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"We Expected Him To Die" Former Partner of George Michael On His Passing

Jul 06, 2023
Welcome back to baseball uncensored, from Wan's formation until his untimely death, George Michael was an enigma and a gigantic talent, but one person who knew the real George was his old teammate Kenny Goss. He talked to kenny at one point. for his first television interview in five years, but first there is a new final work, I assume it is a documentary on the life of George Michael that aims to give an insight into his public career and his tumultuous private life. Let's take a look at a clip. I have the right to leave the music industry takes that right away from every artist he signs


had raised the bar to a whole new level it was revolutionary and I want to leave songs I think I can leave songs that will mean something to other generations



who was certainly one of the most talented singer-songwriters this country has ever seen and his death was obviously tragically early and we all miss george no one, I guess probably more than my next guest who is kenny goss, who spent 15 years with george kenny, is great talking to you, hey how are you?
we expected him to die former partner of george michael on his passing
We don't really know each other, but I knew George pretty well and I had a good time with him. Looks like I've known you since uh. Aren't you in showbiz editor or something years ago when you were? I'm much older than you, but it must have been 20 years. Maybe yes, you have aged better. Looks like I know you, uh, yeah, I used to. I actually looked through a few newspapers, but I used to watch quite a bit of George, you ran the sun for a while in the news, the world, no, yes, and also in the Daily Mirror, yes, yes, but I've got something.
we expected him to die former partner of george michael on his passing

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we expected him to die former partner of george michael on his passing...

I'm not holding up a mirror, well, I was going to say about my dealings with George that he was always incredibly sincere. You know, I can remember some dinners where he was, you know, tremendously funny but very revealing. I did some interviews with him. the same thing he was kind of a heart on his sleeve guy and I'm curious about this documentary where a lot of people talk about him, it doesn't have you and I always felt that of everyone who was around George's life, you would do it. I've known him probably as well as anyone, I would definitely say he would absolutely say that too.
we expected him to die former partner of george michael on his passing
What you are absolutely right about is that George was one of the most honest people I have ever met and at times he almost used honesty. uh as a weapon no and I mean weapon in I'm going to tell you this I need to tell you this uh I've done something that you need to know uh and uh uh so you always learned the truth from him absolutely by a certain documentary that you're talking about that you and I corrected no , actually I'm talking about the new one that's coming out now with all the big stars uh, you're talking about the Simon Napier Bell movie, okay?
we expected him to die former partner of george michael on his passing
I know I don't know much about it, right, I do, but I haven't really seen it. I think I know what he says. But I wish you luck. I mean, I think the point is. What people have done about it is that it's not a cover-up of his life, but it may not be as real as it should be and that the reality of George's life was that towards the end of his life, certainly the last decade or so he was on a pretty downward spiral into, you know, a very difficult kind of lifestyle. He was very honest with me, even when he was with you and you have been very honest about it too. open relationship from his point of view, he had a lot, i think he probably was and i'm not saying anything, i would say he was probably more open than me, but i loved him a lot, he knew the public perception of george is what it is, i'm Having trouble hearing it guys, can you, oh, can you hear me?
Can I appear like this? Well, this air thing keeps getting colder, I apologize, eh, it's okay, don't worry, I'm sorry. I miss you, I'm ruining your whole show and I'm not at all, we get this, it's live TV, don't worry, I just wanted to ask you, can you hear me, can you hear me, it's okay, I can hear. Now yeah, yeah, I just wanted to ask you what you think was the biggest mistake about George that the public could have made. I think that's what I always try to remind myself and this really wasn't a mistake, I think for the most part. people knew this was like that, I don't think he ever thought he'd ever had a handsome time in his life, uh, uh, I always tried to remind him or tell him that you know you look really good today, uh, you're a handsome man. , uh, it was very difficult for him uh and uh and that seems like, I think for a lot of people I know that's well known, but I think for a lot of people they would think that he would have a much higher sense of, "hey, I'm a good-looking guy." and you know".
I'm sure, but that's something I'll never forget, one of the first times we've probably been together two weeks and he, or maybe three, came home and said, honey, what's so good about me and I said what? Why do you ask me that? And he said that he told me that he said that someone said you were prettier than me and I said, honey, what was the quo and I asked the question again because I've never really had a guy ask me. that question and uh I said there were so many things I should have said but I said your lips and uh now if it had been a girl or someone who had more time I would have said everything is good about you, don't you understand?
I mean, you know he was, you know, he was always voted the most handsome in the world, all these different things and, but what I did know was that he was a talented man and a good songwriter, I mean, he didn't have a Dudo, I mean he was one of the greatest talents I think musically this country and the world has certainly seen in my lifetime, I think that's what always surprised me, um, uh, I'm probably the least musical person that's ever been possible. have. I met him, he always said he had the same five CDs in my cars when we met and I can honestly tell you that I don't remember the lyrics to the songs you wrote about me and it's a shame I haven't since. he passed away I actually started reading the lyrics and I actually started doing that before he passed away and he was like oh my gosh he said I liked you better when you weren't reading them because you know I would almost ask him. childish questions like me in this room you say I'm in uh, where is this room and this chair?, he said honey, it's symbolism and me and I said, okay, I said, but, are we going to see each other?, I said you.
You're an atheist, you know questions so they were very childish, but they made me think and I understood what the symbolism was, but I always said I'm an angel in all the songs and I said are you my angel? and I said you. you called me drunk angel honey I said I said you know if you know how angels work they don't go they don't go drunk angels don't get many assignments you know I mean kenny you hadn't had you had had 15 you had 15 years with George and it was a great story of love well that's all you said because uh it was 15 years yeah and um uh and he said something one time and it was and that's what I said honey why did you say we were?
We were together two and a half years and you know he had already started, you know, not necessarily being president like we had gotten used to like he had been and his response was just uh honey, I don't know. I just did it and um and I was like, okay, how are you? Yeah, and towards the end, is that right to say? I mean, would you have been worried about the state George was in with all the drugs? I was worried about him the whole time. time yeah, yeah, I mean, but please don't say that in the wrong way, it's that if you love someone you're worried about that person, you know, it's that moment where I said you know he throws drugs in the toilet, that's just because I was. worried about it, now I'm very cautious about everything I say and you know it's a hard way to live, because you know, I mean, you know, I was very content for 14 years suffering a lot, you know I didn't.
I really like it, because if you Google my name, it often says long-suffering


