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We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks... (UNBELIEVABLE) *Part 4*

Jun 17, 2021
What are they doing in the oven? You've probably heard about the tic tac



, well, well, good for you in this series. out and that's trying them let's do it my facts are about making your


as simple as possible food my packs are about making normal things taste amazing i have in front of you some Oreos and some milk , not seem? like a lot we've all done we've all dipped it right this we're going to make like an Oreo cake with just these ingredients I don't know I don't know I can't explain let's watch the clip so come on try this ok first things first here your Oreos oh my gosh look what they think they look like we got the Double Stuf you know the vibe we got four Oreos inside the cup and now we're going to add some fresh milk.
we tasted viral tiktok cooking life hacks unbelievable part 4
Oh turn it into a mush so all you do is get your body in the right shape forty seconds that's all it takes Forty seconds now we wait meanwhile talk about your shirt. This is the mentally exhausted shirt. There may only be one or two sizes left. calm down honestly it's so fired and you know what here's a little discount code because I'm good the code is a light pack use it ok the moment of truth did what we wanted to do I mean check this out , looks a bit like one of those molten lava cakes yeah that's literally what it is let's see I'm going to dig into it are you ready yeah oh wow lemme see your spoons that's going to be super oh my god give me so much heat you know i would honestly make this next level pillow ice cream on top oh 100% oh i got ice cream oh well should i try that first? oh yeah oh my gosh it's literally like a molten lava cake. otherwise it literally turned into a pie crust that tastes like it's pie crust looks like it's pie crust but it tastes like Oreos this is another level guys this is absolutely hands down in my mind a hit I'm going to do this all the time now oh my gosh this is the definition of a linear pack guys this works try it at home its completely safe and 100% delicious oh my gosh this lightweight pack will take apples to the next level.
we tasted viral tiktok cooking life hacks unbelievable part 4

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we tasted viral tiktok cooking life hacks unbelievable part 4...

I'm talking about a homemade apple pie. the clip, oh my gosh, my mouth waters every time something green is involved, like an apple or, you know, lettuce and a cheeseburger. I automatically assume it's healthy, so this will be our little healthy treat. Let's do this. The first thing we need to do is we need to open our croissants to the crescent that's what I said in the last video but everyone in the comments said this is a croissant what do you say about the thing ma'am. Crescent yeah it clearly says Crescent that's what I call it Christmas anyway we're going to open this thing that I was designing so it separated each and every one of them so I'll try to find the point where we see. don't do it on that tray though you know what I like to say about numbers you know I like a number seven we need to cut for Apple well I'm going to suggest Washington first because you don't know how many people were in there touch the apples in the market our slicer never used this before so we already preheated our butter so our butter would melt now and now what we're going to do is put all the apples inside the butter now that they're in there you really want to cover all the apples cottam make sure they are fully covered let them swim a bit inside the butter essentially heroin that has to be from the cow so while the babbles soak in the butter what? what we have to do is we have to make our concoction now can't you tell us the exact measurements so let's improvise some brown sugar brown sugar is the most essential we would add nutmeg didn't you know what nutmeg is nutmeg?
we tasted viral tiktok cooking life hacks unbelievable part 4
Jake nutmeg, right? I've never heard of nutmeg try it, that's allspice, allspice, are you in good hands? I'm not sure it sounds like it can be all the spices combined. let's put it all out let's put it all out now that we've done this it's time for us to grab our apples that have been literally drenched in butter which seems like a weird concoction but hey I don't make the rules so let's put an apple at the end of each crescent next thing we need to do is roll these bad boys we're going to grab it by the thick


here and we're going to roll we're just going to roll what needs to happen next is we need crush a bag of walnuts because the walnuts are going to go on top of a t the walnut hasn't gone oh the walnut is a bird you know I mix them up pretty easily so here we go she's crushed she's on top essentially So what we need to do first is we needed to coat our Crescent apples with a little more butter.
we tasted viral tiktok cooking life hacks unbelievable part 4
I do not have that. tool she had but I have a brush and it's clean and new so we're going to use it hopefully we don't have any batter in there if we know we know it came from the toothbrush see it basically does the same thing which you know back in the day they didn't have certain kind of brushes for food, they only had them for painting, you know, like a Leonardo DiCaprio, I mean, it will stick because of the butter, so don't worry. about making it perfect so far they look pretty good now we have to pop them in the oven 15 20 minutes at 375 and we will check back and see how these beauties look and taste like 20 minutes later oh my gosh sometimes I surprise myself with the way we do it right let's do it these look amazing get some clothes seven beautiful shots of that if you look at this the sweetness and the look and the juices from the apple literally pour it out that's what the outside is so let's try this oh my gosh they are so soft the apple looks just like Thanksgiving apple. turkeys mouth is fine here we go i think the apple was a little weird and slimy when i took a bite not a big fan of this though i am personally i dont know if i like the but it definitely worked.
I'm going to let Jake try it real quick because it might be like the Apple flavor that I really don't like. Yeah, okay, Apple, yeah. just me so I think something that happened during this was the thing that doesn't taste like apple pie yeah I thought it was just me and I didn't want to judge it too much because it looks really good but that's the thing that looks a lot better than it actually tastes I mean maybe if you had the peel off it would on't I don't know if it's a guy I don't know maybe it's green apples maybe it should have been a red apple like there are so many different spins we go the way she said it and honestly i don't like to shake don't like it very much it's two against the video so i'll have to say this one is broken it's unfortunate because they look so good they literally they look like they could be masterpieces, although they don't know it. they taste like they belong in the trash exactly where they're going to come out next can you believe people actually eat hot dogs to indulge? this next hot dog blows my mind and literally destroys every hot dog I've ever eaten or seen in my


