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Drock oh are you sure this is the right way to the


we've been walking for ages hey yeah and why are you complaining you're not even helping carrying the heist material well I told you that we need to bring a ruler and an apple okay you never know when we get hungry and we need it can you walk any slower wait why is it heavy you guys let's stop in for doughnuts before we heist we're gonna get hungry rainbow we don't have time for donuts if you eat a doughnut and you
we rob an expensive mansion in roblox
run you're gonna get a stomach cramp hey calling us okay yeah yeah oh hey boss I know we're not that late rainbow wanted to stop by Donuts it's totally her fault blame her hey let's rob the


oh we screaming in our ears okay Oh mr. rich oh he's not too right she's nick rich good luck all right boss we won't let you down let's get a minute our boss has prisoner clothes that's means he was in jail that means we're gonna yeah that means you she's
well touching my money he's the mastermind he can't get arrested if he's already arrested that's why we're doing it yeah I don't know guys where's gold we're supposed to do this as a team I don't know Bonnie you missed the money I took the money little there's money on the clothes hey hey hey you why are you taking so long because I was just funny the plan can find you you forgot the money on the clothes hanger oh so funny you shouldn't be worried
about me you should be worried about lunar I think she's a ripoff of you oh is that true today lunar you're wearing the same outfit as me because you want to class I know I'm wearing it because just in case I go to jail for stealing money I'm gonna be like ah it's Kat and I'm not Luna it's Kat and then you go to the Abuelita it wasn't me it was her Noah you have it wrong I will probably get in trouble don't be like yo um I'm lunar capture me know you
don't love like lunar but I look like fun you know what you guys are both going to jail you know what we're both dumb in jail Phoebe and that's what happened to the two robbers Oh wings we're almost at the gate come on come on come on I'm almost there what is this otally act normal just a norm how do we get in there whoa whoa that is also nice skills rainbow you're on pop wait funny what there's a quest yeah okay so mark back there there's a quest over here guys
sneak across make sure he doesn't see us action as if he does see us we got thrown in jail oh I could water the plant right here but we need something rainbow what did you just take we do you took something the boss man is just yelling at us he's saying he said we need to find a watering can maybe look around where the car is okay so let's look for the car let me take a couple of more dollars because we do need this guys where's the car is this the car we're talking about
there's nothing on top of here so this is like a Motorhome so I don't think this is the right car I think he wants to look at cars over there wait should we be walking just in the front ones are there security cameras all right Oh money in the guard fly around and mr. Mick Rich's a flying car oh wait so we just buy it no but then no we'll fly straight to the winners room we came here to heist we came here to be cool yeah that's shiny we're not taking the easy way out wait
a couple of more dollars okay guys follow me don't stand in the front we gotta sneak watch this Damon and in it where's the watering yard are you serious I feel like we got ripped off he is lying to us oh boy we found it's back here bound err it's humongous that's why the plants go let's go we're bringing the watering cans back let's go water that uh that peanut I think it's the in stock it's not a bean stock it is a peanut you guys were so robbers
we're just gardeners see oh yeah that's for sure watering your plants there you go it's actual Beanstalk Oh mean star I am sure our stock Wow I need a reset I broke one over funny who why do you keep watering it are you oh no we got thrown back to the start oh wait you know what you guys just keep watering it yeah and now I gotta listen to this guy scream at me again okay hey okay stop okay let's skip the issue here is this map you see right here there's no checkpoints so
once we lose we actually die yes you have to be very careful it's growing up there you go oh it's beautiful now I just climb up carefully lunar I said climb up carefully no I am NOT going back for a while no no I'm good goddang your evil twin right now you know you're the worst evil twin yah get out of there I'm going inside okay we are in fine mister mix rich fault we gotta find a small guys lunar hurry I need money I'm coming do you think he's hiding it between
these bonds I I don't think so no is he hiding it in that egg there no guys yeah glitched are you on the roof owner yeah I don't I don't think you're supposed to be on the roof try resetting again lunar you glitch twice now come on I want to touch it we just make a fog yeah there we go and what does this teapot do is it just for lol's yeah it's like ding dong this is extremely dangerous this could smack someone in the face like me who tea pot burn dangerous I wouldn't
