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We Put $5,000 Brakes on our $500 Ranger

Mar 28, 2024
Alright, you got it, Max Speed, we bought this Ford Ranger for $500 and will soon be racing through the deserts of Mexico in the Nora 500, but before we do we need to make some major upgrades to survive, yes, the last one. In the video we updated the suspension as you can see and as much as we would love to take the truck to the desert right now and see how good that new suspension is and we probably need the truck to be able to stop, yeah, so to do that we bought this Willwood front and rear brake kit along with some other braking accessories for a total of $5,000.
we put 5 000 brakes on our 500 ranger
We are also upgrading our wheels and tires and plan to add some more power at some point to be able to handle all that extra power we need. We need to upgrade our front hubs and knuckles as well as our rear end, once we install our new


we will take them back to California City to test them along with our new wheels and tires and the suspension we installed last week, then what do we do? you say let's get into all this so we can head into the desert let's do it okay quick plan of attack we'll need to prep our bare axles and hubs then we'll put the calipers and rotors on the rear axle and then we'll go to the Front we need to put a brake proportioning valve somewhere in the engine bay and run the lines from that valve to the calipers we installed.
we put 5 000 brakes on our 500 ranger

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we put 5 000 brakes on our 500 ranger...

We're going to put a lot of force into these things, so we're going to try to make them We're sure they won't break, so we've got some sturdy components here, axles, hubs, knuckles, everything, so we've got Dean and Dean knows how to make these things, so it will help us finish in the time we have left. To start, we have this Camberg racing rear end. Many times you have to buy the differential brake axles and housing separately, but Cambering actually sells them as complete packages, which takes a lot of work off our hands. We are getting this. axle all checked, make sure our axle lengths are correct.
we put 5 000 brakes on our 500 ranger
I have these axles at my house so I hope they are the same. The chances of the axles fitting are about 98-99%, as long as we can use a tape measure, right? Be good, so what we have here is a third member of Evan Weller 10 inches and this third member runs what is called a school. Both axles will spin at the same time, there is no slippage, it's just all the power to the ground all the time. the money we have knuckles for the


because they are big, they are strong, they are beefy, they are from a four wheel drive truck so they are made for heavy duty work, this is not a perfect fit The solution is that in this line here we have to cut all these things to make it work with the kit.
we put 5 000 brakes on our 500 ranger
We have a cutting wheel to give it a try and just cut out all those things that didn't work while we modified. these Knuckles here, I went a little overboard with the cutting wheel, uh, I cut right after, you know, it happens when you're cutting 90° in two directions, you know, I don't know, yeah, buddy, not for you. I guess CU's job is the master. I would never say I want to fill this in, it's not structural at all so it's not a safety issue, it's more of a cosmetic one. I want to fill this in with some wire, some solder, and then sand it down so it looks nice first.
We go ahead and paint it, yeah, it looks like it, but I'll know, wait, you're done, yeah, I complete it, it doesn't look good, Joby, but you know, a grinder and paint make me the welder that I am. I didn't hear correctly that friend heard that this only on today's sponsor, onx off-road, allows you to try the app free for 7 days, get access to thousands of trails with incredibly detailed information, such as current conditions, opening dates, closing, lifting difficulty and more. You can even plan or build routes in 3D and share them with your friends. We love using onx on Dona and if you love it too, you can upgrade to an elite membership unlocking tons of features like public and private land data and exclusive discounts from the best. brands like the Fox Waren method and more, plus, for a limited time, Onx is giving you a free beanie when you purchase an Elite membership, a free trial, a free beanie who doesn't love it, download the free Onx all-terrain app right now to start your free race.
Try 7 days today and click the link below to claim your free hat with an elite membership. That's all for today's breaking news. Now back to the


, okay, time to put this all together and see if we have the clearance we need. to have


