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GAME OF THRONES Comic Con 2017 Panel - News, Season 7 & Highlights

GAME OF THRONES Comic Con 2017 Panel - News, Season 7 & Highlights
Okay Hodor Okay, I'm done How are you doing you guys? hahaha Wow, I never thought. I would be here. I am so pleased to be here. This is going to be a


slightly different I'm going to do things quite informally, we're all friends here aren't we I? Want to picture yourself you're watching




on your sofa Close your eyes think About all the questions you want to ask us - got yourself in that really relaxed place Ready to put your hand on your heart got your eyes closed put your hand on your wallet Bring it up to me I'll look after it.
game of thrones comic con 2017 panel   news season 7 highlights
No. Don't do that. Okay? These are all my friends guys These are the people I've worked for six years with on what I think is the best show that's ever been created And the first guest. I'm sad to say has been a monkey on my back Six years yes like you what the hell's going on here. There that's better Ladies and gentlemen my very good friend and little brother Isaac Hampstead, right ladies and gentlemen, John Bradley The amazing Nathalie Emmanuel Liam Cunningham It's crazy introducing these guys I've known them since they were like eight years old so scary Sophie Turner Ladies and gentlemen Jacob Anderson My Fellow Countryman, Conleth Hill Alfie Allen Ladies and gentlemen - Gwendoline Christie Hello guys.
game of thrones comic con 2017 panel   news season 7 highlights

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game of thrones comic con 2017 panel news season 7 highlights...

You all look ravishing absolutely ravishing tonight So I'm gonna start the questions shall we start the questions? let's start the questions Gwen I'm gonna start with you hello, hi, hi mommy Okay, we have seen the scene where Tormund makes a play for Brienne Yeah, I actually have a theory that I think Breanna and Hodor would make a really good couple I've always held a candle to that. Very small one Very small okay, We've seen Tormund make a play for Brienne who seems to be rebuffing his advances Do you think she secretly enjoys being appreciated as a woman and a warrior? good question Well, I think it's really what I love about Brienne of Tarth is that I don't think that at the foremost of her Consciousness is a value system.
game of thrones comic con 2017 panel   news season 7 highlights
That's based on how men appreciate her but I Mean who doesn't like being appreciated as both? Really, but I don't I don't think that's really what she's invested in at all. I think she's finding it incredibly awkward But underneath any awkwardness is always that potential secret enjoyment What do you all think does she like it? Or did she like someone else? What are you saying? Okay, wow oh Jamie. What - Alfie? Firstly, what'd he call your dog? What's the name of the dog her name is Abby. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life seriously I really want it What was it like for you to return to the character of Theon after such a torturous run as reek ?
game of thrones comic con 2017 panel   news season 7 highlights
I'd say it was it was definitely a challenge um I'd say that he wasn't really kind of stepping into the Feeling that he was before he was turned into reek But yeah, he's just he's had to definitely a crazy arc of many of the characters on the show He's been one of the the craziest, but it's um It's just been enjoyable you know to be able to find empathy for a character such as him. amazing. Thank you Alfie Conleth We've never actually had an opportunity to act together.
Which is terrible Many of your fellow cast cite how difficult it can be to keep from laughing while filming with you Do you purposefully make them laugh? No. And is there an actor who makes you laugh? They all make me laugh and sometimes They know it But mostly they don't but Dinklage would make me laugh a lot yeah. Yeah Yeah, there's some pretty funny people in the cast that's for sure not you Jacob Hello, hi That's not how I speak y'know- hello Hello Is it true? That we've seen Grey Worm being a bit flirtatious with Missandei and do you see a future for them?
Yeah, I mean, I think there's already this thing's firing between them This is this chemistry right, I think um Yeah, I Want those kids to be happy I want them to find happiness with each other everything so sad It's never going to happen nothing's ever going to be happy you know Do you think Daenerys would approve of that relationship? Yeah? I think she's like. She'd do the wedding She'd like which don't call a wedding. Do you it's not bingo Yeah, I think she'd be involved yeah awesome Not involved.
Oh, okay That's a completely different show. I think you would all watch it, though wouldn't it totally? Sophie. Hi. Hello, Hello Is Sa - shut up - Is Sansa being manipulated by littlefinger, or is she playing the long


