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Jun 04, 2021
Come on, that's a pretty defensive start back here, you gotta be careful, you see, we found him to come, go out to a culture, still Jayjay Okocha opens up for him, that's not a bad start, is it Wayne Rio quality ? tackle here find a confirmation from the big man look for Robbie Fowler


active ball in the world by the way


we found oh actually bottle a little that was a quality ball from an enthusiastic fan one will be more has been done there oh no oh no Chad Lee vs. Rio Rio did enough did enough Schmeichel with JJ's good and safe Tucker now we can break up Not sure about that past when JJ wasn't trying to play with that care Bobby Moore some of The view we have for that , the back, but there is such a good central defender, so we are getting away with it right now.
wembley cup squad builder what legends are playing at wembley cup 2017
Gerrard indelivery delivery get your feet out look for Baker it's Theo Baker and the right side goes into the blade still come bang looking for Fowler Robbie you can get it whoever still has it still got it Stevie G in a Confed well I can defend myself well to see your Baker co-variant Theo Baker like he's going to cut a kid with a fake walk that absolutely ruins his shot like FM is going for the fruit ball. The Clippers are looking for whoever could end up with this Patrick. He would have put my house, let him. score there JJ trapped, I'm sure there are skill moves that come to play Oh JJ, make it smart again, that's why we like jayjay Okocha, although isn't it better to win this tackle that will serve theo Baker or Tyrion remembers him Did I understand who it is? this Stevie G back to Katja who is going to pay for it oh my god we are absolutely knocking on the door here we just have to get into the house what praise we are going to pick up this ball here then you have a confirmation very careful you touch his bag better than that oh no, he's behind me from Rd and I think I can catch you guys.
wembley cup squad builder what legends are playing at wembley cup 2017

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wembley cup squad builder what legends are playing at wembley cup 2017...

I don't think he can catch it, how did that happen? I stayed with me. I lost a bowl for me, that's the back problem. free, don't be mad at them, you're in trouble, we don't have much rhythm, listen, I appreciate Jimmy's advice, but I'm going to try what I fought for, which is having a camera during and a kim fem white and CDM. I feel like that might work better for me, yeah, Rio, why now do we do a field shot on the ball post and go to bio if we go back to a shot? Jayjay Okocha trying to run around here try, this is JJ's problem.
wembley cup squad builder what legends are playing at wembley cup 2017
I try too hard with him, so I know what he's capable of. He looks a lot like last year's weak cut. He tried too hard. It was amazing to watch but he didn't really get much of a final product. What's up with all that? Schmeichel. I need you to come get it. Yo, Peter, oh no, oh no, all over the store, here, get well, they let us turn off the light, shamrock, did you know he's looking for a shot? JJ, he does well to keep that ball under control, you still know, JJ, so keep it, keep it, keep it Stevie Jared. this is your moment Stevie oh what a save that's such a moment Stevie G could see it won't be this year okay he's JJ can I look for the edge of the box oh no clover he'll go Stevie J Stevie turns his man slides a court, yeah, yeah, how did JJ miss?, oh my god, all the hard work was done.
wembley cup squad builder what legends are playing at wembley cup 2017
We had more shots at halftime. We really should win this game. What chance did Katja have for a naughty JJ? Where we found it from the kickoff. puts him in the path of jayjay Okocha, he will slide to see this from JJ, still JJ, he is the story, this game now finds Stevie G, who does not miss this Stevie G, that is what we will see at Wembley, with good luck United hashtag well done Stevie great move by JJ better second stoppage time is on I mean that's it Gerald Reich Butland didn't have a chance we have to stop diving boys we have to stop diving in a hole Rio Ferdinand take a bow son, right? he just gets nutmegs, I think you did, oh no, oh no, I'll go to the post, oh my gosh, that's a little guy.
Stevie G, you don't want to do this here Stevie G. They romanticized me a little. I tried to write down the length. Stevie G range probably shouldn't try, how about Bobby Moore earn some more tackles by the way, what a joke of a man looking for Kawai, vote for the middle, here's gone Patrick Fowler, I just can't rebound, get there , Yeah? Rio come on, it's Nikki now minute 89 jayjay Okocha is going to run he has options with him still JJ plays open yes yes keep him Pérez but with Pérez cuts inside he finds the knife who turns his man hits him I was coming in the first game to one is over or draw against a Wembley Cup team there were some strong signs there we had a lot of shots we could have won easily not a bad start oh it goes to extra time because it's their online friendly okay we haven't done that We have any substitute , some lucky ones, we had to leave these guys looking like this.
Everyone's grades. Gerrard's man in the match so far, the 9.3 will be higher. It's been quality and JJ has been stealing the show a bit. Let's not forget that there will be another JJ Wembley Cup.


ksi will play the new JJ well let's go give me some very tired legs overtime here watch party here oh no it could be over here Steve for example going back in days of overtime amazing son jayjay Okocha attacking the wall of pins , he's going to find clover clover he's going to find Fowler Fowler turns to his man puts you on your left foot Robbie hits that Robbie OH I want to get off the crossbar Fowler hasn't done much of anything all day but he popped up with a goal in the minute one hundred ten what strike two one Let's go, the


