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We drove these electric cars until they DIED!

Feb 27, 2020
Hi everyone, Matt Watson, here from car, why did I round up six of the latest and greatest



to answer two questions? ran out of battery too low come on no no also if you run out of you what if


suddenly stop working and you lose things like power steering let's drive these


from this gas station which is on the outskirts of london in the north and see how far


will go before they go out. Wish me luck before I start this test. I just want to point something out. We've charged these cars to drop overnight and then left them overnight and they've drained some of the battery level it's not much but they all have over 95 percent charge so it's still plenty well right guys?
we drove these electric cars until they died
We're going to make sure this test is fair. We are going to try to drive in a very similar way to the configuration of the cars. at its most power and efficient setting we also have the temperature set to 20 degrees we have our phones plugged into the stereos just like you would in your own car we are going to try to do it as scientifically as possible there will be some variables one thing I should note though that at temperatures saying seven degrees now


cars don't like cold temperatures they work best between 15 and 25 degrees however in england the average yearly temperature is about 10 degrees this is a fair test for the people who are going to buy these cars and run them in england now as part of this test what i'm also going to do is drive each car a set section for around 40 miles just so i can help each car out and give them a little overhaul from them to tell you what they like to drive now as we head to the freeway we're actually putting the cars in cruise control, set it to the speed limit for whatever road they drive on, they should automatically brake, accelerate and turn to keep themselves s a certain speed, time is right for me to give you a quick rundown of how it dries this myth this is the extended range version which means 62 kilowatt hour battery and claim 240 mile range it costs £36k which looks like I really like the Nissan hatchback but have a tundra and a 17-horsepower electric motor that's good-for-nothing at 60 in 7.3 seconds and this makes it feel pretty agile around town, though its suspension can feel a bit bouncy over bumps.
we drove these electric cars until they died

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we drove these electric cars until they died...

It's smooth on the highway though, and overall this missile is fine for long distances. I have jumped off the sheet. Now I'm in the Jaguar. Its high pace starts at sixty thousand pounds so it's got a 90 kilowatt hour battery pack on this thing which means it can do a range of about 290 miles it's got two electric motors and combined it's got 400 horsepower Power nothing 60 is 4.8 seconds which is fast also sharp steering its an electric fun car to drive you can trust me on that guys its fun now one thing you dont know anything about this car is the infotainment system.
we drove these electric cars until they died
I don't find it that easy to use while driving because there are so many little icons that leave a depressed buzz and that's pretty cool. car to truffle according to the battery bar i have about 75% charge left giving me a range of 151 miles. Now I got on the Mercedes EQC, it has two small four-wheel drive motors, although unlike all the other cars here that have four-wheel drive, they can run in front-wheel drive mode, rear-wheel drive mode, or rear-wheel drive mode. four wheel drive which is the best way to maximize an economy now in terms of performance this car does 408 total horsepower not 65.1 seconds it also has a 80 kilowatt hour battery and according to merc this Car should be able to do 259 miles.
we drove these electric cars until they died
I'm not doing that. miles left and we've done 96 miles in terms of comfort it's the most comfortable car yet and it's really quiet the suspensions are brilliant I like the interior too and this is easily the best infotainment system in cars I've ever been in So far, if you want one of these EQ C's, they're not cheap, although they start at £62,000. Thought I'd let you guys know that we've bought a long term Jeep Wrangler as a support vehicle and in it is this diesel generator because if we lose power we may need a top up and this is basically Eevee's version of a jerrican now no kidding its not a breakdown companies now have to bring these things to help recover affected EVs hopefully though we won't need it because it's blooming every to try to move out. the back of here ok now I jumped into the Audi e-tron and you probably realize it's starting to get dark it's almost 5 o'clock this car starts at 66,000 lbs it has stock air suspension which It's great over potholes. it's very quiet also very s Like the Mercedes not much between them in terms of comfort this guy is powered by two electric motors permanent four wheel drive 408 horsepower zero to 60 takes 5.7 seconds. than the mercedes i actually prefer the mercedes slightly i think its a bit better infotainment system still pretty good though one feature that stands out on this car is the fact that it has digital mirrors instead of a normal mirror there's a camera there and it feeds into a screen here and you can move it around but you can do it with a regular mirror which is great but it takes a little getting used to and someone takes it off that's going to cost quite a bit to replace this car has a 95 kilowatt hour battery so Adi claims this thing will do about 250 miles on a full charge so far the trip computer says I've done about 124 miles and we have 43% battery left and a range of 95 miles let's see what the other Nissan Leaf cars are doing what's their range and charge left currently on the leaf we've got 36 percent left giving a range of 91 miles we're doing we have some place gar and now no battery and tells me I only have 79 miles left.
I may be wrong. At the beginning, we are going to discover that it is exciting. How is the care? The arrow has 52 Percent battery remaining Rage What does Tesla say? So we have 40% battery left and it has given me a range of 147 miles finally. So what does a Mercedes say? So Mercedes now has 33% of its battery left. He is saying now. get me 74 months oh that's down a bit well let's go ahead and see what happens it's pitch black now as you can see and I'm in the key of E Nero so all the cars have their lights on which will take the battery down a bit but not much hopefully so this is the cheapest car here it stops from £33,000 and you get a 64 kilowatt hour battery which is supposedly good for 282 range miles so far.
I've done a hundred and fifty-nine miles. I have 41% battery left. Says I've got 101 miles to go I this is a really really good car it's the slowest here but it still doesn't do anything to 60 in 7.5 seconds it feels like an EP like the Nissan Leaf though the power it's the same at 204 horsepower it's also front wheel drive i also dare to prefer the interior design of this Kia although there's very little in terms of comfort and noise so if you're thinking of buying an electric car and want to see what there is available and save an average of $3,000 banner above to see the best deals on cars while I'm calm I'm finally in the Tesla Model 3 now what are we going to do instead of just driving on the freeway against what could be dangerous because might not be a hard shoulder we really don't want to stop on the Der hard shoulder of the freeway the plan is that we head to the closest loaded station we know we can get to and then drive in circles the until the car shuts off and then let's calculate the total mileage it