? ah..Good question um yeah, I think initially you know there was definite manipulation on littlefinger's part, but you know as Sansa has grown and Been you know a prisoner by all of these master manipulators especially littlefinger she's been silently absorbing and learning and adapting and In my opinion, she's just as good at playing the game as he is at this point Thanks guys.
I love it Liam Hello Look at this a rose between two thorns ah don't say that go ahead answer question at the end of last


Davos find out about Mes -I can't really read it -. I really need to wear my glasses Melisandre's part in Sharon's death Jon Snow banished her from the north and Davos said he would kill her if she ever returned do you think he would and Does he have it in him to murder someone in cold blood I think that's a good question I don't I don't think he's the vindictive type.
I think if he was on the road Taking a long weekend somewhere and in the opposite direction He saw a lady in a red cape approaching. I think there's a good chance. He'd whip out a glock and pop a couple of caps in her ass Hahaha, but I don't think he'd hunt her down I don't think he'd do an Arya. I don't think he's got a list, but there But I definitely think he'd put her in a shallow grave somewhere if no one was gonna find out Now that's just me.
Can you just quickly show us how you'd hold a glock yeah, I hold a sideways my leg in the hole oo Yeah. I love it Natalie hi hello there was a great scene with Tyrion and Grey Worm last


when Tyrion was Exhorting you both to drink yeah, Missandei got a little tipsy. We saw them. We Saw then that Missandei and Grey Worm were going growing closer How do you hope that storyline pans out ? I feel quite similarly to Jacob. I'm like I want these guys to be happy and you know just stay together I think they've come through so much atrocity so to see them laugh together and like feels something for another person is So beautiful, and I've really enjoyed portraying that journey, and I hope we get to see it blossom more and maybe there might be a Happy ending for them.
I don't say it just in case Kiss of death. I know how it feels. I know how John hello hello Sam has always considered himself a bit of an outsider. Ya, have Gilly and baby Sam given him a sense of belonging? Didn't write these by the way He's easy absolutely always been an outsider. He was an outsider from the day he was born at home because his father considered in to be such a disappointment and Treated him with such contempt then he was removed to castle black where he was an outsider again And then he said well the one place I can be really accepted is the citadel That's the one place.
I can go where My passions and interests aren't treated with scorn and contempt they're the place where is the place where people have an understanding and appreciation of knowledge and And this is going to be the place where I feel accepted for the first time in my life he gets there - he's just as much as an outside of there as he is anywhere else because they make him do all those jobs that you saw him doing and and It's interesting that people say how is him being at the citadel going to affect his relationship with Gilly?
Given the fact that they've grown so close over the years but that was when Sam didn't have thousands and thousands of books as a distraction from his relationship, so I think that as Time has gone on Sam has worked out a lot of people work out in relationships that you're your kind of sphere of interest shrinks and you no longer want to be necessarily accepted by a wider world or even a wider community because you know what's important and important is being loved by two people rather than accepted by hundreds yeah Good answer good answer man This is a very important question.
Do you miss me? No, Of course I do Know it's been so empty without you on set. such a liar, okay? Seriously he's making me say this help me No, okay, this actually is a question which you know as a fan of the show And I've been there for six years what the hell's name is that Three Eyed Raven about? The three-eyed Raven what the hell is that about? Well, I want an in-depth Analysis like a Wikipedia page. Well what's interesting about the three-eyed Raven is he's one of the sort of few fragments that remain of the old Westeros of the the ancient kind of magical mystical side of it, so what exactly his purpose is I don't think has has been revealed yet, but Clearly it's something important.
There's been the night King is Appears to be his sworn enemy, so he must have some important role to play so for Bran this season Especially it's quite exciting that he is now It's three eyed Raven, and you don't know them. Yeah. Yeah, that's my rambling wave the same. Yeah, okay, okay? It's very very informative. Thank you Right this is for everybody, and I'm going to start right back down at the end with Gwendolyn I like this question if you ended up on the iron throne, what would be the first law you would pass Oh no What would be the first law I would pass The women could be nice You're gonna change Same question for you Alfie. um I would say that the um Brotherhood that Beric Dondarrion is part of we be made allowed throughout the land so everyone can come back to life That works for me Conleth and that


