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What're Those: Products for Lovers

Feb 20, 2020


's wrong? I would appreciate it if you could show me a little more support. I absolutely will after the show ends, everyone on to another episode. Question,


the hell did you scroll before me? Today's topic is, really, there is no wrong way to love doing yesterday. From Russia it's Marco Tech - Hello, I like your suits and I like this place, no, yes, and I joined us since she works here. Well, she joined us from Turks and Caicos. The turkey shakers are Sarah Little. bit Whittle hello hello great coming with us all the way I don't know I guess I have to be creative now Slovenia isn't too far from Russia yes Tommy hash tag Tommy the party's over mommy sometimes late denim sometimes dark denim Bo how are you Damien?
what re those products for lovers
Yes, and look, no one has asked me. Tommy is now a double favorite. I'm doing very well today because this is the what are those game where we will have three rounds if you have three chances to get some points at the end. of the game you are the absolute winner, you get to take home all three items used in today's games, making you the champion of all good and wonderful things in the world, the first round, he is the round with the blindfold, that's right, let's cover your eyes, maybe a host will stand directly behind one of you and breathe hot breath on your neck, but you will use your hands and feel the item that is placed in front of you.
what re those products for lovers

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what re those products for lovers...

Then he will write down his guests on a board and whoever it is. the most suitable or the one I like the most oh this is going to be great we will get points these are bras they are not black for a baby Yoda fits perfectly I don't know what you're talking about oh wait this is like Fifty Shades The thing is that the romance part is already starting, yeah, I'm not sure if I like it, but I'm willing to try to mention the first element. Oh, it feels like a Marty, it feels like, oh, this, uh, there's a kid reading a ring on it. yes, very clear, all three will have the same article today.
what re those products for lovers
I didn't make it clear last time. I learned from my mistakes. Unlike some of us, are you looking directly at your clothes? Here we go flappity 1up Labrador 200. you know how to grab things remember what your phalanges look like oh wait oh it looked like this is perfect for an oh my god oh dude guys I know what it is describe what it smells like even if It's nothing if it feels like a part forever. passing what kind of colors are you feeling? I feel all the colors and none of them at the same time the ones on LSD oh okay, okay, okay Oh, slightly lit, it's happening to me, did everyone unwrap it?
what re those products for lovers
Yeah, what do you mean by unwrapping it? It's so soft, I love playing with it, oh I see, I feel like this feels like an unconventional Project Runway challenge, the models make it work because it's time to yeah, I gave you your chance, you had your chance and I wanted you to take it seriously and you ruined it. At this point you can take off your blindfolds, okay? And you can also guess which one of you was standing right behind and breathing. Well, I have saliva on my neck. It was Sarah. I didn't feel anything, so you don't. breathe hard enough you have 12 seconds to write what you think was moving on Oh pencils yeah I gotta let my boy finish the favorite oh my god let's start with them I don't know someone ripped Tommy off your friends who are Sitting literally by your side and have always supported you, Tommy, hey, what's your answer?
What do you think you just played with for a minute? I would say when I played today it was the clown bar, you remember the project too. we are working on oh yeah what you touched today was the hearts of Americans everywhere comment below how much do you want Tommy to win he is a great guest thank you so much for bringing your project here this is up to the judge well which ones are? the nuts or you had them. At first I had no idea what it was and then I remembered how much time I spent on the Internet, so I think it's one of those joke


