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We Lived in the New $1 Million EARTHROAMER SX (full tour)

Apr 17, 2023
This is the first and only Earthroamer SX in existence and this beautiful Beast that retails for over a


dollars will be our home for the next 72 hours. I have the Earth Roamer stuck in the mud during our time pretending that we actually own this. vehicle, we will give you a



and also put it to the test as we explore the crazy landscapes of Moab. HQ gave us 24 hours on their LTI so we could film a


for our channel and two years later that's currently the most viewed video on our channel so a few months ago when Earthroamer released their new SX guess who's getting Approaching who I'm just kidding it actually wasn't, but we're very honored to be one of the first people to shoot a video with the SX and we're going to be doing a lot more than just giving you a tour, we're really going on an adventure with some interesting moments in between what was that great good morning from a rainy desert outside of Moab Utah yesterday we met up with Zach and Dustin at Earthroamer HQ and we Caravan six hours Denver all the way here in between out of the blue last night when we arrived we used our super bright lights to find our campsite and then once we got settled in we cooked dinner using the induction cooktop watched YouTube using Starlink internet and stuff like babies in our California King bed so now we've had some time to get to know this huge piece of luxury equipment let us show you around Welcome to our home I'm going to give you a tour of the inside of the earth roamer and then Nate is going to show you why the outside is so special, But before I give you a tour, let me give you some context as to why two world travelers are so excited to show you a truck and that's because during the pandemic Nate and I


in a converted Sprinter van for two years and even though we had a good part of our life ups from defeats and casualties it leaks we were fascinated by this lifestyle and wanted to try as many houses on wheels as possible and after trying tons of different vehicles we learned nothing compares to the road roamer dirt ok im going to start with the back of the camper and work my way to the front this area is probably my favorite upgrade compared to the LTI its basically the dining room table office and a second bedroom last night we put a four adults here so comfortably to dine but if you wanted you could easily fit six and we have 270 degree views with these giant windows if you work for the world like we do this is the ideal office space I have ever experienced in a vehicle we have power outlets we can turn on the fan if we want some fresh air while we work we can play the Sonos surround sound speakers but most importantly this ground roamer comes equipped with Starlink internet whether I'm driving around the highway at 80 miles an hour or parked in the middle of nowhere like we are now we have high speed internet I could upload a youtube video from the middle of the desert this is a game changer oh my nerdy heart it just gets so happy thinking about it ok i showed you the dining room and office table now for the bedroom this table needs to go down the cushions will slide off and then we have a california king size bed this thing is gigantic so much more Bigger than the extra beds in the LTI, there's one more feature of this rear area that will blow your mind at the click of a button: a flat screen TV magically appears on the ceiling, and like I said, they're starting the internet, so even when you're parked in the middle of the desert you can stream netflix you can watch youtube whatever you want and then put it back on just hit this button again right now i'm gonna take a step into the kitchen my favorite room in any house i'm pretty sure that i just said that was my favorite room but now this is my favorite but just look how much space there is and it's so beautiful everything is so bright and perfect including the freezer and fridge which we didn't have. worrying about playing tetris with all the food we bought for this weekend because it all fits in there no problem we have a convection oven a microwave keep in mind this is already solar powered awesome cant remember how big LCI timing was but I'm pretty sure this is the biggest sink I've ever seen in a vehicle it's so deep here we have the regular tab with one of these things I really like we have the filtered water faucet and this is water instant hot they're fancy under the sink there's a


size trash can which if you live in a vehicle you know this is pretty exciting the less you have to take out the trash the better there's these little things with a door lock too so you don't get blown open while driving now the best part i can't keep saying one of my favorite parts about


is how they arrange their plates and how they color each plate has its own custom slot so none of them are touching us and nothing bang around we gotta put this to the ultimate test last night as we were driving we were driving over boulders everything was going like this and back here it was totally silent in our truck even if we went through a pedal pedal in our band even if we looked for a pebble it's like if everything was breaking but everything is tight it doesn't budge each spoon and fork and knife has its own perfect slot speaking of knives very sharp very nice so this part is a little annoying but it's pretty crazy, five or six pans fit in a drawer in this magical puzzle last time on LTI.
we lived in the new 1 million earthroamer sx full tour
I was never able to get the pants back the way they were when I started, so my goal this time is to figure this out. I will do that. I'll give you five bucks if you put that thing in but the way it came out my number one priority in a kitchen is the coffee maker and in our first or more videos I may have complained a bit about your coffee setup . I found one thing in the land roamer that I'm not a big fan of and that is this wall mounted Keurig and to the land roamer's credit they listened and I'd like to think I'm the reason the new SX is coming with the best coffee maker there is even a little milk frother and its nice not only that but they did some research and found my favorite coffee in the whole world and ordered it from panama needless to say they made up for the instant coffee . had to drink first time they were so sweet now very impressed with the wine rack on the lti last year but like many things on the SX they have improved it now that we have a wine cooler which once again stopped me with Colorado Wine we have so much beautiful marble counter space and an induction cooktop usually if we are in a vehicle that is meant to be off the grid I would stay away from induction because it uses a lot of power but armor Earth has an incredible amount of solar energy, so you don't even have to worry about that.
we lived in the new 1 million earthroamer sx full tour

