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We Caught It From Another Camera Angle!

Nov 09, 2021
good morning guys today is the day i dont even know how to say it but today is the day after we slept through the night so i literally got home like an hour two hours ago on my way back to work no i know why we decided to do an overnight video on tuesday kind of silly but uh wednesday is great and the day should have done the night video on friday but we couldn't because uh half of the team was out because they were going out of town or something so we thought we'd do it so oh look at that new baby gate that's cool how does this work hi babe oh hi i have to leave after work today just as i got to home so mad but you don't stop do we really miss you look look this was last night that's what happened last night that's a big mess dude it literally happened randomly that sucks it's all over the place sofa as if nothing happened because of that or nothing. in the chamber the glass broke spontaneously that's weird to see how your studio looks like a shelf ok you're not scared but i'm scared luna you want to see i think i would be if i was there but just I figured, look at a window in dad's office, it's broken, it's kind of crazy, yeah, the whole couch is crazy, huh, can you clean it up?
we caught it from another camera angle
Well, we have to go clean it up today. I'm making a necklace. Are you what I like? Thanks. I love the way you said thank you. You said it's made, yeah, what's made here, what is it, is it a bracelet for you, oh, you made this special for me, yeah, oh my God, I love it, baby, it's a necklace, it's a necklace, what I love even more, mine is special too. to you wow i like it you're so good at this you know mom used to make tons of jewelry she even sold it to our viewers isn't that cool?
we caught it from another camera angle

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we caught it from another camera angle...

You should ask her to see some of the jewelry she's made. i haven't seen yes you haven't seen ask her say show me all the jewelry you made ok mom hello oh you scared me your w I'm so early you mean on time yeah I guess I mean I thought we'd be later so it's still broken , what was that? I think someone just turned on that light. You are playing with me? I'm just high tension, okay? So nobody possibly hurt themselves, yeah man can you get some sun outside right now? Oh my gosh oh it's like this orange red sun look how orange and deadly the sky looks. like pink and it was just a little pink circle and it's so weird to be able to look at the sun yeah right i was like my eyes don't even hurt i'm just staring all this time my mom said never look at the sun it's on you recovering mom here I am look at me now mom goes blind so now I'm in the mega desk room let's paint some more because we can see the stripes there but I haven't turned this on boy I'm still fixing everything but I'm actually getting the delivery look I'm wearing the moon necklace she made for me we're going to get a delivery of some desks we're going to build today that's pretty awesome and then I know that we've got these things going, but like what's on this, maybe they've already reviewed the video and are giving feedback, but I'm assuming it's what we found on the internet.
we caught it from another camera angle
If you missed this video be sure to check out that video it's not from yesterday but probably from the day before but supposedly the tempered glass just breaks and I'm thinking maybe it's because that logo is on it like squeezing it or something you know the quotes that are on the glass hopefully later after doper no we can fire up that pup and look for more clues for the abandoned car let's go inside so you came here before me I didn't even know you were here what what's your reaction so my reaction first of all only you know last night i got a security notification from the nest


so we have sensors here so yeah yeah here it's like loud sounds i was like what the heck yeah so i looked at the


