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Web Development in the Times of AI – Christian Heilmann | Pixel Pioneers 2023

Aug 29, 2023
foreign because you can't get over the AI ​​thing right now and there are a lot of comments like "OMG, our jobs are going away" and there are a lot of comments like "oh, you'll be more effective if you use that thing." that is not ready yet and you do not have access to it and it is very annoying to see these types of things where we keep repeating the same mistakes. I love it, I hope I know exactly what I'm about to do and it's like a diff with random classes and it gives you another 500 divs and unfortunately when you look on the internet that's pretty common but hopefully it's not what you're going to do. write because we are all better than that, so all the resources in this talk. are behind this QR code, it will also be at the end again and I send it on social media before on the topic.
web development in the times of ai christian heilmann pixel pioneers 2023
It's an essence with all the links, if you want to write it, it's eight, nine and eight B.C. no it's okay I remember when I was still working for Microsoft I had access to, something short, I don't have it anymore so it's sad, who am I? I am a 25 year old developer. I have been a developer for 25 years. web developer for over 25 years. I wrote three JavaScript books. I contributed a dozen more. I am a member of the w3c machine learning on devices group. I worked on Firefox, Microsoft Edge and the last three years I was the lead program manager for chromium


web development in the times of ai christian heilmann pixel pioneers 2023

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web development in the times of ai christian heilmann pixel pioneers 2023...

Edge and also the Visual Studio code integration, so all in all I know and it's been a fun ride and it's still fun. I'm also a big fan of AI and in 2018 I took the skills exchange course on demystifying the understanding of artificial intelligence. machine learning, um, which was actually more about APIs, facial recognition, natural language processing and all that, and back then I was excited about it and I didn't think it would take off so quickly, but suddenly hardware became so much better and suddenly GPT appeared and didn't explode everywhere. It's exciting to see that Nvidia went bankrupt almost twice and is now like the hardware supplier for anything machine learning, I should have had stock in them, yeah I should have but I did. t and I'm worried about AI and the hype around it.
web development in the times of ai christian heilmann pixel pioneers 2023
It worries me because we are in a hype cycle again, once again we are all AI experts who used to be Web 3 or a Multiverse experts. expert or whatever they were called a month ago on LinkedIn, it's painful to see how many every day everyone tells you that this is AI and that you should know it, so generative AI is everywhere and it's a new and exciting idea, It's not the AI ​​that we had in the past where we basically said, "Okay, you do facial recognition or handwriting recognition," you basically talk to the computer and the computer does something for you, it can be images, maybe sounds, maybe maybe fake videos or they can just be The code and conversational UI are great because it's something we grew up with, we saw it in sci-fi movies and we love it because it lowers the barrier to entry, like my parents never used a keyboard, a mouse or a joystick, but they would. say an Alexa, they say oh, play some music or how's the weather and it should say look outside, that's the weather, so you should need Alexa for that, but it's actually there, everything is very loud, it's also very attractive because people are now excited.
web development in the times of ai christian heilmann pixel pioneers 2023
Talking to GBT and talking to things they've never done before is exciting for a short period of time, although I think it would be interesting to know to what extent this will change in the future and has a real sci-fi feel to it. It's that computer that shot down the Klingon ship or something and we saw it in the movies and we wanted to have that with our computers too, at the same time it's a little creepy that we have machines listening to us all the time, but it's kind of Something we listen to. we have used also has quite a few problems, the results are as good as the questions, like you have to ask the right question in the right format to get a proper result and that's the same in human conversation if you think about it, it takes a long time. .
