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PAW Patrol Pirate Adventures! 🏴‍☠️ w/ Chase & Arrby | Nick Jr.

PAW Patrol Pirate Adventures! 🏴‍☠️ w/ Chase & Arrby | Nick Jr.
Arf arf! Woo hoo, awesome! Operation Floating Ferris Wheel ready to commence! Good work! Stand back! One big wheel coming up! Let's get snooky! Sea


ler, here we come! Now to sail this super ship away, as soon as I find the start button, argh! Uh, captain boss Mr. Sid sir, are we just gonna leave our old ship? Who needs an old ship when we've got ourselves this shiny new one? Arf arf arf! Argh, looks like we have a stowaway! Make sure that robo rover stays locked below. -Arf! -Sorry pup, Captain's orders. Argh! That stowaway is stowed away.
paw patrol pirate adventures w chase arrby nick jr
Uh, what? Oh, good job. Now which one of these buttons-- Shiver me timbers, we're underway, har har! What? Ryder, where's Robo Dog taking our ship? Robo Dog, come in! Where are you going? Huh? Pups, try to catch up to the sea


ler. -Roger that! -On it! That's not Robo Dog steering... Argh! It's... Sid Swashbuckle? We've got to stop him! Marshall, put up your ladder! Aye aye, Ryder. Captain Turbot, can you give me a hand? Sure thing, Ryder. Let's go! -Argh, I can't wait! -Me neither. What do you think the treasure could be? -Wow! -A real treasure! -Whoa! -Thanks Captain.
paw patrol pirate adventures w chase arrby nick jr

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paw patrol pirate adventures w chase arrby nick jr...

Thank you for saving me from that cave! Whenever there's a problem, just yelp, or... argh for help! -Yeah open it Ryder! -Open it! Yeah, let's see what's inside! Sorry, it's locked. I've got this. Arf! -Wow! -Awesome! -Whoa! -Awesome! A gold dog bone! Cool! Ugh, not good for chewing, though. A super fancy dog bowl! This must have belonged to a super fancy pup. Why would a


captain have a dog bowl? Maybe mysterious Captain Blackfur had a faithful pup! No, that's why, look! This is the mysterious Captain Blackfur? It's not that the captain had a