of the Wembley Cup for the victory.
Let's go to Wimberley. Forget about a strike. Look at this strike from the history of the bar. Butland, but you can't save that fellow. Whoever has options here. The boys are launching. around until they know the end of the game is coming here, the club could end it for us, bang, I have a score that Perez, ah, we should have a lot more goals, that's a cot, show your partner some space for him Still, JJ. oh that's brilliant of JJ, put it back on the hit, oh my god damn we didn't score, you're not done here guys, JJ on the ball, here he drops a shoulder, they're dropping like flies around him , still JJ turns one, turns another, it's a big change for Theo Baker in the final minutes Theo Baker I was trying to score one to go with him if we can see now I'll never forget it dad has a defender now he has to defend everyone oh no Bobby more oh no it's his signature no no that's it because I tried to score one to go with Thea Baker how did that happen guys it's going to be penalties let's get started the real coward wake up by the way , it could be penalties.
I can not believe it. It's just that the pressure players were too tired so we couldn't track Clover, don't let me down son, don't let me down, don't let me down, oh that's not a big penalty, take it, who is this in Sydney, in Sydney, bang? Schmeichel keeps it huge, come on guys, Robbie Fowler, where are you going to put it? oh, he went down the middle like a little tinker, an enthusiastic fan while he was on the penalty Adebayo, don't let me down son oh, the Beast has bottled it Jamie Vardy Oh no, it's okay, we're all even Robert Perez, no will miss him.
I won't miss it, thanks Robert. I said it again. I think of Theo Baker. What could be the key penalty here? Wembley is surely not well done. Theo, well done. Thea, hey, Chan, he came to school. I think he will stay in the middle again. Oh no. jayjay Okocha don't miss it please Thank you JJ Thank you JJ okay he has a score again this drama is crazy it's great what is hitting Spica with the big save going to do? Come on, the Wembley Cup team wins in dramatic circumstances, we should have done it. Let's say years ago we had so many opportunities, that's what will happen when we cut this year, who knows, Stevie G gets them, I win, we said he was the big name on that team, but he has shown that he has a Wow, like did Robbie Fowler, who helped Katja and Clover, once we switched in the February round we were a lot more solid, we had a lot of chances, it was a decent performance, okay guys, I really enjoyed it, it was a really entertaining game.
I'll do one more game with his team in this video and see how we get along. Hopefully we'll keep our undefeated record, that would be a good sign for Emily. Okay, this time my opponent is Rulinea and she has a whole team of interesting Romanians. Greetings, I recognized you Pantilimon Radu, okay, Maxim in the middle, some silvers, some golds and they will combine much better on paper. Fowler will foul. Oh, he'll meet his man his where we landed on that left foot, finish it for me, Robbie. oh my goodness, how lucky, he was trying to pass it on the bottom right, luckily Pantilimon pushed his own goal on the other side, but we feel like it's his second game, that's a good sign heading into his second in the Cup, look. these goalies were a little surprised, to be fair I was aiming to go down to the right, he went straight down, watch out guys, you have to defend this defense, this Bobby Moore is an incredible vice, the best I've ever done seen


in the last FIFA matches.
I love this Bundy Cup team. Go Koch's fruit by repeating the offside trap. JJ to get us a second goal. JJ is not going to miss it. Come on, JJ to Neal. never mind, he won't miss that look, it's too easy to pressure Stevie G attacking Phenoix one two, he's gone the wrong way, wait, the mistake is that Robbie Fowler has the ball here, still Robbie wants another goal for which is walking. they should have scored Clover should have also scored the rebound wait Stevie G has it here Stevie trying to get through here okay amazing scenes oh no I didn't mean the stack was probably more there's the wrong person that could cost me here It cost me a lot no, no, I was white at halftime, a very, very convincing performance here, I'm happy with this one, well, then get it up, honey, shoot, don't shoot, I won't have any luck there, oh, oh, he's fruit, he It's fruit.
Is it the fruit? There probably has to be a job to do here. No shots, no shots, no shots, no stop. Oh crime, a tooth that was a bit funny, wasn't it off the post? Come back to him in the box, but we. let him get too comfortable with a clean sheet, he's gone, we don't want another country to get kicked out, we can't stand the drama, hey, I love that Fowler, bang, okay, I get you, it's a culture that still He's a big shot, you can't get close to him, guys, oh, them. they did it there, although they did it at the end.
I know Evan will keep it to himself. A shot from the court has to end with JJ because she will look very smart, she passes to her man here, he is strong enough, too smart, he is a good rebound shot coming in. Stevie G with his second going to games, that's what we like, that simple pass from a culture, whoever gives the shot to Gerrard, it's a very, very simple game of football when you play it correctly, he's Robbie Pérez, here Pérez is in front of him. man, still Perez, put it back, bang, guys, thank you very much, oh no, we haven't scored now, wait, Theo Baker, good football, Fowler still, Fowler, don't lose it, Robbie Jerrod, bang Baker, still you got it, oh and I still got it Perez, Katja puts your fruit clover, oh what a sure shot cod they can probably make.
Fowler, oh, you're still training, here's the box, I still have it, oh, that has to be a free throw, we have a good free throw. - kick takers what we found a goal in the Cup of the weak last year always fast is taking the opportunity to take away the free kick that hurts the decent performance Oh forced to get angry give up we were all on him two very good games of the weak The Stevie G Cup team goes crazy and after the second game that's just quality, right? That's what offers 9.3 gold for him, a culture and Fowler an assist for Clover and Pérez.
I love this team. Love it alright guys, that's where I'm going to leave my Wembley Cup


building video. I hope you enjoyed. Please like the video if you let me know if you are excited for the Wembley Cup, who do you think will win the hashtag or the f2 team?


you would like to see which team you want to see the hashtag


with Gerard with Fowler of Rio this free other legends we are yet to announce as well or would you like to see some of those guys in the f2 team Get to know us and subscribe for more information.
Wembley Cup videos are coming very, very soon. I'll see you soon until then, don't change, don't understand the hash tag, come on.

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