It's actually much easier to get a search result and copy and paste it from stack overflow and then talk for 15 minutes chatting with CPT until you get the final result, but you don't realize it because it's so cool. to do right now and there's no reliable attribution, so basically where it comes from, I don't know, but it sounds great, basically it's obviously the right result with Google that we got like that. I feel lucky, button, and you always thought that was the first one. result which in reality is probably the best it ever was, but with these systems most of the time this is just a result and we should be very lucky if it really is the best result because quality control is based on the flimsy idea that If the conversation is over, the answer was correct, that's how most of these models actually upvote what came up, it's a bit like having an argument with your partner and you say it's all good and they say yes, It's all good, you probably would have done it. to ask another question because everything may not be fine yet and we had it with personal assistance like Ok Google Siri Alexa Cortana Bixby nobody you know well like it was one of Samsung and we were all like they came out and everyone was like oh these are the new sports apps are the new apps that Microsoft said that on stage and Siri will control, not control, help us control our day and in fact make us much more efficient and if we all look at it right now, all we will do is configure an alarm. for five minutes the so called pasta is ready because we get disappointed many


because those things don't give us the right results and basically it takes a lot of time to talk to the computer and not get the right results so the greatest skill is to do the correct questions. that's from the iRobot movie where you have to ask the right questions, it was actually quite insightful that came out a long time ago and that's in the world of coding that's called rapid engineering, there's a great course on deep learning AI that I've done it, it's a JavaScript course and it's about an hour long and it's actually a lot more fun than an interview with Google or others and it's something you can learn there and there's also a generative AI learning path from the skills of Google where you really learn. about movies and how they work and what you can do with them, so rapid engineering is the most important thing that everyone says we have to consider now, it's already per se, but it's still kind of interesting because you already know how these systems work me too.
As a developer, I always want to look under the hood and see how something works. I just want to say that GPT is Magic, no it is not. Magic does not exist. I learned the hard way. Generative AI is in the maximum hype phase, it's basically yes. these Twitter threads like this have like 37 new AI tools that you need to buy tomorrow or you'll be left behind, it's not uncommon and the number of startups that are actually a plugin for GPT chat is pretty amazing, plus there are about 200 one day I like that in the uh the new scientists the other day as a science fiction author my novel is a warning about capitalism and its consequences of creating powerful technologies without considering the moral implications and the technology company this novel is great , let's build some of those things that we do now basically it's cool, it's new technology, it's all AI.
I love how we used GPT chat to turn three bullet points into a very nice formal email with all the things that need to be there just for the person on the other end I used GPD chat to turn that email into three bullet points because I wrote that you have to write there that like people who hire, search and don't search for them, they have Bots searching for those things, so we leaving the equation, we just burn a lot of energy in the middle, it's quite interesting to see that we had never thought we could optimize ourselves too much and that's what we do now, but then gpd4 came along which makes web developers obsolete.
It was basically the gpt4 demo where he painted the thing on paper, for some reason he created a website on paper and then took a blurry photo with his mobile phone and then generated the code for that website for him, which is a website. it had two buttons and when you clicked the button it showed you a joke, the quality here is not good but that's also because the code quality was rubbish, he narrated that my joke website and people were like oh god mine, that's it, web developers, no. We don't need to pay you anymore, now we can get rid of all these smelly people in the back room and we can make these things easier.
No one ever paid for this website, no one needed this website because it is just a demo that is there to show something it is an old mistaken dream that you can go from a design to a web product but this is not web


at all, this is a part of this, it's the beginning of a journey, most likely we've had this in the past, someone I remember the Microsoft home page that was the beginning of my career in 1995. I said, "Okay, I want to create websites, so how do I do it?" I wrote games for Commodore 64 and Amiga before that and people like, "okay, you need the homepage for that issue." Well, I'm a student, I have no money, do you have a pirated copy of the main page?
He never found one, so I downloaded the HTML spec and learned it, so that was the start of my career, so luckily I did it. I'm not going for piracy that's why I have a job now, not right now but soon again but this will paint your website and the magic in the background will make it work in all browsers in all environments but this won't It's web development. is painting a website and this goes as far as this is a product called Galileo that asks you to do something like a GPT style chat, make me an onboarding screen for a dog walking app and then it generates the app for you and this. it's what it sounds like and then like a settings page for users to change their name, phone number and password and change that one, create that one and people are going crazy over this and I'm wondering how this is different from downloading a WordPress. template, yes, or like anything generated, it's just that it's a more complex way to choose a template and download a perfect website, but the interesting thing is that it actually all looks a bit the same, it's trained on thousands of outstanding designs because it's obviously designed.
It worked for someone else, it'll really be good for you too, the funeral home website is probably great for your joke shop or I don't know, it's even getting better because it gives you the full copy of the product in an instant, so there's nothing . of you in that product there's really nothing there that can't be generated and it's basically for the generated container, this is what people with SEO black spots used to do, they created, they made a copy of a website and they created 5000 of the that link. each other and that's all that crap on the internet that's still there but the problem is that it's cheap and easy to do so that wasn't posted the other day that like chat the GPT and llm tools have replaced the people who do marketing. uh websites and social media for websites so even if the quality of the content is not as good as the writers it's still cheaper than the writers so again we shouldn't wonder if we need this online garbage or should we ask if a human should do it.
