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We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks *SHOCKING* (Part 2)

Feb 27, 2020
oh my gosh it's working great hey girl hey guys welcome back today let's try ticking



you guys really seemed to enjoy the last video and I had a lot of fun filming it so today I'm filming a


two i'm so excited i'm obsessed with tick tock if you don't know what tick tock is i don't know what to eat i don't know if you would consider all this as really


-changing life


some of them are not that convenient but they are really cool, comment below any crazy hacks you have that you love, as always crafting, and I'm always releasing new products and working on new stuff, so follow us on instagram at craft city live for updates and without further ado, let's go ahead and get right into these tick tock tricks so this trick is basically about how to recycle your candles when they are very low these candles at this point i'm not going to lie gen erally I will like to leave them stranded, I don't know if they will stay like me In a cabinet, I will not use them again.
we tested viral tiktok life hacks shocking part 2
I saw this on tick tock. i have my candles and we need to boil some water and i think you actually just pour it out let's see if it works well so the person i saw on


actually microwaved them but the wicks are ok i don't want to like them I risk this blowing up in the microwave so I really just put boiling water in it. It should work just as well. If not, it's even hotter because it's boiling water. everything has to come out and solidify and everything and it's really hot right now so I don't know how long it's going to take but so far so good I also heard while it's hot it's a good idea to start peeling off the stickers if you want to do that ok so it looks like they are done i would say you probably need two or rounds or this depending on how much wax you have left because i still have a little bit on the bottom i would probably have to do another round to get it all out but works pretty good, check this out, oh that wasn't that complicated. like i thought it would be what comes out perfectly thats the water and now we just have to go in with one more round it looks like now you can break them up and use them in one of those wax melt things just put them in there and i use every drop of the wax which I'm super excited about because I'm a candle girl and I'm definitely going to use this it works amazing so next up is a really cool mac and cheese waffle I saw I'm too excited about the food ones.
we tested viral tiktok life hacks shocking part 2

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we tested viral tiktok life hacks shocking part 2...

Food hats are my favorite because a lot of them are really cool. cheese ready to go look how thick it looks we made two whole boxes we are going to make a lot f waffles out of these so for this hack or a lot of these are called life hacks but they are like cool little hacks to do with your food and stuff actually i got some bacon here for another trick so i'm going to add a little bit of that here so i'm just going to add some little bits of bacon so you don't see her put oil on this or anything but I'm going to go ahead and just spread some butter on this and I'm really look excited this damn waffle maker is pretty big I mean waffle maker let's put some butter here just so it doesn't stick shout out to whoever gave us this waffle maker for our wedding is one of those things i would never want to buy but it's so convenient you know oh my gosh this is so cheesy right now so we're gonna pour it oh girl it's sick oh my god it's working Sounding good let's get a little more crispy they look like bomb. well and i was just lifting it this is going to be the hard


