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What's My Face? Challenge ft. Kandee Johnson

Feb 27, 2020
Today we use the head. To guess


's on our


s. Let's talk about it. (upbeat music) Good morning mythical! Mythical beasts, today we're going to break the law, we're going to give you a sneak peek of a new music video for “Buddy System”, but first, we have to welcome our guest, Kandee Johnson. - Hi guys! - (screams) - (applause) - Welcome to the show! - Hello. - Thanks for having me! I feel like I'm in a magical wonderland, like it's not real and now I'm really in your reality. It is mythical, but it is real. And magical. - I feel magical - It's very, very real. - Yeah. - You feel real too.
what s my face challenge ft kandee johnson
Now, we don't know anything about makeup. - You too. - Not? We don't know anything about makeup. We see our wives apply it Of course, so you know a little. From a distance. Yes, you see it in your bathroom. - Let's not get too close. - Yes. But you know a lot about it. I know the magic part of makeup, yes. Yes, you are a magical makeup wizard. Yeah, I should have changed my channel name to that.! But you specialize specifically, you specialize specifically - in these amazing transformations of people, - Thank you. so we thought we'd have a little fun with that today. - Yes! - It's time to play...
what s my face challenge ft kandee johnson

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what s my face challenge ft kandee johnson...

Okay, that's how it's going to work. Kandee, you're going to turn my


into something. - Mm-hmm. - Yes. And then I'm going to ask yes or no questions to determine