-Con's are free nice Jacob free puppies for everyone That one.
Oh and also some sort of device well where we can create unicorns to exist ? Mean I don't know how that would work, but everybody needs unicorn you do that. We all need unicorns. Yeah. Sophie Because this is really tough the first thing that comes to mind is just like unlimited Carbohydrates Don't know why but that's what I want fair enough I think in selected outlets all over westeros there should be free dornish wine for all the inhabitants of westeros You're welcome. I think Missandei would probably want and I would quite like you know language lessons for everyone they can all be bilingual and cool Yeah Education for everyone that's a really serious answer, but also true.
How I feel Yeah How about maesters have to clean out their own stinking bedpans? number one I've set up a holiday scheme for all the characters Who have only filmed in the cold places to go and film in the warm places? I second that yes, second that Okay, moving back to the individual questions. What about me? Yeah, okay? I would make it illegal for one person to mount another and be carried I'm glad you finished that sentence And every time you have to say thank you. Which you never did It's not true- that's not true.
Yeah that is oh yeah anyway Gwendolyn you're always my first your last your everything hahahaha Okay, what do you think it drives Brienne, never give up on her quest to protect the Starks? I think that the relationship between Brienne and Catelyn Stark was a moment where Brienne Realised strength in another woman. I remember quite fervently that line you have it to Catelyn Stark you have strength ah Not a man's strength but a woman's strength, and I think it was that realization that Brienne didn't have to force herself into a mold of masculinity She didn't have to take the path of men before her in order to be taken seriously or to do good That she could be propelled by her own Intuitive sense of of what was right in terms of Moral compass And I think that there's something very beautiful about the way she's projected that into the future that it doesn't matter of someone's lives or dies That that goes into that person's daughters And it is significant that they are her daughters to return the Stark girls home and in her own way I think that Brienne feels That even if it's one small thing for one person or two people that that's going to perpetuate a sense of good which may be subconsciously creates a greater sense of equality and that's what I think is driving her it she's connecting to an Idea that's greater than herself Wow and this is why This is why there isn't just one if you've ever seen me at one of these my answers for basically every question is always Brienne of Tarth Yeah, you would be the queen I would put on the throne so That's why that's why so Okay, awkward.
Alfie- I love you. Love you, too Alfie as a true Ironborn How comfortable is Theon with the fact that he has forsaken his way of life to be on Team Daenerys? Um, I think that the - that Yara is really kind of deciding the the Journey they take now do their new leadership with Daenerys, so I'd say it's definitely an equal partnership between the two of them But I would say he's just excited to see where this new leadership takes them, being needed by Daenerys and Yara Cool Conleth, how dare you? Varys is rarely rattled What do you think scares him?
Oh? I think the economic outlook And I, well, something whatever that Sorcerer said We you know we saw him with a red priestess. We were it was one of the two times where he looked a bit whaaat Because she was cray but yeah, I think that's that's you know he survived so much, but that's the one thing we don't know what was said and and because of your Experience with you know words and hold the door and everything I think "oh God. I'm gonna be holding a door for someone"
And that's what the sorcerer said, so that's the only thing I'm kind of You know there's a mystery there that I still don't know what that's about What was said and what it means well my advice when it comes to holding doors is don't all right Or get a swinging door. Yeah, I'm thinking it never ends well Jacob Yeah, yeah Some of you some of you out there may know Jacob is also a very talented musician wooo! Thank you. How do you balance both sides of your career? um I kind of don't I have I'm really lucky um I've got like we the way we shoot the show is kind of Over a period I don't know why I'm telling you this The way we shoot the show is like It's like six months, and then we're all kind of in and out kind of revolving doors.
Sorry it was a Trigger um and um so I just whenever I'm Not in Belfast or or a sunny place Just rub it in, man rub it in you talk about doors. You're talking about the sunshine right songs um yeah, it's not been too bad actually it's not been hard I mean could - my life could be worse. Mean I'm really nervous by the way. This is like. I'm at home here, but for some reason I've already lost it Why don't you give us a rendition of your song?
What song do you want to hear? Well, not one of my songs, you really don't want to hear my songs I thought it might calm your nerves ah, okay. Calm your nerves.... Calm your nerves...beautiful is that you shutting me up? Yeah it was about to get really really exciting. I was about to go into like A medley yeah Medley I Just thought that was just a Edelweiss wasn't it yeah this Thank you, Jacob. I mean yeah, I know what it's about. I know what it's about, balancing two careers I was I was like actually DJing up like 2 am.
I don't bounce I just I just do it Yeah, we do you ever he just do it. Yeah Sophie hi, hi Does Sansa retain any of her ideas about love marriage and being happy or Is she now the opinion that men are just after her for what she can get what they can get? ahh..I don't think I Don't think she's like season one Sansa and she's particularly looking for it's not really looking for a relationship Or love at the moment. I think she's kind of done with that I think you know she's always on the search for happiness, but she doesn't really see the world through rose-tinted glasses anymore, you know She sees the reality of the situation in terms of like seeing men In a different light I think she sees the world in a different light I don't think men in particular.
I think she you've broken that man's heart. Um I mean of course she's you know she's just kind of she's woke now guys. She's real woke You know she's cautious. She trusts no one Whether it be man or woman and whether a family member or not she trusts no one and I think that's important when you play the game of


