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What happened in Final Fantasy XIII-2? (RECAPitation)

Jun 02, 2021
Released by Square Enix in 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, director Motu Toyama Rider dce G wab and virtually the same team from Final Fantasy 13 return to create the second installment of the main fable Nova crystallis Trilogy, adopting a tone and approach of different games. The game features a darker story and intense time travel tone resulting in multiple open worlds that can be accessed non-linearly with 10 different endings to the game and real-time opportunities to put a creative spin on it. to an already complex story. There are only two main protagonists. The game with the active strategy battle system is still in effect, although players can use any number of over 150 different monsters and characters that can be recruited and developed as a third battle companion, the story only gets bigger as From here, so shrink it down to size with recapitulation, the game begins in the world of Valhalla, where lightning becomes a guardian of this land at the end of time in the service of a weakened goddess, the goddess rro, who stops a flood of darkness called chaos to escape and ruin time, fighting it is a man called Kaiis, a powerful carrier of chaos energy after their duel, a child from the End of Time named Noel is sent to Valhalla through the door of time.
what happened in final fantasy xiii 2 recapitation
She foresaw his arrival and uses his enhanced magic to rescue him with the help of additional idols. She tells him to travel. go back in time to find his sister Sarah and save the future as she continues to fight Kis, she sends him with a special Mughal that can transform into weapons despite the null, she also recognizes Kaas, meanwhile, in time, 3 years have passed since the cocoon fell. While Sarah now lives in a small New Bodm village in Grand Pulse and somehow has dreams and visions of Lightning's battles, suddenly when a strange meteor crashes nearby, an even stranger phenomenon occurs around Sarah, suddenly The phenomenon occurs again and even stronger and suddenly Sarah finds herself walking in a ruined version of her world and feels that she is somehow interacting with the future as she has abruptly returned to her time. original.
what happened in final fantasy xiii 2 recapitation

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what happened in final fantasy xiii 2 recapitation...

The beach side erupts into combat as strange monsters suddenly appear. Outside the portals, Noel arrives in time and also gives Sarah the Mughal weapon that the lightning bolt left him and they repel the wave of monsters. Noel then explains that the lightning bolt sent him and MOG to get her back and Sarah is surprised to hear that someone else remembers that the lightning bolt is still alive. For some reason, after waking up from her Crystal dream, Sarah discovered that everyone except her suddenly doesn't remember the lightning bolt, thinking that he died after saving the cocoon and helping Sarah, she is just imagining it with her strange visions. and suddenly Noel and MOG Sarah appear.
what happened in final fantasy xiii 2 recapitation
Suddenly, they have renewed hope of finding lightning, they begin to investigate the meteorite that fell nearby also from our vision and discover that it formed unstable pockets of time nearby by which some small areas are being affected by phenomena that suddenly accelerate their existence hundreds of years. Noé recognizes this as two different timelines merging and explains that the meteorite fell with him from BH Hela as they approach, the entire cocoon suddenly disappears and Noel explains that they are seeing the timeline it came from, where the criminal The length of the cocoon no longer exists for Sarah, it is 3 AF or 3 3 years after the fall of the cocoon, but for Noel it is 700 AF, he proves that he is a time traveler by revealing a door of Time and tells them that to To activate it they need an artifact in the form of any object present here that was displaced from another dimension of the timer during the search Sarah has flashbacks of when she woke up and the lightning disappeared in an instant not even her companions remembered her although the snow believed her and then she left in On a trip to find lightning, they find an artifact in a mysterious mirror. but before agreeing to go with him, Sarah questions Noel's motivation and he explains to her that he is the last human being born in his timeline who was unable to help his world and that is why he is driven to build a better future from the world. past.
what happened in final fantasy xiii 2 recapitation
Lightning essentially saved him from his bleak timeline and gave him a New Hope, a new purpose, so he's paying the debt. Sarah decides to trust him and together they enter Tim's door without noticing the duo watching them. They travel through the crossroads of time, the Historia Crux, and take them two years into the future, where humanity is forming a society based on science and technology, moving away from the old dependence on family and reaching a cocoon. on the side of the cock digging up some ancient technology, as soon as they arrive, a giant monster visible only by the attacks of its arms and, although they help, they are arrested.
