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We just leveled up HARDCORE - Fibre Adventure

Jun 01, 2021
the coupler... I prefer the coupler not to be on the wire mold. - Yeah, okay. - Wait, how did I end up on the ladder? - Oh no, help me, Jake, I'm stuck on top of the shelf. You're going to have to get the ladder and climb the ladder. He can't resist the damsel in distress. - The damsel, oh boy. Damn incel. - You know, I'm actually not celibate. You have met my children. Oh yeah, that sounded worse than it was. - (laughing) that sounded very strange. - Yes, no, not like that. (both laughing) Are you ready? - Yes, give me that. - Oh God. - That wasn't very elegant. - Agree, hold.
we just leveled up hardcore   fibre adventure
We can do more elegant than that. Oi, oi, oi, it's alright. Not elegant, but it works. If it works, I twerk, you know? Can I scale it this time? - Oh, do you want to come up here? - Yes. - It's okay, if I go down I won't go back up. you got long arms, right? - Yes, I don't know if I would describe myself as a guy with long arms. - Hey, you better watch that sprinkler, okay? - Yes, yes, I'll try not to hit him too hard. This is very unpleasant. - It is not like this?
we just leveled up hardcore   fibre adventure

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we just leveled up hardcore fibre adventure...

Doesn't it suck? - Oh Lord. Fortunately, my t-shirt is also on It's not sweat from exertion, it's like sweat from stress. Like really stinky sweat. I'm like Tom Cruise. - Oh Lord. - I am a short man with a big ego. I mean I do my own stunts. - There's one more complaint that we didn't talk about earlier in the video, and that is that you can't dirty the end of these cables. If there's a speck of dust or sweat or whatever... - Grease. - Grease stuck to the end of the ferrule, which is at the end of the fiber cable, can actually block the signaling and cause the connection to not work.
we just leveled up hardcore   fibre adventure
Fortunately, our friends at Fluke referred us to one of his certifiers. This is like a $20,000 fiber tester. - Thanks Fluke. - Thanks Fluke. One of the best features of this thing is its fiber inspector. It's essentially like a little camera that can be placed at the end of fiber cables and look directly at them to see if they are dirty and will even test to make sure the cable is clean. By some standard, I guess. - And you can even stick it up your butt. I mean, technically that's a feature of


about anything, if you try hard enough. - I mean you wouldn't really see anything.
we just leveled up hardcore   fibre adventure
It is very enlarged. We set up our tests as a fiber inspector, that's what we want here. - So I


stick the thing on the thing? - So yeah, did you remove the dust cap? - Yeah. - Stick it all the way in and then that ring there is for focusing. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on. Go on, go on, go on, stop. So now that it's in focus, we can analyze and we can see that there's just a little flaw, but it's within spec and that's fine. It's great though, they even show you around the area.
So right in the middle, you can see the little white spot. That is actually the light that passes through the fiber from the other end. If you were to take a light pen and shine it on you would have a big white spot. The actual glass part is just this inner ring there. And these are just additional parts that are around him to protect him as part of the pharaoh. It is really very enlarged. For reference, the part we're looking at in the middle is only 62.5 microns. That's small. - Guess I shouldn't investigate this, huh? - It's not that strong. - Is it a laser? - Not precisely. - Ah OK. - It's a light. - How are we doing? - Well, that's a bit dirty.
So let's clean this up. - He is a dirty, dirty boy. - Now you might think I'll give up. - Yes, and wipe it with your shirt. Try wiping it off with your shirt. Or maybe your advice, probably have some good Linus juice in there now. (Jesse chuckles) Now, luckily, we have a little cleaning pen. That's probably good. Well. The more you do it, the more static it gets, it's probably just dirty. - Alright. - From what I was told, you usually do it once and if it's not enough, you do it a couple more times. - Wow, look at that. - That's pretty neat.
So there are still some specs out of the middle, but it really shouldn't matter. Yeah, it's still happening, we're ready to go. - Does this thing cycle like a cleaning thing inside of it? - Yes, there is something antistatic like a cleaning towel in there. A fancy little piece of rope. - That is incredible. Okay, and then we're going to connect this guy. Whoa, whoa, whoa. - No, no, we have it, we have it. - Come on baby, yeah. - Okay, you can do it. Oh yeah, she's good. - Got it, woo nice. - Nothing bad. - Is it clean. - How are we going to get this-? - Yes, I wish I had done it differently. - Oh no.
Oh no. We have to clear all this up. That's a pretty narrow hole. Oh, the top one is a little looser - Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. - Hold the door. - If you are nice. - Horror. - I don't want things to get very ugly here, you know? - Well. - Alright. - Okay, the last thing we're going to do to verify that our link is still working is a loss test. That will basically make sure that we don't have too much signal loss over the length of our cable and can also certify it for the specific application that we're going to be running.
It's not just going to tell us that two 50-foot cables that are coupled together have this specific amount of loss and that's within budget, that's good. It is also going to certify it, say for one hundred gigabits. So we'll say, yes, we want this cable to be able to do a hundred gigs, and it will tell us if, based on the amount of coupling that we have, that's an appropriate amount of loss. Right, we're going to need two split limbs there, you know that, right? - Because? - Because we have two different computers - Oh, that makes sense. - fictional.
Alright, so we're going to do a hundred concerts and we have a connection in the middle, right? We have a coupler. And then we have the two air gaps at each end, which is where our reference cases will connect. - Man, an accidental cut in the fiber at this point would not be a good time. Please no. There's a better way to do this, but we're not doing it in a better way. - It's going to fall out of there. - What, it's not going to fall. - Yes, it probably will. - It will not. How is it going to fall?
It's everywhere. Okay, taking the tape off doesn't count as falling off. - Well, I just (beep) come out now that you told me to. - Yes, but you're like (makes noises). You can move it. - We should have completely wrapped it up. It's an extra effort to specifically make small little parts. - Yes, but he saved the tape. - And we are within the specifications for a hundred concerts, although we are only doing 25. - Oh, great. Alright, how about this one? - Our loss is a little higher than I expected, but our limit is 1.9 DB and our loss is only 0.4.
I guess it might be a little dirty at this end because we didn't clean it first. But it's fine within our margins. So we're good. Success. - Nice. Well, that was a lot of learning, but don't worry because next time on LTT, hopefully within a week or so, we'll finally bring all our editors here in the revamped and connected editing room. to our fiber with our new server which we call the new Whonnock server. - It's Whonnock 3. - New, new Whonnock. - It's Whonnock 3. - And we'll use it to test the performance of the setup, to see if all this work was worth it.
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