Liam. Yes Do you think Davos misses his smuggling days? When life was simpler and he is able to live by his wits yeah, that's a kind of an interesting question because Him being promoted from small-time criminal to being sucked into this web this game There's very little room.
I think it reflects real life when people End up in powerful positions it - you can't have a simple life anymore It's very difficult to be just happy you're playing games, you're paranoid Who's out to get you or the whole thing but I think he felt he had a responsibility to be there to try and heed whoever it may be on the right track and Because he's decent and he's loyal and he doesn't He doesn't have that addiction for this horrible drug that is power So is his head is kind of his head.
It's a little bit clearer than some But I do I do like the guy's I Love the guy's simplicity it's he is who he is and he's he's not a complicated character And it's really nice for dinner. It's really nice to play somebody like that and play those little colorism I really I really love this character. I think that's one of the special things about George R Martin's writing- that every single character, no matter how small they are, is completely multi-layered. We all get such a--that's a gift What do you mean small?
I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I don't mean you. I only had one word. I don't think I can compete hello Anyway, Nathalie We know that Missandei owes a debt to Daenerys as she freed her from slavery Do you think Daenerys should have made Missandei her hand instead of Tyrion ? That's a great question um. I don't know about that. That would be cool I'd love to play that but I think you know Tyrion knows the enemy he is much more experienced with being a hand he and that sort of political landscape I think Missandei has come from a completely different world she's been dealing with a completely different set of dangers, but like she you know this sort of strategizing and negotiating this Very cutthroat world all of a sudden is is So new so I think Tyrion is probably the better candidate for hand and I fully support him in that role Although it would be super cool to be like hand to like your bestie.
You know like girl power you know Double-team like it'd be pretty fun I think he would admit an awesome hand actually I will thank you to be a thank you. I appreciate John Mm-Hmm, when Samwell was a member of the nights watch. Yeah, Jon Snow was his constant protector Yeah, how much of an influence he think Jon still has over him and how much the Samwell want to please Jon? Sam no that's alright -Sam arrived at castle black completely bereft of any positive Male role model in his life and indeed the positive female role model that he had had been very cruelly taken away from him So what he found in Jon snow in that moment was everything He possibly needed all kind of wrapped up in one person.
He was it was a big brother. He was a father figure He was a confidant. He was the best friend. It was all of those things and Sam knew what it was like to be saved by somebody Knew what it was like to be saved by Jon Snow and knew what it was like to have somebody take the burden of you on their shoulders and when he found Gilly he found somebody in even more kind of emotional dire straits than he was who had a life of systematic sexual abuse laid out in front of her and the worst possible life you can imagine so he knew what it was like to be saved at That point so he wanted to do that for somebody else He wanted he wanted to save this girl and her son because he knows how important that can be it was like Jon handed a baton on to Sam and and..and..
Jon Snow was kind of everything to Sam and now they-they've gone on their separate paths because Sam wants to please him so much because he wants to fight the same battle as Jon Snow He wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jon Snow in the great war But he knows that he can't do that on the battlefield He knows that he has to do that using his very unique set of skills which is Academia and learning and applying knowledge You know if the citadel his battlefield and so John sent him there and now he has - he has the responsibility to Make Jon's faith and him justified and get Jon results He knows it's a race against time He needs to get in there find out whatever piece of information He needs to find out get back up to the north and give it to Jon Snow that that's what he any feels about responsibility all the time he he knows he's got a huge debt to repay to John and he feels that very strongly and Fingers crossed he does just that, right? right Isaac in certain spiritual traditions the Third eye refers to the gift that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness do you think that applies to the three-eyed Raven or is it all about the Raven yeah, I think in many ways it does because I've always said that if I could have any superpower it would be to be all-knowing and that's exactly what Bran is now He's learned With the original three-eyed Raven and now he has access to like this vast encyclopedia of all of history And not only can he just read someone's perspective of it He can actually exist there in that time and watch it happen, so if that's not one of the deepest and most Interesting realms there is then I'm not sure what what is this is obviously very important those questions Gwendoline if there were one character hodor That you wished hadn't been killed hodor who would it be? hodor Well, I mean there's two people obviously one is someone who was a magnificent presence in the series who happens to be hosting this