Under suspicion of involvement, a girl named Alysa quickly helps them and explains that the areas around the time gate seem to experience


is called a paradox effect where, normally, impossible or contradictory things exist or occur. An example is this giant Atlas that is appearing in multiple places and timelines at the same time to buy time to find another door and return to the beam, they agreed to help eliminate the atlas problem and along the way Sarah discovers that she, like Like her sister, she has the power to tame and control monsters in battle. in fact, they find multiple time gates and imagine that they also lead to different timelines, although each apparently requires a different artifact key to activate, and they learn that Atlas is a biological weapon built by humans in Noble's past and potentially in Sarah's future.
They find its control mechanism and discover that it is under a paradox anomaly that resolves it, they weaken the giant, force it into their timeline and finish it off, ending the paradox it was creating and repairing the damage caused by the distortion. weather. Alyssa then reveals that she was a survivor of the purge ship years ago that Sarah was involved in and mentions that in the Paradox she was dead in another timeline activating another gate. They travel another 5 years into the future where they find an establishment called The Academy as the leader of the future of Humanity in restoring the technology that was once powered by FAL and reaches the mif yashas.
They discover that the earth is unusually dark. It doesn't reveal that 500 years ago from her time a massive F sea obliterated the Sun and created an eternal eclipse, but that would still be 200 years in Sarah's future and since it's currently a limitless area for some reason. It must be a paradox, in fact, this is confirmed by a member of the local Academy who informs them that they are aware of it. A paradox for a four-name scene combined with the many times Gates digs up a local dig site investigating a monster out of the blue. It appears from a hole in space resembling a new body, but they are saved by the intervention of Hope, now 10 years older than the child she was when she helped save the cocoon.
She is now the director of the academy and in fact predicted her arrival here. Based on data he took from her Jump 5 years ago in her time, he informs her that Snow and Zaz have also not been seen in the last 10 years, as they both sensed something was wrong when lightning suddenly disappeared. . He feels that all of them, although by separate means, are. all looking for some way to bring everyone together again the ruins they are now in are from an ancient nation of people called farseers, they were ruled by a series of cuses who could always see the future who would always be called ual


ly, Civil war broke out when the population could not decide on firm action in reaction to a disastrous future for Tool and the nation fell apart.
He shows them a strange device called the Oracle Drive, which appears to be an ancient recording device. He shows them one. of interest representing the rays and exports that save the cocoon, but that's strange given that the device itself is hundreds of years old. He has another recording showing Lightning's battle in Valhalla, but it's too confusing due to the paradox in the local area, so Sarah and NL move. To solve it, Hope gives them an artifact key they found traveling to the next world. They arrive in Araba 200 AF, Neil and Fang's hometown in the distant future, however, there is almost nothing there and MOG explains that the world is tangled as spacetime has folded. upon himself here dissolving the many anomalies in the city one by one, they slowly rebuild the city and discover another Oracle Drive which activates it.
They see Sarah's Awakening memory as she originally remembers it, but then sees it rewritten into the memory that everyone else around her remembers. wondering how come Kaas seems to report that if you change the future you change the past to match it, a serum name appears, Ule, and although nol thinks he knows her, apparently it's a different Ule from a different timeline, she says who has been watching them make changes. through time and Ka declares that he intends to stop them, they are no match for KA, although Ule stops him by insisting that they continue to get another artifact.
The duo travels back to Yasha mif, but finds him in an alternate reality where the clipe doesn't wonder. If this alternate pass was the result of them solving a paradox in the future, they investigate and along the way Noah reveals that Kaas used to be his mentor, they return to the ruins to find another uul who tells Sarah that she, like the other uls, has the ability. to see a particular timeline that they must follow and can guide others along that path, they continue to find Hope again, although the circumstances are different in this timeline, there is no Eclipse because they resolve the Paradox in the future, but waiting there was still something planned for hope.
Given her encounter 5 years earlier in the same timeline watching the Oracle drive without interference, Hope now concludes that the lightning bolt is not only alive but that after her battle with the orphan, she was somehow placed in the distant future, however, they also see the recording change before their Eyes the cocoon falls into, which now means the future will be dead like a noll's timeline, seeing the catastrophe brewing, hope says it will begin to work immediately prepared for disaster, while Sarah and null now seek to investigate


makes him fall into the former. place, although he wonders if changing this event in the future will create unintended consequences in the past and while they travel to the next world.