, oh yeah right, I think this should go on the back of that red anodized piece, hopefully we won't have to take it off to do that, so here we go, right. The cube doesn't go over oh oh oh it was like a little puzzle oh that was going to suck that didn't work that was going to be really suck work all those years playing Uncharted was really worth it that was an adventure puzzle this is a damn pretty big rotor pretty huge willwood four piston uh caler Also, I mean the clamping force on these wheels is going to be incredible and we need a lot of stopping power since we're putting 37 inch tires on this thing that has a lot of rotation.
The mass of the wheels and tires together weighs 120 pounds and you know. when you're going, let's say 100m per hour, that's got a lot of momentum going around the circle, so you have to push as hard as you can and I think these Woods wheels will help us finish a little bit. A little touch will help you put some anti-Seas on the back of the brake pads here just to prevent the system from binding and squealing, making noise, better braking operation, that's something you really should make into your daily driver for sure and it will only make the Baja Blaster that much better to drive, so satisfying it's notched so it just sits there, Willwood rules don't work, well no, what do we think? anything, yes, of course, yes, but the interesting thing has already been done, the interesting thing has already been done.
The biggest change we're getting with this Willwood system is that we're going from a drum brake system that came on the truck to a pretty beefy disc brake system. one in that job disc brakes are much better than drum brakes in all aspects, some recent vehicles still come with drums at the rear which is a proven system, they are cheap to manufacture but there is nothing better than the Ste it's coming. That's right mate, looks great mate, thanks and it's clear that our upgraded brakes will disperse heat better, be more responsive and more reliable, however they won't directly help us stop faster, that's more of a feature of ours. new tires.
We have 37 inch tires. tall and we have some racing rhinos, it's forged so it's going to be super strong and it's a bead lock to physically grab the tire and keep it on the wheel without blowing up the beads so we can run super low pressures and get out of any situations hard they're going to be huge they're going to be heavy they're going to look cool we just have to put them together which means it takes about a thousand bolts on these wheels so I've got a lot of hands guys. those things are dirty dude give me clean wheels 1080 that's my guy look at that oh my god dude the difference wow wow wow wow you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about Am I right?
I mean, this truck was a lot of fun. rolling in stock form it was quite capable now, just seeing the huge size difference gives you a very good idea of ​​how capable the truck will be not only when fully finished but even just with the suspension system we have. there and these tires will be able to handle much bigger bumps and also with these really big block tires here I think the River wash is going to be a lot of fun now let's continue with the build so we have a proportional valve here from willwood this is A pretty nifty bit of kit and the way it works is pretty simple - it has two inputs, one for the front axle and one for the rear axle for the braking power coming out of the master cylinder.
This knob here modulates how much brake fluid can go to the rear axle? Changing that amount affects the overall polarization. If you increase braking at the rear, you have more front bias. If you increase rear braking, you have less front bias. so it's pretty simple, I just have to make a couple of lines, put a couple of props in here and then we'll mark ourselves. Okay, I'm starting to wonder if this is the right fitting, I'm just trying to screw this fitting on for one of the front ones. proportional valve output lines and for the life of me I can't start.
I thought I was pretty sure this is the correct connector, but I started to think it might be wrong. topic of the video the topic of the video and all the videos and our lives so far, we have great brakes, but I can't find the hardware to install them, so I'm going to keep looking and, yeah, I might have to buy more bolts to get our cables. here we have some of them Adam is currently in the king of hammers, he is the one who ordered all of these and came up with the brake system, but he didn't leave us any drawings or any kind of schematic or notice nor did you.
I know hey, this is what I was thinking. I think we can figure it out. I think we can do it. It only breaks in a race car. Okay, so we're replacing our original factory hard lines with these longer braided lines. They are more durable and they are longer which we need because we now have a lot more suspension travel so our brakes will be further away from the truck than they used to be, we need an extra line to make it work so that's what What these are going to do is they're going to give us enough room to travel and they're very sturdy, so even if they brush against something that we're going to try to avoid, they won't explode immediately, so it's also going to be more resistant to bulging than the lines. original rubber would have been, especially as they age and degrade, when you push the brake pedal too hard, you can bulge those lines and then your pressure will go to the line instead of on your brakes and slow you down, we won't have that problem with these , no matter how hard we are pressing the pedal, all the pressure will go directly to the caliper to slow this down.
W he saves the day again with some props. and lines because as always we are missing a lot of things but now we are back in business no more trips to the hardware store guys okay the brakes are officially on the truck jooby we bleed them and then we We headed to the desert for some dessert, hey it's me from the future, now before we get to the desert I wanted to show you a new t-shirt we made specifically for the Baja Blaster. You can see it has the ranger rampaging through the desert and there's even a little frog trying.
So you don't get run over, it's available in washed and natural black and we even made a long sleeve version for those cold Desert Nights, plus we're also releasing a new decal and a new brown logo cap. Get it all now at donut media. com and take a look and we're back to the cctt DD, what does that mean? California City Trophy Truck donut drum perfect. We have four different scenarios set up to test all of our updates. We have a straight line speed test, a braking and cornering test, a loose wash traction test and finally a whoop section that means jumping to see how much the weight has affected our truck's acceleration and power.