? and also Catelyn Stark big answer real answer Alfie Who would I like to be brought back to life?
Yeah pretty much? um, I would say Karl Drago, I like Karl Drogo. Karl Drogo. Definitely, Karl Drogo Conleth? Um..Catelyn oh, you have to say that I'm - I'm still hurting about Ned Still breaks my heart. It takes a while to get over that one. I also have a flame for Barristan Selmy. Hold one up for Barristan I just really loved working with Jack Gleeson so much that I have to say Joffrey Wow, He was such a good husband. Haha. Very generous man Yeah, I i have no choice. I have to say my baby girl Shireen That still hurts.
Big time. Think I Am still Heartbroken about Hodor like I still I honestly just Can't quite fit into words, but I you know I just love you what your guys like whole thing So I think my answer is Hodor Okay, like so many yea, two answers again first and foremost become the legitimate answer is Robb Stark And the second answer is if there's one character that I wish they hadn't killed It'd be Jon Snow just to say he was having to talk about every five minutes for a year That whole year was pretty bad that was a pretty crummy year Yeah, you know I have to go out in the


papers if I thought someone asked me for like 37th time the hour is Jon Snow coming back, and I just lost it.
I was like you know what? I don't care yeah and um, next day in the paper. It said Kristian Nairn hates Kit Harington I didn't say that Isaac yeah you've been very careful Shae! yea, actually some of the direwolves. I'd bring back Hodor. Did you even like the direwolves? Stop you have no legs actually so you After so much time working on game of thrones Are you ready to act in a comedy rom-Com or a musical or would you like to act or direct? or? I feel like game thrones incorporates Rom-Com musical you know Uh, I don't know I like the dark gritty stuff But I uh I don't know if I could do comedy after all this I'm in a very dark place in my life Yeah, I can second that - she is Let's see Alfie.
Yes Would you like to be in a rom-com, or would you like to act or direct? I know you love nothing more than to be in a role nothing more Yeah, no, I mean yeah to just any anything that comes my way You know even um you know I'll just I'll just you know Take anything on but yeah directing is something that would definitely interest me about a job Cool man Gwen I'm desperate to do a musical Please someone put me in a musical. Yeah kind of Marlene Dietrich kind of gender-bending Sort of song and dance cabaret type thing maybe If I ask this question I'll prerequisite, I won't to ask you to prove it, but can you sing?
Don't know this. I don't know the answer to that the Jury's out on that small aspect of doing a musical But I hear they can do all sorts of technology these days It's called miming okay, Isaac I'd like to be in Game of Thrones the comedy rom-Com musical Wow, I hope that goes well It would just be a comedy rom-Com musical and what more might work might behind the door and like tap dance Yeah, I mean, you could have all sorts of different musical numbers. It's it's ripe for a musical adaptation Shall we do it.
Yeah? David and Dan? we're just the people to do it you play the piano. I enjoy the guitar They're sending me a whole band here actually John Um when I was 13 years old I played Potiphar, the plum Role of Potiphar in joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat at school. wow Couldn't sing then can't sing now Absolutely stormed it somehow there. Nice. If so, it'd be interesting to see how standards of risen over time I'd be interested in reprising my iconic role as Potiphar on the London stage for a hefty old fee Liam I'd love to do some comedy.
I did I did a lot of comedy on stage before I started this television business But I met Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage was asked. What did he think? How'd the think the last episode should go, and He thinks the last episode of the entire show should be a musical yeah, I think it's a brilliant idea Well, we're breaking the norms with television. Let's go that way Let's finish with a high kicking number around it around the throne why not I'd watch it. Yeah there's as a danger of doing it this way I've forgotten who I asked - Conleth I am I'm happy to take a rest and let other people do rom coms comedies And what was the other one it was oh, no, they're not getting to me.
Oh, so Now I've done it all good night Wow Jacob yeah, I want to I want to make films, but um that wasn't, that wasn't an option, rom-com, comedy- I'll read that again for you-? I'm like super Greedy. I wouldn't you everything um Yeah, I it's quite. This is quite a hard show to Follow I would you two like Master Spearsmen now This is hard, and I'd so I just want to do like hard things So I guess like a comedy or a rom-Com would be quite hard I do want to you know because there's this talk of spin-offs of the show I just want to put my hat in the ring now and just say I Really like the idea I've been talking to Daniel Portman he plays Pod and we've been talking about a sort of side call to the show Where grey worm and Pod and maybe Daario Naharis ?
