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Jun 01, 2021
Hello friends, welcome back to this week's


. I am very excited for this week. I feel like everything was delicious and I can't wait for you guys to see it as usual. I want you to leave me a comment below and let me know. What recipe are you most excited about making this video? It's also in collaboration with my friend Danielle. Her YouTube channel is on Daily Scream and of course I'll link it below for you guys, it's awesome if you want some awesome keto tips. loss of motivation like she's your girl she's hilarious and all her food always looks delicious so i know you guys are going to love it so make sure after you watch this video go to her channel and let her know that you and if you come from his channel, I want to greet you.
what s for dinner easy weeknight meals jessica o donohue
I am very excited that you are here. I'd love for you to join my YouTube family, so make sure you hit that subscribe button before you go, but let's keep going. and get cooking for


tonight too, well you're actually going to have a chicken alfredo and spinach ravioli casserole let's say three times fast I'm over it so anyway I have a piece of chicken that it's been marinating these are actually two chicken tenders that have also been marinated in italian dressing and i got garlic and herb a little bit of seasoning we've had them on separate nights but he'll grill them for us and then i have these spinach ricotta ravioli here and then I'll make my alfredo sauce and we're just going to layer it throw some cheese on top bake it in the oven I hope that sounded really delicious so warm and cozy it's freezing today well he said his toast has been cold oh my feet have been cold all day the high temperature today was like 34 degrees which is really cold for us here because it's been like the 60's and stuff yeah january yeah this has been expressing so de all s ways I'm going to go ahead let me fire up the grill and then he'll go ahead and start cooking the chicken and then I'll go ahead and start making my alfredo sauce.
what s for dinner easy weeknight meals jessica o donohue

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what s for dinner easy weeknight meals jessica o donohue...

I don't know if I'm going to show you the whole alfredo sauce thing just because I've shown it a million times. However, I will link a video that I like. I'll actually show you let's do it I've never seen myself make my alfredo sauce I know you're probably thinking oh my gosh you put everything but the kitchen sink in there and yeah I know I add some weird stuff. but I promise it tastes so good you'll totally thank me later it has so much flavor so much more than your typical alfredo sauce it's so delicious so I'm just saying try it my way once and I forgot about the garlic I can't believe I forgot the garlic, but anyway, I usually put it in there when I make the crushed red pepper flakes and do a lot of garlic, it gives it so much more flavor, but I totally forgot about it this time because my Alfredo is kind of like cooking. down and reducing I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit of cheese to it which is kind of thickening it up and then giving it a little bit more flavor so we just have a three cheese blend which is the Asiago Parmesan Romano and then a little bit of mozzarella and then this will just click for a few more minutes. and it will be done and hopefully the chicken will be done at the same time as everyone.
what s for dinner easy weeknight meals jessica o donohue
I'm sorry I haven't had chicken alfredo and so long and I'm so excited about this. we try and like to find fun new recipes that are sometimes so good they just drop old school and go back to basics because that alfredo sauce is amazing. I can't wait to dig deeper, even though we've never actually tried it. like this and the ravioli don't, so it's going to be different, but it's still delicious. I can't wait for this, yes I tried. I think this is going to be really good yeah I'm really excited okay so having our little Pyrex here and then the chicken is off the grill so the bunkies are going to go ahead and slice it real thin and then i have the ravioli you can make any type of ravioli you want just the spinach and they are going to give it some veggies and a nice change from all the whites so anyway we are going to put a layer of alfredo sauce on here is it is this a layer of ravioli?
what s for dinner easy weeknight meals jessica o donohue
I'm going to put our chicken with a little bit of mozzarella and if I have a little bit left over we'll make another layer and then we bake it in the oven we have the oven at 400 degrees I'm going to cook until you guys tell them