If a computer can do it then it probably doesn't take a human to do it, we can do other better things, it's a bit like when people say, oh, people come to me coming to this country and take my jobs, you know, If someone who doesn't speak your language takes your job, then either you are very bad or the job wasn't for you in the first place, so don't give me that garbage, then AI will take our jobs, we will have machines that will take our jobs. the job. away from us and from jobs we never had to do.
I love this latest build. A few months ago. A few weeks ago. Microsoft launches artificial intelligence tool to ease the pain of creating websites. The key is to realize that the Power Pages co-pilot is not an automatic polar generation of artificial intelligence. websites but artificial intelligence assistant for a human website builder where the creator can ask for suggestions on how to build different components of a business data-centric site this my job description would mean I would have never become a web developer sounds boring as a toast this is incredibly bad but it was even better when you said that Power Pages now allows you to go from having no code describing the site for our natural language to low code editing the website design and layouts using the design studio and creating Pro code.
Advanced customization with familiar web frameworks without hassle. The last thing I doubt is that it will never happen. I really like the first two because who here has used Power Pages or hasheard of Power Pages? Cassie showed that you can create wonderful things on the web with great animations that are lovely little interactions that machines create. Do or cause browsers to do the things we want to do. Creating powerful pages means you can cry in the break room. It's like SharePoint. It is a new version of SharePoint. These sites need to be created, but damn, you don't need a website. developer for that you just need someone to connect one data source to another with an unreadable form that no one needs to fill out because they are going to send an email when they didn't understand the subject anyway, this is what power pages are. there and for that, please take that job away from me.
I don't want to do that as a web developer, they're boring, repetitive jobs. There's no need for developers to make a slide showing vaporware prototypes or web scraping and data cleaning, that's another thing AI is really good at. I mean, I worked at a puppeteer and I worked at a playwright to automate things on websites. where AI is really good at making these little changes for you that you don't want to make, but web development is not creating a graphical interface and it also doesn't define a single interaction like pressing a button to see a joke, who the hell needs it? that shows me the damn joke, you know, if it's just a joke anyway, web development means creating interfaces that work in dozens of environments, it can be a mobile phone, it can be a laptop, it can be a cool thing with four thousand dollar glasses that look like you.
If you're diving, it could be anything, but whatever. People want to use the web because it allows user customization. People need to set a high contrast mode. People need to change the font size. People need to change the screen so they can actually just. seeing a part of your page or your web product should also work for all these types of needs, it favors the most important interactions, the search box in Google works no matter what, because that's where your money comes from, the rest is nice to have, while I like it. the prank website they created does nothing when there is a javascript error so it's not even a decision it's a prank but the prank is not a prank because you can't see it it adds more convenience and if possible , makes the search easier. the box shows me a preview it shows me images it shows me videos this kind of thing when possible it shows me more things web development means not blocking anyone and you can't do that when you start with the design, you can do it when you start with an idea of what do I want my users to get from that web product I make, that could be I want to show off my cool website, show me where your restaurant is and the menu, don't give me a 3D view of your restaurant and welcome email or a video of the chef telling us what he's been cooking for the last month, making sure people's data is safe is another very important thing that we don't do enough with the unknown content that we saw before and some of the chatter like every time he got a button and It said "this is the button and this is what it fits," and I translated it into German and sent it back to him because if the German fits, you probably have a design that's flexible enough for almost anything.
Offering a delivery experience that is as fast and convenient as possible. Bam, get that information out there, then improve it, then load the pages, then load the images, then load the annoying stuff I don't really want, so let's focus on the productivity we're using AI for. our job as web developers is easier and better instead of just being afraid of being replaced. There are three ways I can augment our current work. Complete the machine edition code. Uma talked a little about that. I will talk a lot more about that and also design the code conversion. I'll talk a little bit about that, not a lot, about collaboration and learning, because what I find when working with large, distributed teams is that our continuous learning as developers and sharing it with the team doesn't really work right now because we don't have time. but if we start automating more things using AI, we will have more time to make our teams more efficient, so let's start with automatic completion of editing code.