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we lived in the new 1 million earthroamer sx full tour...

I had two pans here last night. I didn't even think about it ok I was going to put this away until the end of the tour but like us look what's behind this door it will blow your mind a combo washer dryer machine just look at it looks like a spaceship confirm it will never have than driving your


dollar land vehicle into a laundromat parking lot in the middle of your road trip if you know me you know I love storage and let me tell you we have more than enough here right across from the kitchen is the dresser in the closet there are also some plugs in here and a bunch of controls that i don't understand and i'm not going to touch oh my gosh and in this drawer Nate has unpacked his entire suitcase this is all he has in one of these drawers it's huge I took two I have my clothes up here and my toiletries and a few misc down here we don't even use even vacuuming is always a pain the vacuum just died storing a vacuum in a vehicle is definitely a pain but Earthroamer has nailed it.
we lived in the new 1 million earthroamer sx full tour
His vacuum cleaner is just this cord. It is so long that you can do the whole car with one plug and all the dirt is just sucked into the wall. I have no idea where it goes if you're not doing a proper deep cleaning just sweep a little thanks right next to the vacuum plug just sweeten some dirt in this little hole in the wall and then boom, the wall literally eats up the dirt behind this door. the bathroom which has a full length mirror one of those things you don't realize you need until you have one the LTI bathroom is a wet room meaning the shower and toilet over the sink is one big room that everything gets wet when you shower, which is great for saving space, but not so much when you need to use the bathroom after someone else is taking a shower. regular toilet you can flush the toilet paper and all and i haven't smelled it yet which is a win we got this nice little sink here and last but not least take a look at this bathroom no more wet bathrooms its a proper shower with the door there is a removable shower head and a waterfall shower there is as much room as a normal bathroom and there is a pin no matter how big your caravan is you are always going to hit it in the elbow ok move on in the bathroom and above the entrance we have our security cameras there is a camera on all four sides of the roamer land so you never have to wonder if there's someone out there crawling on you or if there's an animal maybe there's like a weirdo running outside you'll know then this screen this pretty much controls everything that can be controlled in the whole caravan so I can turn all the lights off here at the same time with a click of a button and then turn them back on you can dim the lights lights oh oh oh you can even change the color of the lights oh oh party security mode when you go to bed you just press that and boom all your doors are locked you don't have to worry not only can you control everything from this but you can check all of your levels of everything your battery levels your water levels this tells me how many volts of solar we're getting all the things that are really cool to know and we've never had that luxury well yeah nor even had enough power to make coffee and last but not least for the interior we have the master bedroom it's also a california king and it's all on top of the cabin best of all this bed is right here , it never moves, you don't have to do any of the things you were doing before there are no tables you have to sit on there are no cushions you have to move it's just here to climb you can do it Tarzan style and hold on to this climbing thing or there's a ladder wow, pull this down, pull this gently, oh, there you go, this is where we slept last night. bugs we can get this bug net out all the windows on the land roamer are set up exactly the same but if you're taking a nap and want all the windows closed so it's dark they all have a blackout curtain which you can Pull we have a second tv in the bedroom with a sonos speaker even though i'm pretty sure the tv was off you could still see that from the bed both sides of the bed are pretty much identical each has this huge compartment of storage two outlets and wireless charging each one has a window one of my favorite parts of Van life is going to sleep with the windows open and feeling the fresh air coming in so there's one more control panel here it pretty much does the same things that the main control screen does it's just a great feeling to know that I can control everything in this vehicle from the bed it pretty much does it for the interior tour I'm sure there are a few things we forgot or that we will discover throughout this journey and when we do, we will be sure to show it to you.
we lived in the new 1 million earthroamer sx full tour
I'll give you a full tour of the exterior as well, but first we're going to put this piece to the test here in the sand dunes real quick. I wanted to let you know that we are giving away a free trip to Everest Base Camp. It is completely free to enter. All you have to do is sign up for our travel newsletter. Daily delivery using the link in the description below. We did exactly this trip. in 2016 and it was one of the most rewarding adventures of our entire lives, the winner of this raffle will get a 15 day all expenses paid trip to Everest Base Camp plus we will contribute 3000 to cover their flights to and from Nepal This truly was a life changing trip.