Ule and kaas are not far away when uul suddenly collapses and dies upon reaching the sun water. Exhaust 300 AF you see. a massive influx of Flang monsters and Sarah collapses when she has a vision of Snow being beaten by a huge Flang monster, but she recovers and runs away. He finds the real Snow fighting as he saw and with null the three managed to defeat the monster, however this mutant fla is the product of the hundreds of fla merging together, making this fight feudal, so they retreat for now. Snow reveals that lightning sent her a dream to prevent the cocoon from falling, so she left and traveled through time to this point.
Well, apparently this giant is slowly melting the pillar holding up the cocoon; later, a human conflict will actually be the last straw that breaks his back and knocks him over, thinking that these giant monsters are also a living paradox, they think that they will have to travel to another place to stop the source of the monster infestation and prevent them. he thinks he's the giant monster in the first place. Unfortunately, Snow can't use the same doors as them and must stay behind. Traveling alongside the Archel Pass, they encounter a tribe of hunters surviving in the wilds.
They have a machine that can also control the weather in the area, which dramatically affects the type of monsters that appear. They discover a monster with a temporal glitch that has been eating all the local flaun and sends them back to Sunleth, destroying the monster and cutting off the problem. At the fountain, they return to Sunl and discover that the Paradox is still unresolved, seeing if it is a Double Paradox. They visit a unique plane of existence outside the timelines called The Colosseum, where its Guardian is more than willing to give them an artifact that has been nothing but trouble to them.
Returning again, they find Snow charging forward to finish off the remaining mutant fla, hitting it. The corrected timeline removes the snow from the image, as it would never have been there in the first place without the Paradox when it disappears. Sarah notices the new lbr and Snow takes away and he doesn't answer who gave it to him understanding that he did it to gain the power of an LCI to protect everyone. She determined how to save Snow's fading as Lai like he did with her, so they press on during a break. Sarah asks that if they solve enough paradoxes to prevent a future where Noel exists, then he won't disappear and Noel says that would probably be for the best.During their travels, they visit a unique plane of existence ruled by a goddess commonly known as Lady. l and similarly, it's a giant casino in Miname Park, then travel to 400 AF to check the status of the cocoon they fight.
The academy has become the cornerstone of civilization, even achieving the construction of an artificial F SE to power the city. Suddenly, the city's AI. Ides and begins to hunt Sarah, even producing SE of the local citizens, then Kais comes out and says that the reason is because they are the paradox that Ci tries to stop them, since they should have died 200 years ago in the same city but now they are alive. From the city's perspective, that is a paradox during their escape to find another gate, they rescue another Ule, however, Ule saying that she was supposed to die at that moment and being saved actually causes a paradox, although she is injured and dies anyway and Noel bitterly accepts it.
He explains the rules to Sarah and finds another game that travels back 200 years to see when they were supposedly murdered. They arrive at the Augusta Tower, the mainframe computer central to the academy that also houses the first sea of ​​prototypes under construction. They learned that the sea of ​​​​prototypes began a long time ago. in 13 AF as a solution for Rel levitate cocoon, so there is no need to worry even if the pillar falls, it was proposed and designed by Alysa and the project was led by the hope that they know that the people inside do not seem real and they find a recording of them that is somehow from events 200 years in the future.
Nol reveals that he and Kaai were Guardians of Seirus and after Kais left alone, Nol was unable to protect his own Ule by following Kais through the same door. He used it and took it to Valhalla where he met both Ka and Lightning. It's strange though that they keep meeting K and the last one they met who let Ule die couldn't have been the real one in Q. They see another Kaas in question if he's the real one but he can't continue due to a strange key card. Paradox to solve this, they travel 100 years forward to 300 AF and their movements are immediately tracked by the computer that already considers them a living Paradox, they learned from there that this time the Augusta Tower is being hacked from the future and the AI ​​is hostilely taking over the academy and the government, they fix the system from there and stop the hacking, but the AI ​​considers this a threat as they have once again messed with history and created an alternate future dating back 100 years. to 200 if with proper security they encounter a synthetic AI version of Alyssa who informs them that people resembling Kaai and Ule are in the tower and think they must be trying to progress their intended future, implying that Sarah and null die here in this Tower to which they move. talk to them as they go, they see a sudden recording of Hope and Alyssa being killed by the AI ​​187 years ago and discover that it was this broken AI that finishes the protop C file and with no hope of escaping the death trap, they move to save hope. and Alyssa meet the same fate as they climb the tower.