my face is. Right, you won't know who you are. And then you're going to do the same to Rhett. - To my face. - Yes, yes. And then we're going to do the same with her. Your face. Oh. - I'm, like, praying. - And a twist. - You didn't know this. - I'll be fine? You'll be fine? I'll be fine. Let's do it! To the makeup camera!
what s my face challenge ft kandee johnson
Well, Link has been transformed by Kandee. (squeals) Let's find out what he looks like. Alright Link, what's your face? (Kandee laughing) I don't know. - It's a... vision. - Oh my. Well, thanks for having me. Rhett: Wow. Wow. (laughs) It made my face very dry. And then I know I have a wig, that's all. You look amazing. Kandee: Yes, you do. - Thanks. I am a person? Yes you are. Am I... a character? - No, I do not think so. - No. Would it be in a history book? One day. - Mm-hmm. - One day? Yes.
what s my face challenge ft kandee johnson
Am I alive now? - Yes. - Yes. I am a living person who will be in a history book. Are they really still making history books? - I mean, really, let's think about it. - No. When was the last time you saw a series of encyclopedias? Is that what it's about? Am I a celebrity? Yes. Have I met this person? Who am I now? No. (sighs) Does that reduce it? Have you met many celebrities? Oh yeah, I know so many celebrities, Kandee. (clears throat) Rhett: Oh, he's choking. - (Kandee laughs) Am I a man? - (Laughter) No. - Oh, good.
Rhett: "Oh, good"? I am a female celebrity. Yes you are. I'm a musician? Yes. I'm a musician. Is a musician like my key thing, Kandee? Yes. - I'm more... - No, more well-known. I feel like, do I have distinctive eyebrows? I love that you asked that question. Am I known for my eyebrows? You are not known for your eyebrows. No, that's not... You also did something with the lips. I could feel that the lips were, like something strange was going on with the lips. So why don't you ask "Am I known by my lips?" Am I known by my lips? - No. - Ouch!
Do I have characteristic lips? No. I am a female musician. That's, yes, that's the technical term. You are a musician woman. Who is still alive Am I very popular? Yes, yes, you are very popular. I'm so popular. - Very popular female musician. - Yes. - Oh my God. - Or did you say "musician woman"? - I can not remember. - I like the musician woman. Very popular female musician. Kandee: Yeah. Rhett: That's it, is that helping? Have I won a Grammy? Yes. - Oh. - Oh. That gave you some feelings. Beginning to feel Starting to feel like I'm a Grammy winner.
It feels good. It is very disturbing. The more it embodies it. Does it bother you to see your old friend like this? - Yes Yes Yes. Are you attracted to me, Rhett? I... (laughs) I'm not attracted to you, but I am attracted to the person you represent, yes. Right. So say it. (Laughter) Say what? You feel attracted to me. You are drawn to who I really am. I'm going to look crooked. I'm attracted to you. I can't look at you and tell you. Oh my God. Have you changed gender? - Yeah. - Yeah. Okay, okay, okay.
And she has a new album? Where she is a new her? Oh... Is the old her dead? (yelling) Am I Tay Tay? - Oh! Yes! - Yes Yes! - (bell sounds) Pick up the mirror and look at yourself. (Laughter) What? Rhett: I have to say, I have to say... there's not much you can do with her face. She has too much, she just has too much face to be a convincing Taylor Swift, you know? Make your face smaller, but, like, that's her new hair. That's the fierce news of hers. New - well, not like that! Is that a face she makes?
Rhett and Kandee: I don't think so. Rhett: Congratulations, Link. What is the song that she sings? I'll try. I can't remember any. "Look what you made me do." "Look what you made me do." I don't know that one. ♪ Look what you made me do ♪ - (laughs) - Is that so? Okay, Kandee, are you ready to transform me? Yes I am! (great music) Okay, Kandee has done her magic on Rhett's face. Rhett, come out. I did something. (music playing) (laughs) Link: Sit down. I don't want to reveal it, but your walk is very interesting. - In fact? - Just like your face.
Link: All right, Rhett, see if you know what your face is. Well. I am a person? - Not? - I dont know. Not? - No. - No. Isn't that a person? - Well. - Really? I suppose not. I am an animal? Yeah. Yeah I guess. I mean, I could feel you doing, like, it's very textured, whatever. Yes, that's very good! - Very textured. - Yes! - Like, a lot of punches to my face. - Yes. Mm-hmm. And then there's, I don't know what, I have no idea what this is. - A hat. - Oh. Mm. - Do not tell him. - Oh.
Of course, if you want to call it a hood, that's fine because that won't help it at all. Am I a character of something? - Yes. - Mm-hmm. A work of fiction? - Mm-hmm. Yes. - Yes. Am I a character in a work of fiction that is not a person, but an animal? - Yes. - Mm-hmm. But am I like a humanoid animal? Yes. Mm... - (Scoffs) - (Laughter) You have human-like features. I guess you could say that. Am I a female character? - No. - No. Am I a male character? I think. We guess, we're pretty sure, yes.
