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Jun 06, 2021
good morning everyone God has let me live one more day and I'm going to make it everyone's problem okay, I saw that on a tick tock it looks like it's going to rain maybe there's a little scene in the sunlight this is a bit depressing hello, you know I did I don't ask to be born low, you know, I'm a little delirious right now, I'm actually lying, I'm a little hungover, we're not going to lie, it's been a while since I last saw you, guys. I haven't been doing anything good, I've been doing a lot behind the scenes.
what i do when im home alone
I feel like I say that every time we go to make the biggest breakfast because I'm so hungry. I'm also really upset because I wanted avocado toast. and I just realized I don't have any toast. Should I ask my neighbors? No, definitely, you know, my neighbors reported me to


ever this community is called and I got a citation because my grass is longer than three inches. I'm like,


? So now I have to mow my lawn every week. I don't even know that existed and I thought okay, I guess I just enjoy making breakfast for now because I have to concentrate so the fat doesn't.
what i do when im home alone

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what i do when im home alone...

It doesn't burn me, it's a little hot, all that cooking made me a little hot, look at this beautiful avocado, oh my gosh it's so good, I put this on everything, if you go to Trader Joe's you need to get this, um, the sauce right here, the sauce this. condiment, okay best friend, I'm going to eat and I'll catch you up on some things while I eat and myself, so I love you. We also just had another baby in the opposite family, so you guys are Diaz again and I want a sweetheart, I really do, oh yeah, first I need a boyfriend.
what i do when im home alone
Okay, recently I thought I was about to get into a relationship and I really felt like I was starting to get into the girlfriend mentality again and I was trying to mentally like myself. prepare for it and then something happened and they threw it in my face and I was like, “never mind,” I put my wall back up completely. I thought, yeah, no, not having a hot girl in the summer, I was about to be a hot girl about to like this. close but back to the streets I go, I just go with the flow wherever the wind takes me, I go for handles or bars, I mean, if I really wanted someone, I could have someone, but I don't want just anyone and I don't want anyone either. nobody.
what i do when im home alone
I don't want to settle for less and Betsy, you shouldn't settle for less either, so at one point I was jumping from relationship to relationship because I just wanted someone to be there for me and I didn't even want to set standards. I was just going for who loved me and who would stay and that ended up in my butt and I remember you guys telling me like Daisy, focus on yourself, stop having relationships and that was like now, let me see what you don't have, by the way . today is like one of those days where i wake up and i don't know what to do i need to hold my hands daisy marquez naked wine available now apparently i got a subpoena i actually knew it but i just kind of forgot and thought it was going to disappear and I had a marshal, martial law called me saying you have to pay I didn't even know I had to pay apparently I have to pay 300.
I'm a mess too. I'm making some cucumber water, mmm, because I'm dehydrated from drinking, so we're making some cucumber water, what are the benefits of cucumbers? I'd love to know if I have any strawberries, oh yeah, let's add some strawberries in there, oh, oh, you. guys, they don't look that appetizing, we'll just throw them in there to dazzle a little bit, you know, another strawberry, the strawberry kind of scares me, it looks a little intense, cute little strawberry, I hope you're not bored yet because The guys They're stuck with me for the rest of the day.
I should probably grab my phone. That? I think I just hurt my belly button. I am so excited about this water. Oh, my camera is about to go off. Don't wait, let me change the battery.


I tell you that this pre-workout is literally what I imagined crack liquid would be, whatever this thing had me itchy, I was like itchy, but I remember my old trainer, she used to give me that pre-workout and I It was just very focused, so I liked it, but I think I added too much. This guy said I miss you. Should I flirt with you and be like I need something from you in my life?
He's okay, so he said I miss you, I'm going to say we can fix that. Hit it. I'm sitting like a pig right now. I get asked a lot of questions about this. This is the sweet sweat. I will link it in my description so you can purchase it. Honestly, I recommend this very good investment. You sweat 10 times more. It looks like a small tomato. I love getting into these vibes. Oh my god, best friend, let me show you. I saved up on this and as soon as I get out of the shower I dry off and put this on and it's the cutest thing I need.
Update them on my skin because I'm not going to lie. I had a little meltdown because I couldn't understand why I was breaking out on my chin. You guys can see the redness a little bit. here I broke out for about two months on my chin and I couldn't understand why I found out why my chin was breaking out, everyone said it was hormonal, like you're pregnant, that's


