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What happened to my 1966 mustang ?

Jun 06, 2021
where you guys really raised the


, you guys raised the


, I brought it, I'm bringing the mustang back for 2021, but will it be completed or will you leave it outside and let the weather destroy it? We'll see



if I ruined the frame. I don't think it just ruined the frame. I think it ruined everything. Where is the original car? Although this was just a prototype. this is the real thing oh okay guys welcome back to the channel in today's video we are actually bringing back my


ford mustang like you guys saw in the previous video.
what happened to my 1966 mustang
I made a couple of updates to it and it was kind of just. sitting outside because we had a lot of problems with this car, for example the frame, we had a lot of problems with the frame, I was actually just trying to build it from the back of my head, I was just going with the flow and I messed it up a little bit and I was redoing a lot of things and it didn't really work at all, some of the things turned out pretty well but a lot of things didn't and then we also had a lot of problems like the ones below. the hood, let me take it off real quick, lift it up, as you can see guys, there's really no room back there for a brake booster or anything like that, and the suspension on the 15 mustangs that you have, like the strut assemblies and the old school .
what happened to my 1966 mustang

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what happened to my 1966 mustang...

Mustangs have like a double wishbone. I think it's like a single wishbone and there's really not enough room here for anything, so we're going to redo all of that and I have a solution for everything I'm planning. What I'm doing is getting a front and rear subframe with 06 corvette suspension, either 006 or regular corvette, because everything is a lot lower and has like a fiberglass leaf spring, I think because if you look down here, here it is basically where the brake booster would have to go and There's really no room here because of this big old strut tower and once we have the corvette suspension, we'll pretty much eliminate all of this and it'll sit right down here and it's a lot easier to set up.
what happened to my 1966 mustang
Just like four bolts, this Corvette has the subframe that goes from the bottom and it has four bolts for the lower control arm and four bolts for the upper control arm and it's going to be a lot simpler than this 2015 Mustang, but the frame on this Car is actually pretty sturdy when I was picking it up, it didn't flex or anything like that, but honestly guys we'll probably end up redoing the whole frame, as you can see I did some bob the builder work on there and it doesn't look very good, plus with all these tubes and everything, it just didn't make sense because I was just going with the flow trying to do my thing and it didn't really work, but it was cool.
what happened to my 1966 mustang
I have to learn, I learned a lot of things and I learned how I like to build things and it's really my first project, but