To do it, we've done 184 miles. I have 78 miles of range left. I have 27% battery. It's okay, but I want to see what the others are doing. What is your rank? So I only have around 10% battery left. Weights for 25 miles. What is the e-tron doing? So the e-tron has 12% remaining of the 27 mile range. I have seven percent battery which gives us a range of 18 miles. What is Nero doing? I'm a little more relaxed. I have about a third of my battery left showing 73 miles in range. How about the Mercedes EQC? I have 5% of my battery left now which means I have 11 miles of range left.
Well, this is where the EQC has to go. So how do you feel about being the first to leave? I feel like I've been the most comfortable. I feel like it's the quietest car, but yeah. I'm the first. It's a shame. bye good luck now i would like to put this tesla in cruise control mode but for some reason it keeps saying cruise control not available even though it was working before. I also had a problem connecting my phone for some reason. Bluetooth doesn't seem to disconnect other phones nor can it find my phone even though other machines can find my phone guys how are you doing?
The closest to nearest charging point is about five miles away, so when do you need to go off the highway for a mile? battery warning also that popped up at 21 miles so just going down on this one as well to be safe pretty much the same as the Jag 8% and 20 mile range so im coming out now too I read the EU close, oh what does that do? I have about 66 miles left. I will continue to do well. I've got 23 percent charge 73 miles left so I'm going to keep going too so here you are and now you go so long guys good luck so let me tell you a little bit about this Tesla Model 3 so get started a long range version. at 48,000 lbs it has two motors combined they have three and forty six horsepower you also have a 75 kilowatt hour battery Tesla says it should be good for a 348 mile range sounds impressive but I don't think it's going to pretty much handle that nowadays one of the great things about Tesla is if you can find one of their latest superchargers, they put out 250 kilowatts and you can charge it to 80 percent in just 20 minutes, which is really amazing.
A truck shed is low so we're going to get out of it to slide because using is basically just throwing a bunch of debris at us hopefully I didn't damage the car. I think we've found the culprit behind the debris. Not 64.5 seconds here, but you can get an even more powerful version if you have the performance model and that's ridiculously fast. It's nice to drive. It is comfortable on bumps. It has good brakes. It feels quite sporty. It's kind of weird to jump from the other cars to this one because there's no screen in front of you everything is here including the speedometer so it's kind of weird I like it and I think it's the best built Tesla yet though it's the cheaper Tesla feels better now.
I want to see what's going on in the EQC, but since I don't have Bluetooth connected in this blooming car, I'm going to have to use Sam to hold the face. So how is it going on the EQ to see what happened? because i was a little worried about you, how many miles has the car gone in total? So I wonder if you can do 200+ miles? What kind of speed is the caller and you? Does it drive me normally or is it some kind of power reduction or something? Did you ever try to direct it to a charging point or did nothing?
I just got a warning that says charging Didn't try to help me so I just told myself no I knew the literacy ok but still thinking what kind of speed you drive right now for your last few miles ok keep going like this until I arrive. Die, are you doing everything right? We had the final warning charge immediately. Limited power. Three percent battery left. i have to get off in the next one i have five percent and 15m Iles i think i can go a little further so i'll say goodbye ok there it goes to a charging point so things got a little scary now in the tesla so i have two percent battery and i say plan its next charge and it goes easy knowing challenging places will be out of reach soon so it tells me i need to go to a charger where are they ?
What six miles of range is left there? It will get me to a supercharger but I won't be able to go to one I know of elsewhere right off this highway so I'll use that instead this is pretty scary I hope to get to six miles of range left. I know this charger is probably about four miles away so it should. It's a little annoying that super charger locations show up, but no other super charger locations show up. I have slowed downnow i'm going to try to eat this out to make sure i get where i need to go, it's good that you warned me, even though i didn't have a working sat nav. however I got to about a mile away and it's zero within about a half mile of Aging zero the energy started to slow down slow down slow down down so it's zero currently both hours very cold waiting for a doubt mercury so how many mars league to the e-tron before it stopped running six miles now that the cars in our battery can be pushed if you need to push it to a charging point ok good luck we'll talk to you soon so this is my output here.
I've got about two miles to go four miles of range so it should be fine it wasn't I'm going to push it to the supercharger it may have, don't risk it it's not worth it. I'm using Google Maps here for direction. I can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which is annoying, but obviously this is a bit of an unrealistic experiment because you'd plan your route and stop, but we wanted to see how far they'd go. We do something that nobody would really do if they had an electric car. It's interesting to see what range you can get. of them now I have one percent charge a little over a mile now to go where I think there is a charger I hope there is a charger I checked there was a charging place there using the car while the electric car charging app clicks the papaya banner up there go check it out Oh traffic lights I don't need two mile range traffic lights but luckily my charging points are right there so I can start doing my loops where is the challenging point?