paw patrol pirate adventures w chase arrby nick jr
The captain was a pirate pup! Who looks just like me except the black fur beard! But wait wait, this paper contains a prominent pronouncement of the pirate pup. He who finds this chest my pirate command obey, and return this treasure to the good people of Adventure Bay. Like you! You're all good, every last pirate pup of you. Argh! Ahoy landlubbers! Unless it's in here. I wonder if there's a secret panel or something inside. No, nothing else in here. What's going on? Whoa! Tracker, Ryder! Paw Patrol, help! I hear Carlos, he's in trouble!
paw patrol pirate adventures w chase arrby nick jr
On my way amigo! Wow, Carlos is getting carried away! By crabs? It must be Jack Scalawag's magic spell! So that was the magical whistle! When Carlos played it, the animals came to protect Scalawag's treasure! I must swim out to save mi amigo. That's really brave, but it's way too dangerous. -Look! -Sharks too? Ay yay yay! How will we ever save Carlos? The Paw Patrol way. Everybody to the sea patroller! Ahoy heartie! That camera strikes me fancy. I need it! Captain boss Mr. Sid sir, you already have at least four cameras. Argh, well, I need all of them... for something.
A-ha! Now that's what I really need! Fetch me that life buoy! Uh, we got a bunch of them, too! Okay, so I need something else. I don't know what yet, but I know I need something. ♪ I'm Sid the pirate, Bold and tough! ♪ ♪ Sailing the world And taking your stuff! ♪ ♪ Whatever you have, I need it more! ♪ ♪ I'm taking it from the shore! ♪ ♪ I'll take your stuff! ♪ ♪ Your toy truck and your rubber duck ♪ ♪ Big TVs and all your treats ♪ ♪ A fun guitar, an RC car, A bouncy ball I want it all! ♪ ♪ Har har, I'm Sid the pirate, Bold and tough! ♪ ♪ Sailing the world and Taking all your stuff, ha ha! ♪ Pups, with fish tails?
Must be mer-pups. Can I see? I bet they have mer-pup stuff that I need! Hi mer-pups! We've missed you. I knew they'd show! There's a little baby mer-pup! So cute, hi mama mer-pup, it's me, Marshall! Whoa! I'm good! Totally cool idea, let's all dive in! Wahoo! Being a mer-pup rules! Argh, why are we moving so slowly? Whoa! What's going on? Ryder, we've been following the sloop. But now things are really looking strange. I believe the sloop is actually pulling back. Yeah, it looks like Sid's sub and the slip are having an underwater tug of war.
But how could an old sunken ship pull a submarine? When the old sunken ship has a giant sea slug inside! -Look! -A mysterious creature! She was using the slip like a snail would use a shell. The slip is the sea slugs home. Argh, a sea slug inside the slope is pulling us! So captain boss Mr. Sid sir, maybe we should let her keep the slope. Me? Give my pirate treasure back? Who knows what else will be inside that there slip beside that stubborn slug, now fall speed ahead! Sid, this is Ryder. You need to give back that slip.
Argh, this pirate never gives up, I found the slip, it's mine! Okay Rocky, we'll have to cut the cable then. -Get your torch ready. -I'll wait for your signal. Chase, we need the sea slug to stay still while the cable's being cut. There should be some squid jerky in your boat to calm her down. Oh yeah, I found it. Sid, we're cutting the cable, so stay still or you could get ricocheted back. That could be dangerous. OK, fine, I'll stop. I'm not gonna stop! Once the slug stops pulling, we'll yank the slip off her.
I'm a sneaky pirate I am, ha! Check out this old bottle. It looks like there's something in it. A bottle with a message, yes! That must have been buried in the tunnel. -It looks like an old map. -A pirate treasure map? Could be, but part of it's missing. There's no X to mark the spot where the treasure should be buried. Looks like we've got a mystery. I need all paws on deck to figure this one out. A pirate treasure map! This could be almost epic adventure ever. Skye, Rocky, Marshall, meet us at the beach below the cliff!
Whoa! Did you really find a treasure map? Yeah, check it out. Wow, I've never seen a real treasure map before. Well, we won't know if it's real until we find the treasure, and we won't find the treasure until we find the rest of the map. What happened to the rest of it? Captain Blackfur hid two more parts of the map. Listen, a priceless treasure awaits ye, who finds the map torn into three. And look, there's a clue to the next part of the map. The part of the map that you seek hides in the big parrot's beak.
Big parrot, in Adventure Bay? Hey, those boulders at the bottom of Jake's Mountain -kind of look like a parrot. -Yeah, let's check it out. Those markings look like musical notes. Hmm. Chase, did you say they were musical notes on that rock? I think so. And some spotted banana. Hmm, maybe it's Scalawag's song? If I can get a close look at the notes, I'll be able to play the end of the song. Then it might just break the spell. Ryder, whistle please. Sure thing, ruff, cable arms! Careful Tracker. Uh oh, the monkeys are at it again!