There are no figures. Kais isn't the one pinging the AI ​​chains, but she notices his memory slowly deteriorating when they meet U near the next time gate. She explains that those that she and her predecessors used to do. She records the prophecies they had in the Oracle units, it is no longer necessary as Kaai will remember and protect the entire timeline. They are both endowed with the goddess Etro, as she contains the eyes of Etro and she will always be reincarnated the same after death, kaas. she now she has the heart of Chaos immortality and he could protect it all the time.
She also reveals many chaotic timelines that originated when the lightning bolt was removed from the point where the cocoon was saved, as it was the future that changed and thus the path was corrected. in short, she confirms that the timeline Sarah is working to correct is the true timeline, so they are doing the right thing, she


ly reveals that the Kaas had attacked them in the city, it was another imitation created by the AI , which is also the hacker and the entity. trying to kill them all this time as they leave once again you will see a change but a better future and I, as they face the AI, the SE protop file from the future attacks them and there are no figures in this entire place must be where they are the future and the past.
Unfortunately, this closed chicken-and-egg time loop means that the SE prototype cannot be destroyed within this perpetual time slot. Finding that fighting the ever-adapting future machine doesn't jump anywhere, Sarah. she makes a screaming plea to the Past in hopes of not building the AI ​​or the C prototype at all. This actually works as the cycle stops by never starting in the first place, suddenly Sarah has a new vision of being attacked by Kais and collapses recovering. They travel to a corrected 400 AF where the city is no longer under the control of a ferocious AI, the feature looks much brighter and are surprised to be greeted by Hope and Alyssa even though it has been 390 years since their last meeting, Explain. she built a stasis pod for him and Alyssa and that's why they are still alive and confirms that she saw Sarah shouting the Oracle Drive, which made her abandon building the sea of ​​protop files.
Now, in the future, they see an Arc 13 suddenly floating in the sky and research on it has shown that it is powered by something called a graviton core; However, to apply it to the cocoon to float again, they will need many more cores, so there is a search for those who find enough cores scattered over time in the story, hope they have enough to start the Cocoon. Reconstruction and levitation project, although it will take another 100 years to complete. Alysa then hands them an artifact to a newly appeared door and once everyone has made final preparations, Hope dismisses them and plans to re-enter stasis for another 100 years, though only MOG notices the final smug and suspicious look. which Alyssa is surprised by a trap in Historia Crux from Alyssa's booby-trapped artifact.
Noel MOG and Sarah are separated from each other in the Crossroads timeline Sarah finds herself in the void Beyond where she meets another Ule who explains that this place is nothing more than a fragmented echo of alh Hela, then reveals that Sarah's ability to time travel and see the future are also signs that she is Chen, she was a servant of the Goddess. rro Lightning 2 is a servant, although she has a guardian role and cannot leave Valhalla, which is why Sarah was assigned all this power. Another Ule explains that when everyone saved the cocoon, it was the goddess Etro who miraculously freed everyone from her crystalline state, even though doing so meant warping time.
Suddenly, Ka appears and offers to end their fight by trapping. her in a dream world, although he is also a servant of the Goddess, she chooses to use her power to protect you above all else. He explains that every time a store or Paradox occurs, the Ule of that time period sees a new Future Vision frequently. enough to die, as he has witnessed the deaths of countless U's as a result of the Paradox, starting with RR saving his group of Lightning from Crystal Fates, and discovers that it would be easier to simply end the story to prevent further deaths as a result. .
He came to clash with Sarah and Null, who has been solving paradoxes to save humanity, but at the expense of that timeline's Ule, who means the whole world to Kaas for Ule's sake, he intends to even return to Valhalla and kill rro, who only has lightning to protect his kais, defeats Sarah and pierces her with his sword while killing Sarah. Sarah then wakes up and finds herself in New Bodm. Again with her friends, snow and even lightning there, however, another distortion makes her question this dream despite how convincingly real and idyllic she is. Saving her from her dream prison is Venil, who is still sleeping in the crystal pillar and is talking about Sarah's dream from his own account, even Fang is there to help Sarah out of this predicament and show her a way out, now free, she turns to save No from his dream world by jumping directly there, she finds herself in 700 AF at the end of days where Noah is from, she sees him still lost in his dream and at a time when Kaai was his mentor and was training to become the next true Guardian in which he must defeat and kill Kaai and win the heart of chaos to become the next true Guardian.
