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Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

Feb 27, 2020
today we go into the underpants machine let's talk about that mythical good day hey friend society membership is the great gift this holiday season for your friends family or yourself and remember the next third grade collectible is an exclusive set of chia-pet rhett official and Link the heads if you want star heads the truly exclusive VIP experiences sign up now for the mythical quiet society since humans ripped our asses from Eden and henceforth invented blackout underwear our sweet cheeks we've been tweaking that fabric in and up for epic


s check out a history book, yeah, and as far as contemporary history goes, we literally built a giant wedding machine and willingly played a


on it and since it was so much fun let's do it again as Cain and Abel once said to Hughes hmm it's time for the boxes our boxer shorts sec uro it doesn't matter the underpants man comes and he's mad as a hatter welcome to the keister crank tank in burbank omg this is industrial hello yeah we've been here before it just hasn't looked this good or this scary. above me it's going to go blank we're going to ping-pong back and forth between the two of you you're going to be guessing letters that could be in the word or phrase if you guess a letter that's here the other person will get a crank if your letter which you suppose is not in this sentence they will send it right away there will be a crank anyway yes and the crank crank the earth will be crank Frank's number one nameless number two nameless please do not address them by their real names reals is ok, if you want to solve it you have to say i would like to solve it, it's ok if you are wrong that means you get two cranks, if you are right it means the other person gets two cranks and you get two relief creams. crazy to be correct I can use the word crunk anywhere It's time for the septet to bring it back past Tessa, crank let's do it gentlemen your first puzzle has arrived look at those blank spaces.
wedgie hangman game
Wow, it could be anything and you know the last time I remembered giving them the first chance because so little happened. a short time ago the shortest gets to go this time congratulations buy a vowel yes how much would you like to crank it you said a hey there are two whoa that means a crank going to this crank all right all right right oh i'm not going to guess an input or an L but I'm going to go with that there's zero ok ok I felt one is ok I'm going to guess an N there are two guys hey guys what are you doing? everything you're doing you already know the program, let's get it spinning again, please, quickly, you're coming out of the crisis.
wedgie hangman game

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wedgie hangman game...

I'm a little taller now okay well there's an L yeah guys that's right come on that means you get a crank sir. Dislike. that sound t there are two how are you so good at this turn it up oh no T and T thats a dangerous booth yeah I dont want that oh ok dont sign me up for anal dnt any time soon sir there are three e, okay, give me a crank, okay, I'm starting to feel a little bit of tension and I'm going to release that tension because I'd like to solve the puzzle. Please, go ahead, Mr.
wedgie hangman game
Anal-Retentive. My middle names. I live and breathe this every day, which means you will receive something good. prepare your annals because we have a new puzzle on the board link, you won the last round, bring your guests a lot of blanks, yes, a lot of letters and fill them well, one of them is an e, there are two E, yes, crazy oh, crazy. Frank, that was a little more than that, he was a big wacko. You're starting to show your true colors. No, I'm talking about your underwear. I'm going to go with there have to be more vowels there I'm going to go with a there's no who's ok row yes sir I have a crack ok liaison needs to catch up on the in the back Department is there any of ours there's one our best day hello from new to the crank on this side please Oh something released oh I don't know if it's my body or the underwear, the underwear has started to rip, yeah, and I'm glad that's released.
wedgie hangman game
Oh, there are two, okay, thank you, okay, crank please. Oh F, there is no F, my God, Craig, please. i'm going with you there's one you oh god now i'm starting to feel a little tense craig yeah boy krieger you look a little tense why is there one why only one oh that's a funny sound there's three ok ok thanks piling up whoa ok i'm starting to feel some security down here ok there are three i need information there are other noises coming out but i don't like it ok i know every word except the last one.
I'm going to go with T no T's crank yes crank please yes at this point I'm fine I'm a full wedgi e mode P no peace oh god please ok now I'm starting to get a little bit of action in the cheek area, the last word has to be super obvious and for some reason seeing those letters I can't understand anything. I'm going to go with C. There's no zero, God, I'll tell you, but there's a Red Sea parting behind me. Oh, something's moving. I mean I know I know but okay G yeah there's one my E is stitching my my oh shit I guess a letter man I don't know that ends there.
Oh thanks Lee, there are two in oh yeah. which means you get a crank I get a Rankin crane oh but I'm going to guess and I guess your witness is showing what it means to relieve the cranks and not relieve the trick ok oh link you got anal Rhett you got weenus but can you guess what this final puzzle is because if you don't you're going to get frozen veggies in your panties, oh my gosh actually? that might feel good right now oh my gosh I'm crazy so the stakes are high um oh my gosh we're gonna go Rhett first in this round hey hey there's two crazy here by favour. it was a sound it was your body oh no no your body releasing something yeah there's one s one s yeah put it on your toes oh man dude there's two - yeah crank here hey oh there's a rip we've started to rip G there isn't, by God, I don't know why I said G again, oh man I'm riffing, oh what you gonna do next?
I don't think I have I guess G give him a G L there isn't L it's alright there's something there's definitely some noise this happened there oh this is a bit of a messy situation of a necklace oh I'm going to go with e there are two E's which isn't good news for you take it i forgot i could guess the vowels i keep thinking this is what in fortune oh oh you say yes there's zero he got his G though his thong there's two i'd like to drop it you really want to solve the puzzle because you know what that means no H there are two H's yeah so get over here Willie. give me a relief crank no now we didn't have these things to hold with our hands last time and you like to report on yourself ok then you should let me go i can't put it down ok i know the first three words. please sir put your foot here just put your foot put your foot here hey come on Lucas come on crank Frank number two Lucas is doing it link that's not what just put your foot here so I can put my weight on that's me link what in which i'm going to have to ask you for a letter because this man is hanging on his yes in there are two ends okay oh oh link you look great ah you're sweating a little i'm sweet yo' I'd like to solve the puzzle okay thicker that a giggle dammit was going to say more kicker than a sticker guys thanks for commenting. and by subscribing you say you know what time it is hello I'm a DJ this is mr. kitty we're from Turlock California it's time to spin the wheel of mythic he's not a fan he's a giant cache click well it's depth perception huh?
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