we're really going to do is rip this whole frame off and probably just throw it away, maybe we can get a couple of dollars worth of scrap metal, I I'll buy a cheeseburger so we can know, start with a new frame and one of the problems with the rear suspension was that the actual rear suspension track of the 2015 Mustang is much wider and what I'm thinking that what we're going to do is that once we have the Corvette suspension, we could cut it and shorten it a little bit because I don't really want to have a wide quarter panel on the car, I still want to make it a little stuck, so yeah, that's pretty much it on this old one frame.
I didn't really go through everything. I was just going with the flow and trying to make things work, but this time I really want to sit down. I'm probably going to get some design programs to start designing the whole chassis, plus we have our plasma table that we'll be using a lot on this new project and I pretty much want to finish this car in about two months, so I think. We can probably do it as long as we have most of the parts, all we really need now is the Corvette suspension. We go ahead and redo the frame rails.
In fact, I'm thinking about getting someone to custom bend some frame rails for me so that we don't have to deal with all the extra stress of that and then we can go ahead and start making everything up, we have to get some rims as well. That this time we have to do a little more planning, but I mean. It was amazing, we tried well, I tried to fix it like no, I didn't try to fix it, I tried to build my own things and it failed, but honestly, you can't see it as a failure, it was just a try because there is no success without failure, you know, yeah You don't know what you are, if you've never tried something, then you don't know if you can do it and I mean, here it is, I mean, it kind of sat down. out for the last six months, you know, because we have the mclaren there and that's almost complete, we're just waiting on the filters for the paint booth, I think they're like a month away, which sucks. but because they liked the Cobit and kind of slowed everything down, guys, the body is still in pretty good shape, I mean, there's a little bit of surface rust, nothing a little wire wheel can't remove and there are a couple of places where a bird decided to mark its territory, I don't know what we're going to do with that, maybe we have to replace the roof or something, get a new piece, I'm just kidding now guys, we'll probably just clean up.
That's all out of character, but the plan for this car is that I want to destroy everything and I actually want to build a custom table that I can build the car on because, as you know, I was building it on the elevator and it was very difficult to move and I was seeing a lot of people building custom cars. They have a nice table where they put the car and then you can build everything together and this time I want to do a lot of things. more measuring, a lot more planning and more or less trying to finish this card in the next month or two, just finish it because this is one of the cars that blew up my channel.
I remember when I started, everyone was like that. I got excited and then I got a little tired because it was a lot of work and you know, I got a lot of hate comments. There were a lot of people who were being negative and I honestly thought it wasn't affecting me, but deep down it was like maybe I should leave it, but now that we're back, I mean, I did some really interesting things in this car, as the engine bay was supposed to look very nice, as you can see. We did all this work here, there's a custom frame or custom strut bar on the front and then we bolted a 2015 subframe on the front that's actually going to come off because we really don't want that subframe.
Because that suspension is too complex, it's like a newer one, it's almost like a German style design with arms like that, so we're going to get rid of all that, we're just going to go with the simpler corvette suspension and it's going to give us give There's a lot of room here, we pretty much won't have any of these shock towers anymore, so we can put all our wiring and whatever we need to do and on that side we'll probably be able to use the brake booster now. Because I was planning on using most of the parts from the 2015 Mustang, but now all we're going to do is basically use the engine transmission and that's it.
I'm going to get a separate unit to start the engine. and the separate unit for everything else to simplify everything and then we'll probably get a separate ECU for the speedometer so everything will be pretty simple. I was making everything too complicated trying to use everything from that car. and as you can see it didn't work, now I know exactly what I have to do to make this car work and pretty much all we're going to do is blow this car up and take all the parts off it. We'll probably need to cut the frame, throw that thing away because we don't want it, it's probably a deadly hazard or a death trap like you guys were talking about a while ago, but honestly guys it's going to be a lot more fun now that we have a bigger frame and better plan of action. game before we put this mustang inside, in fact I want to build a little table like a fabulous table that way we can put the body of the car on there and it will be suspended in the air and we have a little Update on the mclaren, as you can see, look at this guys , they have to buy a complete wiring harness just for two plugs.
Here's one of the plugs, this one is for the door and then we have this other plug here is for the headlight and then we. It had a couple more outlets that we were missing in the car. I was going to buy the plug separately but I got a really good deal, I actually got the whole wiring harness for this car plugged in for only 900, amazing deal and we also got a windshield for the car so if we come here we have a windshield that is not installed yet, we just put it in there, but let's check that the glass is inside and this car will be ready here soon guys.
Let's go ahead and head to the steel shop and get some metal to build our table, so we come to the steel shop. We're probably going to take this second line steel right here because the new stuff is also a little bit. Expensive for our tastes because all we're doing is just building a table, so we're probably going to take a couple of pieces from this. I think it should be fine, it's a little rusty, but we can probably hit it with the cable. We're going to clean it up and weld it up, so guys, we go back to the shop and basically what I want to do is build a nice ten foot long table, probably make it two and three feet high and put some wheels on it. we can roll it up and then we can put that body on there and it'll be like an amazing, amazing template to set up all the frame rails, set up the suspension, level everything and get it right so we have the whole frame. nice and closed, everything is nice and square and level and now what we're going to do is solder it with our new htp welder.
In fact, we recently partnered with him and he brought in a unit and loved the way it welded. let's go ahead and set this up and solder this so we have everything soldered all the solders look amazing and i honestly love the way this solders the hdp pro pulse 220 so if you're in the market for a new welder, be sure to check http. I'll go ahead and put some links below. They have welding helmets and welding carts. They have everything practically set up and that's incredible. The walls were incredible. I didn't really do much prep work here, but they still turned out great.
Now what we need to do is add two more brackets and then we can put our Mustang in, so check it out guys, we have the chassis template pretty much all over. soldered together now what I want to do is just scrape it off and give it a good coat of paint so check it out guys we go ahead and paint the frame template it's completely done now what's the time to get the mustang and set it up? guys oh my gosh all over again take it apart a little bit of rust here and there but it's all on the surface yeah before its time yeah this thing looks a little silly though honestly it looks pretty sick , I mean, it could have worked, this thing actually was. heavy duty guy, I didn't want to, yeah, I even made the whole area there just for a connection point, some of these tubes I can still use some of this right here, I don't want to throw it away because I mean it's especially good metal.
Right now, metal prices have skyrocketed, like everything, but I don't know guys, honestly, I'm thinking about making a tube frame, maybe making two full frames on that one, getting a chromoly tube, which will probably It would be great, but yeah, look, we had. a lot of problems


there and it was a good stopping point and now that i have put together a complete mclaren i think a mustang will be a little simpler maybe we will have to see to find out we just have to sit down and Yes, I want to sit down and design a little in the computer and you know, really figure out how we're going to do it, put the engine in there, set everything up and then once the suspension of our corvette comes in, it's going to be really good because it's going to get rid of almost everything, it's going to get rid of of all this and is much shorter than this subframe.
Here you can see that it is much taller. The Corvette subframe is literally this big and then it only has upper and lower control arms. control arms so it's like a double wishbone so there won't be a need for this right here this whole area here can pretty much be empty and you can just put all the wiring or turbo or whatever we want to do so what are you going to do? do with the engine now we're going to take it out and the good thing is I actually contacted Holley and they have a complete standalone system for this car which means we're not going to have to use any of this wiring and we're also not going to use the electronic steering on the 2015 Mustang, which will simplify a lot of things because I think when I was building this car I was always thinking about all the other things, like how am I going to connect everything is up there and that just puts pressure on you and that's why everything this went wrong, so now that we have the entire mustang taken apart, it will be much moreeasy to build it on this platform here compared to that elevator we had there. the big old lift arms and you couldn't really get in anywhere and now pretty much all we have to do is put this car back here and then once we have our suspension, let's go ahead and start simulating everything and finish this, so check it out guys, we just put the mustang shell here and look how much more room there is to work with, you can work everywhere here, there are no big old things in your way.
Obviously, this isn't fully assembled on this table, but I want to find a way to hold the car down so we can get everything nice and secured and then, probably in the next episode, I want to go ahead and start welding. the body we're going to weld the body and then we'll build the chassis around the body because we never really weld the body, we just put it together, but I really want to get all the spaces right, get everything right. on the body, take all the right measurements, weld everything together, almost everything needs the chassis, so guys, that'll wrap it up for today's episode.
I'm a little excited about this build because I remember we had a lot of problems with it. another car and honestly I really want to finish this car it's actually been one of my dream cars for the longest time and it's a 66 fastback which is one of the coolest mustangs ever made but guys stay tuned once that we have all the suspension. we'll probably go ahead and put our wheels forward and order everything we need so we can build this on the road you guys thanks for watching we're finally back at the mustang if you like this series go ahead and hit the subscribe button leave a like and follow me on Instagram at vtune and visit to see some products

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