Hang in there Tracker, we'll give you some cover. Marshall, use your water cannons to keep those bananas away from Tracker. I'm fired up! -Arf arf, water cannon! Keep playing Tracker! I got this, Tracker! I think you did it! Your pirate song broke Jack Scalawag's spell! Let me give you a lift, amigo. Welcome aboard the sea patroller, Carlos. Thanks Ryder, thanks pups! Robo dog, time to take Carlos and Tracker back home. This pup's gotta fly! ATV on autopilot. Let's get on board and get the other sail down. It's turning again! Whoa!
Hurry! Come on, you got it! Jump! Whoa! Zuma! Ruff ruff! -Gotcha! -Nice catch! Nice jump! Something super spooky is going on up there. Let's go find out. Can the sails just raise all by themselves somehow? Nope, nothing's automatic on this old ship. Somebody must have done it. But all the somebody's on board are right here. So ghosts must have done it. That is so cool! There's got to be some simple explanation for all this. Like what? If it is a ghost, he can't steer. Well, all I know is we need to get this ship back to shore.
Let's check out the steering wheel. Whoa! Marshall, Zuma... -Heh, he meant us too. -Nothing to worry about. Whoa! Something must be wrong with that steering wheel. Sorry. So that's who's been steering, Chickaletta! Ha ha, there's your Halloween ghost. Ruff, megaphone! Alex, get out of the water! There's a giant sea creature on the loose! Okay Chase! Julia, Julia! You come in too! Whoa! Wee, thanks giant spaghetti monster! Whoa, that was super quick. Mango? Yes please. Huh? What? Ah, what's on me, help! Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off!
Arf arf, air hose! It's working! I'm raising the flounder. Huh? What's that? Whoa, undersea treasure! It's like a baby rattle. Lifeguards, we need your help! -Whoa! -It's huge! I don't think this was covered in lifeguard training. I'd better call Ryder! Kind of dark underwater. Come on, I'll help you see, ruff ruff, underwater spotlight! Ruff, drill! This is different. I've never had to drill up before. I can't get any closer without damaging the flounder. You're right! Rocky, your turn. As long as my scuba stuff's keeping me dry, I'm ready!
Go, Rocky, Go! Great job pups! I'm ready to help too Ryder. Thanks, Everest. Robo Dog and the Sea Patroller will finish the job. Arf! Check out our new icebreaker. Now that the flounder is safely detached, this icebreaker will create a path to the flounder. Robo Dog, forward! Arf arf! Okay Robo Dog, let's turn around and leave the flounder out. Woo hoo, we're right behind you! Uh, this is bad, no? Yes, I'm afraid the engine's frozen! If they don't move soon, the water will turn to ice again. If you need an extra set of paws, I'm here!
Thanks for asking Everest. But right now I need all the underwater vehicles to move the flounder out, and fast! I wish I could go underwater and help. Ruff, lights! Wait, it looks like someone's inside of it. It's the... Cat-- The kitten catastrophe crew? Yep, them. Ryder, what would the kittens be doing in a mechanical shark? It must be another one of Mayor Humdinger's silly schemes. He's probably around here somewhere. Actually, I found him on the beach. Ah, I've been spotted! He must have hid when everyone else left! Uh oh, the water keeps rising inside of the sub.
Let's get it back up to the surface. Huh? What are you kittens doing? Ryder, that shark sub is out of control! I'll stop it. Zuma, I need some help on the beach. Skye, I think Mayor Humdinger is about to have some company. Mayor Humdinger, the shark is heading right for you! Uh oh. Stop, kittens! Help! We're coming Mayor! I'm ready, Ryder. Oh, how did my little plan to scare everyone off the beach go so wrong? Skye, use your seaplane scoop to get Mayor Humdinger out of the way. Ruff, scoop! Gotcha! Zuma, stop that shark!
Cool, I've never gone fishing on the beach before. Ryder! It's over here now. -Ooo! -Whoa! That is the longest horn I have ever seen! Ryder, is he in trouble? I'm not sure. Chase, launch the buoys is in case it needs help staying afloat. Got it! Ruff, buoy launcher! Huh, doesn't look like he needs help swimming. I wonder what the problem is. Maybe if we can figure out what he is we'll be able to figure that out. Zuma, see if you can get a picture of it. Aye aye Captain Ryder! Come on out, give me a smile!
Got it! I'll send it to your pup pad. Wow! -Whoa! -Awesome! What is it? I don't know, nut I bet Captain Turbot does! Oh, how exciting! What's with the kooky costumes? We're dressing like unilepalioncorns! It's our way of telling our new friends welcome to Adventure Bay. That's really nice. Ooh. hi Ryder, what can I do for you? Could you please identify the sea creature we found? Cool! It's the unilepalioncorn! Apologies Alex, but it's actually a narwhal, a type of whale that usually lives in the icy Arctic. Awesome, a narwhal?