to drink you look scared I saw it slide so good well I'll keep going it's art Larry and then top with some more cheese. kind of juicy and kind of run a little bit okay so I have a cover with foil I'm g I'm going to put it in the oven for probably about 15 minutes and let it cook covered and then we'll take the foil off and We will let it cook for another 10 minutes without covering. only Víctor is ok with a hanger in there it looks like it can buzz well so it's been in the oven for about 20 minutes cover it with aluminum foil so now we're going to put it back in there for 15 minutes Pilar and let let it brown a little on top and then it's ready to eat like this piece of chicken needs to go of course you did oh yeah they are softening up good here at bubba's one sip don't use them take it out oh my gosh bunky looks so ok no i dont taste it oh my gosh now we just have to let it sit there yeah its not to cool down before we can eat this but it looks so good and smells amazing i think you guys are going to love it come on swap tomatoes in there yeah plus i know they never looking at it yeah oh my god i cant ait to eat this they arent alone these lashes thank you touch it mm-hmm toes im in cheesy pasta heaven no I can wait to try this you are going to put your feet on the roots it's for longer oh my gosh i'm like literally drooling hmm my opinion is it's amazing and i will definitely make this again


's your opinion what are you eating?
I like it a lot, it's good. I saw this pin on the old classic we have mm-hmm do you like your tomatoes? this, do you think anyone is, fulfills it? put like shallots and tomatoes find Alicia's or you like roasted red peppers yeah that would be amazing we'll see if I can make it again chicken alfredo stuffed spinach ravioli casserole is what's for dinner thanks baby okay so this tonight for dinner we're going to have a salad but to make it a little better plus tas ty, we're going to do some pan-seared chicken. Actually, I was going to make fried chicken on top.
I'll do like my egg, the flour, the breadcrumbs and then I'll toss them in the pan with a little bit of olive oil and, you know, lightly fry them on both sides and then I already have a little grated cheese in here, it's just a little by Colby Jack. I have our home ranch. dressing and then I have some iceberg romaine kale carrots all sorts of things in there and then we have some croutons some leftover bacon that we're going to heat up and put on top I have a red onion for bunkie some cucumber and then tomatoes it's going to be a salad really yummy but first things first we have to get this chicken to work right so i have my drag station right here it's a real hard job for me to say how you say it dredge my strategy dredge station which is very hard to say, I have my eggs, these are just a few eggs that I had. together and then I have my flour and I have some breadcrumbs and I'm going to add seasonings to both just so my chicken has a lot of flavor so you know if it would be a recipe without a little bit of ranch seasoning so I'm going to add some of this to both and then I'll add a few extra sprigs of oregano and I actually had this packet of Italian seasoning that you might like to make different recipes with Italian salad dressing too, but keep the season ringing. very good so i also add a little bit of that in my breadcrumbs and then of course just a little bit of black pepper and garlic powder you can add in whatever flavors you want make it your own that's what we like.
I'm going to go ahead and start judging this bunkie is starting with my too cute it's starting with all the veggies actually I can't start dredging this until you cut up the chicken so what is it for the babies first? Let's take care of the veggies on the clean cutting board and then we're going to get dirty with what you always think and want these seeds in there nope here's ok by the way I want to address why I don't eat onions because a lot of you are like oh, What the hell is going on? with you the kitchens you will like it no i can't do it in the first place the smell of them i don't like anything i don't really care when you're salty i don't care about the smell so bad but i'm a texture person so i hate bananas the end of the whipped cream is like fluffy ok that's funny i hate yogurt yogurt like i can't put mayonnaise on every topping so weird so i'm a texture person for sure and for some reason the texture of the onions gives me goosebumps chicken and have literally thrown up every time I have eaten them and I have never eaten them on purpose.
It's like I bought a McDonald's cheeseburger as a kid and ate it on my Happy Meal. Don't ask for onions and then I find you, and it had onions. I'd like to get high right away, not that you guys wanted to listen to me. We talked about throwing up but anyway I'm just saying that's why I don't like onions and I can't eat them ok so now that we've got all our veggies cut we'll have to go ahead and make our chickens and we just I'm going to have I'm going to - those are going to have some for lunch ok so we'll take two chicken breasts and then cut them in half that way they're easier to sauté or fry whatever you want to throw in the skillet and they won't take as long and they'll cook even longer so those things are huge they're huge yeah and then we'll take the rest for something else like the freezer. here I have it over medium heat with a little bit of olive oil and I'm going to go ahead and start placing my chicken breasts in there to get them sizzling.
