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We Tested Car Products from Etsy

Mar 05, 2024
this is in over 20 people's carts right now and it costs a whopping 60 dollars and up so we have one here for donut wow so it's just pictures of different automotive related things. I guess that's more or less it. what exactly is in the picture, but it's a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be and I thought these would actually all be individual pieces or something, not just a printed image, kill 'em, my VI. I can detect the drop in Vibes. That being said I think we should hang it up right, that messed up my vibe, yeah get it out of here Jimmy thanks and get me something that will fix my vibe.
we tested car products from etsy
Car Freshies Car Decor Personalized Gift Personalized Gift That Baby Scared Me $12.95 137 people bought this in the last 24 hours and look, look at that face, I'm not going to do it for him, hey, that's my car, that's your car, that's literally my car, I can tell by the reflection of my palm tree. Henry asked me for a photo of my car recently and I just thought eventually I'll find out what this is for and eventually it's now. That is so beautiful. I'm going to put this on my GX. My shras are so aligned. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in my life for our next one.
we tested car products from etsy

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we tested car products from etsy...

Etsy product, we have a $20 light switch plate that is a 3D printed Honda VTEC light switch plate cover again, yeah I think 92% of


these days is 3D printing, yeah I do which makes sense, I mean, it's an internal manufacturing process basically, so I can respect that. the future uh yeah, that's cool, that's cool, that's cool. I'd put this in my garage or shop or something, for sure. Nolan would love this. He is building a series B. Oh, I think so, there is no other surprise that just appears. I don't think he's supposed to do it.
we tested car products from etsy
Feel like that, okay, so our next essd


we have some things for the Civic's new favorite car. Great, we have 52mm dual bore pod mounts for $40 for '92-'95 Honda Civic EG. Functional window vent, okay, so it gets rid of your stuff. get rid of your vent, well no, it keeps your vent, oh you see it goes from being a vent this size to being a vent this size so it's very concentrated the wires go through the venting system and that it's something like this. Great, you have a passage. I don't have any extra gauges that I need to put on the thing, but let's just install it and see how it looks and uh, imagine how it would work.
we tested car products from etsy
Oh, come on, okay, wow, okay, so I've got a little lever there, okay, I mean, that's as low as it gets, isn't it? It is quite unstable. If I'm honest with you, I mean, they had the right idea of ​​having that long arm that goes underneath, but on this side. It's just not enough to stay in place. I think under hard cornering, braking and accelerating, that's probably going to come out after a while, so I hate it and I don't know if you've noticed, but we have a couple of indicators on this. car and at one point we had them here, which I thought was very nice and since then we have moved them to here which is a little more visible and they are mounted very well there, so it's not like you're lacking places to put meters. on this car so I don't know, for me it's not a great product and it has my low vibrations okay Zach so the measurement module may not be very useful for us right now but I think the Next product will be excellent.
Useful, it is a quick release hook for the steering wheel. Oh, I sure have seen this kind of thing. It costs $1.99 and comes in five cards. I think it's a good use. This will be a 3D printed product. It is simple. Serves a purpose uh, let's see if it works oo Crank Those eyes, okay, here we go oh, okay, let's see if the lens hood fits on this thing yeah, it does very well, in fact, which is probably the most important thing: this It doesn't let the sun through. The visor falls off while you are driving now, let's see if it does its job of holding the steering wheel well.
Wow, who thought of that? Yeah, I don't hate it. I mean, I'll probably just leave it installed. Yeah leave it there so I guess it's coating my chakras yeah I mean my chakras are well aligned so Etsy surprised us it wasn't as cheesy a thing as I expected my chakras feel more aligned than ever. I've never been more aligned in my life, so I hope you enjoyed watching this video. If you made sure you like the video, subscribe to the channel, see you in the next one.

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