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We Took LARRAY & MANNY to Haunted Mansion (scary)

Jun 09, 2021
I mean, I think this is a perfect place to do a satanic ritual, which really happens when there were sensors there and people. They're calling their way right now and then we run back across that little bridge that's kinda I don't think anyone's been like that in the killer's house before we went through the bag oh like lyrics, you can't even see like five feet no Let's imagine with spiders on us right now, getting darker, yes, and colder. Did you just feel a cold pocket? I don't know, I felt cold at that moment, look what I'm saying, that's how it was like part of the


like the cold that is part of the


around here the hot pockets hot pockets I'm hungry we need hot pockets what are the mailmates I just have chills all over my body dude that's huge, one size fits all, isn't that holy, that's ginormous, that's the biggest thing, it's so big, this refers to the animal challenge in the video I watched, I said it was like up here on the left, okay, did you do anything in this video?, yeah, oh, yeah, okay, quick update, we might be lost, but Colby, really.
we took larray manny to haunted mansion scary
He thinks it goes straight to the cave road on the left, which means driveway oh, it was Colby, right, Sam, you're pretty good at measuring a mile, right, we've definitely gone more than a mile, really, yes, 100, oh my God, after all this time, no one believed. in colby you never believed in me i believe in you really both believed in him i did it that's a waterfall so we're there these are it's here it's literally here uh we're busy a second awesome you missed the whole buddy come on oh it's okay, it's here, guys, wait, okay, it's a tropical terrace.
we took larray manny to haunted mansion scary

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we took larray manny to haunted mansion scary...

Robert's house burned down in 1982. What's crazy about that? He had never said this before it burned in early October. It's like mid-October right now, early September. so it means it's like it's the same season and dude, there are fires right now everywhere, jinkies, okay, apparently this is the most haunted place, that's right, such a satanic cold seems to come here, you said we have to find it, but in the back of In his house or maybe next to the waterfall, one of the two there is a handprint of Fred Roberts and next to the handprint of Fred Roberts there used to be a bunch of similar religious items and that's where the satanic cults did their rituals and then stole them all. the articles and people say they can see Fred walking around this area right here just keep your eyes peeled yeah man the guy walking in the photo oh my god did you hear that?
we took larray manny to haunted mansion scary
Oh, they're there, it's a squirrel, it's a squirrel here, imagine it right away. there's like someone is walking walking, we see Fred Russell, so we have to say, let's find a satanic cult that's the wrong one, it's like people start walking, oh wait, dude, what, oh dude, these squirrels, are you sure it's a squirrel? I'm not bursting. Should we go see that huge one that was so big? Larry you understand that Larry is doing it. Larry has some balls out tonight. We're already back here, friend Jesus, take my steering wheel, oh God, look, it's quite a complex.
we took larray manny to haunted mansion scary
Damn, this whole thing was full of water. There was water right there, this was a small pond, this is a giant pool, you see the blue around all of that, it's a pool, wait, check it out, oh wait, yeah, that's like one side of the pool, like this that we had a giant resort. here it was practically not one of the things we were supposed to say it's like it smells really bad, bad or burnt, one of us doesn't smell bad, okay, like bear, are you sure there's no bear there? Oh, holy, these. Big ass yellow spiders are going to be the death of me there are so many little ones on the ground so watch out I heard it sound no they sound like a fire was lit I swear to God you know what a fire was like and then you were right behind it and then there's the chimney right there, oh my gosh guys I swear I'm not kidding in this place and it's all charred there too from the fire in 1982.
Oh that's the smallest thing I've ever seen in my life . Okay, cool, maybe Fred was a little bit, it's an ant stove, they're still part of this little pond, damn like water, a conduit for spiritual things. In fact, it's because I know I was going to say I don't know why. I know? Don't know. I really do not know. It's one of those rare things that you retain second. Oh man, this place was huge. Are you sure it was a kitchen or some kind of back dungeon where he killed everyone? Kids, okay, you know what we're going to stop right there, okay, what the hell is that?
Oh man, that's weird, that's weird, I think I know what this is. They had a bomb shelter because they built this during World War II and So they're worried like the Japanese, so look, this could be their old mother. Damn, those bombs in this store, yeah, or maybe it was bigger, oh yeah, it almost definitely looks like a prison, it was a bigger door, but I think it's like the. park no wonder what it's called tropical terrace literally did this like a hawaiian vacation spot is trying to steal our brand nice area under surveillance surveillance 5 000 citation okay let's pretend we didn't see we're not passing the fence , buddy, there's the waterfall, damn, this goes far, are you sure it's not another trail?
It says closed area right there, where right there, oh my God, oh, these fighters are so big that apparently I was so afraid of them when Fred built them. this house oh my god it was a moth it's so big every two seconds the bug apparently Fred finished his house he went up to his waterfall and put his hand mark next to his wife's and that's where he put everything like yours. religious items and apparently that's where satanic cults come from, do you think it's up to here? Well, it's right next to where the mouth is, the waterfall, what's that mouthful, we have to find a mouth, so this must be, oh wait, there's the mouth. of that, yeah, before it starts, how are we supposed to look at a burger?
He made a plaque, it will look like he should be there, it's not like he's mixing it up, so this is the mouth of the waterfall, we couldn't find the obstacle there, so we're going to walk back this way. Hopefully it will be somewhere down here where the house is, but which one will be blocked. Let's try to find her. It smells so bad in here or it literally smells like something. like this is melting into my makeup reset i don't think we can find that guy with the handprint so we have better things to do rex better what are you all doing what are you doing ?, nothing, nothing, nothing, no, oh my God.
Do you do that? Yes, I don't like this. I'm going to go out, we have some candles and we have um, that's nice of the bath and body work, I hope so. No, no, oh my god, no, no, no, no, no, no, let's vote who is totally okay with the satanic ritual why straight men don't deserve rights in the evp wait you just want two seconds to see if it's sure yeah why don't you say what that is okay don't you let me look real quick look my lighter broke what the letter broke no you trust me oh god that's going to set the whole place on fire and you look so happy to be broke, damn that's what it is, what are the chances we are? trying to do this like Sean said it actually breaks that was weird are you kidding me it's weird they manifested it they're like you know that's going to be on a t-shirt stop what what what what what what Could that be on a t-shirt? oh my god, your nose is so good, my nose, yeah, did you like a nose or something?
Actually, it's very pretty. The Madison beer is good, really, and the little piercing really rocks. I'm trying to get a hoop, so we're sitting here and we like it. a haunted


