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Wayne Dyer's Top 10 Rules For Success - Volume 2

Feb 27, 2020
he was a philosopher self-help author and motivational speaker his first book your erroneous zones is one of the best-selling books of all time his message resonated with many in the new thought movement and beyond he is Wayne Dyer and this is my take on your Top 10 Rules of Success Volume 2 rule number 3 is my favorite and I'd love to know which one you like best and as always while you're watching if you hear something that really resonates with you please leave it in the comments below , putting quotes around you so other people can get inspired too and when you write it down it is much more likely to stick with you and enjoy the creative visualization is what we are talking about here the images or picture you have of any thing in your life it's really like a mental behavior it's like going out for practice if you go out and practice with a basketball shooting free throws over and over again that's physical practice the pictures are p Mental practice is mental behavior w When you have an image that you can succeed at something when you have an image that you can do it instead of that you can't do it when you get in your car and you have an image that you're going to find a parking space place instead of there will be no place to park so you are not looking for anywhere to park you will start to act on the image you have much like you will start to act on the practice you have when you are shooting baskets or when you're hitting a forehand in the ER or working on your soup or whatever else you're doing the eye-opening moment in my life occurred on August 30, 1974 when I went to my father's grave after discovering that there was been dead for 10 years and I went there with a different intention than what I was going to do at his grave.
wayne dyer s top 10 rules for success   volume 2
I was so filled with rage and anger and hatred towards this man, but instead of doing what he had gone there to do something divine invisible. organizing intelligence that moves the planet and grows your fingernails and beats in your heart that commander in the command center you're always connected to your presence is if you call me back to his grave after I cursed him for two hours that Friday night the afternoon and I stayed there and said from this moment I send you your love Who am I who am I to judge you you did what you knew how to do given the conditions of your life and when I came out of that grave I was a completely changed man the alcohol has not touched my lips since that day I walked away from it.
wayne dyer s top 10 rules for success   volume 2

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wayne dyer s top 10 rules for success volume 2...

I got in the best shape of my life. I started running and relationships began to change. The right people. The right woman came into my life. My children began to appear because when you confidently moved in the direction of your own dreams. and strive to live the life you have imagined you will meet with unexpected


in ordinary hours everything in my life changed my writing took on a whole different flavor before i got stuck i checked into a motel room tel y at 1a and fort lauderdale florida and I wrote a book that today has over a hundred million copies in print and 47 languages ​​called your wrongful owners it came because the anger was gone Mark Twain once said forgiveness is the fragrance let the violet spill on the heel that has crushed that's divine love my friend Byron Katie says believing you need what you don't have is the definition of insanity believing you need what you don't have because you're already here so you've already proven you don't need it so the goal of believing i cant be happy came true you know whatever unless i get these things i dont have yet its a complete and utter illusion thats a is a thought its not even true for that there is no truth in it, you don't need anything and when you understand that, the irony is that you are no longer, you are no longer attached, you are, your whole life is about that.
wayne dyer s top 10 rules for success   volume 2
Just by living these virtues, how can I serve? How can I be sincere? How can I be kind? How can I be supportive and think like that? And that's how I think now. ambition you know it's delivering more and more and more and more of what i wanted so much then and now that i'm not attached to it it's like i can be like the cat i can be like the cat you know i can mind my own business and let me follow me wherever i go, so what i say to people who really want to access the transition from ambition to meaning, if they really want to access is to stop thinking about yourself.
wayne dyer s top 10 rules for success   volume 2
I do it on the radio every month I take it's like all my questions you know all the questions are about why can't I manifest this why can't I have this not work and so on and so on and my answer to them all the time over and over again is to take what it is that you would really like to attract into your life, whatever it is, if it is a good job you know money a good watch a new car whatever it is and you want it more for someone else than just yourself you want more just think about it and think about the joy it would give you to be able to focus your attention on it and just keep your thoughts on it you know take your thoughts off yourself and start living the four virtues start being sincere start being caring now you know he starts to get this reverence reverence for it for his life introduction and just let go of what's in it for me you know and how much am i going to get and why isn't it here fast enough and how much more and why is there more brilliant that e l mine, you know, etc. that I don't care if you're a school teacher I don't care if you're a dental hygienist or if you're a carpenter or you know whatever you're doing if you can get your attention here if you want the door to open if you want the door to open to me It's I mean, the only way that door will open is if you understand that you have to let go of your clinging to this gross world of material things and what's in it for me and how much I'm getting and shift your energy and thoughts to how can I offer how?