Smart autocomplete has been around for a long time, yes, for example, Excel, where you say January. offers you February aprary and mayor or you see that the glass is half full the mascot the glass is half empty or sticks out like the first glasses of February so we were very disappointed with those things in the past but they are much better. days and it's pretty amazing how all the movies we use GPT chat are basically predictive text messages of what the next word of what you typed will be, much like how your mobile phone keyboard learns from you the more you use it.
I use mine. in three languages, so when I start a sentence, it actually completes the request in other languages. I didn't know that feature existed but it does it for me, that's cool, it's an AI I don't know about and it really does something good for Me, AIP programmers, a GitHub copilot, Amazon Code Whisperer, which is like a name really cool, and Ghostwriter, which was acquired by Google for bard. um, I tried the copilot from the beginning. I played around with Code Whisperer and I don't. I have access to Bart because obviously the Internet is only in the United States, not anywhere else, so the initial criticism of sensible concerns is still there about these autocomplete codes, things like whether it's okay for a paid system to provide results from the web.
I don't get any money when someone actually gets my 10 year old JavaScript code. I don't even know that the movie shows it with a search engine, at least I knew it would come there because I got a hint package and I knew when people were reading it What about code licenses? Is it safe to use these results? Does it mean developers are obsolete? Won't this promote terrible code like you don't know the quality of the code but it only shows in GPT chat? about insecure code, how is this something new in 2015? I wrote the Full Stack Overflow Developer Blog post where I realized that we have a whole generation of new developers who basically, when they get stuck, go to Stack Overflow and find the first copy of the result. and paste some text, change some numbers until nothing explodes and then put it back on GitHub.
We've all done it. There are no Pearl developers on this planet. Pearl's first two years. I just copied random things and didn't understand what I was doing with JavaScript. I got like two years of pay as a JavaScript developer, then I wrote my first JavaScript book and then you can't pretend anymore because you have to explain what you're doing, so that was it. It's also very interesting for me to realize that copy and paste is one thing, but the difference with those machine-assisted computing things now is that they are more than automated copy and paste, they do more than just allow that and then automate me and stack the overflow. and copying the first result, the senior developers know that the fourth result is the good one, not the first, by the way, the context and what is happening in the rest of the code base where this was implemented and they also recognize the style and imitate the The more I used copilot the more code I wrote, like I was writing code instead of just random code from the internet that doesn't match the other methods on the same product and this kind of thing can explain the code, that's something that really tickled me. interested.
I didn't think that was possible, but it does it very well and can translate code from one language to another, which of course is absolutely atrocious in quality, but it's a very good way to learn another language to try it out as I wrote this JavaScript . what would that look like in Pearl, okay, garbled, okay, what would that look like in Python, oh, the spaces make sense now, okay, let's try it so you can start discovering new things that way and learn that the results improve the more you use it. you actually make it like that that feedback mechanism when you use that code says "okay", it's obviously better than the others, so we actually show it to the rest of the team as well.
The recognitionist interest in the context is interesting. I have this, uh, this I wrote. This HTML I have a UL with an id and a list item with a test link there and a button with test data fragment and copy as button text. All I wrote were snippets of the document query selector and I actually forgot the hash. here, but okay, then I added an event listener and then I realized that I don't actually want an event listener in that Li, but I want event delegation, so I recognized, what can probably be done click there? It's probably the button and then it actually made the prevent default and then it read the data that was there and from copying the name of the button it deduced that it probably wanted to put it on the clipboard so I didn't want to write that code but just from the HTML copilot realized that this is probably the functionality you want and was very impressed.
This is great because for the first time I'm giving Ben a benefit by writing clean HTML and responsive HTML instead of people on Stack Overflow telling me it's unnecessary. because there are frameworks for that so it was really interesting that the machine knew from the HTML what JavaScript should be and also what CSS would be and you can do that in a code base as well so this is a bigger code base where I started. To write something new and this is the interaction I do with the copilot, I basically get line by line, he tells me what it is and that's probably the functionality you want and then I can highlight the thing and say like you know what to explain. that for me because I don't understand it, so he explains it in English what that code is.