Cyborg? Side call . It's like ah so when you not see I've already horn But will you get like cameos like Bran would come in and be like --as a Cyborg? Don't thought oh sure. Yeah, wow babe. Let's go with the cyborgs version. I want the cyborg version the Borg Invade Westeros Could we do that please? Actually I can announce that the HBO spin-off has already been decided it's going to be called Better Call Davos You're welcome And good night Nathalie Yeah, I am. I'm sort of open to all things.
I don't actually absolutist for anything like I don't want to do this I don't want to do that because you never know what comes Into your you know Email inbox you know you're like. Oh, that's a good script, or that's be a fun thing to do actually started off doing musicals and So I am so open to doing a musical whether I can sing as well as I should I mean, you know, but I'd give it a go and You know other stuff like I'd love to I've already still Attempting to write things and I'd love to be behind the camera too say I'm so it was just like going with the flow Awesome.
I think we've had some really good ideas for a borg musical and westeros. I'm going to start working in that right away And now we're going to open up the floor to you guys. Which is the most important part of the panel which crowd is crazier the game of Thrones crowd or Star wars yeah because people always ask me this and I can't really I mean I should have come up with a better answer by now really there's absolutely no excuse I don't think it's - a I mean. It's not really a craziness, but the level of passion is pretty much equal and I'm hugely lucky to be involved with both projects to be involved with the project What is noticeable is Star wars is something that many of us have grown up with that gives us actually?
What I feel is a sense of home About star wars, that's how I feel I feel like I've come home and it's amazing the way game of thrones is 7 we're going into the seventh season now But there's a similar feeling actually which I think is much of the passion and love and I look forward to The resonance of game of thrones carrying on through people's lives, so they still have they have that same feeling of Home and love for it Hello, my name's Lila from San Diego And I just want to say your show is the best show on television right now is you're amazing.
I love it. Thank you and My question is for Sophie um How is your relationship with your? with Jon now that you've reunited and also Since you're running low on brothers lately I have a proposition for you Can I be a Stark? Yeah, you can - you're a Stark Yeah, we have a new Stark. Easy as that see it was a easy to replace brothers ah Third question whoa. Oh right um Jon and Sansa I've forgotten the question what were together again right together again. How does it feel losing - oh, that's right um It's it's you know.
There's still that kind of sibling rivalry from back when they were very young and they reunited and There's still kind of those those kind of That sexism. That's just ingrained in the culture Where the men are the the fighting figures and the women just kind of say nothing when really Sansa is Politically especially to do with battle of the bastards was very She was very knowledgeable about how to deal with the situation deal with the Bolton's and so it's about them finding that balance and Finding that collaboration, but it's it's proving quite difficult.
He's the military man She's a politician But I think they both need to realize that they need to stop fighting for ultimate power and just work together This is for Gwendolyn now Tormund seems to have only one move with the ladies. Which is like the same move I have which is a creepy smile so what else Would Tormund -- what else could he do? to get in Brienne's chain mail? Wash Well, let's not forget Tormund does certainly have his very well-put creepy smile He also enjoys masticating food at Brienne as we saw him really going down on that chicken Leg ah Yeah, it didn't do much for her.
Did it um I? Think really it's about Really in order to win Brienne's heart. It's about a mutual respect that isn't about any sort of Overpowering or sexual advance it has to be about a mutual Respect that's born out of skill and uh and a nobility about your ideals And you think that's gonna happen with Tormund? Haha, well it so doesn't happen it with you You know you might get lucky There are kids here -- there are kids here So tell me -- It speaks! dragons Direwolves and three-eyed Ravens cannot save you So are you looking forward to rising again as the children of a cold? mic drop I've been here nobody knows what you said dude This definite art refers the first time we've heard the night king speech are you looking forward to rising again as the children of the cold Great question, we don't have much choice in the matter do we ha ha ha ha absolutely not I didn't realize the night King is Californian Hey, I'm from Philadelphia y'all It's the make-up made you sound like you were from the valley I'm only out here because of the Marine Corps That's why the night Kings formidable.
He was in the Marine Corps Thank you, dude. You look incredible. Yeah, you do man, beautiful costume

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