I can serve and just had to do? i just did a public tv special another public tv special and when i was an hour and a half before the show started i was in i got one of these attacks again in the neck and i was like they know how i'm going to get through this and so on and on and i said a prayer my wife was there two of my daughters were there we were in the room i had them in my arms around them and i said yes i'm supposed to take this pain you know for some reason i don't even understand you and i'm willing to do it, but could you please have the next couple of hours so I can at least get over this experience? and it's just on and I could you were there you were in the audience and I was able to go out there and do it and then the pain came back the next day and I went back to that state and I still do it now and I can feel that even now that we're talking a little here and on instead of cursing it instead of getting mad at it, I accept it as my Dhamma, this is, you know, and whatever I have to learn from it, generally speaking, all the hardships I've had in my life and getting divorced literally being someone who is addicted to substances including alcohol letting you know those kind of beliefs that those are terrible things I should be ashamed of even among my best teachers and this pain is just another one of those things and overall now I can get out and helping people living with chronic pain and you do a lot of this with her to make it happen you know Peter I've seen you do it on stage you know with people when we're cycling through Australia that woman what was it what could she do? ain't even a lady with a frozen n right shoulder i've been able to move her arm in a year and 20 minutes together yeah i like that yeah so it's like and that comes from accepting yourself and actually , instead of cursing the pain because when you curse the pain and get angry about it, you just get angry, every cell of your being goes through that same anger and what you want to do is get to that peaceful place within yourself where you say that you know when you trust yourself when you trust yourself. really trusting in the wisdom that created you, oh no, and the wisdom that created you is infinitely good and formless, so your thoughts are in the same category, you have thoughts that are aligned with that divine divine presence, yes, you will see that it goes the obscure outlasts the obvious try to get a little darker a little less interfering a little less notice a little less you know that one of the specific types of things you can do is as you are when someone else is speaking just when you are about to of interjecting what you've been thinking the whole time waiting for them to stop talking only to stop to bite your tongue and say tell me more or that's very interesting I've never heard that point of view before even if you totally disagree with everything what you represent to be willing to listen to be able to stop practicing it I practice it when I made these verses of doubt I practice it every day while working on staying in the dark and for me that is not always so easy because I am recognized wherever I go and if i see someone about to recognize me i just put my head down i just walk past them like something right now i just want to be anonymous in that I want you to hide from me all things are possible and I always ask the audience what does that mean you know all things are possible it literally means all things are possible so whatever you want e to attract your life what you would like to achieve what you would like to do in your life if you start from a spiritual place a place of all things are possible if i go back you know and i get to that place and then i start visualizing this and i start using my imagination because everything we see around us everything in this world was once imagined everything you know that camera that is there the clothes you are wearing the chairs that were sitting all once had to imagine if you understand what I mean the famous observation Einstein's was that you know imagination is more important than knowledge if you can learn how important your imagination is and that's where your spirit is in that place and then once you go to that place what it is you would like to attract into your life you come from a spiritual place absolutely nothing is impossible i was thomas howard i don't know he gave some lectures on mental science back in the evening you know 7:00 1908 he washington s de Scotland and one of the things he said he said that the law of buoyancy of the Delta was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things so you know that before the 15th and 16th centuries all ships were made of wood not because iron was not was available and steel was not available, but because there was a belief that it would make it float, therefore you had to make boats out of things that floated, that literally held up and then someone came along and said it has absolutely nothing to do with what things are made of has to do with the amount of water being dispersed that's what determines whether or not something will float and i think about that all the time because it's in contemplation of what you want or that you believe what it is that you want to have for your subjects and your willingness to contemplate it and nothing else as raised in mental science to make me think of the Wright brothers you know 100 or so years ago, you know it's like and I said that the law of flying was not discovered by contemplating staying on the ground of things so these were two people for me to figure out how to make a plane fly and my limited knowledge of all that I probably would have contemplated staying in the soil of things, you know this is what happened, but somebody came along and entertained the idea that if you get enough speed and you have the right design and you feel pressure under something like that and you see this thing is going to lift off the earth someone had to contemplate that idea and everyone who contemplated that it was not possible that it could not work was a part of why it did not fly because no law was discovered in the first part of the 20th century other than electricity d was discovered by Thomas Edison or someone like that, I mean the ability to have electricity has always been there, someone has t or contemplate to make it like in your own personal life your willingness to contemplate yourself as a person who is capable of attracting into your life what you want to have the kind of relationships you want to be able to have abundance where you know scarcity always exists all you have to do is start the process by being willing to contemplate the presence of that in your life and I have always been a person that I can remember throughout my life as someone who could see myself being able to do the things that most people couldn't.
