perfect if you write horror stories, vast empty spaces, cold winters in the mountains, with hardly any leisure options other than fishing or picking blueberries, there is still an alternative, although if you feel like sunbathe. go to Florida The earthquakes haven't bothered you either, so you can find a nice place and relax on the beach unless the tornadoes and meth spoil the atmosphere, of course, are they more dangerous than earthquakes?
I wonder, comment below and share your survival plans abroad.

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