So I can say it's okay. I want to do some testing because I want to make sure this works so I can rewrite it. I needed to do that syntax of other functions and then suggest a new test and then I can generate the tests for that new function as well directly while I'm coding the thing, so instead of just relying on GPT chat to send me some code back , I can see it right away. In my environment what that code does and if I don't understand it, they explain it to me. Other interesting interaction models are the code brushes that are also part of Copilot Labs, which is a bit like in Photoshop when you use the brush when there is a blemish. in the image and that's exactly what they do with the code, so in this case here I have a JavaScript with an error because it's an unequal sign, not three equal signs, so it doesn't actually do a comparison to be able to highlight this and I can tell how to fix the error and then I realized that okay, it needs three equal signs.
Then I can clean it up and then it creates an exit statement for me. I can list the steps and it gives me feedback on what each of these things means. I can do it. more robust to try and I can add types to see them, so it's a great way for a junior developer to start playing with some code and figure out why some problems exist or how they are fixed. may improve something, which might be a good idea to put it to the test, and of course rubber duck coding is something where you want to talk to the machine while you're doing it, so put the GPT chat client in directly.
The internal code of Visual Studio is also a very good idea because it actually gives me the code and I can copy it and Uma also demonstrated that it is actually possible right now and does the code, explains the code to me. I can also interact with the object and with the product that I have open and just get functionality from that in that chat interface if I want to have that type of Chat. It was interesting when Uma earlier showed voice recognition as uh voice recognition for code generation and it's really just an accessibility feature, so the co-pilot wanted that in there because they realized that not everyone can type, not everyone can type fast, so they created voice recognition so you can start coding by talking to your machine, but that's not the case. necessarily the best and most obvious way because it is riddled with errors because computers understand ourselves incorrectly.
There was this YouTube video of someone checking on the co-pilot and he said, "Oh, I can't wait for voice recognition so I can get started." Coding while I'm on the treadmill and I'm like, "Oh, shut up, you know, I really like to achieve the Muppet, like really no, it's not, so we can actually code more. This is there so we can code less." "things that are better than." the machine can tell us something like ah, that's probably the best thing we can use instead of just writing more, we need more code because the crucial step is validation and linting andthat's what's missing from GPT chat interfaces and other Bing interfaces or whatever. else it doesn't give you a development environment to put these things in because as soon as the code is generated your linter should appear like in this case I have this image there it has a squiggly line underneath it and it tells me image should have an alt text your image that was generated does not have an alt text if a button does not have a button type then Safari will not recognize it as a button and will also tell you the edit, so the editor will give you not only the generated code but also its quality and say this is how you should fix it, this is how you should work with that kind of thing, which is the development tools for the code extension that I wrote, you can just install it in the background and in your code you will get these quick lines and in the issues panel or in Visual Studio code you will get a list of all the things that are wrong in your entire product and you will be able to fix them one by one and that includes security performance. browser accessibility and compatibility with other environments, so that's something I learned myself and it's just wonderful to have because these wavy lines are very annoying and I want to get rid of them as soon as they're in my code because the bad actors are already Center Stage uh actually there are llms uh they offer packages that don't exist and package name squatting has been a Vector attack for quite some time, people upload malware with a typo in the package, so if you write a package and include a required, that's not actually checking anything, it will load the malware and run it, but now they're doing it using llms and seeing what mistakes they make and creating packages on the fly so people can inject bad code.
Another big problem I see with llms is that they are usually two or three years old, some


a year, depending on how much money you pay and what company you use. the other day I used something for puppeteer for example you know for uh for playwright and it generated the code for me and the thing didn't work and I didn't know why and it was because the playwright API changed and the code was from two years ago from the official documentation , but it was still from two years ago, so basically the machine is a bit outdated, that's why a lot of CSS that GPT chat or co-pilot gives you doesn't use the newest and coolest stuff, but instead uses like things Tried and true terrible things like absolute positioning and floats and all this kind of stuff out there, so what can a learning editor help with detecting a reusable code standard definition application by finding code that works for the entire team? and then can I say?
Hey, we should write it that way every time, this should be a reusable component and not these six-hour conversations you have in meeting rooms, what our code standards should be. I remember one time I had an American colleague who wanted us to do it. list attributes in HTML alphabetically because that packages better on the server with gcip and I should basically ask all 400 engineers at my company at the time to start doing that and I wrote a script that did it automatically so they didn't have to. do it, but he was also happy, but that kind of thing you don't want to do is much better if the computer tells you this is actually, do you want this?