do that funny cuz you should start over okay well weirder but lunar is actually glitching out lunar you gotta figure out how to do this girl I'm trying man I didn't train for this can you stop knocking that over it while we wait for lunar we're gonna get good fun no you got stopped if we're gonna be criminals you get after criminals okay yeah yeah my gosh criminals are proper well we are going to be the proper criminals jaco move get off gold is trying to jump in the teapot
she's hard you must be the teapot guys leave a like down below if gold is doing a very good job to become a teapot women hurt you didn't really miss anything you know she's just like if y'all gonna break that teapot come grab this and let's get out if you're opened door bunny those knees those are cards you're making me feel dumb yeah I can see there's the key here so really go over here we got some more money in here whoo we're in a computer room does this
computer has a system let me put this little chip in key card inside boom wide open oh the teapot is turning into Luna just jump down the hall she's dead oh it's hot down here you guys keep in mind if you die you go back up all right let's just do this nice and chill what type of wrench person has a lava basement do you love the floors lava that might raise your speed for two hun I have 200 I can deck I can get this one secrecy serves no I need super speed I need the money excuse me
Oh rainbow burned so they tells me you need supercede gold how dare you tie I don't know how she lived lunar rock super speed okay go go you know what I don't think I'm gonna waste it on super speed ah there you go what'd you do what once you buy super speed and you die you lose your super speed well you got this just raise the money lunar I don't think you're very good at this why can't this be a regular bridge huh well can I just walk past it a little better it took
we rob an expensive mansion in roblox
away my super speed anyway I just went to a tube you guys are lucky your money oh nice lunar oh my god giving you all this lunar I'm giving you an inspirational speech you can do this you don't need to waste man here - and look cool so it's barely got this if you die you're kicked out of the heist group because you I don't know we're just kicking you out you got this gotta go okay good job my inspirational speech has worked why is there a gold mine kit yo guys gold pipe I
feel like Mario dented in third incident and down the pipe without Rick rich looks like the monopoly man yeah mister monopolies in the background Draca where did you go whoo yeah yeah yeah shouldn't you be in the back holding all of our stuff you know no I should be in the front and you should protect me because I have everything mr. rich dude you sound really evil right now let me step on this plate okay no no no I blame you Jacko you're supposed to be my man I blame for it and I
can't get back up you know what you did stay down there you press the panic button I gotta say this obby is pretty cool until I die No oh alright these hands of evil let's go jump jump oof and then right I think I should get fired I am NOT alive all of you is still alive and I'm just dying from this Maggie we get to the money first we take it I don't think we should let her get it because she's just gonna get arrested oh great people I can you say and I will destroy you once
I pull this lever you will out die you all die now oh no mr. rich you guys where are you going Oh dark place oh no you all check me again SuperSpeed I got some speed super speed super speed oh I'm gonna get on the money okay the doors there hopefully the crew doesn't come down in time I need the money I need the money's yeah I got money you're all dead to me now the treasure is mine oh hi gold where are you oh I don't know if I can make it through there ah she lives hey poop
well we'll wait for the rest of them I'll my back I stop this how do I stop it hard to get coins up no no no no now we're just waiting for the last two I need those coins I need that money Gold I think we should go back out get that money okay ready let's go let's go uh let's run out oh no no no no and then there was rainbow she really wanted the money me she's opening it and now she's probably gonna scream I don't know you guys looks pretty cool Oh am I
supposed to do run over here run over here what about this Oh better start running looter why do I just stand there just right thank you okay we missing we're missing one more rainbow got this I know what to do this this is your last chance or else we're leaving you like actually I need money money money money she's so selfish look at her I've been going to last no money come on come on come on let's go let's go rainbow start running I like to deal no pressure okay
whatever you can feel the pressure but we're moving on train tracks oh wait my card Oh gold uncle I'm out yo guys my car go get out let's go yes money I missed all the money oh no I glanced up oh my god is it your flips you go back to the start no guys no I'm frozen how did you jump come back no I'm broken oh my gosh guys I have to restart the whole game Wow alright I am back that only took me forever to finish let's go hurry up guys we're going minecart apparently we
