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BTS (?????) Soft Playlist: For Chill , Relaxing and Dreaming

BTS (?????) Soft Playlist:  For Chill , Relaxing and Dreaming
Oh geo guitar and I'm gone never you don't get a dictator not a we I got I got and amerimike a place in my life no she had to what the time away the market on your safari lodge about you know I'm the bottling karin-sama targets in Berenger I can make it right as what ooh she beat us your love your love alone I'll bet you're touchy cut your toes let's show yes to get a charlatan you know oh don't you touch it no sir let us love is amazed and work she was amazed okay I'm gonna go with shoes it's all the chemi could sum it up so he brews you get away go talking so Cooper although girl nothing I can yeah y'all wanna bet yeah hello go get y'all wanna pull minutes on the climb you got me watching me duly noted right my lord you paradise can close your eyes who you love Oh my guilty pleasure hello what none o your paradise can't close your eyes can't closer that's two it's a shake these are me you the - - kids that again decided off drill dumb like every time I'm picking ball that every time I'm thinking bout that panel talking watch Jessica like lucky I ain't Maui the door time down the couch night now the couch tsunami tire I'm breaking down Sam's out miles it's not this - my vision you got me up giggle up there's over so absurd sure whatever no they don't care so they let me do the same so the name so Nanami sorry you guys are you in here Jay McCarroll Oh not a little care in nine o'clock so let me do the same me know that it started there nobody talk got the shot when they play that we're not a drone area me hanging my dad cheap either hit the truck negative range together not even today I can be a gentleman cuz I'm your boyfriend go meet every day what every man a tomato Jack Cassey honest you got away the cookies you touch him again EMU Gina likes hanging it and even tomato them feel me Oh my name gotta suck that miracle good a late night some yeah from y'all but yeah now beat you to meet all the data the more dense is hanging out we can go dr. fried for the Batman to the plant man no we get to your dog when I see you got another to see it ever do that it I do you know I even on charge alternate OE damn I'm now the cops are taking my god you see I know Jenna on the back continue bands on a time again Oh No when you talk leg Takuma that sort of fall my nature got the star kiona Wishing Star you can Oh oh my god my keep going Joe I'm running a monster mother you many meter can't shake it keep oh yeah the cookie that's not Boy George because up in my house you're my boy what you think we're wrong calling clear to my Nana and I mean I did not see honky they helped me do an ice sheet you're Carlton Olivette mo that means I can catch it you can be a star you can be inside well suited enough sake oh I try to pretend like a sir I get you tonight sorry so morning nobody saw me took it and come back don't shake your hand to get him back in the bully totally matter cool oh I'm not assigning them I'm gonna be the bunny bunny I know it Dan I'm better than back and then all of the kissing I can take I'm here I don't know what I see you so jiffy tickle the mnemonic okay that's buzzing Justice Sonia get so grinding China no time please don't tell me and le jia no touchy-touchy you need then Connecticut Sarah Gavin guess handling gay you know again psycho cool music I'm gonna get Commissioner guess we shouldn't get that above their mechanical Telecaster them it's a passing then again yoga pop yeah no cockatiel a movie watching JEA Jamel support I was telling them Oh oh oh folly Oh your turn you soldier care worry buddy show me boy so that yeah girls boss hey boys me too only go to Mordor dart Obama to County my charm and want some well I'm sure Russia Miguel some China's hang up load a circle I promise ain't got bored Aki Oh God does I can she'll cut they killed a such fun make a member meece owner Chopin are but she's you my he don't carry me aha child she said whether ego thing Agatha pure me hurt g-man Oh figure could take up again how money together get my dinner or attire keys come in and give up all that was optimal that he's a pathological who egged in Hawaii because I gotta beat that whole doctor kopits it will show bottle that's water I say wait them and never think we ought to go back I'm gonna go down I get your pot now well he didn't even eat throughout the day God has another nitro look III go each other together we liberate you can holidays you go cookie chinguga Hey come no no my god come go she gee you got pizza Oh sure you catchy she's about done hunker down had I'm they don't mind have me Andre Bama yeah I got me a grandchild come I didn't me the pouch snitch not you see more careful shooting at some trouble another chair is plenty cheaper knowledge modern joy that's a key guess from a Shannon gunshot you might try to do Anna but you see God won't you cut a little there when I'm a new piece would you cut island in the winner among us now you're the comité de mieux that are gonna call me Tammy get a call me to noon now they're gonna call me could they attack you what time it could you could then you try to go there kirkhope she donated some money just imagine beetle morganite shuttle sir I just embarr you know cancer sang in Polish once daughter Sheena like it'll call me I'm gonna call me No you do call me you at a gala that one Kusanagi jahmai sweet yeah so far how give me to you yeah listen Natalie Dimitri Oh baby negative Booya sugar to searching to you come together oh yeah oh god no game I didn't enjoy composure getting to go you kidding me Oh Oh some naked go in Makia Miami yeah man you nollie their vocal charter Hey pajamas because she can you yeah I guess I got it through whether there were this real-world man sat out a game eventual catchy what party god I need to help my Maddy but I'm not her not a doctor breaking my head breaking my dad always because I go Supergirl kids wish your fingers okay much like a chrome or - you get some got one guy to the northern Gaza mother my body darling me she got me before jingle donut oh my god I don't know got me good I could choke out miss Hopkins only cosines so ready give me dunno about you it's gave me is she gonna you mother get the Kumiko cutter aha you it is it true it's money Gina Bengie touch you it is it Oh an affair say champion son ha ha ha come on you suddenly after sunlight Oh or more I bought into it's a saga takuna thou shalt appeal true then sake woman laughs no murder no sir no she's her sorcerer can take her my lights out so I think the Sun father so I thought about you can check your body Mitch of the diadochi alia board do never came what y'all get a dominance on their job he comes out on your mates lungs for me again bout you yeah girl that's your mother and don't get shot baby cry the mantra Sugo they're telling GU ling Jie Natalie who got more take their back out what's inside of Doug cuts in tempo god I'm done at a talk this Naruto begin tried to buy such a minor kid yeah Trudy mother only turn around son eusocial god I miss uncle Tessa Tessa No thank you knocking that shooter Oh German and on your vision II got caught oh you all outcome and action that's how you Joshua Homme and Alan are you 1/3 tougher - that chunk will be chachi up dead on yeah that's more than your debts motel you got me talking and they gonna own this and wake up wake up and dress up to men's contact nice having Anna Nagar drag you really sad I gotta take a on the head Omega by the jagged Supra or Jenna let you go but thank you we can order yeah Nagar efficient masculine ordinal banger June and her with the man appear I'm going up sheep in London said oh gosh I'm be nice she got in our masks off lost are innately moneda Mahajan we're eager to get busy swatting gonna be no my god now shake it then keep jumping daughter we can make a net in head to the north get away the daughter Tanana these old it'll sit on them it'll be too late block zoomy gonna make it about to meet a girl we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore like we used to do we don't love anymore I can't move and just throw this away where each episode it'll tell you say I did prefer I shouldn't know you live it's okay no I can't it around my prey oh it's such a sure yeah we don't talk anymore pretty pretty like somebody I know I love you like me the Mafia you're a chef that you're gone every now and you might want me to come show a picture sorry but I'm just too afraid that I'll be wrong I just wanna know you're no king in turn eyes it's just hard you know till you're so tight way I did before over so I should alone your love was okay no can't get your man of my brain oh it's such a shame we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore kitty so every don't ever scare me to tell you just right don't worry I did before I should've known your love was obtained anymore okay team ah
bts soft playlist for chill relaxing and dreaming

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