Yes, I want that and then suddenly the whole team realizes it. It's nice to have and it works. There's this research that actually shows that development is 50-55.8 percent faster in teams when they use GitHub Copilot for a while than before, that might be an outlier, but it's actually a pretty good article . What I'm researching is designed for code conversion, so the idea of ​​painting something on paper and then generating code is stupid, but designing something we do today in a browser we no longer do in Photoshop. We actually do it in Canva or we do it in all kinds of other systems, that's a much more interesting way because we write components in our designs and we write components in our systems as code, so why do we rewrite them?
Why do we realize that? a component in the design is already something that could generate a component and then just needs some adjustments. There is a total cost. Which actually allows you to write to paint your designs and then annotate them and get automatic annotations. like this should probably be a button Do you want this to be generated as a button? It should probably be a tag. This one is not connected to that one. Is there something you want to have? It actually works with Figma with Adobe XD Storybook and. and so on generate the code and then you can publish it to GitHub Universal or wherever you want to go.
I really like that idea. I'm still in the early stages talking to them and a few others who do the same. because I don't want this to be like, oh we just make a design for something, I want to design a component to code a component and that's something that they started there and that probably all of you know in terms of accessibility testing they also have a figma plugin that it allows you to annotate things automatically so that it shares the layout and says it's a header that's a button, make sure that that doesn't have enough contrast, so instead of building the thing and then finding all the accessibility issues it finds them immediately in your design code, which is also a free plugin that you can use there, but the most interesting thing for me is also the collaboration and learning.
Can we use these bits of AI to teach new engineers or people coming in? who really want to get started, can we make sure that people get sensible answers from these machines? One thing I like, for example, is the co-pilot for pull requests. Pull requests are a big deal, but they are also very annoying most of the time. We don't write them correctly and then three weeks later we go back to the code, we don't understand them because we haven't written a proper code pull request, so what copilot does in this case is you can actually say co-summary of the pilot and then you can say what problem is being fixed and then you say like copilot tutorial and then for some reason it codes piapolam or whatever and then it generates that stuff for you so it takes the summary that it realizes. the code that has been changed and tells you what has been changed in that code and then actually shows step by step what was happening in the code, what was being changed and what that means for the entire product, It will probably need some editing afterwards. but there are a lot of things that I don't have to write and I think it's very good to have a clean repository because that's where people learn from the copilot for the command line.
It's also interesting, so you can make a question mark. question mark and then you can type something I want to convert all the videos in the folder to read at one size and it creates the shell script for you and the explanation of what the shell script does and then you can run this command immediately or you can review the query and continue with it too, that's also for git, so you can ask a question about the question mark in any git command and then it tells you, oh, I did something wrong in git, did you? how do I get back to the last branch and will also tell you these kinds of things in a step by step explanation.
Again, this is essentially the same as what GPT chat does, but it happens in the context of the terminal and you don't have to go to the browser and copy and paste random things and not understand how to paste them into a terminal, it's much better like this and I love that you can also run these commands immediately, but what about quality and relevance? things that come back I think one interesting thing is limiting sources. Umar showed how you can do that with your local code, but the copilot for documents is basically that, so instead of giving you results from the huge web movie with likes.
Magic pixies in it and everything it really gives you only from the GitHub documentation or from the mdn or from the playwright documentation or from the Swelter and Swelter kit and/or from the GitHub manual so that you only get content from the official documentation of that Way, I think it's much more interesting in this interface. and that's something that any quick engineering course also teaches you is that you can filter, you can say like I want this to be for me as an intermediate developer. I know this stuff well or I don't know it at all or I want the balanced answer or I just want the facts so I don't want to be explained.
I just forgot what the syntax was, so just give me the information so you can filter how you want to use that chat system. the official documentation and once you've done that, you can say how do I use the recovery API and it gives you the side panels here where it says this is where it came from, so that's the attribution of where that information came from. from the official documentation and then you can copy the code and start using it, so instead of getting random stuff, you can just have the official documentation, filter that that works with any documentation on GitHub um and I think it's a It's a very , very interesting to see, so I want to end this with a call to arms for quality-oriented web developers and designers.