don't jump off the minecart because if you jump off you're selfish it just does all the work for you Gold get out of here I don't want it to go together is that all Wow mr. rich is really living on a gold mine that's how he's so rich ow let's go rainbow just just be careful rainbow that's why really oh that's sad alright lots of pro do it alright we just do this watching this no need to wait a little bit I'm just and we just do a little shoot and we show up
yeah it's that easy I mean wow why you guys think it's so hard swoop do PD do cold calls you didn't even do petit tube I you guys they do Benny do better they don't even know how to do petit dude thing I can't even look at this I'm just gonna like look this way alright swoop and then du petit doop Oh Oh sad we should name this oh they're so bad for robbers were pretty bad no they're pretty I'm doing our job we're pretty good no don't push me off she
treated here I'll show you how to do it rainbow okay on the left side beyond the left side top right away nothing beyond this side you jump onto this side see this side up standing yet it's Rocco they're not there she's clearly dead alright do it you just jump over here you'll wait a couple of seconds you do this you wait a couple of seconds you'll go down you're walking and then boom you're back to start alright rainbow I'm gonna teach you two lessons about
this three lessons rainbow this is why you're dying listen to me listen to me alright you ready hippity-hop stay on the corner Zippity hop stay on the corner koopa do how stay on the corner and do PD do you see that easy it's all about my corners man she did not just cut all this out rainbows doing a terrible job vvv vvv vvv rainbow you made it and all you have to do is let track code and use your keyboard let's go filthy edge track oh you're back it's twofold to steal
everything anyway I don't know I'm gonna have my dream of swimming in gold that's your dream oh well you could split right now oh no don't step on it don't why not you you helped I want to be gone who stopped on it you guys are stepping on it let me live okay their lunar started you ales goal drop it no I'll stop stepping on it just like those cool heist movies we all have to jump with the same one all right go go go on at a time go oh we lost one you're wiggling it
Oh we turned into goalie way too much on this piece of gold this is so dumb okay we got this dead and then haha joko get off no laughing you along get off you get tired is that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah gosh guys so hard stop and we got it oh this game is painful please is a nabhi this what stop stop stepping on that button you're making my life harder okay we're making it Oh gold I just world wait what if the trick is to not step in the gold but it's supposed to step on the wheel
like the brown you sure right here okay oh my gosh oh I'm you're lying that car I hate this this please help okay this I'm a bad jet pack no I wouldn't to my screens blurry this games broken no all right yeah I got I got a reset again oh my gosh my screen is blurry a glitched I did we all made it I am so sick of seeing this intro I saw three times already okay I'm not a hat don't do it money we didn't steal enough money no I'm buying the car okay you that I'm
we rob an expensive mansion in roblox
small to it and I'm buying that car I'm buying it maybe I'm gonna turn to a giant maybe that's easier for me maybe this whole time the games are cooperating because I'm not wasted enough robux let's go I'm going to buy that beautiful sports car and I will totally make it to where we are let me just uh buy it real quick and using money let's buy this five hundred roebucks no problem Oh bend it all right there you go cash money oh yeah just come in and then we got
rocket so then we're driving this Oh equip the fly tool alright have a bachelor Wow is this car funny sounds like she's going insane I couldn't quite am I don't really know where I'm going Reuben let's just fly this way right this way where is everybody we're on the gold carousel though all right let me fly to you I don't know what goats care parasol means carousel wherever you said yeah we're down here far we're near the gold mill alright alright I'm
getting off my car where is she I don't see her alright so it looks like these hacks don't work anyway and ooh oh my gosh oh my god oh you just wasted your roebucks I did I did waste my robot well I'm gonna go jump off the cliff now oh man I'm suffering so much right now never in my life did I ever think I would replay an I'll be three times three times and listen to this guy scream to be five more times I've made it I did the jump even bought all these hacking tools and
didn't even help me so yeah wait you guys what that time or that time no let's just go out here Luna I'm sick of it let's go oh yeah Drago why didn't your lesson on the elevator because it's my elevator well where are we going you glad so you didn't even go anywhere see this is why you do one at a time guys time to time okay fine you know what I have this let what is that it whoa whoa roebucks 500 robe I don't even see your lightsaber in your hand whatever my
