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We're trapped underwater! Roblox Submarine Story!

Jun 01, 2021
I'm going to put the wrong ingredients because I'm a chef. I need to go to the bathroom. Hello everyone, this is the captain speaking. Welcome aboard


2973. We are currently 6,279 feet below sea level. The sea is calm which will give us a good adventure, nice, if anyone gets seasick, yes this is a bit rocky, make sure you explore the


, it's okay, if we can walk we will wobble all over the place please Oh, where's the bathroom? Oh, the bathroom is right here. Busy who's there, come on, throw up, ooh, locker clerks, just here, where are the snacks?
we re trapped underwater roblox submarine story
Okay buddy, time to take a seat. No, I didn't see the sandwiches yet. We are passing through some rocky streams. Oh, this is the kitchen, honey. in your seats, you better be listening, I kept my seats all the way, oh, my seat is all the way down, hurry up, sorry guys, come on, I did it, good luck, sorry, deep water currents are a force. I'm going to look out the window. too fast or he's a bad captain, yeah we hit like a rock, hey, I'm getting hungry too, yeah, you guys need pizza, yeah, can we get some food?
we re trapped underwater roblox submarine story

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we re trapped underwater roblox submarine story...

Oh that's right, you can get this pizza by looking in the description box below, calm down. choose what you would like to eat this pizza was made by Luna Pete and I link in the description box below best pizza what flavor is it it's a random flavor it's supreme deluxe pizza oh yeah pizza with pizza look how delicious this is the free life the Food is amazing wow technically it's not free yeah you paid for it whatever I'm going to throw up what's up with this turbulence? My stomach hurts a lot I feel dizzy I need to go to the bathroom oh no, we need to find the first aid kit look in the cabinets and lockers behind the submarine I need to go to the bathroom guys dracula is going to vomit no, you need a first aid kit have you been poisoned by food uh oh I think that's okay why do you find med kits I don't see it now guys oh he said it's in the back no I haven't found it yet I'm just oh wait where is it? oh moon is opening the lockers very slowly, hurry here, come here, here, where is she?
we re trapped underwater roblox submarine story
There are so many trees that did this to me, that's why Jacko popsicles are better, it's okay, don't cover your popsicle, oh I got it, I got it, I'll save you, I found the medicine cabinet, I only gave it to you 'cause you bought my pizza, Do you want another slice that was too close, thank you. for the help, it's okay, we have reached a cruising level, this is the best time to sit and calm down, I still don't see anything, sit alone, I'm tired of sitting, what's outside the window, sit well, it's boring, we are currently in the midnight zone the lights of the sun will no longer be able to guide us uh, I don't think the sun drives a ship in the dark, you mean a submarine, yes, uh-oh, please wait, we are experiencing difficulties techniques, this is nauseating, captain, guys, who is that? on television what are you talking about oh here's the kraken cartoon hour it's davey jones the kawkins are no good it's davey jones from davy jones's lockers right no yeah everyone will perish oh okay she looks so friendly she's there there's a squid monster in the sub the bathroom in the back of the sub is open it's not busy take shelter oh my god finally come on whoever was there you're an idiot for staying there so long okay we have to go what did they have to do really?
we re trapped underwater roblox submarine story
Go to the bathroom oh okay, that's just it, what's your smell here? Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, yeah, you can't get in, you're opening the door, it's time to sink this place, this is not a place. This is a submarine, we're already sunk, are you sure about that rainbow? The submarine is flooding. Quick, grab boards from the front and back of the submarine and board up the windows. Lets go play. Well, I'll take the right side, captain. You can trust us, raising windows with these boards works totally without water, these boards are like band aids guys, we'll drown soon, come on, cover it up, yeah, that's how you raise windows, so how did this happen?
Did the kraken just break all the windows or are we at very low pressure so all the windows are broken? We are very, it was a square. We'll probably drown soon. We will drown. I feel like I'm turning. I have eggs going up to my neck one more one more wow this is so realistic oh the submarine has a drain I didn't know we could drain at least the pizza isn't soggy thank you captain that was close I'm going to try it and take us to the surface and contact the barracks general headquarters why did you say it like that? what just happened who was it?
I want to go home it's too late for you you're down here uh um great kraken can we go home now that we've restored the power? the submarine thank you this is no longer fun fools that was simply a test welcome my friend will be the whale will be the whale the whale i where are we my head hurts we are in the kitchen currently we are inside a whale everyone in the submarine fainted just when he started attacking us how can a whale attack us how do we get out of here are you telling me that a whale ate a whole submarine really lunar you will cook something spicy okay if you can't we will have to sacrifice ourselves youtube no no no no I won't make it extra spicy why do I like this?
I like being a chef, do what you're told, he's the best on the team, I paid robux to be the chef, I'm just saying okay, he needs a strawberry. a banana toast, grapes and well, that's a lot, put the ingredients inside the pot, you must remember that, but the potatoes are not spicy toast, strawberry, yes, captain dog, you have this looter toaster faster, come on, what? why are you taking so long? Are you smelling the toast? yeah, it smells good, yeah, and then you're missing strawberry meat, don't drop the pizza on it, you'll ruin the rice, why are you grabbing an egg, ah, strawberry, I didn't catch an eye, catch me, buddy, She is taking it. chocolate strawberry banana only 36 seconds left I sacrificed I already did it oh you didn't do it right yes I definitely didn't grab it all you have the strawberry do you think she's going to die I'll have fun being eaten by the whale yes grapes Yes, she kept the coconut far away.
Did I get the grapes? You see? Did you just cook a double grape steak here guys, here where are you? Where is that mask? Guys, all the way, come on, did everyone get an oxygen mask? I got it. It smells very bad I can't breathe I don't understand how it was spicy not only the ingredients are spicy if it wasn't spicy why would the whale fart and now he saw stinky everywhere? Well, that's why now our pizza stinks but I think pizza is the least of our worries. I'm eating pizza under my mask because I still love pizza.
How good is it? What are these on the wall? Oh, they're stores, look, I understand there's a lot going on, but we need everyone to stay calm and focused. Squid are rumored to roam these waters. The rainbow is going to die soon. Right now there are a lot of wet spots and barnacles on the


