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WEREWOLF SANTA CLAUS | Resident Evil: Village - Part 9

Jun 01, 2021
What is it that I don't have anything? big boy you and me oh no wait this is me and the big boy wait wait no it's just me oh my god oh my god oh my god every time I block and then you attack oh my god, why is my mouth sensitive? He's so high, rubber mother, why don't I have my damn blue explosion? Well, that's really cool. Link in description. Distracted podcast. Oh my god, how? how many, how many, if you're not going to listen to the podcast right now, I'm going to do exactly what I did to these werewolves, okay, the link is in the description, we have a fucking deal, that's the way it is and these should Shut Up because I have nothing to shoot them with.
werewolf santa claus resident evil village   part 9
Okay, could I have left through this door? Although please, the link in the description is just manageable. Distracted pocket. We work. Who am I recording now. Yeah, ooh, okay, yeah. Come in, forgive me, oh, okay. I don't know what's going on that's strange that's very strange that's very strange okay where am I now what am I doing the king's orders finally came retreat it's very irritating that we should abandon the border fortress to these heretics if I had just a little more I know for a while that I could change the course of this battle. No, I shouldn't put on airs.
werewolf santa claus resident evil village   part 9

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werewolf santa claus resident evil village part 9...

It is my curiosity that unites me to this place. There are a number of ruins in the surrounding area that locals say are very old. ceremony site with four giant statues the caves with murals carved on the walls the stone pedestal they called the chalice of the giants where the people who built them came from where they were from does it bother me that we have to leave this place without knowing it yes, it bothers me too much dude it bothers me too dude I'm really upset ugh I've never been so upset in my life I feel you in that friend I feel you in that friend I feel you if only I had my grenade launcher where's my um oh god oh no guys no why Please I didn't know I thought I didn't have it oh no oh no really guys oh no this isn't a little but maybe it is oh my god it's better if it's a little oh my god I literally thought it was like in a chest of storage, but there isn't even a storage chest in this game.
werewolf santa claus resident evil village   part 9
I thought I legitimately thought I really thought I didn't have it. I actually thought I didn't have it. that's what's going on that's not good no that's not good what's why oh hey buddy what's up buddy whoa man i wish i had that sniper rifle or something hey what's up buddy hey how you doing belt guy i wish i could back up a little little faster? Aha, okay, you gave me some homemade bombs, I'm going to use them, let's see if we can make a little ring around the roses, oh well, that doesn't really help me, maybe if I run, run around, yeah, yeah , Yes Yes. good your feet nice another one oh that was a shit shot thank you you got it good great great great great we're fine we're fine we're fine you better not ask for help oh here it comes this is a bad place to be okay okay can I change ammunition?
werewolf santa claus resident evil village   part 9
Where's the other ammo? Can I change ammunition? How do I change ammunition? There are bullets left uh that's not good what happens if I pass by here? no what's that what's that what's that what's going on that's your girth that's his girth everyone ah your girth very impressive um I have very little left because I don't have my sniper rifle but I have a magnum oh no no no no now oh who who me me yay hey what's up buddy, good thing I have a lot of these oh that's not good oh that's bad oh that's bad oh that's bad oh that's bad oh that's bad, well, you miss it, it's quite unfortunate If you ask me, I don't think he did, I don't think he asked me, okay?
So what happens when I have absolutely nothing and for some reason I can't get these others? Know? oh flashbangs ah man I have a lot of sniper rifles um it's time to get out the magnum I guess oh never mind crystal hammer eat well good job you really showed him you really gave him the business there and then you really told him off you really gave him he, for what, really give him the, you did it, you did it, you did it, big, you did it, I should have the sniper rifle with me, shouldn't I, oh baby, what do you think of this place, maybe even better than you ? castle, you know, if you think about it, maybe baby, what do you think you'll be speechless?
I know, I get it, I get it, I get it, you don't need to say anything, no big crystalline is your marker yet here, crystal, crystal, there's probably like a glow on top that I could shoot and knock it out oh yeah , oh, there are several, okay, well, I can't, I literally have no bullets left, there are so many shines I could shoot and I don't have, yeah, I'm not. getting them oh here we go we go bullets yeah there we go there we go there we go get those legs right one one oh vivianita there's one over here probably okay let me just look at nothing there uh-huh okay I got it okay we're okay let's get out of here no I know what Vivian Knight is unless it's that thing for that necklace I have, don't I have a necklace with a hole in it?
Yes, but she doesn't say I have the other thing. so I can't match it right, okay, I have this giant crystal and a giant ax or a giant hammer and a giant ax, cool baby, oh hello, hello, what are you really? Well done, she stops hiding you. I won't let you leave this quiet place your jets a little longer and you're already warm I'll give you a hand so in exchange in exchange the first thing you come to me put all the jars on the altar and I'm sure you'll discover the rest. See you, Ethan. See you, Heisenberg.
I will go to the altar and put all the jars. You could have just not put my baby in a bunch of bottles and I wouldn't. I have to put it back together, but I guess I'll see you in her alder anyway. I have Elmo's sticky plate. Hey, this looks like oh no, it's not football here at all. Anyway, I have Elmo's sticky plate. That's really good. I guess it's time to go put my baby down. at an altar I'm driving this thing, sure not, hmm, I don't like sewers in Resident Evil games, they usually end badly for me in some way, I don't think this one is going to be different than they were different , broke it, they were different hmm well, well, well, well, everyone, thank you very much for being here, um, which way to go, oh, I know where you come from, I know where you come from, clean, oh, that could have made.
I could have done that, but I'm going back down, what else is down here? Hello, hello, someone who is scary down here and who has been scary. Is it one of Lady Dimmadome's daughters that I somehow missed? Hmm, photo of a ghost fish. Well, you could leave it. Look at it, that would be cool too if you made that photo of a ghost fish, well it doesn't exist, I guess fish fan photo, here we go, okay, I know what's good, cool, I think, I think. Yes, I remember there was something like this vaguely implantation notes of cadu well 21 male silversmiths pneumonia scars low affinity full of cadu grow body transformation fall in cognition another similarity in the grass um 21 woman without occupation without history of illness results death warehouse 44 woman of noble descent not from the