tears look crazy like goodbye cruel world I let's head up here and is this the head this is the end of it all it over oh we finally made it into mr. Mick Rich's house ooh really got away for the rest of damn before everything goes down anybody needs supplies an apple a why now you marched refreshments your crackers Thanks no yes no okay the what do you wear in his rich household so much money wow he's rich yeah unacquainted boss wants to talk to us oh wait boss you guys cost money
tourist hey what's up bus that's so for sure looks comfy it does yep especially all the money that's lying when is this gonna unlock something if you step on them don't think so Oh guys that's the most


thing is this show if you do anything I don't think so okay so we do a home why would he secret cushion and we just open this up I feel like like then and then ah okay so yeah hey it's me trying to make copyright free sound effects okay no what I'm visible
good just stop using your fake ID yeah yeah I can see that track oh thank you just unlock it and let's let's get my invisible butt out of here oh my god you know the key it sucks being invisible if I would start where I go you're not invisible I see you okay I'm gonna think you think you're invisible but no you're not invisible I know I I'm pretty sure this game is super glitched Cole's opened it let's go let's just go guys yeah yeah well you got to keep
unlocking it for us because clearly you got the key yeah okay and none of us us have it let's just go mr. rich what are you hiding where's all your gold this isn't gold yeah this is not the treasure I was looking for I'm looking for Diane yeah why Jane bean stuff is happening over here that's a AC and to death that's a aircon yeah don't go down here it's it's not yeah thanks for warning me you're very welcome we got to go through that air vent or fan my
rainbows having approached the boxes the poison boxes boxes are bad I think you're supposed to go on the right side rainbow oh yeah well dragon was telling me to go through the bag yeah it's too late screaming box doesn't help us now you know what I want to buy SuperSpeed I feel like I need it for this part no the super speed is 500% broke and don't even try man no I just saw it's all broken just slow and steady just like this watch goldeneye we just just do a little this and
then leutis and then after we just wait just wait for the box drop hold it there you go and then we go on this side and then we slide straight through just like pow yeah I think it's because the key opens it up there you go wait hold up nope we got away for the rest of em no all right put it in the key boo boo boom let's go no funny you never learned to swim remember this gold isn't here can we just all look in the water real quick alright shut up push you in there no guys can we
just see what the animation looks like I'll jump in okay go oh why is not doing anything oh oh no I'm sorry oh no don't worry you're slowly fade okay so we got this this door is locked that fruit ball looks tasty you're giving very obvious wow what a bright red you mean Apple Oh is there more oh really see a bit we're traveling through the pipes that was gross hang someone farted more like yes again Yahweh correct Oh No huh ah be so beautiful so many glitches I am down
there we go one at a time slime slide ooh that really you guys hurry up a raft will be coming in two minutes I've always wanted to make slide by it's a four-seater I'm going in collect money Oh money yeah oh they love this one does it touch me oh whoa whoa stop slipping the slide okay rainbow you should have went on the slide the whole guys can okey doke it out come on rainbow we're almost like that and the money son yeah oh here it is mr. riches home yes wait for me where's
my money okay well wait for you but I can't guarantee that we'll have money for you at the end rainbow just because we look around what is this book do this book do anything I don't know oh no it's memory oh no it's for it I was for a keyboard yes yes it is ooh do you know what I was playing yes I do I do know wise play right oh it's showing you that's easy all right one two three two one boom you get it anything yep rainbow oh wait I think all of you have to play it
separately by yourself Oh bookshelf oh it took you long enough let's get out of here slide it down where is this treasure whoa whoa whoa whoa what's up with this book oh that doesn't look good story time once upon a time Oh where are we what is this creepy place oh my gosh guys you don't want to go down here at all this place is uh quite quite spooky I would say guys where are you we're waiting for it to get sucked into the book of darkness okay well while you make a lineup
to get sucked into the book of I'm just saying this place it isn't that nice what do we do we have to light something on fire I think you need a weight goals we have to hold this ah that makes sense Oh what we have to do is we go here get a torch on fire a purple torch and we late and I'm dead torch fire jump careful careful this is the longest Aubie ever life is on fire right it's like my treasure whip you are a treasure hog Drac oh wow you're too serious now I have to light
