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May 30, 2024
Minecraft and the chest are here and there's only a lock between us and a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff. We will try to use your feedback to find out the final code to unlock this lock. Are you ready, Tommy, I'm ready for the The first word we're going to try is game and it's from Roblox Player, so let's try it right now. Guys, as you can see, there is no g or m in the first and third slot, so we have to try another code right now. Alright, one of you commented quickly, let's see if that's the answer, if you do it right, you'll win an xbox one s, come on, I hope this works, here we go, oh nothing, okay, we'll try one more, next time comment we will use. it's better, you commented better, so let's see if it works better, here we go, come on, oh it's nothing, okay, you know


we're going to have to use some really awesome items to get into this last lockdown, let's use some tools, yeah .
what s inside the enderchest unboxing the 100 000 minecraft enderchest
Come on I have the first item guys so I have this as a freeze spray that will freeze the lock and then once it freezes I will smash it with the hammer and it will open that's


we do. Anyway we're waiting for us to freeze it right now here we go guys three one two one oh look at that you can see it oh this will freeze everything guys that's enough I think it's okay so now wait about two minutes and it should freeze . We'll come back for a second look to see how moist it is from the freezer.
what s inside the enderchest unboxing the 100 000 minecraft enderchest

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what s inside the enderchest unboxing the 100 000 minecraft enderchest...