Kaai once explained to him that there was a way to save Ule and leave this Wasteland and that was by killing him and by doing so, he would be killed. a manifestation of rro that will unleash chaos on Valhalla and destroy the terrible past of him, although no one refused, so it was kaai and then he went to Valhalla to fight the lightning and try to kill the goddess herself. It was not long before Ule died, as was his fate. When he then learned that all the Cuse died young anyway, since every time they see the future they lose a part of their life, so each Vision they have brings them closer to an early death, Sarah snaps him out of his dream, but no one is reluctant to do so.
She continues as she realizes that Sarah now has exactly the same power as Ule, which means the same consequences. Every new vision she has and has been having of her reduces her life, but so far it hasn't been enough to kill her, but one day she will be. how the Visions are uncontrollable and she gets a new one every time they change something, she is dying quickly just like the many ule's so far, still, Sarah is determined to finish her mission, hopefully in time to stop more Visions. The next MOG returns with a message. from Lightning, who explained more about the kaiis.
The Guardians like him were actually just Le with the mission to protect Cirrus, however, rro cast kaai as AI still with a heart of chaos, his power of immortality and listening to every series of history means he can manipulate history However you want. He now wants to travel to a new body in the distant future, eventually finding the real lightning bolt, but meeting him is brief. She explains that on the day they saved the rr cocoon, the intervention allowed some dark chaos energy to slip in, which pushed her away and warped the timeline from when she found herself drifting through time until she woke up in Valhalla, where he suddenly sensed that the will of the goddess rro was weakened and chose lightning to protect her and save the world and the chaos timeline, if rro disappeared, chaos energy would surge uncontrollably and cast the world into an eternal state of entropy, they find out that if many people die at once, then chaos energy can arise and also what would happen if kaai dropped a cocoon and killed everyone there and turned this world into another Valhalla, they learn Ka.
They can achieve this if they go to the point where Cocoon Falls and Hope tries to save everyone, which is 500 AF as their final destination. They arrive and indeed find Academia turning into bhalla and Kais transforming into a form of Bahamut. She moves to destroy both Hope's Arc and Cocoon and stalls them for time, luckily hope is there to give them a hand and even zaz eventually returns to help them break through and take them straight to kaas as they fight. kaai ​​urges sarah to stop as she is doomed to the same fate as you. Otherwise, Sarah cares more about protecting the future than her own life, so a huge door to Valhalla opens and Ka enters, closely followed by Zaz, who leaves the two to continue.
The chase eventually ends as Kais has nowhere left to run and he has no intention of exerting his strength in the Wills Clash, but he fails to demonstrate his strength on his former friend and mentor when Kaai falls into a wave of chaos, freeing him and leaving. They find themselves surrounded by three powerful chaos monsters who defeat them. Kaai accepts defeat from him and asks. for death, but nol refuses to finish him off on his terms, he attacks Sarah, forces NL to deal a fatal blow, but still null does not kill him, smiling, he forces the sword and falls on N Sword anyway and his heart of chaos is destroyed making then the final paradox is resolved and time is finally fixed leaving Valhalla, they go to 500 AF and hope to find lightning and the others there when Final Fantasy 132 concludes that the crystal pillar is about from falling, but Hope and Zaz manage to take out Venal and Fang's crystal forms.
The original cocoon eventually falls, but Hope managed to evacuate everyone to the floating Arch renamed Bavel as it rises to be the new home for the human race. Sarah and Hope return safely, just as it appears when the last door opens. closes Sarah turns to NL and thanks him and he senses something is wrong as he catches her as Etro's power gives him one last Revis Future Vision and takes the last of his life uncontrollably just like Ka said would happen without Sarah. Nol grimly explains to a confused Hope how she died just like all the other Uleles who died when their intended futures also changed, plus with the Heart of Chaos gone like Ka wanted, so does rro die Noel realizes too late who killed the goddess andthe chaos it was containing is now completely unleashed consuming everything as the timeline is invaded by chaos.
We see lightning on top of the River Throne frozen in a crystalline state as the game ends. Kaas is still alive with a power of Chaos in his triumphant hand. With new control over his life and a distant future to boot, Lightning awakens once again with a cliffhanger ending. Final Fantasy 13 2 has enjoyed the success of selling over 3 million copies worldwide.

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