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Weirdest Celebrity Phobias Game

Jun 06, 2021
which celebrities have the strangest


, let's talk about that mythical good day, everyone is afraid of something and as you will discover today that includes celebrities, in fact we wrote an entire chapter on how to conquer your fears, specifically your fears of food , in our mythology book available at Barnes. & Noble Amazon Target Walmart your local bookstore and quiet mythology book, oh and of course we just launched a new ear cookie which is our podcast that comes out every Monday. We talked about facing our horror movie fears, so listen to it wherever the podcast is listenable but okay.
weirdest celebrity phobias game
Now let's explore the fears of some of our


royals, that's right, even celebrities have


, it's the one thing their assistants can't carry for them. Oh, it's time for you all to make me guess which star has this fear. Alright. we experience some


phobias and they will be presented to us right here to experience on this pedestal and it is our job to associate the correct celebrity with the phobia that we are participating in, yes, and the celebrities will choose from our Oprah P Diddy. Adele Billy Bob Thornton Christina Ricci and Orlando Bloom and Rita Ora who is that?
weirdest celebrity phobias game

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weirdest celebrity phobias game...

Give me that phobia Wow Jason looks good today chases scary I don't know oh why of all days today is the day you look like this forget it it's not like Steve Jobs with gloves oh okay someone's afraid of plants from Wyatt, this is the houseplant you get when you're really bad at keeping plants alive, we have a lot of these at my house, Billy Bob Thornton could be afraid of anything, you know? weird, such a wild car, yeah that's what I started with Billy, but I've always gravitated towards Billy Bob, let's be honest, but I don't know, it's like the Joker is wild.
weirdest celebrity phobias game
I don't know anything about Rita, so she's wild. card also Oprah's not afraid of plants you know what I'm getting a strong Christina Christina Ricci christina ricci christina ricci vibes you know she's got this she's got a quirk she likes and did you know I'm afraid of houseplants, I would tell people that's like a dinner, yes, yes, I'm going with Christina. Game, that makes good logic, but I'm going to go with Billy Bob because he played that guy who mows the lawn, sleeps in, mows the grass and that means he hates plants. well, that was a character, but go ahead, second round, okay, so we move to our house plant, to our shelf and we're going to chase random phobias, bring something else, oh, this is on the reels , someone is afraid of Lizzy, he says, tell Lizzy to do it.
weirdest celebrity phobias game
Do you have any idea what Chase is doing? What is his Steve Jobs supposed to be like? It isn't true? The first time I can understand why someone might be afraid of their toes. Sometimes I can look at my toes and get scared. Where does that hair on the tips come from? Maybe the person who is closest to the toes or it is the person who is furthest from the toes. I'm a tall person, right? I'm scared of my toes, I actually don't think maybe this is something that short people deal with who is short. I could see that the puffs are anti-finger.
I don't think he likes being called bloated, you have to earn the right. I think he's more afraid of being called bloated. the one on her toes, so Rita I have no knowledge of her, but based on her head, she looks a little short and crazy. She is a little right. It's one of these wild cards Rita. Rita is afraid of her toes when I put it right, but now. In fact, I think I'm doing a I'm calling an audible here, which I'm sorry, that was the point. What is sorry? I think it's Oprah. I just have a feeling mmm-hmm, she hates Tim, but you have a feeling about Oprah.
Do it in the third round Lizzy, you feel comfortable there, okay, come on buddy, coming the long way, who are you supposed to be? Hey, Steve Jobs would never have done that. What was the big splash of liquid that preceded the huge wad of gum? oh, it's gum, huh, still, it's a huge wad of gum, how I'm afraid to chew, God, you're not chewing, this stinks, huh, fear, a chase, that's the thing, so now we know why He hasn't been talking, cousin. has been working with that gum maybe he'll talk now and tell us who's afraid of the gum, well you can't, you can't choke on the gum.
I know who it is, oh really, this is Adele, because when you have pipes how delicious you don't want anything to stop it the gum doesn't stick to the vocal cords man well in a horrible accident it could and she's afraid it's a phobia it's not rational but ask yourself this question have you ever seen Oprah chew gum? I've seen Oprah's mouth move a lot, you've never, ever, never seen gum in Chiclets, there's no Chiclets hanging, yeah, no, Chiclets hanging, Oprah hates the fourth round, okay, the podium's been cleared, so I guess that you are bringing a great phobia.
I don't know, bring it on Chase Wheel, okay, it's a piece of art known as a toilet, who are you? Just tell us it's mine, it's not mom's, please, a mime, oh better, celebrities, he'll be out later like himself and us. Now it's going to be like it's a mime, if you have a toilet phobia, you have a problem like diary, um, nothing, okay, there's residue from when we tried the toilet bowl cleaner, so what do you do? Do you do it by going to the holes? Are you just a diaper? Diaper where I never see anyone's people in these people in diapers.