We went out with a number of longtime friends of this Trek and are very excited to give this opportunity to one of you, just use the link in the description below to enter. don't win you're still subscribed to our awesome travel newsletter the daily drop i promise will save you a ton of money on your next trip so if you really can't miss the link in the description below ready to roll guys . is what notwe could do last time with the Earth Rover, we couldn't really put it to the test and I couldn't drive, honey, I hope we locked all the drawers back there.
I love shooting. camping when it's dark and then waking up to this whole new world I didn't even know existed we're in the middle of the desert surrounded by these epic rock formations yeah oh I don't know what that was this is so epic we're literally driving a tow truck million dollar four wheels right now and Zach drives so fast like they don't take care of these things at all he says oh you're set it's also crazy that you can put a house on the back of a truck and it can support all these hits and still stay together, there's wine bottles back there, wine glasses, shoot, oh no, oh no, I'm so glad about nothing. broke, we should probably drink the wine and make sure it doesn't fall and break, okay, let's cheer up, baby, there's no way he's climbing the sand dune, oh, I think you should do this, Nate.
Only this is the first time Kara has gone off-road, but I'm pretty sure she's the first person to drive the SX over sand dunes. How do you feel so incredibly nervous? you ready 4.1 million dollars here we go oh my god ok now im going down hill yeah good job that was so current i feel alive holy cow lets do it again ok we will a little different but another good fun Hill oh my gosh Zach what are you doing to me oh my gosh I feel like you're doing good you're gaining confidence so we're doing harder things I know I don't like any of that maybe I should act more he's nervous, oh this is cool that's what I'm talking about oh shoot go go good so we're going to leave the dunes here we're going to hit the road and we're going to do about 27 miles in the country until we find Moab ok now it's my turn to have fun good luck though I don't think going over those sand dunes was completely necessary it was a lot of fun I might have missed my turn wait I'm starting to think you're doing it. this by the way no trails here it's just a desert so there's really no right or wrong way it's just what's the best way to drive the dirt bum without getting stuck without getting stuck that's a cliff beyond this is the most sketchy so far oh yeah oh oh oh oh oh i'm trying to peek this way oh please go this way.
I'll try to stay away from the edge of the cliff. Don't expect to see cows here in the middle of the desert oh this is a great night ok make sure you have your speed. up a mountain in a house here is your coffee sir thank you very much your award for all your good driving i appreciate it we just made a quick stop for lunch we are still in the middle of nowhere im going to wrap ourselves up some salads and after we eat Nate will give you a tour of the cab before we continue up the mountain.
One cool thing about this table is that it's designed to pivot so you can slide over to this side, which feels awful, but so far. nothing fell off the table feels like back in the van hey if we're in the van we'll be eating in bed right now i just scraped a bone in my spine oh okay before i hit the road again i want to show you around the cabin, so the Earth Roamer is built on top of a Chevy 6500 crew cab, which means it can fit four people, which is very convenient considering it has two king-size beds so four people can travel easily in this Earth Roamer together as well as you can Look behind me there's a step from the back to the front though it's one of those things you'd only use if you really had to because that's how you get into the front seat ok ?
For the most part, this is the interior of your standard Chevy truck, except a lot of technology has been added here in the middle. Let me review some of these buttons and indicators starting here at the bottom. We have a display that allows us to see our tire pressure and all four tires next to the tire pressure display there is also a gauge for the third auxiliary fuel tank so there are three fuel tanks on this truck for a 100 gallon total fuel capacity. We stopped and filled this up last night and it was almost five dollars a gallon that's 100 a gallon so it would cost about five hundred dollars to fill this up and that would give you a thousand mile range over those screens.
We also have our light controls so you can turn on the light bar which is basically like the sun at night. We practiced a lot using this last night. There are actually six different types of lights that you can turn on, but what's really cool is that all of those lights are connected to the high beams here. the steering wheel so if you're about to pass another car instead of having to try to turn all six lights out real quick all you do is turn your high beams off and all the lights go out cool design we also have a radio that we've been communicating with and this display is probably the most exciting because it has the cameras so we have an always on rear camera so you can leave it on while you're driving to see what's behind you but you don't really .