I took a pregnancy test, OK? it was okay if you put it on my chin i have to be pregnant negative i took three of them they came out negative so i was on facetime with my friend or facetime in the morning she was like i was telling her how i'm breaking down she was like aren't you looking at it What are you eating? and I was like, I was like what and she was like dairy has so many hormones. um, she was like how much cream cheese do you eat?
Good morning, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you what I'm using. Well, I'm trying to do too many things at once. I will tell you about skin care in a little more. She was like they were. Eating cream cheese like dairy has a lot of hormones, that's probably why you're breaking out. She asked me: do you eat a lot of dairy? I thought I had just started using this new creamer for my coffee and I always drank oat milk. and that was oat milk, but it tasted so good that I went back to regular milk and that's why I broke out because I went back to regular milk, well, just the cream and then the cream cheese, so I was like, Oh my gosh.
I had been eating bagels every day for the last two months and it was so I no longer eat Philly cream cheese and went back to a cream of oats, oats and oat milk based um, if you're an og, you know? I've been excited about these in the past and I was like, "Oh my gosh," I thought I need these in my life again, so I have the copper complex peptide and then I have the phytocalming serum. I like to do a little combination. of them and my skin is back to normal, it is balanced, healthy and glowing and we love it here.
I love this cold pressed booster for a dose of colors. If you haven't tried skincare in those colors, I killed it with that. super super good, I'm sure you guys have seen all the benefits of glitter. I've talked about it in the past. I've been excited about Google Stores like last year. I think so, I'm not going to lie. I've been thinking about getting my lips done again since I got the lip filler, I stretched them out so now that I don't have filler they are really wrinkled and I don't love it, should we do a little thumbnail?
Damn. I'm pretty, why am I so pretty? I'll give you some advice on self-love and confidence, if you don't overdo it every day, you're not the best human friend, this is your cue to sit down. in front of the mirror and telling you how beautiful you are, I literally get up all day long, compliment myself like all these things make you feel better and I always say to myself, damn, I'm so pretty, I'm so sexy. I'm so smart, I'm so bad, I'm a boss and so are you, yeah, sorry, he was playing around my neck, okay, so this is my outfit, I don't even think you guys I'll show it to you.
I kinda want to wear some cute and fun jewelry. I'm having a fantastic day. I don't like the way purple looks. Actually, this one is pretty. Should I do this one? There are too many things happening. I have pearls and then I have gold figure it out daisy just one ring one ring no why can't we make more than one you should put this one in its place I like you like it I like it best friend what do you think I like? It's worth just one ring Okay Bessie look at my hair look how long my hair is this is crazy remember when I was super depressed my hair started falling out because same thing yeah my hair has been growing a lot and Everyone has been asking me how your hair turned out? it grows so fast blah blah I'm not kidding, olaplex olaplex saved my life it's definitely a very good investment plus I'll link it below I want to continue wait this is not right hello can you all cooperate with me please I shouldn't ?
I took it out it was so cute I don't know what I did that doesn't look bad it looks bad it looks bad no that looks like a dick it looks like a side chat I'm sorry I just felt like screaming come on just go up a little bit I posted some cheap selfies and Got all my hoes punchin' me all in the gut. I'm making those reservations right now. your call has been forwarded to or this bag like this, uh, yeah, doing this, we're in a hurry, hurry up, whose idea was it? I hear you, so what a productive day we've had, huh, I wonder if you're still here, okay, come on, hello best friends, so I'll move on.
On the way back


I went to eat sushi with my mom and my grandmother and then I also went to my day's house to see Emilia and my cousins. I visit my family literally almost every day and then more family comes too so I'm going to go see them later but right now I'm just going to get ready to go to dinner because my brother just finished school and I'm proud of him because I'm proud of it, so I'll wear it. to a little five star dinner because we both deserve it and you know what I'm saying and yeah, that's basically it.
I hope you enjoyed this vlog of literally just me ranting and talking, you guys make up. I'm back to vlogging. Well let me know what kind of videos you want for me literally let me know I was thinking about making jokes but I'm like I live


. I'm going to make pranks, but I just want to make different videos? I was also thinking about doing a series where I try new things like try pole dancing classes, try horse riding classes, I try skydiving like I don't know I just want to change my content and I'm pretty sure you guys know that. like getting ready with me and makeup reviews and things like that, they're like they're done a little bit already.
I feel like tick-tock is where it's at now and like you guys, you guys get it, but um, yeah, new. New content is coming and I love you best friend, remember that you are bad and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, okay I will see you soon and I will talk to you in the comments, like this video and don't forget to subscribe , well, bye, look, I'll let you go, follow me on Instagram and then I'll talk to you there, bye.

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