I mean, a toilet is something that if it's not 100% clean, I'm a little squeamish about it, so I can relate to this. I think I have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis. Together with Orlando Bloom, they are leading the hobbits to Isengard. I hope there are no bathrooms in Isengard. What about Orlando or the character he plays in The Lord of the Rings? Does that make you think? He doesn't like baths. I've seen his naked butt before him in some movie. I think it's the two towers where he's butt naked and I could. I was like this. I should never touch the toilet.
I'm going with Christina. you know she's not afraid of a lot of things, she's been around a lot of scary things in her career, so it makes sense that she'd be afraid of something a little ironic like a bathroom or houseplants, yeah, round five, okay , let's introduce another phobia, celebrities, be afraid. are you afraid of that I want it is what yes a potbellied pig oh my god, come back to me I guess I was a little afraid you know what it was I can always touch it hey, can we keep this one? with that kind of situation he would really give it back, hey buddy, I don't think you just touch your nose, it's recommended you know, they're so smart, he's smarter than you, they're so sensitive, a man who could be .
I was afraid of that after I jumped out of there. I didn't know. I just knew he was an animal. It was as if people brought animals. I'll be jumping. Look at the eyeballs, man, that could be your eyeball. Look at that eyeball. He is so. thoughtful, ha ha, I didn't think you were smart, what is that a satanic person would be afraid of? Hey, buddy, your skin is, you're afraid of pigs, man, man, hmm, I could see you, Dell, saying, well, that's good, what's Puff thinking now, where are we going? we hit this we just stick it really hard into the deer a mine we know he's not afraid of pigs now I think Diddy is afraid of the pig Orlando Bloom I'm not afraid of him oh he just shit on me God it was a pellet he's shitting everywhere it looks like dog food they're like little balls amen you confronted him there right away yeah he was shitting oh oh it was coming out like a little slide I heard something I was like it was like boom I'm saying P Diddy he completely messed up my space oh there's another, I love how you were like looking at the pig's butt like you.
I'm going to go with Adele, she's scared of pigs, man, now you're scared, okay Stevie, before we make the switch, where do we do? support link you have one right oh I think it's probably pretty good and Rhett you have one too oh this is hard if we switch and we don't know what's at stake here actually yeah that will make it even more difficult because the winner gets to swim with the pig and a baby pool, which is awesome now that we know he's already pooped. I wish the loser had to chew a piece of Chase's gum.
Oh, come on, yeah, because there's no way anyone else is going to get that big. taco in mouth oh god guys hmm we didn't agree on anything but we both have a right did we ever change things and improve our scores? Damn, I have no idea what I did right, well here's a deal we both have. agree to make some kind of change because if we both just say no, we're not going to change and then we're just tied, so my instinct is that I didn't do anything, but I think we both have to agree to change something. the fact that I haven't used this woman that I don't remember her name Rita Ora at all.
I really think she wouldn't be in the mix if she was afraid of something, so I know I'll do it. that mm-hmm that's not bad but it's not bad logic but I'm already using Rita yes I'm not trying to help you I'm just helping myself yes yes so I'll take Orlando back to put her and I haven't used my joker of Thornton BBT has to go somewhere, oh man he doesn't like toes that's what I think, well you're really changing or owning here that's all. I changed my Rooney, now it's your turn I think. that maybe you've been I'm going with the one I think you got right I think Diddy is here two pigs I don't know why but I think you were right about that and that's the change I'm going to make to be okay, where are we now?
Rhett, you have a link you need to fix. I can take a bath with a great guy. Alright, I'm going to reveal the answers. The houseplants were Christina Ricci. She said they are dirty if I have to touch them. one then it scares me honestly I can't get close to them around two p-diddy four toes he said Somehow I can see the toe on the first date it's mandatory I can't go for a kiss but I'm definitely going to do it see if that second second toe is long, okay, then he's cool, second toe long, okay, Brett is afraid to chew gum.
A guest at my house at the table took a piece of gum out of her mouth and put it on her plate after she left. I threw the plate, I never saw her with a chewing gum there, yes, Rita Ora is afraid of toilets. I have this thing where this tunnel has to start from somewhere and sometimes I think, what if something comes out of the toilet? Yes, that's how it works, my son was. afraid of those finally Orlando Bloom is afraid of pigs according to witnesses on the set of his film Kingdom of Heaven a pig got loose in Orlando ran like crazy ok very good congratulations link and thank you for liking comment and subscribe now do you know what time it is Hi, I'm Joey and Danielle and then this is Abigail, where there's a deer farm in Tennessee and it's time to spin the wheel of mythology.
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