, Kenny Goff, long-suffering Texan and, uh, uh, uh, but you know, I really tried to always be there for him and he knew that you knew that. . He, I, I know that he chose me to please his mother, I mean, he told me that you know, he had the opinion that his my mother, his mother and I were very similar and in many ways we were, I would say Probably, probably No, I'm much more of a play by the rules guy, and she was pretty much the same way, I mean, I'm not critical at all either, but you know, if a speed is a certain uh you're supposed to drive at this speed I drive at that speed if you're supposed to do it you know and he really played by his own rules kenny when you heard when you heard that really when you heard he died at that speed He was terribly young, obviously you would have been extremely surprised, but what Were your emotions about it, given that you separated from him but would you stay closer?
I would stay close. But you know we were all waiting. that he died uh uh it had been a long time uh when we lived together uh being worried about it uh um uh and honestly uh you know he hated the fact that I worried so much about him uh he what's the line he says in the song he says um, I could see it in your eyes when you looked at me like that, it broke me in two and uh, it really did, uh, I just didn't know what to do and Kenny, what's wrong? very close friend when you look back. about your relationship all your time with george what is your favorite memory if I could relive a moment you have with him uh um there are so many that uh and what I always notice is that there was a lot more time where I was incredibly happier with him than I would have been. that I was using with him like I could watch an interview with you and say wow, that looks good then or Parkinson's and he was and he always said such wonderfully kind things about me, uh, it's and you know that makes me feel.
Well, because you know he always said I saved his life. I think that's what you know a little bit, but I really tried and he often got upset with me because I don't think I ever called him and I didn't. say darling please a lot of people love you yes i don't think he ever knew how much he was loved he was an amazing character i love george i thought he was incredibly entertaining the brilliantly talented english people forgave him for everything we did . They did it? I mean, it was you know, you know why he literally, he had a fantastic British sense of humor and he got him out of every jam.
It's great talking to you. He always wanted to chat with you. I love it. You sure are, uh, uh, I wish I had more time to talk to you, I just want to say that he was one of the most wonderful men in the world, yeah, uh, and I want people to remember that I'm so glad that our real Ya the honest documentary came out, yes, it's a big relief. Well, I think there's going to be a lot of talk about George and a lot of things about these two movies that came out, but I appreciate you joining me tonight, Kenny, and you know.
It would be nice to remember what a genius he was, apart from everything else, all the best, yes thank you, have a great day, thank you, goodbye George Michael, what a talent he was.

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