You really can't tell. I-- Is this in a movie? - Yes. - Mm-hmm. Is this in a movie that is from the 80's? Yes. Some of that. (gasps) Anything like that? Is he a character in a movie series but only appears once? Yes. Is he good or bad? He is good? - Well. - Mm-hmm. - Yes. - I almost said an adjective. Link: The best. The best? This is very difficult! They are movies that were made in the '80s. Were there any movies that were made in the '80s and then made again? - Yes. - Mm-hmm.
Is it from "Star Wars"? - Yes. - Oh shoot! Oh! You know? And he is good? Link: He's good. And does he have something on his mind? Yes, a hat. (laughs) But he's good. - So good. - Mm-hmm. Yes. Is he a jedi? No. (gasping) Am I an Ewok? Oh! - Yes! - Yes you are! - (bell sounds) - Look at your face! Look how cute you are! - Link: You are Wicket! (Laughter) - Oh. I had no idea. What's that? I have a little white thing, did you have that? Well it was the highlight. He has reflexes.
He has that, yes. - I'm a fucking Ewok! - Link: Yeah. You look great, man. Yes, you too, Taylor! I feel like I don't belong with you guys. - Well, you're about to. - Oh. Yes, we are going to change that. - You are? - Oh yeah. Time to transform. (banjo music) Well, we've completed our Kandee transformation. Let's go see her, come out, Kandee - (music sounds) - Hello! (Laughter) Why are you laughing? Because we are very proud of ourselves. No you are not. Very good, yes or no questions, so that you know the exercise. I have the drill.
I am a person? - No. - No. What? I am an animal? - No. - No. Rhett: I realize now that you covered the left eyebrow and I left the right eyebrow uncovered. - Yes, really... - That was a mistake on your part. Ok, am I a work of art? - Well, of course. - In my opinion, yes. Rhett: Of course. But that's not... Aren't I a famous work of art? Nerd. Am I a fictional character? - No. - No. I'm not a character, I'm not an animal and I'm not a person. I am not a work of art.
I know it seems to cover all the bases, but... There's more to it than this. Rhett: Yes, exactly. Am I an element? You went a little too far. Okay, now I went too out there? You are passing an important category. What? What category am I missing? You're starting to scare me. I am not a person, am I a place? - No. - No. A thing, am I a thing? Yes, you are a thing! You are a thing! Yes! She is a thing! (Rhett chuckles) Rhett: Well, that narrows it down. That's it, am I a thing? Am I something that people know? - Yes. - Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Is it... something you see every day? - No. I mean, if you're... - I mean, some parts of the country. If you are in the Midwest. - Yes Yes. - What? Rhett: Yes, yes, yes. Am I a block of cheese? No, but you're getting close. - Am I getting closer? Rhett: Yes. But in the Midwest would you know me? - Mm-hmm. - More? Do you see me anymore? - Yes. - Link: Oh, yes. They will love you in the Midwest. (Laughter) Do you see me in L.A.? I got it from, like, a car. - What?
Rhett: In the park. - Link: Oh. - Did you get it out of a cart in the park? Yes, a car park. Am I a food? - Yes. - Yes. I am food! (Rhett laughs) - Yes. - A meal! Am I a dessert treat? - No. - No. It's okay, I'm not a dessert. Am I hot food? - Typically. - Preferably, yes. Usually yes. am i spicy - No. - No. A hot meal you can get in a park on a cart. I wouldn't stop at that. Can it be other places besides the parks? You are omnipresent.
Am I a food? Do people from the Midwest like this food better? - Yes. - Would the people of Los Angeles like this food? Rhett: Yes. - Is it fried? - No. - No. Did you color the wrapper this food comes in? Yes. It is a natural wrap. Yes, it is not a man-made wrapper. Link: It has a natural wrap. Oh Lord. Am I a food that has a natural packaging? Yes. As in nature it comes with the packaging, as it grows. It's a fruit - Is it fruit? - No. - Vegetables! - Yes! - It's a vegetable! - Yes.
Am I corn? - Both: Yes! - (bell sounds) You're corn! - Look at yourself! - Am I corn? Rhett: You're amazing corn. - Ouch! - (Rhett chuckles) Oh my gosh! You guys did great! She is crying a little. You guys really-- I'm really impressed. I've never looked like a corn before. (Laughter) You know what? You guys understood me so well! A CORN SHELLER. She kind of threw you there. Yes, you did the car in the park. But you've seen the corn wagon, right? Yes, of course. Can you get this on the streets of Los Angeles? - Some corn? - Yes. - Yes. - Street corn.
Well, Kandee, I think it's clear who the winner is today. You are. Yeah, because you painted our faces and then we had to paint yours. We want to say a big thank you to Kandee for being here and facing us today. If you want to see more of Kandee, be sure to check out the video below for a special behind the scenes look at how she did her makeup. Rhett: Yeah. Also be sure to check out Kandee's limited-edition shampoo and conditioner line with OGX, available at Target and Walgreens, and be sure to stick around for "Good Mythical More," where Link and I will transform the team members Lizzy and Ellie with the new "I Want Kandee Line" from Too Faced cosmetics. - Both of your faces are fabulous. - Two faces! - Corn face. - Like corn hole, corn face?
Let me see your corn hole. I'm not going to show you my corn hole! It's right there. It's just there. Drink it up and drink it down with a jar of Ear Biscuits available at And if you're lucky, you might get one autographed.

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