I don't even need to do that because you also have a backup camera that stays on in your rear view mirror so I'm pretty sure we have a few more cameras here oh I turn the music on since we don't need two rear cameras we have a few others too camera options can i change it to a front camera there is also a clear camera that gives you the fun thermal night vision camera if there was a deer or a madman dancing in front of the car you would be able to see them and last but not least there is a rooftop camera so the ground roamer is 12ft tall which is taller than most vehicles and sometimes you might be concerned about your top clearance so you are going through a drive-through or under a bridge or a branch you can put the camera on the roof top and see if you are about to hit something strange the truck is much dirtier than when we started the time is right to inflate the tires. for some reason we can't see through that camera so this is the kit that comes with the earth roamer and we'll be using it more the built in compressor to inflate the tires let me show you how easy it is thankfully the compressor cap . it's a little muddy so all we do is hook up the hose so all you do is ask Zach to help you hook up the hose to the compressor you made it look easy as you can see I don't do this very often often, so good. now our tires are at 35 PSI and just a thumb press we are re-inflating the tires the earth bum is literally creating his own air so his tires almost die oh ok let's check out these sights alright so i finally made it to our campsite for tonight and i just realized there was one very important thing i forgot to show you guys here in the booth and it's this airlift suspension so each tire has its own suspension pneumatic and everything can be individually controlled from this remote which means more parts on the hill like this one we are on right now.
You can level the dirt roamer by playing with the air suspension on each of the four tires. I have a very embarrassing confession when we first tried to park here. I was trying to find a level spot and did the impossible. I stuck the land vehicle in the mud. I probably could have gotten it out by inflating the tires and taking out the max tracks, but since we were riding with friends. they pulled me we're out of the hole that's my embarrassing moment of the day leave yours in the comments below for dinner tonight i'm making plant based breakfast tacos alien it's our last 24 hours on roamer land but we've been guaranteed this its going to be the best we are about to drive the most dangerous road of the entire trip and tonight we are staying at what Zach calls the most beautiful campground in the world he has camped a lot so my expectations and hopes are through the roof from the roamer too soon for jokes like that and i promise i will finally show you the outside of the earth rover sometime today this is a dangerous road this is not fit for coffee but it is beautiful all good we have parted ways with Dustin he is going to securing our campsite for tonight, hopefully we've picked up Zach, which is probably a good thing considering this road we're about to travel, it's called Gemini Bridges, a lot of really cool stuff. sites and some technical driving so we're really going to test the SX and some exposure a little bit of a little exposure to Cliff we'll be close to some edges but it won't be a problem so Kara's driving what? go? to be on the side that falls off the cliff or on the side closer to the mountain you're going to be on the side closer to the mountain so you're okay okay hold on tight everyone okay I know this hill isn't they look pretty big cause we're in a 12 foot truck but trust me it's big and it's going to be the first of its kind I've ever driven in so oh wow oh my gosh perfect we did it we did it right what was that? we're good, that happened, you can continue, you need to check your pulse, nice and slow, slow, it's not believing. this is the scariest part but there's a clip on one side there's a big rock on the other side and it's very narrow you got it you got it this is a good time to say don't look down i did it accidentally we are so high already, this is the easiest side to bail out yeah i just took my seatbelt off so if i need to jump i dont want to celebrate yet but i think we made it dont worry this was just the beginning of the trail so that the trail we are driving is called Gemini Bridges and we are currently standing on top of the bridges thanks alien we are going on a little recovery mission there is a forerunner that is stuck in the canyon because he slid off the road and now he's stuck up against the canyon wall unfortunately for them Zach is a recovery expert so let's see if we can get him out right now we're just installing the winch the front truck is going to hook up um so we can keep the tension in the front end and we're trying to make the front end not slide down into the hole ok dustin backs up slowly i should probably sit for this standing on bed four no that was exactly what we wanted that it was crazy wow how late i said we were going to try the earth rover but i didn't know it was going to be this kind of test you got it wow what a place Zach didn't lead us astray this could be the most beautiful camp in the world it literally got feels like we're parked on the rim of the grand canyon it beats being in the grand canyon because if you were in a national park you would never be able to camp in a place like this it's amazing ok it's finally time to to give you a tour of the outside roamer of land and i honestly can't think of a more spectacular place to do this we'll start the front and work our way up this is the light bar that not only makes the roamer terrestrial looks epic but as we learned on our first night while trying to find a campsite in the dark it's actually super functional also down here is a 16 500 pound winch that also looks great and as you saw today it's functional it can be used to pull a forerunner out of a ditch that's stuck in a canyon this was probably my biggest complaint about the LTI the one we reviewed last time the tires looked amazing but couldn't go faster than 68 miles an hour without overheating they have since switched to these new goodyear tires which are still military grade but rated up to 85 miles an hour which we may or may not have tested that's all I'm going to say these lights that are front mounted The rearview mirror gives you a wider field of vision at night, so instead of just seeing what's right in front of you, you actually have 180-degree visibility in front of the ground vehicle.
