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We're Hypnotized by Music (ft. Special Guests)

Jul 12, 2023
Welcome to All Things Zion, where we embody honor, holiness, and heavenly places. I'm Eileen and I'm Germany and we are the dynamic duo in today's episode we will discuss everything related to worship, so if you are interested in knowing the intention behind worship. and understand the


industry from a spiritual perspective, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button so you can join the family. They are ready? Ready, welcome back to our podcast. I was going to say Channel, but you are watching it on the YouTube channel. Also, welcome to Upping Zion guys, as you can see we have two very



joining us today.
we re hypnotized by music ft special guests
We have Jess and Tony, but before we introduce them, we'll start with prayer. Yes, our dear heavenly father. Thank you so much. for the opportunity that you have given us to come here again and do another episode and in fact, thank you even more for the opportunity to have such a


guest of honor here with us too, brother and sister in Christ, father God, I pray May you bless this episode. Lord I pray that as always the holy spirit will be the one to speak through US Heavenly Father and I pray that as always this will be an uplifting time um fair for all of us and also in fellowship and that you receive all the glory and only your father and the honor that you receive that you deserve um thank you Heavenly Father and um we love you and we pray for this in the precious thing of your son Jesus, amen, we have as we mentioned Justin Tony with us, they are actually married, they have been they are married for 14 years and they have three beautiful children, plus they have been in the faith for about 18 years and have been making


that glorifies the Lord for about 10 years, so we decided to bring them because with this theme of worship and music, we feel that they have Lots of knowledge to share with us and your perspective is very good.
we re hypnotized by music ft special guests

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we re hypnotized by music ft special guests...