ok so we actually crisped it up even more bu It's still super soft just because there's a lot of cheese and everything it definitely got cold the hard part will be trying to get it out It kind of fell apart here, but really, for the most part, it all came together in one piece.
we tested viral tiktok life hacks shocking part 2
I think that's the point, you can lift it by hand. yeah oh my gosh oh mom I feel like I have to let it get too crispy to the point the pasta is hard. I feel like this hack might not be a super convenient hack, but it's just another way to eat mac and cheese. crunchy and good so this hack is a burrito hack a breakfast burrito hack looks super simple and looks like a bomb so let's try this is from Misty Panda ticking we've got our pan going let's pour some oil like you would with whatever egg you're making, we're going to beat our eggs, add whatever seasoning you'd like in there, we just add a little bit of salt and pepper. there could be more cooking but since we're going to flip it anyway it doesn't matter we're going to add our perfect size tortilla oh and then flip it oh my gosh this is the part I don't want to mess up , it's okay. right girl i swear these always look so much easier online oh its coming up nice can i try to make it without messing this up?
we tested viral tiktok life hacks shocking part 2
I'm going to add some super crispy bacon and now we're going to keep it warm. I'm going to turn this around. Oh shoot. Oh that looks good. throw some sauce on it well this is like jalapeno juice this is so good it literally took like five minutes you just slap a tort illa it's a full burrito below i love how i put on my lashes so This next hack is how to fix a dent in your car, which I'm really excited about because I've had a dent in my car for a couple. years now so we're going to take some really hot boiling water we're going to pour it over the dent and then we have a plunger if this works that's awesome because I've had this dent in my car forever let's try it out what in agreement? so this is the dent we have here the gap is a little weird because you need some suction and the spot is driving me crazy because it won't work but ok let's try it start right here oh it doesn't work it doesn't grab because it's bent oh my gosh what the hell that's a grip right there let me start from the side maybe oh my gosh I can't really grab it once it gets here like it just goes up ok so this didn't work for us but i know this works if it was like a different dent because it's so close like an edge that you can't get the suction but let me know below if you've ever tried this and it worked for you unfortunately it won't work for my dent ok i'm going to try this cool trick from google or just like this cool trick you can do on google where you search up to some things that do really cool tricks so i'm going to type gravity , the first link isn't actually let me say google gravity and then you click this one the first one wow omg it worked wait is it still working? it's like you click more that's cool it's still functional you can still type and stuff and I'm cool that's cool and then next is you type thanos I'm just going to write it in all caps because it was all caps in agreement? so i'm going to click oh this is so creepy this is cool technically it's not like crazy life it's just cool little tricks super mario brothers this is so much fun it's like google secret menu o something like that, click this, what's supposed to happen? i think it's just a coin i mean this isn't as cool as it's just little coins let's do a wild spin let's see if that works there it is i had to click something johnson 12 12 in tick tock this next you just put some baby bottle powder in some muddy eyes so you can get the sonic you can get this at chick-fil-a so you just need your eyes you don't need nothing else you just need a little baby bottle powder I have blue raspberry because that's what they use in the tic tac so it's like a DIY like muddy muddy kind of you know what I need a straw I feel like it's like pooling see?
Mind you, it's clumping up a bit. This really looks great. I don't know if I would call this a granita. It's more like flavored ice. I don't even think I'll need the other one the second one will run you three to five dollars three to six dollars what I mean it's not saving money at all it's pretty good so it's a little sour it's pretty good I'll say it's just like the outer shell like once it's gone it's just ice it's pretty good I feel like kids would love this. It's really bitter. I think you should try it.
It's really nice. I've seen him everywhere, the one with the tattoo. I have seen people try it. I've seen people who were able to make the videos I've seen so far. Nobody could make it work. it's because i don't think it's a fake gimmick i think it just takes a lot of perfume it's like a diy tattoo we print some really cute options we have craft city there we have me and squishy we have buds my corgi we have these really pretty flowers one thing that the tick tock doesn't mention from what I see it's about printing them upside down they also don't mention a right or wrong way to print them so we go ahead and print them I think I'm going to do the corgi because I have a corgi and I think it's super nice i think i'm just going to put it on my arm like i'm going to put a corey here oh you got a little bruise oh i got a bruise right here i don't even know where it came from i'm like where did it come from i hit myself i'm so clumsy but i got his drink right here let's top it with buns ok we have our buns a little corgi first things first you apply a lot of perfume on it don't use your favorite because i do i think you have to use bast suede, so in the ink we're going to spray so it's pretty soaked on the right side.
I'm going to put it in the water. I'll make sure it's submerged in water. five minutes i hope this works i'm not sure exactly how much you're supposed to use n here for about five minutes i'm going to go ahead and get this out ok so take it out spray it some more we're going to soak the area with a scent fresh today, let's soak it like I mean, from what I've seen. people who don't know how to make it work everyone in the comments says you're supposed to add a lot oh my god i hope this works well i think we're doing good i'm just pushing for a couple of minutes only soak it I want to put all the ink in there okay I'm going to go ahead and do this I'm a little nervous but we're going to make it start to peel oh snap oh snap it's a little oh my gosh guys it's working oh my gosh it's working it worked ok there are some parts that could have adhered better that didn't transfer but look at this this is funny it actually worked it hasn't even dried.
I could rub my hands across it though that's funny this is one I thought wouldn't work not because I think it's not real it just looks lit a little more complicated I thought it was just it looked too easy to be true you know i love it oh my gosh i got a little corgi on me rubble is doing one too he's doing our logo the one with like the two in there i got another one and that's a period where we did quite a few tattoos three four five six seven eight tattoos and we didn't even like wasting half the bottle so i got a squishy bunny squishy bunny yeah and the best ever oh there we go and then alex got some really nice got this guy who is like a watercolor the artisan city didn't turn out and then this guy almost turned out i don't know how long this lasts but i guess if you wipe it off the shower will come out i don't know but it looks nice on you let me in so you can see that it doesn't I'm kidding, and this is not going to come out they hear she's burning girls again that's so iconic that's really me like a snail we love her she really moves she does so this next trick is doing a ponytail without a type of hair i'm going to hold my hair with one hand like this and then i'm going to take this hand i'm going to take my what's this again so these two i'm going to take about an inch of hair on the bottom right here so yeah and grab it good oh my god and pull it out pull it out oh my god what's going on i'm going to screw this up i'm doing something wrong you didn't do it right you just got a lot of hair you ain't gonna put the other end in girl that's ok i'll make it happen oh god ok that's a lot of hair oh wow it worked yeah oh my gosh we have a pony and you don't need a hair tie. that's all you do which is kind of crazy because this is really very convenient this is a life hack to me okay i think this is a real life hack to undo it i feel like you just have to loosen it up yeah , she's messing around a bit, but honestly, the only reason I think she's messing with me, right? now it's because my hair has so much product on it this is really cool girl my hair is getting tangled right now lemme go brush mine ok this is similar to the video above with the starbucks one you know?