growth that we need to get rid of. I want to clean that up, this is yeah, thanks for the wet spots and a hammer for the barnacles from storage, okay, take out the barnacles, it's time to look, I'm not going to touch the barnacles, I want to get, I'll hammer the things you guys can .
I don't argue, we don't have time, everyone has to worry, oh, it's over, I'm going to get a mop, this is my job, okay, a mop and a hammer, oh, you can get it, but I'll get three. I'm going to break the barnacles, okay. look hey hit it like now because wow these take a long time to go away okay let's clean this up yuck I'll do the hard work okay the hard work is clearly dragging this mop when we see the squeak again I want . Ask him why he did this to us guys, he did this to us so we can squid, calm down, hey, save me some water to wash, gold, where's your hammer?
You have to do this disgusting job too, that's disgusting, I don't even want to see what it is. It looks like you guys could throw up, what does it look like? Don't say it some of you have been affected by the barnacle disease oh I am oh no because I touched you yes how long until we are home? calm down, pinky will knock, it's not going to get home faster we weren't really panicking, but now I'm starting to panic and this mouth is covering my air. What do they want now? I can't see straight, quick guys, let's go to the captain's room and make sure he's okay.
Are you OK? No, no, I can't see. Ah, our captain fainted. Captain, what are you doing on the ground? Pass out, we have to clean it up, what's that noise? Oh, okay, screens, look at the screens, what beautiful purple eyes you have. It's the squid monster, what did you do to our captain? Come on, what did you do? He deserved what he got. Remember his threat to your chef. The submarine has been programmed to plummet into the abyss. Good luck finding the right combination for your switches. we know what I do this is red red red red yeah I think it's red actually I think it's a blue blue red red red red wait what honey what are you doing that was just the first part of taking back control of the submarine if you want live then I suggest you find the right button, select them all, put them all, click on all the buttons, you can't just click on any of them, yes we can, okay, good job, I found the button, good job, look, we're smart , we are five. people with high brains yes, uh, I have given you control of the submarine, you must sink it into the abyss of the ocean, don't listen to Dracco, don't do it, oh no, don't listen to him, bring the submarine back to the surface.
Yeah, why would you sink it? The choice is yours. What will it be? It is not so difficult. Yeah, what are you thinking on the surface? We survived. I want to see what's deeper, although I'm still laughing. A little deeper monster. chosen wow I'll sink the submarine you're evil and funny pizzas I knew you wouldn't make the right decision now come join me in the eternal sleep wait until he's dead too no this is dracco's fault come on what are you doing ? everyone dies, throw them out, throw them out, was this the right decision, no, no, it was definitely not goodbye, cool world, yeah, we have a bad ending, bad ending, I'm going to put the wrong ingredients because I'm a chef, strawberry first.
I have chosen, I will surface the submarine, thank you, yes, Luna, you are here acting, no, you have hurt me, remember this, I will return, eh, don't you mean see you later? Wow, that's embarrassing, wait for the TV to flicker. It was a crazy submarine ride. finally no one can go home now we can go home good ending i paid extra robux for the secret ending he has become the monster so let's see what this is I can be the monster this money monster run hey you know hey , you want it all, then you will see your face in the mirror, it's time to bring this place down like an evil villain.
Me, the fun pie, was the monster the whole time and I'm in control of the shed, that's right, okay, you guys squirm. I made a critical mistake by trusting myself. Now you will pay with your lives. Actually, I'm the fool. I spent a lot of robux for this pass and got a monster ending. That's it guys, we played through three finals. We got the good one, we got the bad one and we got the secret at what cost for the badges simple and many tries and many tests and 700 robux and my robux is out of the window leave a like if you liked it, don't forget to subscribe if you are new , we are a team and we will see you all in the next one, goodbye.

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