I think it's pretty hot yeah that's perfect they're huge only fit two at a time yeah so I'm going to let these guys brown on both sides anyway and probably pop them in the oven for a few minutes. try just to make sure they are cooked to the center as well but they are going to be so delicious on top of the salad the chicken is out of the oven it was only there for about 10 minutes I would say each other bite and it was so good and then here i just got some bacon reheated and then bucking they'll go ahead and start putting our salad together and i'll show you once we get it all plated up and this my friends is a whats right here tonight it looks so good he it's of course much prettier than mine ever but I'm so excited it's going to be delicious she's having a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette with hers and she's also making a little more blood cheese and how is she going to be a chicken yet?
Anyway, oh, no excitement, I'm ready to eat myself to look so good tonight. hamburger meat, just kidding, it's ground beef, oh my god, you're such a fool with hamburger meat, what are we doing with it? We're making blue cheese stuffed cheeseburgers and we're going to use our little quiz an art burger press this is actually made for stuffing burgers um I bought from Amazon so I'll link it below for you guys if you too they want to try it but it just helps them like to stuff them easier and then what else don't we have just a couple of stuffing wait what are these so called jalapeno poppers uh-huh or each? get one yeah yeah yeah and then some fries and then some roasted brussels sprouts.
I'm going to roast some Brussels in the oven like in Illinois, which I didn't. fries because it reminds me of restaurant style and we had our little fried out here which actually got famous so I like that too but we'll take it outside obviously heat it up and then throw the stuff away and reserves. let's grill our burgers that sounds delicious that's what's for dinner tonight oh and the monkey made me my favorite orange margarita ok let's do it right even here making us our little is girl appetizer mm -hmm teaser, so he just likes to cut a little sliver off the top, so I colored it to make it really deep and then he put some bits of bacon on it that we had already cooked previously and now he's going to stuff it with mozzarella, lots of mozzarella.
Don't wash your shirt yeah please okay a little smooth mix here and yeah I'm mixing it in the same pan because I feel like there's nothing dirty on it okay okay look we're really spicy tonight you know that? Yeah I think it's a full moon bulky mm-hmm but maybe that explains it you should be glad last night when I throw out the trash can just for him it's ok your bear doesn't oppress you oh look at you bread don't you It's kind of perfect. I didn't even see that happen. I didn't get it out of there okay this little widget is for sliders yeah so basically you have your little widget your little widget the base any base like on it down ok wait ok ok I guess you know we're just here I'm just going to touch all these things because we're going to wash them well I think you might like to use this for shaping you did this before I think you can use this to kind of squish it up a bit and fill it out,keep fix yeah no wonder by hand I don't want to squash it too hard oh my gosh that's what May 4th is to me I know but I don't want my burger to be like - like just squashed you know oh I was about to say and then and then this has like this area of ​​indentation okay just take it and squash a little crack no Wow look at that that's cool. okay yeah I won't I don't think we should fill that to the floor ok maybe try to get the r all the broken bits - okay wow that's probably good right there yeah that's beautiful I'd say that's enough literally I just ate with cheese it's weird no and then I'm actually going to shape this up a bit. make it a little more reasonable I keep hitting my like I'm putting this and then you put it back in there and then you're supposed to squash it back there you go helping here mm-hmm and then you just push the bottom oh that's so clever bang BAM so I'm going to pinch the edges a little bit and there you go that's cool oh my gosh I don't only you know I have this fireplace and we're obsessed oh look at our little things it looks like there's a species missing from the map Moochie just brought the brussels sprouts they're not fully cooked I'd like to take them out halfway and flip them over and then I'm going to go drizzle some of this balsamic glaze on top as well as some honey ey and then put them back on top just a few minutes and then what you are doing right will be done.