just congratulating each other creepy and all yeah he got a bug bite no no you didn't you kept saying wait that looks like a spider right there where it's in your sauce that's what I think there's another You see what I think there is a scream, the high-pitched noise, didn't you hear that they are already walking from one side to the other, friend, what you didn't hear, come on, come on, come on, it was like a high-pitched animal noise or whatever. out, friend, friend, me?
I heard it three times. I think we should be good. I don't know what that was. You all heard that. Yeah, honestly, I don't know how they didn't hear that. What were they paying attention to? I heard like wrestling. I didn't hear like you said you heard something high-pitched, yeah, it was like a screech, yeah, like at first I thought it was a girl and I was like, wait, it's probably like an animal or something, let's talk while we go out. I have to get out of here What if we really liked traveling in something like oh my God, oh my God, we were all having a good time and now we're not?
I'm just saying like we're walking towards a road where there's obviously It's going to be like a gate to the main road. What if there was someone waiting for us? Because as if we had triggered some kind of sensor, it's true. Obviously there is only one way out. That's what I'm saying. We have to be stealthy. That was one of you, pieces of me I wouldn't have screamed like that that was you, oh my god I hate you okay now we have to get them back not just wait but okay wait so how did it go?
Oh my god because the gate is locked with a ghost mobile yeah we need one of those okay guys we're pretty close and there's another fence we have to jump over where there are a bunch of cars so that's the only time that we could get caught. So as long as we can do it right, we'll get out of here until we do a little race oh my god, mentally I'm not doing it right. Are you filming? Yes, I found a hat. We walked about five miles. right now and we're all sweating, I hope you enjoyed that video, I hope not, I guess I loved it, I honestly had a lot of fun, yeah, like I never thought I'd enjoy being with you guys like that, but like I did.
What's that? It's not about the video. You know, my friends don't like night walks, yeah, yeah, no, totally, so it was kind of weird, so satanic people just don't have a vibe, like I'm looking for something cool. Alright guys, 150,000 likes, we'll have them for a second part, how about it goes down, I mean two hundred thousand, oh, she said the price is high, okay, oh, yeah, oh yeah, we have to do it, so if you want to see that brand. be sure to give a similar comment below to anyone else you think would be up to the challenge mister charles okay and on that note oh guys see you next time wait this is season three guys We are just getting started with everything. oh my god, I'm sorry, okay and guys, look at the merch we all wear.
Yeah, go buy it below, buy their merch and see you next time, another video. Bye bye.

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