called like a talk tube that you stick a person's head into. that and then my person head and then you and I can focus on each other really romantic that's very very specific ask Sarah thank you well my conversation I just explained what is the most efficient way to give someone else your illness, that's true they take the coffin out of their mouth and they both have typhoid nori, what can I answer well?
Similarly, I thought of it as a sex tube as a docking point for people to network with a sleeve around you to be closer and not have conversations. with, but for the BOTS romance, it's a romance episode, so again it's for documentation, it's so no one notices in public when you're both standing there like it's a full body doctor, well guys, just three very different answers, very different answers and as much as It burns me to the core to say it Sarah Whittle got it exactly right, it was worth it it's strange that you know this it's strange that I know what everyone had a conversation with who with you you and Not me, I'm going to talk to you let's talk, I need to have a conversation with Tommy Damien, what's up?
I would appreciate it if you could show me a little more support. I absolutely will after the show ends. Conversation with Darby about Laurie, if you have to stretch it, come back, Mari, are you there? Doctor, yes, I'm going to gently brush this out of your face and move on to round number two, which is called, this is not the price, that's right, this is something new that we invented, aka how much money in the world is. Costs? Basically, you can see an item, you're actually seeing it and you can feel it this time and you have to guess how much money it cost without going over, it's not the right price, aha, it's new.
What we made up is the fact that you came up with a completely original segment based on nothing at all, that's for after you bring in the subjects live, all ready for the big reveal, is it a Katie, is it a baby, is it a Live owl, it's a lot, are you okay? I understood half correctly three two one How much money in the world does just the romantic episode cost? Are we counting this? What our telomeres said made you think. Oh, just counting the internal things. The internal turmoil. Just answer yours. Did it come in? whole package is just do you know the answer anyway? in this rubber part included in the price.
Tommy was my favorite now. I'm just considering you guys. Will we also include shipping in the year and that's it? Yes, that's shipping too. it's just the heart yeah just how many parts there are here not the mud how much in the world dollar city comes in child labor tommy they've only made one of these batches and it's been passed down from generation to generation no one eats these hot takes spicy flavor envy to the dead okay, let's count down the audience 29 28 no joke three two one wait for Tommy to finish writing done well this is not starting with Jesus I don't know Tommy uh, how much of the world? dollars, this cost well, so I had to keep in mind that all the little heart things probably didn't all come in one big chunk.
Oh, well, so I'm thinking you have to go to Bing bong, Bing, get like 12 and 14 from there. Those shitty little boxes and then throwing them in there didn't take into account time or labor, so I'm going with 36 anyway. Wow, specific guest number mm-hmm um, it should be noted that I forgot to mention that this was a 5 pound lump. buy Wow, well, you were busy asking about glass and rubber, that's why you showed all this, but it's dollars at home. Can I make a quick adjustment here? So Tommy, I have been disappointed very few times in my life by a point widdle because you already have a point how much in dollars in the world is the most points right, but this is better, okay, so I'm a new favorite, so I kept going same line as you but I thought they might have been in an Amazon multipack or something so it would be a little cheaper than if you bought the boxes alone and they are already pretty cheap and since it's Valentine's Day I went with seven dollars and 69 here is mine. eighteen dollars fifteen hundred hearts in there, I actually don't know how many hearts are in there because Matt Rob said can you wear a funny suit? and then I passed out, well, we're not done filming until you count each one. only one I will eat them so the nearest person without passing even without Tommy's incredibly disappointing correction it cost $24 it's 5 pounds of candy I know but it's like colored powder its color gravel no one likes this it's just worth it were the last few candy, well let's eat this at MIT, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for round number three, the super likes bonus round, where we combine the one star review with the article and we will use both articles that you already saw in a the food that meets us is item number one, vomiting clown combo, tube number two, hearts and then I would remember three, it smells, although this is, yeah, can we open, so in a moment I will show you the reviews and you I have to combine them with one, two, this is not very flying, no, it is very harsh, but smell it, try it.
Stress relief has never been so exhilarating. Yes, only for hands, no, Zara, no, no, no, what do you want to try again?, no, take advantage of the power of dil gently exercise the dil in the dough and that's it, the dildo was closed in the jar like the adults on youtubers oh oh no whoa no that was barfi oh my love the pickles so the first review is from Tracy giving it a start saying terrible taste. literally gagged opportunist, the next one is Bryson saying waste of money and the last review is Brad saying pretty sweet, minimalist and dumb, yeah wait, I don't like any of these answers, the stakes are too high, you have to take it home five pounds of cards, if you wanted any of this, that's true.
I love three things and I don't want any of these. I would love this container. However, can we make a deal if you get this container? I'll take all these hearts because I really love it. I can't tell you why I think I have cancer. Okay ladies and gentlemen, it's time to reveal it. Please turn your boards over and show your answers to the camera. The first element of the conversation was reviewed by none other than Sara, the baker, but there are still things to do. Tracey reviewed the opportunity to come back as item number two, candy hearts, which means I got number three, Bricen, which no one got that meaning through YouTube and you're going to want to see it or you're going to want to see what.
We selected this video from our awards catalog and we also selected it for you. Have a wonderful romance. They are everywhere.

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