hopefully it tastes good let's watch the clip so as you can see in that video this is not your normal dog so first things first let's start on this and hopefully it tastes as good but the first thing we're going to have to do is we're going to have to cut our jalapeno so we're going to cut the back and we're going to cut the front , then we're going to split it in half and we're going to gut this be careful don't touch your eyes I did that last time we were playing with this it's not fun the next thing we're going to do is cut some slices of cheese we decided to go with the cheese cheddar, literally, you can probably put any type of cheese you'd like.
The last thing we have to cut is some hot dogs. You cut weird stuff. I cut weird stuff. to cut it, what we have to do is put cheese V in the middle, depending on how much of a cheese lover you are, you can stack the cheese. I'm not that much of a cheese lover so I'm probably just going to put a piece or two in the middle I hope you thought this was already extreme it's not yet because now we have to think and wrap these things I don't know We even know how it will be the flavor profile with something like this.
We have our bacon maker. Not only do I have and it tastes good, but it also holds them together. They've all been wrapped up and now it's time to get these things. on the grill we have to do next we're going to throw them back on the grill but on this other type of grill it's huge just to cook these jalapenos so now we have to cover them now let's put them on the stove so now we're going to let them cook let's cover this let it cook a bit and we'll be back when it's done twenty minutes late down here is what we've been doing looks absolutely crazy but to finish it off we're going to put some hot nacho cheese on here check this out comes close to it.
Oh, it actually doesn't look as cool as I thought I would like. seeing this stuff i would ask myself what is that and how do i eat it, it doesn't look as good as the one making the video but hey looks aren't everything just ask my ex wife just kidding, I've never had a wife, let's try it, okay, I don't have to like hot dogs. I take a bite of this hot dog guys there is a hot dog place in LA that is supposed to be the best hot dog place in LA what do they want us to do a full video there maybe they will change their minds about hot dogs hot?
I don't know, let me know in the comments if you want to see him smack the approve button and put in a hot dog emoji. I don't even know if there is one of those. Let's try this without further ado here we go so specially. but the spiciness makes it almost like a mexican hot dog and then the bacon wrap distracts me from the nasty taste of a wiener hot dog oh i think this might have changed my mind on how i think about hot dogs so what i used to think it was a nasty hot dog it was a regular hot dog with just ketchup or mustard this is a game changer man i never would have liked to think ab im putting this together but boy oh boy im gonna have to call this a hit because honestly , my mom is hot, honestly, it makes me forget that I'm even eating a hot dog because it doesn't taste like a regular hot dog. tastes good wow so glad i made three of these pizzas and macaroni and cheese is my favorite food so how about a world where both are combined? yummy but never had until this life came along so let's see it oh my gosh guys that pizza looked so much better than anything you can get at Domino's anything you can get a pizza anything you can get probably anywhere and it only took me less than 20 minutes to make.
I love the sound of that, so without further ado, let's go in and do this. First thing's first. You need to make your own macaroni and cheese. They said you can choose any type you want. Jake likes Kraft mac and cheese, so that's the one we're going to use. Let it boil for about 810 minutes and then we'll go from there now that it's all boiled we're going to drain it I forgot to put the colander in there now we're going to put our powdered cheese that came with our mac and cheese in and then since we don't I have a cup measuring cup or whatever we would have bought one right now I know but we're going to have to guess how much milk to put in there put some in there start stirring until it looks normal I feel like you can't go wrong like Max and show him you can okay stir it up we want our packaged cheese to be crazy so we got some cheddar and some mozzarella and we're going to throw it in here look that's cheesy see this?
Have you ever made the package look like this? We're going to add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to the crust just to get that golden color, just put on a napkin because that's our way of doing things. Here we are going to place a small layer. of cheese this is our underlying layer of cheese not too much because we like heart bigots we're going to grab our mac and cheese we're going to toss it yeah I get it to the cut end yeah we're going to add a little more cheese on top just to really seal the deal that this is real pizza you know now that it's fully covered this is what we're working with and now we're going to throw it in the oven for just 10 minutes just let it cook and check back in 10 minutes, let's see this bad boy. oh show me show me show god this is what we just created and it took us less than 15 minutes honestly this sounds crazy but now for the finishing touches we have some fresh parsley which we will put on top so that know make it a little bit nice you don't want to add too much you want just the right amount and i can honestly vouch that we're going to be really aesthetically pleasing if you want the moment of truth the moment we've all been waiting for let's see how good this macaroni pizza is with cheese if you could see it's literally thick it's great with the macaroni shells I'm excited here we go mmm I'm a cheese intolerant toolactose if i haven't mentioned it seven times already yum nice crunch ok guys this was surprisingly very good to cook in less than 20 minutes and use the artisan racks like this is a high quality pizza it's not even pizza it's a Mac and pizza, this quality thing.
I will have to say that this is a success. this is the definition of a life hack I just made something you probably can't even get at Domino's and places like that in less than 20 minutes that says something temporarily try this one at home and let me see your creations tag me on instagram I want to see mmm oh wow oh and we ate a lot today. I'm full. I hope you are enjoying these videos. tinkerbell but you never miss text me any and all life


you can have three two three four zero five nine nine four zero I can't wait to talk to you or just text me if you want to talk anyway guys i love you so much i'll see you later i get that friends merch is the proof

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