Where did you get it? He's there and I'm out of miles from th The range I'm going to hang out here and he's charging points. What we can do now is call the EQ. Stop what happened to him. What happened to the EQ. See after he got back to normal and I sent him. then gave a very broad warning saying it was about to shut down immediately and it did and locked up the motors Couldn't move the car how far is it from the charging point and can't push the car no I can select neutral and release the brake Partial because the motors are actually locked and the steering is fine, so what's over?
I went into the pub next door to where I had left the car and asked if they had an extension cord which they had. very kind so hopefully get enough charge to go the 30 meters really yes so what kind of mileage did you do in the end in total 194 miles not bad just if you could have done another 30 meters would have been pretty good ok great ok good luck I'll talk to you soon, hello, Nissan, how are you doing? What happened? Were you able to move it to a cargo port? He pushed him? What... do you do in the end in total before contacting?
So you're fine. You are loading. See you soon. really boring just going round and round in circles it's taking a long time to add some distance to this car i got two hundred and sixty three point six timed miles i had no miles for a while now alright let's take a tour of this beautiful parking lot round and round and laps we go where we'll stop no one knows it doesn't seem to accelerate as much as before it's like it's throttled down the motors to conserve battery so how's your eye pace going? I just ran out of battery actually what happened she goes pretty strong but all of a sudden they stopped each other so how many more did she do and how long was she running with zero range left?
So what happened to the car? Can you move? all right I'll leave you with that problem I have my own r Well, yes, don't worry, friend. I'm not completely crazy. Basically I'm trying to see how far I can go before it runs out of battery so I'm just driving in circles and there's the charging point. there so that when it stops it's close enough to actually push it it's some kind of science experiment I'll probably see you at your hotel soon What happened? Can you move the car to get it to the charging point? Can you push it?
At what mileage did it stop well? So I definitely won this. So boring. No. It's like ten past eleven. Oh, the battery is too low. stop soon make a longer loop and i think i would die this is it this is it car is shutting down stop safely hope i can make it back to that charging point please come back it's literally stopping Come on, come on, George. boy it's just the battery is too low come on no no no it didn't stop it stopped the vehicle may shut down unexpectedly it has done two hundred sixty nine point seven miles and was so close to the charging point hopefully we can get there hopefully lets you roll so i think we could get there to loader keep pushing push push so right with them go i'm going to push it up the hill almost there we go guys can do it alright i think we're good the car has come to a complete stop now let's hope it's going charging the cable will get to the car please get to the car it's the car which is the first hit now it can't operate it so i plugged it into the car then i just tap my card against that home button and it should start charging and it's charging so so in the end, what exactly happened?
Well, the Mercedes EQC ran out of battery first at 194 miles, which is far enough to go from Greater London to Weatherby, that's 75% of its claimed range. Interestingly, modern diesel cars will make around 75% of their claimed economic figures. next to dr Choice was the Audi e-tron, it stopped at 206 miles which was 81 percent of its claimed range, the spirit of the Nissan Leaf stopped below, it lasted 208 miles, that's an impressive 87% from its stated range. miles before honking which was 76 percent of its claimed range the Kia Jan lasted the second longest driving 255 miles before stopping that's 90 percent of its claimed range which is an excellent result, but in the long-range Tesla Model 3 he went the furthest and won the challenge he covered 270 miles, which was 78 percent of his claimed potential range, which meant he went far enough to go from Greater London to New Castle on time, so the range was enough for anyone wanting to switch to electric power.
Everyone would be pleased to know that I did. come back safe and sound and since I got back I discovered something. I bagged the Mercedes EQC. It turns out that if someone had been sitting in the driver's seat when someone else was trying to push it, they would have been left p He started a short distance adventure, although it would look a little worse again, but to protect their engines, in fact, all The electric cars in the test should not be towed by Porsche particularly far or at high speeds because that can damage their motors. although the Tesla interestingly has a specific towing mode, another thing I found is that none of the cars would actually find a charging point when I was driving them and go downhill if the sat nav wasn't working if the sat nav was working with route guidance operational, it would have taken you to a charging point as part of the group guidance, but then again, how often do you drive with your sat nav running and are you again somewhere I'm familiar with that's why? do we run it that way?
Anyway, it's a bit more normal. its the best a full electric car in the world so yeah click there to see the offer and which car i think is the best without learning yet let's click again

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