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WE TEST: Was $17,500 worth of car mods worth it?

Jun 02, 2021
- We're back on the track, honey. It's been a long time coming, but the Miata finally has a turbo. (engine roaring) So we thought it was time to head back to the scene of the crime, back to Willow Springs International Raceway, to see if we could improve on our track time results from last time and all these modifications or not. and all this money we have spent has been


it. I'm Zach. And this is Turbo Pit, baby. Let's run. (upbeat music) Alright, we've been here before. Our friends at EAD Exotics will be hosting another track day at Willow Springs.
we test was 17 500 worth of car mods worth it
So we will have the big track all day. The last time we were here, things didn't go exactly as planned. We had some problems with the car, like we were overheating and my gauges kept going off. Since then we fixed the cooling system. We've added great breaks. And most importantly, to improve the strength of the PAs, we have added the beautiful CX racing turbo kits to the car. (engine roaring) - Yes, sutututu! -So if you've been following us for the last six weeks, you know that kit came with everything we needed to turbo this car, except for some fuel injectors.
we test was 17 500 worth of car mods worth it

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we test was 17 500 worth of car mods worth it...

We have a turbo manifold, we have a downpipe, we have the turbo itself, we have the whole intercooler setup. We got the wastegate and added some fuel injectors. And we finally tuned it on the dyno to make a whopping 227 horsepower (the car's engine roars). That's almost double; Before we produced about 120 horsepower. So the question remains whether all the money we spent to get to that 227 horsepower was


it. And if I'm really going to be able to do a respectable lap time on the track today, last time I tried to do a one minute and 46 second lap, but now I have almost double the horsepower than last time.
we test was 17 500 worth of car mods worth it
So I have no reason not to be able to stop at a 1:46 and walk my way to a 1:40, maybe even a 1:39. Those are my goals for today, but to be completely honest with you, as long as I can get around some tough laps and this doesn't have any major issues, I'll be a happy camper. It's time to see what we have. So the game plan is to go out and do some


laps, make sure this thing stays in one piece and nothing blows up. After that, it's time to start trying to go fast. (upbeat music) (car engine roar) (electric music) and hit the cone, yeah (electric music) yeah, baby, come on!
we test was 17 500 worth of car mods worth it
The rammers look good. The meters are still on. I mean, that's two successful shakedown laps, boys and girls. She works. Everything works. We have a little smoke. - Coming out of the hood? - Yes. - Yes, this is the first time many of these things have gotten hot, very hot, although I should probably inspect. (Car engine roars) A little smoke comes out. Well, the car runs very well. That was amazing. I had my foot on it most of the time, I actually pressed it a little bit and it worked great. I mean, he didn't miss a beat.
The door, stay there. We don't overheat. A little smoke comes out of the engine bag. It seems to come out of the valve cover gasket. So that wouldn't be a big deal, but I'll have to find out sooner rather than later what's going on. Also, it looks like it might be coming out of the oil filler cap. And if that's the case, it means we're probably pressurizing the crankcase. There could be some slamming when passing the piston rings, which is a bigger problem. I'm not sure what's going on, but there is definitely some oil coming out of this engine and it is producing smoke.
I think I'll join the (bleep) club and run this today anyway and see what happens. It's now or never, baby, make it or break it. I hope it doesn't break. I hope to make it. Basically, what I'm going to do is go out and do a lap so I can cross the starting line at high speed. And that's the start of my fast lap. Christina will be out there with a stopwatch watching me. So hopefully we'll get to that 1:40. Wish me luck. (upbeat music) - Solid click. - Thank you (car engine roar) (electric music) (car engine roar) 1:50:22.
A little slow. - Give me my time. Ah! Okay, I'm going back out. - But you're smoking. - Oh yeah. Damn, all this oil. I want to keep running, we are getting faster. Okay, I mean apparently there's oil coming from a lot of places. Just check the underside of the hood. It's like wet with oil. This is not necessarily good. At least it comes out around the valve cover gasket, but there is a lot of oil in the exhaust. Even the turbo is wet. OMG, not great. Lots of smoke, but I think we'll keep running. So I'm going to try one more time, one more lap and I'm going to try to get to 1:40.
It's still not the goal I had in mind, but you know I'm very good at changing my goals and sliding my expectations based on what's happening. Let's destroy. (upbeat music) - 1:50 ooh. Embarrassed for 22 milliseconds. - You just lied to me. - No, you were so close, 1:50 o'clock. - Oh Lord. You couldn't just... This is in your hands. (laughs) - It's not. You couldn't do it a little sooner. - It was a precise click. It was a very precise click. - Oh my God, I just want to get back out there and try again and again. I know I can run that fast, but I'm really worried about the oil.
I have to look under the hood and see how much it comes out. Alright, we're still making a lot of smoke and I'm not even at 1:40 yet, so it's probably pretty easy to look at today and take it as an L, but I take it as a win. The cars run very well. We turbocharged this thing and it's generating power. Yes, there are still some things to figure out, like these oil leaks, that is, but that's okay. We will resolve it. It's just more episodes. So thank you very much for watching. Big thanks to EAD Exotics for inviting us and having this great track day and allowing us to come out and film an episode.
Many thanks to them, follow them on Instagram @EADExotics. Don't forget to follow me @zachjobe. And of course follow Donut @donutmedia. I'll see you next damn week.

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