I want you to realize that we are in the middle of an automation process that could go very wrong and not take away our jobs. but teach a whole new generation of random developers from three years ago on the Internet in a smart way. I always like to call GPT chat automatic explanation because it can actually talk absolute nonsense, but it does it in a very, very convincing way and it was like, oh, that sounds reasonable and then you try it like that, it doesn't make any sense, but the first five minutes you always feel a little stupid because the machine sounds very eloquent and very good, in fact, in English, in German and in French, not so much. so much so that this is a good time to be a developer who cares about users, since we can automate the boring parts if you configure your environments that way, much of your work, your daily work, consists of a few keystrokes of keys, but you have more. time to do user research, you have more time to do user testing, you have more time to do due diligence, find out what other companies are doing in research, train the team, we have to find time to fill this time, because of course Otherwise people say we can actually bill you less, that's not a good idea, these integrated AI experiences augment the work of developers, they don't replace humans and that's the marketing horse that basically the website is. joke, they don't replace us, they make us.
Better, that's good, but we also have to consider the effects this has on our careers and that's something I realized, like going from being a junior developer to architect and then to head of web development and then at the end , to be senior manager of the technical program. I realized one thing: the higher you go up the ladder, the less you write code and the more you review code, so a junior developer writes a lot of code, a senior developer less. The Elite developer probably spends most of his time reviewing what the senior and junior do. has made or defined standards or defines things to do next or looks or researches in other environments, while as a principle you only do reviews and don't write much code anymore, which makes sense because I mean it's too expensive to those people. to actually ship and have them spend hours on it, your job is to lead others and make them become better people, better employees or maybe that's just me thinking we should do that, but with the generated code, the kind of Junior and Senior level merges and it becomes as if most of the code is generated, so knowing its quality and being able to review and evaluate the quality of the generated material is a much more interesting skill and one that actually means that we all need to do more and it's not fun if you really like coding, but it's actually pretty good for your career because you have more time to do other things to worry about the people who work for you and make sure they have all the resources they need, but this isn't going away, we're just one level down and I think it's not a bad idea to see that people are now turning the screw and saying: how many people can we fire because we can pretend we can optimize that workflow with AI, anyone remember that W3 Fools WC Schools was basically a thorn in my side as a web developer for a long time, it's a highly effective website, really very good, very juicy from Google, lots of SEO and it's, it looks really useful, you go there and you get. the answer immediately but he always explained the how and not the why he simply gave you an answer without explaining why that answer is sensible or why you should do something that way, it was more or less a syntax search that we don't need Today in day now because our editor starts automatically completingAnyway, it's a lot better today and I think the W3 Fools website has been gone since 2010, but that's when we all stood up and said, "Hey, here's a resource that's very successful and gives people very bad advice, we should do something about it and we managed to do something about it and I think it's the same way we need to question those movies and question those big companies right now that are telling us this is the code we should be writing, so let's demand some answers, how can we better handle what CPT chat offers to new students?
How can we filter that to something more sensible? How can I offer myself as an editor? I would do it for free. I would gladly review the code in with GPT offers and say that's garbage, improve that, how can we limit what gets indexed? bad demo code, please don't index it, don't do anything with it, I'm not proud of that, no it should be used We had some chats today where it was great but I didn't use it but the machine would. I don't know if they would index that and actually offer it to people, how can we guarantee continuous updates?
Like when two years ago I'm offered an include that doesn't work or an API that no longer exists is a bad thing and couldn't we get an additional built-in validation step than the validation my extension does for Visual Studio code or other linters how eslint does it should be part of that when the code is generated and it should be exactly the same as okay, is this code? generated but there are three errors there, let me show you those errors too and not just like oh, here's a result, are you happy? So let's teach the machines by telling them what is not useful and feeding the data set with great results.
I'm happy to point to anything I've written that I'm proud of and basically say index that, but I can't. I don't even know how it is indexed. I don't even know how these systems are being used. read and what they do and I think it's time we ask for more transparency about it and realize that we are the people who will not be replaced, but we will be the people who make these systems better for everyone else, the IT market needs people . We don't have enough developers out there but we actually won't catch them if they just use a system that copies and pastes code they don't understand, that's all I had, so thank you very much, foreigner.

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