hereditary blood disease very high affinity without loss of cognition arbitrarily able to control body transformation applied cognitive control procedure sent for observation noble descendant in fact she was kadude I see babe, do you listen to that babe , baby, how's your caddo, baby?
You didn't say it. I had kadu hey okay this is a bit, it's a bit silly hey yeah it's okay now why did you feel the need to do it? Oh, I did, I got him too many bullets, but it's okay, I have more to spare. Yes, yes, I wish I could find that knife again. I bet it's somewhere in the game. He fell. It has to exist. The super knife. And you know what I mean. I bet it fell somewhere in the game. And you can go get it at any time. but I didn't do it because I'm a bit of an idiot don't even try it excuse me uh biggins okay let's not fight with the biggins now let's take care of ourselves a little we'll save the biggins for later because I don't have exactly the things and I have no idea how to switch to Flashbangs, not that that's very helpful to me, but let's not do that now, let's just not deal with it, let's go talk to this guy, what's up?
Friend, hey, how are you?, friend, how are you? Let me see. It is a great pleasure for me to see you return alive. Thank you. I appreciate that great preaching. Okay, I could make this high protein to turn the kids into bastions. Hell yeah, hell yeah I could do that, let's do it all. right wait no no no no no no uh continue I can hardly wait just excuse me pork finished thank you baby love for you to enjoy it too it was really for me yes it was actually it was just for me you thought you were just going to eat do it yourself, okay, but that's good, I wouldn't mind having it again, well, we can't shut up, okay.
I have gotten some new items for you, Mr. Winter, do you have it now? Well, that's wonderful, that's so great. I don't need that at all um oh god you know oh my god how could I never could uh is there anything that can sell those axes and the crystal hammer yes, the crystal ax this one says it's too big to use but this one does Don't say it's too big to wear, you know what I mean, whatever it is, I'm going to sell them, I don't care, I wouldn't wear them anyway, it's not my style.
Okay, the wolf of Spain. Okay, how about I buy this again because why not? I can see why you would be interested in that. Can? I don't want more scope in the crosshairs. Not really. I feel like that's unnecessary. Okay, let's get the sniper rifle recipe. Let's go ahead and get the bullets for the sniper rifle. Let's customize the sniper riffy more dabblage more dabblage Of course, these hands are more dexterous than one might think. I didn't think they weren't, so thank you for your sponsorship, we're going to tackle the four of us, we have everything we have.
Let's move this move this move this I have so many bullets let's go through and equip this to this bam we're good there bada bing bada bingo it's time to go hunting oh wait I forgot we're ready for this aren't we we're not ready For this there is no reason not to do this now is there Jesus? what was that? that's not so creepy for the baby I'm still recording okay, I mean they destroyed the baby So that's not really, I guess I'm not asking too much, maybe it is. Can you stop complaining? Yes, this is going to work.
Actually, I have no idea what this is going to do, but he's going to do something. I'm carrying this. And now that? aha oh yeah oh that's normal oh that's what we call normal okay, before we do that I'll have to say goodbye for now thank you all so much for watching, we have a baby to save I think, unless you just Just put the pieces of my baby there, but anyway, thanks, make sure to check out Distraction. Please do it. There is a link just below in the description. It's a great show. I think you'll find it very funny.
Let's evolve. concept as time goes on and be sure to follow and subscribe wherever you listen to the podcast. It is fun. I think you will enjoy it very much. The link is down there. Click on it. Give him an oportunity. I owe you a big debt and you will be able to do it. Click through and just see what podcast it's available on, see where you listen to it, and if you don't listen to the podcast, uh, it's just Bob Wade and I being stupid together and having fun, so that's it, so thank you and as always I will do.
See you in the next video, bye.

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