They know they have great testimonials when it comes to the music industry. So do you want to share something from the beginning? It may occur to you that you would like our audience to know about you. I just wanted to thank you. It is a pleasure to be here. We really appreciate them and how the Lord is using them on the podcast. Thank you. We pray that you continue to bless him and thank you for the kind words from him, where we would love to add anything we can to what you guys are already doing, considering worship and just praising the Lord, that's all we are.
we re hypnotized by music ft special guests
I'm looking to do here together, so thanks guys. Amen to you, it's definitely a pleasure to have you here, so thank you for being here. And let's go into it a little bit. Let's go a little further. You know, Jess and Tony share more about their kind of experience, you know, before they came to Christ with music and now how they're using it to glorify the Lord, as was said, we see it throughout the Bible what worship was like. . used for the Lord as if it were used to connect with the Lord to praise the Lord to honor the Lord with you you know if it's dancing or expressing ourselves through music whatever it was that was always the intention amen from the beginning but as Well we know, Satan came into play and unfortunately he was envious of the Lord and he was greedy and he just wanted to take that place and so he turned the term worship into yes we can worship the Lord but now people are worshiping Satan. through music, so we just want to point out that again Satan was struck down by every God and wanted to take space, that's why everything he does here on Earth is a counterfeit of the kingdom of God.
we re hypnotized by music ft special guests
He uses music to deceive people's minds and to lead them astray towards drugs sexual depression bad words objectifying men and women Etc., you know that all these types of sins are now being glorified through music and are interesting in love. I was watching a video of a pastor and her name is Stephanie Ike and she shared. how demons need a place to live, so for them using people for music is like a release, we need to throw this somewhere and the type of music appears that you know he influences and in that same Accord the music hypnotizes people and then because of that we start to internalize the lyrics we start to get the rhythm and it just blends with us and we think oh why I keep thinking about the song it's because it hypnotizes us and that's the effect that the enemy has had as a whole and like you said , that's the exact word, that's what it is, it affects us spiritually, right, but also emotionally, mentally and as a whole, right, and and and just, not too long ago, maybe like two.
Months or so ago we were in a restaurant with Germany and I won't say the name of the artist, but secular music was playing and the beat was so catchy that I didn't even realize how it was a sensation that could have been hypnotizing me. right, I didn't even notice until I caught myself humming and I didn't notice for a while and then you're like Jerry was looking at me and then we were just like I think we both realized or something and we started laughing and oh god mine, I totally liked that I was in this Zone and I didn't even realize, you know what I mean, so it doesn't just affect non-believers.
It can, it can also affect believers, so we have to be very, very cautious, as Germany said. I think so, you want to participate, feel free. I think an example of that is how you can listen to a song and it just mentally takes you to a place that you know, like you said many, many years ago, and you wonder how am I thinking about this, how did I come to you, you know? , I entertain the thought of whatever I may have. I've been doing at that time, many years ago, and it's just that the song brings you back to that moment, that place wherever I was with that person and all these different types of things, so, the music is so influential, it's Oh.
Oh my gosh, and um, I'll share a story, you know, I was just listening. I was trying to get into, you know, different contemporary Christian music and I came across an artist. I don't remember the name of the artist, but anyway I was kind of going through a difficult time, I was struggling a little bit because it sounded like trap, like reggaeton, and it was very difficult, it made me struggle because, like you said, it took me to a moment and a a place where I just say no, I have to get my mind out of the gutter, you know, I can't, no, I have to rebuke this and so it says that we have to be aware and again be aware of ourselves and have that perception that we just because you know that this particular song, one particular artist might have made me struggle, doesn't mean it's going to make you know that all of you struggle, so it depends, right?
You're just having that perception that I used to listen to like Eminem, right? impulse of that anger and I always put it on and DMX alone to work out because of the emotion of the strength he gave me through music. Wow, sometimes a lot of people who go to work go to gyms, I know. They're probably listening to really heavy stuff just to get that adrenaline in their body and get it moving, so in my case, I've learned that you shouldn't listen to that kind of music and just get into gospel music which has kind of almost the same hype. but without the negativity behind it that's also good, it's so true and it's so true, yeah, you know what about you, Germany?
I was sharing your experiences with music with Eileen, that time we had a dirty conversation about music. How I think I've definitely improved when it comes to now, honestly the only thing I crave is Christian music. Amen, I just don't long for anything more, but it's a little difficult because when you're with other non-believers. and they're playing certain things and you're like, oh, my experience is like, uh, you're not accepting this, but then it's like, what do you say? You know, you just tell them, oh well, not me. You know, turn this off or it's just the focus, so sometimes you have to walk away from the situation or just get over it and then you know how to make better decisions in the future.
But I was sharing with Eileen how right it is now. they have certain remixes where they turn normal secular music into Christian music and there is one in particular, I don't know if you guys, I should say the name or maybe, but there is a very famous Spanish artist and his song is known all over the world, in It's actually the ranking song, it's just not the best song, but they turned it into a Christian version, but for some reason, since I already knew the original lyrics, I thought I'd go back to the original lyrics because that's just how I was introduced to this song. on this beat, so I told her that even though she's like Christian now, I just can't listen to her because I can't make you know that you have that memory, that memory is like that. so associated that I can't turn it off so I find it interesting how that happens it's like, again going back to how it hypnotizes you there is a reason why God says we have to be very aware of you know what comes through the eyes and what that enters through the ears and then goes to the heart and then we catch ourselves now sinning um and then you know also if we keep it um I guess we give in to that for lack of a better word, generally what tends to What will happen is that now we will take a step further, now there are only nine our thoughts, this will now manifest physically, perhaps you already know, and that applies to most types of sins or any other that Germany has mentioned about the way in which the more you are in the word and you long for the word of God, now you want to balance it with listening to good music too and it reminds me of that scripture from Psalm 42 1 where it says the deer. pants for water Brooks Soul gasps my soul for you oh God and that's why the more I'm in the word of God and the more I listen to Christian music, it gives a beautiful balance to my soul, I can't.
It goes from listening to, you know, crazy music or any music, to now getting into the word of God, I can't function, there's just an interference that ends up happening or vice versa, you know, you just end up being in the word of God and everything. suddenly, now you want to listen to normal music and I think that reminds me of a scripture too, I just wanted to share, again, talking about the power of music and influence, like you said too, Tony. before then the scripture is first Samuel 16 um 14 begins there then um bear with me it is 14-17 so it says but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him and Saul's servant told him surely a distressing spirit from God is troubling you now I'm going to pause very quickly because you know for some especially non-believers it might be like it's God who is giving you these disturbing spirits on purpose it's not what it says it's what it says when we grieve the Holy Spirit when we do something to grieve the Holy Spirit and we know that light can mix with darkness so what ends up happening is we are giving the Holy Spirit now that the Holy Spirit is gone. and now we are making room to invite these dark Spirits, so that is what it says, so now let me continue this with the Scriptures, let our Master now command your servants who are before you to look for a man Be a skilled player. on the harp and it will be that he will play it with his hand when the distressing spirit of God is upon you and you will be fine so save his servants give me now a man who can play well and bring him to me and them You mean David, so They brought David in and in essence, David was capable with the type of music that he played for him and he used the harp specifically, it was kind of relaxing, he was also a man, after God's heart, right.
And with that being said, we have to be aware of what this teaching is with the Scriptures, just as you know that divine music was able to counteract those demonic forces and calm it down. What happens then when we hear things that are basically supervised by the enemy by the devil at that moment you are inviting those types of demonic spirits can sweet water come out of a bitter spring or bitter water comes out of a spring fresh fresh a fresh spring alone will produce fresh water um and Goes to what you said a moment ago about how you can't do one thing and be in the Lord in it and then all of a sudden the spirit won't let you enjoy going and listening to secular music afterwards. being in the Lord spending time with him the same way that someone who doesn't know the Lord at all isn't going to want to spend time with him you're putting yourself in that place um of an unbeliever you're acting like an unbeliever really true you're being double-minded um and the Lord is just not going to bless the spirit, not going to bless that um if you are If you are going to be in the Lord, then you must be as we say in all things in the Lord, whether through the door of your eyes, your door, um, you're right, the things that you're observing, the things that you're seeing.
We're hearing all these different types of things uh the spirit that the Lord wants for all of us and every part of us so he won't let us enjoy uh that's actually a quote um that the Lord doesn't allow his children to sin successfully um he He will not allow us When we sin, we should be in misery, so when we listen to secular music, the Lord would make usAlways, we pray that God keeps you so that he may make his face shine on you. We say goodbye to the dynamic duo every day when I wake up.
I feel the burden on myself. So he decided to climb the cross. He shed his blood for us. He will reap. and through this musical power

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