I can give you a good example when my mother brought us all together and we lived in Detroit on the side east of Detroit and we bought a new television, it was black and white. it was a screen that big, he was an admiral and we had him at his house and he was like, oh my gosh, black and white TV, you know, you remember Uncle Miltie and that guy Alden and there was this guy who was on TV his name was Steve Allen a and he was on The Tonight Show and I was 11 12 13 years old I was born in 1940 so 61 or 52 and I used to stay up every night and watch The Tonight Show and even though I had to go to school the next day, it was something about that show and you know all the characters and proxmark and all the things that Steve Allen would do on it and I would comedownstairs when i would be speaking the next day and i would tell my mom and my two brothers that when i do the tonight show this is what i would say i would not have told the world what louie nye said the way we reacted how he reacted that i I would have said it and I used to do this and my brothers and my mom would tell them that's how it is and he just freaked out he thinks he's on the Tonight Show he thinks he's going to do the Tonight Show and he'd come up to my room but you know, in this little house that we lived in in a little two-bedroom house that we lived in five of because my mom remarried and I just saw myself doing the Tonight Show I could practice it and Steve Allen became someone that I was really an amateur, well, you know, fast forward thirty years or whatever and that's a I've written a book you're wrong zones and the Tonight Show calls and they asked me if I'd like to be involved a little bit so I do my first one season on The Tonight Sh ow I did the show like 37 times over a three or four year period with all these different hosts but Johnny Carson was there and the first guest on the first show when I did the show was with Steve Allen and it was like something clicked I had contemplated that as a kid I had always had knowledge and I can remember sitting there talking to Johnny about this thing you know how Steve Allen was sitting next to me and we were talking about that guy so when I put my attention on something It wasn't something deliberate that I was doing, you know, when I was 11 or 12 that I was designing that I was going to be a person that was going to appear on talk shows thirty years from now it was just an awareness of willingness to contemplate for contemplating myself in that kind of place and I think the power of contemplation is what most people haven't tapped into yet and when we do when you tap into it in your life there is absolutely no limit to what you can attract into your life if you stay absolutely focused on what you know you are going to manifest and attract you are not going to do it in your time you know Jackson Browne sings a song that says in creation reveals its secrets little by little, i mean you can't push the river, you can't, everything is done in divine timing, but it will show, it will show, it will manifest, it will draw to itself and nothing will surprise me ever again. that I put my thoughts in that I can attract him into my life.
I absolutely know that law of attraction and that it absolutely works. Give up your personal story and I learned it from a man named Carlos Castaneda who once said that one day he said I finally realized that I didn't need a personal story anymore and just like with drinking he said I quit and that and that alone has made all the difference in the world you know the good thing about giving up your personal story is if you don't have a story we don't have to live up to it all of us have these bags the dung we carry with us called our pass and the people who have done things to us and the events and the circumstances all these things that we wear and we bond and bond with these wounds from our past and we identify ourselves based on these wounds and from time to time when we leave it and get in there and smear it all over ourselves and then wonder why my life smells so bad I don't understand when in fact the now this moment melting into the now means you might have been in a relationship I had a woman from Holland who came to see me whose husband had left her after 25 years she had four children and had just been five She was about to commit suicide and was losing weight and was depressed and was taking all kinds of drugs to that and she was getting sicker and sicker because she just couldn't get over it and she came to a book signing that she was doing at a bookstore in Florida and she said you have to tell me something you have to tell me something to get me through this and I said this line to her i said give up your personal history join here now right now and those 25 years is something if you want to understand how to do it think about your past like oh this hat and this is your past now cant you just leave this here and walk away from it and give up your personal story because you will always have it there to remember what you do is pick up your past and embrace it you understand it you accept it how i had to go through these things i had to go through to be able to er come to this place today and the evidence of that is that I did it and You don't need any more proof that you did and then you throw it away you throw it away you embrace it and you throw it away and you merge with it now by giving up your attachment and some of you have told me heard use of the metaphor of the wake Alan Watts talked about how the wake isn't what propels the boat, the wake is just a trail left behind, that's all, and so is the wake of your life and the wake doesn't make the boat moves and neither does the wake of your life the reason why your life is going in the direction that is the wake is a trail that is left behind and it is an illusion to believe that it is the cause of your suffering or your struggles or of your difficulty let it go let it go embrace it understand it get help to do it if necessary and then move into the now thinking that small is what makes great things done verse 63 achieve greatness in small things take