If I touched it, it would be very dangerous for my hands. It's okay, Johnny, be careful. Okay, here we go, it should be frozen by now and this. it should work ready, ready, it should open, it's ready, ready, wow, oh that's not working, I'm in this pretty hard, so no, it's getting into it, it didn't work, it stops working, no, I thought the Freezer spray was going to work, I thought. It would freeze and break, what do you have now, Tommy? I think it didn't work because it's a protective layer, yes, plastic, if it was just the metal, something would have gone through that will go through all of that.
what s inside the enderchest unboxing the 100 000 minecraft enderchest
Look at this, look at this. tool so this should be able to beat this easily but I just need to be very careful when I'm doing it wait put your glasses back up johnny guys ready set guys here we go oh it's working johnny Oh. I'm actually getting over it, it's working fine, oh, it's working, it's working, what, what just happened, the tour stopped or something, but look how deep we went, look at that guy, we're going to need to buy one bed, I think this tool is too weak, yeah, put that in there, that didn't work, we'll get it.
what s inside the enderchest unboxing the 100 000 minecraft enderchest
I have the next item while we use everything right guys, so I'm going to use this knife to try to pick the lock because it has some holes in it. Look, if you look back, here's like a hole, a hole, so I think I can probably pick the lock with the knife, so that's what I'm going to try and do, okay guys, here we go, I'm going to try. . Get into this right now, okay, I guess if I can, oh, I feel like I've got something. It's actually moving, it's moving, it's moving, look at your hand, oh no, that doesn't fit in there, let's try it here no, that's too small under here, buddy, down. here, oh, yeah, yeah, stick it in the middle, I'm sure that could open it up, it's hitting something, for sure, it's definitely hitting something, did you hear that, yeah, yeah, it's close, it's close, it's close, Dude, that's going to work, oh, is the thing spinning? squirming oh what's opening no it's not open this lock is so strong I have one more thing no let's not call enderman okay let's call him okay let's do it I'll call him right now okay here we go guys I hope he answers come on enderman please we need the code, we need the code, guys, hey guys, we need the code for the last lock.
The code is free for our new giveaway. We're giving away a Nintendo Switch yellow light that can now be entered. What you have to do is like this video and subscribe and the third thing you have to do is guess how many skittles are in this container. If you do that, you will win the trade and, for the old car as a gift, you will be the winner and we will be the winner. I'm going to mail this to you. There were 1696. Good job guessing the right number, so the code is free, okay, come on guys, come on, if this works, I'm starting to do it right now. e e free here we go guys wait why didn't you unlock it wait wait maybe there's something underneath check on the knee oh there's a button and it says unlock let's push it we're about to open ender's chest of a hundred thousand dollars right? here we go, it's going to be epic, okay, okay, tommy, here we go, all three locks open, right, let's pick this up, okay, I'm going in first, guys, here we go, it's heavy, it's heavy, it's on The top part is a safe, okay?
It's crazy, there's such great dollars worth of stuff and you get it, no, I don't know what we're going to do, okay, save what he said, we have six tools to get into this and it's got five thousand dollars worth of stuff. in it and said it has the codes to the lock and if we don't open it it will relock the entire ender chest no we have to get into this okay let's try this screwdriver Tommy I'm just going to get in. the corner buddy, can we try some guesses for the code? maybe I'm close oh oh look at that oh almost got it you're almost there oh you're getting there buddy you get it the screwdriver isn't going to work buddy it's locked right here I'll use this, oh look it's denting it, oh buddy it's so close, no is the right tool, no okay, let's try this so close, okay, try as fast as possible, come back guys, we have to tackle this right now, oh oh, it almost worked.
I heard something there too, oh look at that huge dent, okay, ready, oh buddy, watch out, yeah, you're going to break the bat, you're going to break the bat, you can't damn it, look how close I came even though the man was dented. It moves a lot, let me use the sock I'm wearing, okay, okay, I don't think this will work, but we're on the track, Johnny, there's five thousand dollars, I know we have to get into it, oh, it's not going to work. okay, let's spray, an okay, ready, ready. oh, come in, look at this, look at the damage he did, that's so close, okay, ready, I'm going to get into this right now, seconded, here we go, oh, look how close, oh, okay, I gotta go one more and I think I'm going to get into this right now, one more hit and we'll find out what that five thousand dollars worth of stuff is in there, okay guys here we go, I'm getting into this, the last hit I'm going to break.
This thing is open right now, okay, you failed, so now I'm going to put locks on the chest at the end again, bye guys, oh my god, buddy, where did it go? I had a feeling this was going to happen, this is infuriating, I just want to see what Put this into what he has. I have a tool that will break these locks easily. I just want to see what's in this hundred thousand dollar Ender chest. What are you doing? I have a metal cutting tool. This will cut it so easily. That's awesome Joe you need to get behind the box light bulb you got your glasses on yeah let's do this here we go guys enderman won't stop us this time oh my god we got it we got it yeah yeah , enderman, you won't stop us. today breakdown oh it's hot it's hot it's hot oh let's go to the next slide okay grab the article again okay tommy here we go okay I'll go here this is okay okay are you ready tommy yeah let's go in this and then we'll do that and Then we'll get the hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff, let's get this done, okay, I'm ready, I disappeared too, you know what, forget this, I have an idea, Tommy, let's open this safe right now. okay let's do it right I have the side camera I just want to see what's in this oh hey smash it I think the code will be here he said yes and we still say there were three two one.
Here we go again, we're almost there guys, get ready for this corner, okay, here we go, okay, maybe we can open it maybe no, no, no, okay, guys, this thing is almost open, I got than hit her. from a different angle though, oh yeah, okay, oh, it's getting so open right now it's almost open, yeah, nice, come on, I hope we don't break what's there, wait, wait, wait, You think it's good enough, let's see, can you get what it is? In there, what do I need to listen to the inside of this iPhone? You're breaking them, but I have to get into this.
Here we go, guys, here we go. Come on, it ends well, let's get what's inside. The first thing is a little. dented but it's an iphone in perfect condition. really dude oh yeah we have two good ones I can't believe we destroyed them we needed to get the code to a hundred thousand dollars there's something in here it's like foam wait seriously oh it says lua what is that lua code , Yes there are? a code, yeah guys, let's try the decoy code right now, let's see, I think you have to get under here, there are numbers, although wait, maybe it's this one, it's going to be this long, what is this?
This is the one he used. the other video yeah lu oh it's almost written ah it worked yeah it worked okay so there are three numbers right now for this last code we have no idea what the note numbers are so guess in the comments section below if you Guess it right, you will win an Xbox One guys we really need your help but that will end this video. I hope you enjoyed it, we'll get into the next video and we'll see you in the next one. See you later guys, see you guys, goodbye

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