it again hey hey Luna you might want to come over here okay aha it's not like you for me maybe we could use it to cross to the other side thank you for letting me feel the Wiggles on the other side I don't have all need a whip guys are you oh my gosh I think you've been robbed clearly alright so it doesn't pop up in your inventory so I just press that oh uh okay we good sorry for stealing your whip you and I appreciate it let's keep going don't forgive you I think you saw
it twins though we could just be twins good old twins we're on the boat with biphenyl people funny it half gold is on the boat goodbye dracco goodbye lunar rainbow reigns was trying to get away Wow giant skeleton he doesn't look very friendly Oh guys I think it's a boss battle gold drago and lunar and rainbow just all froze so they happen all right guys ii complete the highest without me why are they also forfeit yeah but why that's too broken dude you are such a quitter our
heist mission is almost done we're gonna get all the money nice I am frozen to the screen and I cannot well there goes our Apple supply hey guys I made it okay rainbow come on follow me finally I bought a jumpy thing so it's gonna actually help me boost over here has anything no no don't go that way though don't go that way oh my gosh I think we're supposed to go this way don't go that way rainbow rainbow Tunney Oh out of all of us I think you have a money issue calm down
mr. skeleton calm down okay he's a clearly triggered he counts is he a gorilla skeleton why is he pounding basically maybe do we just fight on the side of you guys yeah that's right be gone okay he's dead I killed him killed him with one cannonball two heists members down three are left who's gonna quit no one knows goals what's up with the medieval axe and some to break down the doors okay you do it let's crawl up here and if there should be a button oh wait we can swing
swing what's yeah so winning this thing if this the end really rich is making this so hard for us to get his treasure you guys open the door careful don't get sliced don't get so nice just don't get sliced oh I got sliced yep we're both sliced no no it's mine just turn this okay rainbow is probably gonna run in because she's not even gonna wait wow rainbow real it's nice Wow alright treasure box what are we opening let's see we got ourselves the money key a
big little ASCII oh I'm going back we made it back let's use the dolly key on that giant door the dollar key go the dollar key rainbow we got it Joshua Luna we're gonna beat this avi I'm happy happy all right gold how rich let's leave ray alright just put the cash between open it just gotta open it yeah don't rainbow get out of you okay are we going to jail oh no I hope not a shot no no no no no no no no we can't die here what do we do what we gonna die yeah I'm
dying oh you guys probably laughing don't I see you playing to escape all right guys let's go turn in it come on jump I'm gonna make it to the plane I'm going to ditch the rest of them all the money is lag buddy buddies bye you can't ditch me well let me go through come on Mouse Gary go go bye guys oh nice the robbers wait what's happening looks like we are being pursued by another aircraft missing my crotch is not done yet mr. McCready shooting at her plane Oh going down
the plane is going to crash quickly find a parachute and let's get out of here this sucks mr. maker Richard Savage oh honey rainbows gone she's gone she's stuck in the laser down there my boy are you down there yeah I'm slow I'm dead oh my gosh we're losing everybody guys what is happening huh what is happening okay you know what we actually got to get out of here insanely hard avi that's why I don't I don't think this was a really good idea gold gold yes what
are you going what I was gonna jump out that way a parachute wait what's this oh wait a minute there's more stuff down here oh this is where the parachute was I was gonna jump out of the plane without a parachute it's not about it in okay we're grabbing the parachute Gold let go Kyle wait out of all of us who knew that we were the last ones here feels bad sucks to suck leave a cry for everybody all right three two one let's go down Meister black screen oh okay we made it now
let's land as close as we can to the winners room we made it gold but what costs what costs we lost everybody and I'm literally spinning in circles let me fall down out my hoops what is this why is this moving okay I'm not baby I do not to know is this the winners room here it is yeah it has a big nose oh it's a subscribe button Oh what else do we got you got a badge yes you rob riches a


but can you find all of the Bucks scattered around I'm good no oh I I thought
there would be a treasure room at the ends but guys that is all you know half of the crew don't forget to subscribe if you are new and we are getting out of here that was a bad idea we lost every window let's go unit enthusiasm here I know you didn't get any money but you just got my money