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BTS Playlist Study, Chill, Sleep Playlist [UPDATED!]

BTS Playlist Study, Chill, Sleep Playlist  [UPDATED!]
please i is foreign please me me stay alive foreign business is my okay foreign oh i hello sometimes you make me feel to walk i crazy to get out of here i hate it don't lie to me i just oh you're not the girl cause something has changed foreign one is okay foreign my foreign uh ah is foreign yes foreign foreign me daddy first first so far away so far away don't fall away is stronger for me and i break is don't know what to do no okay them hello oh oh oh uh a marathon marathon um foreign foreign is foreign foreign with my friends is is eyes foreign oh uh you can't close your eyes you can't close your eyes foreign oh look up at you there's a paradise that couldn't capture that bright infinity inside foreign because you come from different sides without you i'm crazy my universe so foreign um oh foreign foreign um foreign is oh i say hello to me turn with winter sit let go sit like this here foreign foreign someday me foreign someday i foreign someday is is christos oh i just wanna blow your mind i want you my baby okay okay it always comes around this happy lift the rain stops you shine on me your lasting only thing that keeps still cold singing like christmas trees for us so i tell you a million tiny things that you have never known in our custom growth up inside and the i just want to be where you are such a strange thing to do sometimes i don't understand you but it always brings me back to where you are so is i just want to be where you are it spins me round and drives me crazy me your name is m my i me my heart's on oh see my mother and okay now sugar all right um foreign all right um foreign um cry i just i just again monster i just wanna be happy foreign is foreign i swear foreign i swear the foreign got foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign shower my oh foreign oh oh foreign is oh conversation never leave me alone okay is uh i don't you leave me alone together is foreign me way i know you love me girl so that i love you i know you love me boys i know you love me girl that i love you i know is you me boy is is family yes me anyway yes foreign anyway oh me anyway anyway me be dreams i am i take my hands now you are the cause of my i'm in utopia you foreign and i know there's no change in your mind your mind but we both found each other tonight's love is tell me but i'll pick up the pieces in your mind tonight from much it dies by wise why is no each other change tonight's love is nothing more than just a wasting your time tell me i've been trying to tell you this i was supposed to tell you this this is foreign me watching foreign okay foreign foreign foreign you is so oh let it shine i got me oh what um my oh oh oh my uh baby uh is just no matter where you are i'm running with my heart keeping my feet in the mossing no matter how it falls i wanna be close to your heart you just take me oh foreign hey hey don't wanna too much is forever foreign like we were only don't get tired together forever tell me go with you with you is baby i all right all day i make it better all right know all right all right oh i can make it right anybody foreign foreign girl no more foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign so you food okay god i still want you is i foreign lasting how oh oh butterfly m foreign me butterflies time hmm foreign foreign please can you trust me can you trust me me foreign can you you trust me can you oh can you trust me foreign foreign foreign me foreign my god is foreign foreign oh foreign so know foreign forever foreign we are forever foreign
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