I love the paint or coating or whatever you call this they put on the Earth Roamer it's called x-guard it's their own mix so it's like a truck bed liner except they've done it where you can color it and it's UV resistant so if it sits in the sun it won't fade or turn chalky so it not only looks great but also if you're driving on narrow trails and the trees maybe scratching against the side sorry people on Earth are watching this video but I'm pretty sure it didn't hurt you this dirt could definitely be hiding some scratches under here but we're going to try to get out before they know it because it definitely I hit a tree the other day. gotta scratch it so tucked in here between cabin and camperthere is the air compressor on board which i pointed out last time but i really couldn't appreciate how helpful it was until this trip we have aired up and down a few times before going off in the dunes when we come out of the dunes there is alot of air up and down when you're off roading and this makes it very convenient and the compressor is super strong and these tires fill up surprisingly fast for sure you've seen this This is a point in the video.
This is a power outlet. It draws power from the batteries inside the Earth Roamer. It's just an outlet, so if you need to charge something outside, you can do it from here. This keychain is not as big as the previous one. one but i have yet to figure out which key opens these it's not that one so it looks like this top door is your water fill and exterior oh no this is a mess this door back here could be the biggest upgrade to the exterior of the SX over the LTI because this door opens into the walk-through garage so the LTI didn't have a garage at all, this one has a garage and walks through to the other side that we're currently using to store bags. but you could use it to store much cooler stuff there's even an outlet so if you need to throw an ebike in here and have to charge you could do that too this is definitely a game changer this is a Pelican case I know you can't really see the logo name right now because we mess it up a lot but this is an outdoor table we don't have yet figured out exactly how to use it and in this giant box we have a Blackstone grill so it easily pulls out the perfect place to cook up some burgers.
You also have plenty of space here at the side of the tent for all your grills. supplies and then here on the drivers side you have your max follow switch which might come in handy if you're like me and a goofball there's also a spare tire which hopefully you never have to use but if you do , there's a jack here under the spare tire which means you could change it yourself and last but not least there's also another 16,500 pound winch here in the back if I have a complaint about the bum From the ground up so far is that the ghost camera in the rear and the rear view camera when you drive through a lot of mud, they just cover up completely.
I've already been cleaning both twice. I can't see any of them that just means we've been having so much fun on some crazy roads so we meet again behind this door there's a cassette toilet I'm going to show you instead of pulling it out this time because last I was once told that this toilet is never used, otherwise I would. Worry that this fluid that is seeping into my arm right now is not water. I used it before. Yes, you did it. Yes, I do. your power from shore so if you're camping or if you're at home and you want to charge your land roamer you can plug it right there this is your number one diesel fuel tank and this is your number two diesel fuel tank and last but not least i need to get you to the top this always feels so wrong but they say you can do it that fixed it so here on top of the earth bum we got 1600 watts of solar power . the whole roof but in addition to the solar panels we have a fan over the bedroom fan over the bathroom AC AC this is the camera another fan over the kitchen table and last but not least the grand finale of the rooftop this is the starlink dish there There is no way I can explain to you how amazing it is to be in such a remote place and know that I can stay here and work on my computer for a whole week and be connected thanks to that mobile Starlink dish that is definitely the SX. a dramatic upgrade to the LTI it's the big brother in every way pretty much like everything that was on the LTI just got leveled up here on the SX thanks I can see the stars on my phone before you go I just wanted to remind you that you can enter to win a free trip to ever space camp using the link in the description below, also wanted to let you know that we just posted a new video on The Daily drop YouTube channel on how you can use models and points to stay at all-inclusive resorts for free, so if you're into that, I'll also leave a link to that video in the description below, thanks for watching and see you next week with what could be the craziest adventure ever. have we ever been thank you

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