on difficulties while they are still easy to do great things while they are still p little the sage endorsed one of my daughter's names the sage does not attempt anything very big and therefore achieves greatness greatness comes from being in the moment here present in the now the sage faces difficulties but never experiences them this is the idea of ​​thinking small and finally I would like to see you change from this thinking change from seeing yourself as separate to seeing yourself as connected to everyone and everything in the universe I prepared and read an essay called The Complete Man by Abraham Maslow and Maslow was the first person I had seen in the field of psychology who talked about we shouldn't be judging who human beings are and what they are capable of doing based on what's missing or wrong or what they can't do. or their weaknesses study neurology neurological disorders we should not study how psychotic people are or how neurotic they are we should look at the greatest achievers who ever walked They shared among us knowing that they all came from the same intelligence and they recognized and helped people find that within themselves and as I was reading this essay I was very captivated and he talked about the qualities or the characteristics of what he called self-actualizing people and he said that the number one quality and characteristic of these people who live on the cusp of what he called self-actualization that goes far beyond simply taking care of their biological needs that are our link beyond their social needs that go beyond the need to be loved and so on these are people who came here with a purpose these are people who have a dharma these are people who will not let anyone else determine what they are going to be, he said the number one quality of these people is that they are independent of the good opinion of other people, they listen to an inner voice, yes, our physical body is what it is, but we can s making decisions about it yes our spiritual body our purpose our Dharma what we are here for is also doomed but we make decisions what are the choices you came here to be a great artist?
I made a whole movie or n this is called the change and this whole idea is that you came here to be a great artist you take a brush you do what Van Gogh did you just go out and paint because it's in your soul because the second characteristic of people who actualize themselves according to Maslow is that they are detached from the result. They don't do what they do for the result they will get. For the amount of money they are going to win. Almost because of the prestige they have. you're going to get how big your business is going to grow that's not what motivates self-actualized people what motivates self-actualized people is this is my vocation I found myself reading the Bhagavad-gita for the third time in the last three months I just keep going reading is over not just like when i did the dow eight years ago when i turned 65 and i couldn't stop it and the teachers showed up the buddhist proverb is when the student is ready the teachers will show up it's not if there are teachers there there are teachers everywhere there it's all a teaching the question is not if the teachers are there the question is how willing are you to pay attention how willing are you to listen to that inner voice that no one else can hear that scurvy little elephant in there that says you're not my boss You can't tell me why I'm here because you have to.
It takes a kind of bravery because fear is such a pervasive force in our lives. I do what I do for or the passion I have I feel like I'm not here because of what you paid me to be here I'm not here because of any need I have to sell another book I'm not here because of anything outside of me I'm here because I have a passion inside of me thank you very much for look. I made this video because Bea Hadid asked me to. If you want to nominate someone for the next top 10 video, check the description for a link to the video where you can vote for people and put in your suggestions I would also love to know what you took from this video what was the most important lesson you learned that blew your mind and that you are going to immediately apply to your life or business in some way please leave it in the comments below.
I am very curious to know. I also want to give. a quick shout out to Dave Gardner at B David Gardner comm Dave thank you so much for picking up a copy of my book your one word taking that picture sending it off i really appreciate your support man and i hope you're enjoying the read so thanks guys again for looking I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourselves and whatever your word is much love I will see you soon the ego is not worth defending and we all spend a lot of our time defending this thing that says what you know I am what I have and I have to get more stuff and if I don't have as much as they do then they're going to have and we spend our lives doing all these things and what it does is it gets us to a point where we don't have anything anymore or our reputation is gone or we they've taken it away or someone steals it from us and what happens to us or when we retire or you know we can't do things anymore so now people get over a certain age and they feel like you know I've declined and then I don't there's nothing in your DNA that says you have to decline at some point in your life you don't have to decline in your DNA it's over 600,000 why do we have it though why do we have it we have it because it works it works to make us believe we're better that other people instead of just allowing us to be free and that's how now ISM the dow teaches us to like even the onion in layers of skin to get that the essence of the dow is empty to get to that place of emptiness that is like the place ultimate to get to where you just empty yourself of all that and then you're free and then you guess all the things you wanted so desperately when you were so eagle dominated before you started showing up in bigger and bigger r and bigger mother

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