s and realized you guys were in the back yeah and all of a sudden you heard that pop and yeah this glass went from transparent to like all the sun looked like grey, yeah i was like why?
we caught it from another camera angle
Did it turn grey? I had no idea why it turned gray and then I looked at the camera inside the room and you can see it just shattered. I thought what the heck if there is a camera inside the room. I didn't even know that I just moved into this office, so I looked outside at the front and said, okay, there's no one outside, I looked here, there's no one here, so no one kept breaking it from the inside or outside. So when I see them walking around and talking like crazy, I'm like okay, I'm not going to call him because if I tell them there's absolutely no one inside or outside, they'll probably freak out even more if I told them so I was left alone.
I was going to talk to you now. That's crazy. or what ended up happening it looks like i think the tempered glass just burns spontaneously it's been really hot it's been like 11315 and it has that logo on it you know the decal i don't know if that interferes with the voltage of the i don't know i'm looking for reasons Now, but I didn't see nothing like, I didn't even see like you know a ghost or something, now I'm freaking out, oh, what was that? Why did that happen? What? Heck dude literally while you're talking about a ghost this thing just falls over for no reason how did they have it like that?
I was locked into this here, bro, bruh, bruh, bruh, no I don't believe in ghosts. but you're scaring me bro sierra sierra sierra what the hell i'm so confused that's why nobody's here after five because it just so happens you're not a little worried we didn't we were literally that good on camera we're there just spilling tea over the gutters and that just happened and i became that just happened ha It happened when we were all there. It didn't happen magically. Look it up sierra. Why are you doubting me? I'm sitting here trying to get support. nest cam showed it looked at absolutely no one in that room or in this room when it happened no yes what the hell yes 100 i care ok izzy is cleaning what's up izzy hi hi hi it's ok so i see cat and michael walking so i I'm really curious to see what your reactions to this are, let's see what happened, why is it funny?
I'm only laughing because of your reaction, my life is more nervous energy than anything else, look at Michael back there. above, why does everyone think that i set it up because we are currently trying to break his car window but this is different? This is a real window in the office. I know that's what I'm saying. one broke in as far as i know um we weren't s We spent the night last night and we were all there camera proof randomly torn apart by themselves. He looked at the nest chamber. Kevin said that he looked at the inner nest chamber. it's these juju beads that you have now which is probably part of the problem is that saving you i realized luna made them for me oh cute sorry luna i don't know and it was like protecting herself from a ghost no she uh she did this she she did this actually this morning i actually had it on camera she's so cute i'm still focused on it i know ok i've had like 15 hours to process it so it just broke it just shattered i'm just really curious if that alone makes me feel uncomfortable like what I have.
Last night I got a tip from the security thing yeah and I looked at the cameras they were all back there now I hear all of a sudden you hear there's really loud sound so I look at the camera I'm like okay somebody was in there to do that right so i look inside the chamber nothing i look back here i'm trying to sync time it's like what happened the glass went from clear to shattered it's so creepy i looked it up the brain also went, I looked it up, it said it was a phenomenon that tempered glass can break spontaneously, so I really hope it's the temperature, no, it was very humid yesterday, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. but I mean yeah I don't know that's stress anyway good thing we worked in a small area the red base is the most haunted because you combined a whole different base bro it happened like 10 something remember the exact time i don't like that you don't play with it well let's replay that nested footage i want to see that too pat what i know you weren't there last night but you saw what happened i just been here.
I have to take you to the blue base after a session. Okay, can anyone? like a vase or something yeah you'll have to wait and see let's film good pat ok i guess i filmed that video im sleepy lunch time but first i have to show pat oh wait my family is here, look at you, darling, look. to you pretty hello little moon hello mom hello aydah do you have your coffee thanks do you want to go look at the window hello laura sure we're going to go see the puppies oh okay and then we'll see the window okay hey girl look at the glass hey whoa what do you think Mom I don't know it's a little weird yeah it hardly seems real like it's a movie scene you can't pass that yellow tape ok boy what do you think happened now what do you think happened?
What do you think that happened? Luna Did someone get angry and hit him? No, did someone throw something? No, it just broke. It ended with the last open session of the day. mega kill unfortunately we can give you an idea of ​​what we are doing but i'm scared why are you sad? we had to repaint the office and he's in there now and it's like boxing straight with paint so here are some parts of the mega desk I'm excited to see all this paint stuff that's fun sam thanks you guys been building yeah that's cool like half of two pieces yeah oh I didn't even see it oh I didn't even see you I wouldn't have even mentioned anything.
I don't think so, women can't stalk, yes you are a huge stalker, that's not true, they definitely can and definitely do. joke was making a joke was making a joke because bullies don't normally wear glasses in the cliché sense pervasive bullies is us standing up for bullies now we bring bullying back 20 times look how good she is at bullying dude look how good that I feel bad for Talking to a bully, what are they talking about? we're talking about when are we going to kill each other oh we almost died tripping over it ok guys so i can't do any desk work today but i hope i do very soon because he has to live well guys, if you are new here subscribe if you want more crazy no if you want the vision subscribe why stop looking at me weird hannah i'm using this creepy voice recently and it scares me every time i'm weak guys click this video right there that's funny click that right there that's a mega subscription desk

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