Let's call him Gnarly the narwhal. I never knew that whales had horns. That horn is the narwhal's trusty tusk, a twisty tooth that grows out of its mouth. Why is the narwhal, making all those strange noises? Those were narwhal sounds. I happen to speak a little narwhal. He says he's looking for his pod, his whale family, but he must be mighty lost. Narwhals live in the Arctic. We need to get him to his family in the Arctic. Captain Turbot, can you give me some narwhal noises to help lead him there? Absolutely! Great, we'll blast this over Chase's megaphone and hopefully the narwhal will follow us north.
All right, let's go to the Arctic! Captain Turbot, Francois, we're here to get you out of that volcano. Oh, the sea patrol, oh what a relief! Zuma, deploy the sub patroller claws and grab the diving bell. Aye aye Captain Ryder! It's working, we're out! She is going to erupt! Ryder, we can move on our own now, get your sub to safety! Aye aye, Zuma, retract the claws. Whoa! I'm here Chickaletta! Whoa! Gotcha! Look, Ryder! Marshall's on the diving bell! Marshall, brace yourself, that bell's gonna... blow! Whoa! We've got to act fast before the diving bell drops and hits the water. -Ready Skye? -This puppy's gotta fly!
Don't worry Chickaletta, everything's gonna be okay. Marshall, I have a parachute, grab a hook! Our dangerous downward drop has significantly slowed! Phew, I was so scared, Francois. No Horatio, I was far more frightened than you. When it comes to flying, I think we're both a little chicken. That is one big rock. But I can move it! Got it Ryder! You better get out of there fast Rubble, draining water can have the powerful pull. Gotcha, reverse! Just be a little more power! Uh oh. Wow, Farmer Al's field sure is draining quickly. Huh? Uh, Ryder?
I could use a little help here! Hang on tight Rubble, we'll be right down. Zuma, Rocky, let's go go go! You got it Ryder! Getting a little dizzy, need some help! Okay pups, stay back. If you get too close, you might get caught in the whirlpool too. How will we pull Rubble away Ryder? We're gonna need to catch him first. If I just had a rope... Or a hose! Rocky, I'm going to use your truck to anchor the rope. Zuma, standby! Ryder! Okay Rocky, back up! Zuma, use your claws to pull Rocky back.
Phew. Hold on Rubble, almost there! Are you okay Rubble? I'm fine, and now I finally know what it's like to be a bubble at the end of a bath. Oh no, it's the Mighty Pups! -Gotcha! -Great job, Mighty pups. Time to take her down. I don't know how much longer I can hold it... That's not outer space! Zuma, Rocky, I need you and your hover cars to meet us on the water. -On our way. -You can count on us! What's one of these buttons makes it go up? Harold? Huh? What are you doing in my rocket ship?
It's actually a lighthouse, though now it's more of a submarine than a spaceship. Watch out, reef right ahead! Whoa! The lighthouse is down so deep, we can't see where it is. Rocky, Zuma, It's time to charge up! Whoa, I can see all the way down to the bottom. Fish, big fish, broken boat, there it is, I found the lighthouse, Ryder. It's headed that way. Zuma stop that lighthouse! -Bubble on the double! -Good one dude! School of fish ahead ahead! Steer clear of that coral! Hey, quit treating me like a kid. I'm allowed to stay up till nine, you know.
Face forward, we're going to slam into that sea slug! Ryder, I found the lighthouse, but it's headed straight for the sea slug! You've got to stop it in time! Wait for it... Wait for it... And... yes! Great job Zuma. I don't see the diving bell or a whale. -Any luck there Chase? -Hold on. Sonar found something. Hey, heh, yeah, Rubble, Zuma! Wait, I see a third something, and it's big, whale-sized, up ahead to the left! If the whale's here, then the diving bell must be close. -Cool! -Yes! Hang on, follow us pups.
We found the whale! Ryder, I think the whale found us. Whoa, he's ginormous! And he'll lead us right to the Turbots, let's go! Hooray, help is here! And a whale is here too. Hold on Captain, we'll get you. Hurry Ryder, underwater and upside down is undoubtedly unpleasant! Ryder, is the whale trying to eat the diving bell? No, it's mouth is closed, but it's still blocking our way to the bell. Zuma, see if you can get that whale removed. Hey whale, ever play tag? Bet you can't catch me dude! Okay Rubble, time to move in.
Thanks for the help Wally, but I think this is gonna need some heavy machinery. Whoa! Is this turbulent trauma making your tummy all topsy turvy, too? No no no, I ate too many escargot. Excuse moi. Okay Rubble, you're gonna need one more big push. Rubble on the double! Ah, thanks Rubble, we're back in business. Now let's go! You can ask your parents to subscribe to the Nick Jr YouTube Channel for new videos every day, and find more of your favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr Channel.

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