We start with our 0 to 60 test. We have set up the same half mile. Of course, here last time we had 34.9 seconds, so we have a stopwatch here, let's see what Justin can do now, what do you think he's slow? I think so, it's okay, Justin, as long as you feel like we're not about to explode. uh, you're ready, we're checking. I felt the vibration and we are getting some smoke coming out so let me diagnose the smoke. Oh, sick, okay, let us know. I guess it has a vibe and a bit. of smoke and said he thinks it's the driveshaft, that driveshaft is dangerously close to the gas tank, which is one of the few things we really don't want to open or have smoke, yeah, okay, it should just be something of the exhaust. we're ready to move on 3 2 1 come on it's already picked up speed it looks like it's dragging look at that oh my god this feels horrible but somehow it feels faster 30 seconds 30.7 8 seconds so the extra grip from the tires overcame the He added wait and made us cross the line almost 5 seconds faster.
Incredible, it's great, something is making noise. I think that's the driveshaft that was the scariest, scariest 30 seconds of my life. Actually, the transporter completely disappeared. Our driveshaft bracket is completely gone. the driveshaft just gives us some support in the middle, prevents it from doing a lot of this and is not happy with thethings and, uh, uh, he left the chat, which is not cool, you're going to go take the piece. I'll go, we'll go get it, but we've got two of them here, I'm not sure which one we need. One of them was much more expensive than the other.
Great, yes, one should work. For now, this is neither. I think this driveshaft is a stock driveshaft and obviously our rear axle differential is not stock and we have a lot more travel so we need a longer driveshaft but we really just need the stock driveshaft. axle to help us get through today, we just want to pass these tests, so although I don't think even a new support bearing will solve our problems, I hope it will help us get through today, that's all I want, trials and tribulations in the walking trails. well, seems like an easy path to follow Zach after that very funny fiasco, we're back on the road, the driveshaft is currently staying in place, I don't know what the next beep will be. we have our braking and cornering test, Our new grippier tires should allow us to stop faster and our new brakes and proportional valve should allow us to do so with more control, if you remember last time, we had a hard time stopping the truck without grip, no. grip no grip so let's see how well this thing works alright here we go ready yeah I'm ready hey took that BMP real good okay let's see how it stops look how it rips now oh wow , it slows down so well, oh yeah, buddy, it stopped. shorter than stock tires, that was great, Joe, yeah, that felt amazing, oh man, this is so much better, oh yeah, I have all the brakes in the world, no problem slowing down, yeah, I want That is, it just bites and sinks and as it sinks.
The more weight you get in the front, the more grip. We could have gone through how it feels. Oh, it's much better. It actually slows down. Now the brake work slowed us down. Mission accomplished, but now we have to put these tires to the test. I think it's going to be a bit of a complicated job. Why do you mean let's go to the riverbed? It's time for our third attraction test. The goal is to go down the creek bed around the cone and back without sinking into the water at the end. This time we got pretty far, but as soon as we had to slow down for the curve we started sinking and had to get it out with another truck, so let's hope that doesn't happen, okay, little traction test, here we go, here come on. ready, I'm ready, okay, just stay on these routes, stay on these routes, yeah, keep it low, skiing, baby, yeah, just jumping a little bit, so my boobs are okay, here they come.
I hear V6 screaming, give it a chance, the breaks. working hard, it's spinning, oh my god, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, W, it can't stop, yes, okay, so our tires clearly have enough grip for this loose stuff here, I mean, look Dude, check out this chewed-up original Ranger we got. stuck right here the sunken tires on the rear stuck here, but with that extra ground clearance, that wider contact patch and those really gnarly lugs on the tire go through this like it was nothing, it was easy brake success Success of the tire now proves I've been waiting all day the suspension let's scream okay Bel in bash hat let me squeeze the sucker buddy don't kill me to go just don't kill me we ready to go yeah oh god Oh God, God, yes.
Noan, yes, noan, we are off the track, but it was worth it, yes, what a machine, oh that was great, everyone is fine, everyone is still being checked. Y'all lost track, dude, yeah, sometimes when you're taking in too much air, okay, dude, that looked amazing, how? Justin feels much better, much better. I can't imagine doing that on the stock Stu, it was pretty jarring just like Jesus mate, it's actually pretty smooth. I can form thoughts, oh gosh, maybe not, that was so much fun, oh my gosh, that's it. Great, we're just getting started, that's a small jump compared to what this thing will be able to do.
Offroad is the best. Why do anything else? You know, just getting out into nature, having fun and driving fast, like ah, I mean. Yeah right we have $20,000 in the ho um and we don't even have safety equipment yet uh harnesses seats a hood fenders ah there's still a lot to do right obviously the brakes are a lot better obviously the tires are a lot better and obviously The suspension is much better, but now I think it's time to do all our little tests, put them all together and get a great lap time, let's do it buddy, what did you do last time? 522 522 You think we're getting on all fours, yeah, oh?
Yeah, oh yeah, the only negative thing for us is how much bigger the puddles got, yeah, but I think we're going to float across them. Are you ready? Nolan, 3, 2, 1, and we're off, okay, okay, on the straight section it feels a little slow I'll give you that, yes, it's going to need more power, I'll give you that, it's going to be scarier, oh yeah, okay, the first corner is coming, oh, it has all the brakes in the world. there's no point in being able to break that well I have to keep going like this you have it with your foot down we're fine we're fine we're fine we're fine foot down baby on the ground okay here we go that's a TR yes baby yes baby sick yes wow now what do you have to do now we have to do the puddle Joy oh the puddle is fine you got it top speed we're not good oo that was a big splash oh no we're moving yeah that's because these tires float baby I'm so wet okay here we go , look at this JY, and we crossed the line, wow, that was really funny, how was that mud hole?
Oh, it sounds pretty deep, like you were silent for a second, yeah, I wasn't. We were sure to pass, but we did well. What do you think your time was? I hope it's like the 440. I'm going to say 4:36 ooh, you're both wrong, you're actually faster. 432 almost a complete. minute yeah, it's almost like all you have to do is completely reinvent the suspension, spend a ton of money on brakes and tires and then you'll absolutely improve on things, the Ranger is the best car we've ever owned, okay, I don't. you curse Okay, time to address the power issue again with the guys at the store.

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