I'm talking to this is a chipotle I saw that you're obviously paying you know for a full burrito bowl it's not like a gimmick where you're paying less money or something but it could save you some money if you want to share it with someone basically you make two full size burritos using the burrito bowl now if you go personally to chipotle the tick tock says you should be able to get two free tortillas like the ones in the burritothat I don't want to do a mess and if you think about it there's always like the the bowls are big it's more convenient because do you ever really finish everything?
You know, actually, definitely less waste, yeah, thanks skinny, okay, so we're going to split this in half. three burritos i'm not lying whoa this is a lot this is going to make some big burritos oh god oh my god oh god girl i'm not the best i'm making a burrito but but she's a big burrito she's not just like a taco bell burrito she's a full size burrito me oh my gosh look how thick they are ok let's try it's good I love this one like it's obvious it will make burritos but it's pretty convenient. Really scary here so this next trick I feel like it's a joke and I want to do it because it's funny so he's taking one of these as a hanger to draw your eyebrows on and I've seen this and I was like wait a minute it's got to be a hanger specific because it's not going to work if you just have any and I saw some people react like the duos or whatever and it was kind of funny because they were just using whatever hanger they had and it obviously comes out all messed up so I have these two hangers here.
I don't know what hangers people are using, but I saw one that I really liked and it worked, so I think this is what they were doing. it's going to be crazy and the thing is you guys have very light and sparse brows and you can see my hair and stuff but look now you'll see super sparse so you'll look crazy oh my gosh just look at that look what limited. my brows are super super sparse oh gosh I look crazy right now can we just take a sec please dont click this video y'all literally have the most sparse brows in the world comment below if you have the same problem tragedy my brows are clearly off oh m my gosh it looks so it looks even weirder now because my face is kind of beaten up and then the brows are gone so we have a brow pencil uh i know this It's gonna be a disaster girl this ain't right this is absolutely not right at all why am I doing this when I know I want to look like a fucking clown? oh my god, what is the reason Karina will look so worried? which is the reason? i just have to say you're ok when you're not really ok you just can't get involved because they'd never understand ok i feel like this one would have done a better job i just don't get what the reason is.
I just don't get it, what are people doing? I know there was one I saw that really seemed to work but I don't know what hanger you're using girl I'm going to try some. I'm going to try the other one just to let everyone know I'm trying different hangers and I don't know what the reason is. look at how this looks i'm going to try that and then i'll do this ok this might work if you follow it right i mean it's thick from the outside corner either you fill it in like the rest and clean it up and things you know well i could see how this could work and then you just cleaned it up and kind of led you but there's no point if i follow this like i really follow it it would be like a dirty line oh god wait ok that that's it ok let's get these ridiculous jesus brows off ok guys so next up is basically tinting your brows so he did it with a brow kit from amazon which was still cool but i actually figured out this hack one time. i think it was on facebook or youtube i don't know where i found this or instagram and i tried this once and it worked really great it's much cheaper than the one i saw on tick tock you can find these which are basically like for beards and like for mus taches, this is only six to eight dollars and it comes with a lot i mean we just mix a little here and you can save the rest for later so this could last you a good amount of time i'll tell you how months and months you have to have very careful with that so we got it all mixed up here I have my brow brush that I would normally use for brows to make sure you're not allergic or whatever like chest in a patch of your skin but I've tried this before I know which i'm not, also be careful what color you get because the color is true like if it says black it will come out black when you're doing this be very careful don't. just like, oh, like, let's try and do whatever, like don't make brows longer, girl, because they'll come out right when you paint them in, so I'll take a very small amount like I'm just dipping. and I'm even going to rub it on the side.
I want the least amount of product here because I really don't want to mess them up. I'm just going to go in, I'm going to start tinting them and what's hard about this is you can't see it until it's developed, sometimes it's also better to outline it and let it develop a bit before going in and fill in the rest, like this that right now I'm editing and stuff, I'm going to start going into my forehead, you'll see it's already getting darker, changing live, changing live, I can't believe I just did this. time i like to take my time with it because it starts to build slowly as long as it makes my brow routine easier that's all that matters honestly ok so here's a little update um it's pretty obvious what's going on, they look much darker than they are. it's going to be I like how the shape comes out I like how the strokes come out from the front so we're going to touch it up but for the most part this is it we're going to let it develop and we're going to wash it off and be right back ah, that's great oh my god holy shot this is the difference oh m gosh I love it I like its natural look it definitely makes a difference it will just make it easier to draw my brows ok guys this was definitely a hit I don't know about you but I know it's the biggest difference just showing how I look before I look crazy but I think they came off so well the fact that I could wake up with my brows like that that's amazing no there is not an ounce of makeup on these brows nothing overall im obsessed with these brows and you guys need to try this the tick tock trick use like a regular tint for your brows but its actually more expensive get it yourself , it will last you a long time, it costs between six and eight dollars lares and it works amazing as you can see and that's that was pretty easy that's it for these lifehacks that were


hope you enjoyed please comment below if you think many of these were convenient which ones do you like?
What do you think they are? such a waste of time i do i think some of them are amazing and i'm going to use them but there are some that are just okay girl it's cool but life changing. No, for the most part they all work and are pretty cool. enjoyed this video make sure you hit the like button like i said at the beginning please comment the craziest hacks you ever heard thank you so much for watching hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and see you next time bye

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