I can tell you it's experimental. Show us no, that's too long. i mean i got it sliced ​​what are you doing this experiment oh i cant tell you its an experiment say bye camera yes these jalapenos are are you traveling we want but look at the like the bottom looks good oh yes ha ha i wondered mistake i'll toss ok it's so hot oh so hot mmm-hmm i mean you can't go wrong with that we're having some bacon here right now no guys I'll bake it on these burgers alright I think we're so high oh and you got the oil off some fries and a second I wrote my flashlight so I can show you guys I always say this what Colleen chef mozzarella cheese and stuff uh-huh definitely is better when you actually use cream cheese yeah right i mean it's still good that way so i put Am American cheese on mine bucky put swiss cheese on his and then he wants some bacon and they're stuck with blue cheese and then I don't know what it is, oh, basically no experimental design, extra bacon, I'm kidding.
Come on little baby monkey, it's ok, they're almost done. I don't think my experiments work very well. always thinking about the cheeseburger in heaven or so funny if everyone is thinking what the heck i think bunkie did this so it wouldn't rain in our Chania whatever is right right actually it's very clever is there a temporary solution but if if not you cover the top, this fills up with just rainwater and then all your ashes turn to crap, whatever that turns into, it's disgusting. I can't wait until it's a little warmer and we can start. using this bad boy again yeah we got our buns down h before she scared herself too yeah i'm not a good shot yeah yeah that's alright Daisy Mae you want my silly girl?
There are little bits and daisies, food she doesn't like, so she carries them to the rug and puts them down. Back home, here's our icy season. I love that you rolled our backs, isn't that great timing? we just have a little frat bowl of bunkies, we just put a little paper towel in here to catch any excess grease and then to season the fries. then some Lowery's thank you thank you oh oh bunkie okay our burgers are done they look so good okay you think they're doing it yeah that can float they're gone I think you'd like one more minute , they are not the same. color is like the other skin i put some truffle fries in it not too long ago the i'm done and put some saved garlic in there and i can smell it in the oil so i did that too yeah ok we need to do a couple more to us soon ok it's my jam that's what she was fooling around it's annoying isn't it?
I want I'll be here we got sage let her like the dusty weather we do we did yeah they're pretty good lemme see we could have some different option I didn't know we had sage I forgot so I just take off quite a bunch wait monkey oh sorry and then I eat a big chunk of garlic and even though it's going to fry it I'm going to chop it all up and mix it with our fries and a little bit of truffle oil oh my gosh I'm happiest girl in the world right now let's do it you know every time you fry this it literally takes like a minute that's it not just the garlic and our sage fry up in a jiffy so I like to get it out of the bowl , man. that's hot holy moly oh my gosh it's so hot it's so hot and I'm going to mark this as a super family we get some of these stems off until I basically got this chopped consistency so I'm going to go ahead and throw all of that into my fries and cover it up with a little bit of truffle oil it doesn't matter if it's not it's just electric white cowboy I think I taste a little different but I don't know we've had both we like both anyway the black one I think the only black chef okay anyway so we're going to do that and then I've got some of this Black Truffle Sea Salt too so I'm going to use that to salt them.
Throw this in. The best fries you'll ever taste in your life. Trust me, trying to be classy. let me in there oh my god i want all that goodness down there mmm oh my god all the best with your fingers get some of everything the best price in the world please Burger is so tall he's taller than me are you able to eat that thing no there's a cheese in the middle I know ok so for my burger I have t the blue cheese regular cheese bacon I have some whole grain mustard ketchup we have some truffle fries and then my brussels and that's what's on right tonight and i'm an excited girl show us what you got i don't have to say that's it yeah but look at that blue cheese in the middle oh yeah i see it so what You are friends?
That will do it for this week's Western dinner. I hope you have enjoyed it as always. I know which recipe you're most excited to make and be sure to head over to Danielle's channel and see what's for dinner. I know she will have some really delicious recipes so anyway make sure you hit that subscribe button before you go you are new like this video I love you so much and see you next time bye oh you

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