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Watch Until The End!! Hoyt Ventum 33 Review

Jun 09, 2021
What's up guys, welcome back to Inside Out Precision. Today we are making the new



33 um bow from


um for the 2021 lineup and we have received a lot of requests not only for videos but also for people coming to record them. in fact, there were so many that I was planning on doing this video last weekend and we actually sold out of our last bow, which was the demo, like Friday at noon, so it's definitely been a very popular bow, I think it has specs. people are looking for, so let's first jump to the specs, so this bow is 33 and one-eighth axle to axle, so call it a 33.
watch until the end hoyt ventum 33 review
It has a brace height of six and three-eighths of an inch, so a little less than six and a half, which I think it is. a very good boost height for a hunting boat, you know you have a little forgiveness, a little less riser reflex, but you still maintain speed, comes with draw weights from 40 lbs max weight all the way . up to a maximum weight of 80 pounds, um, a really big range, this will go from 26 to 31 inches, now that's not all on the same module, so the hbx camera here, this is the new hoyt binary camera, um , so you may have noticed that I got rid of it. the split yoke system here, so everything is internalized, which I really like, but for the drawn links there are two different modules, so the shorter one will go from 26 to 29 and then the longer one will go from 20, 29 and a half to 31, so there is no overlap. on those cameras, to me that's a point of interest because it seems like I'm just playing with them and I'm curious when we do the speed test today that being at the top of the module makes a big difference, for example, being at the e o configuration at 29 on the shortest module, so don't confuse me here, but 29 inches is the longest configuration of the shortest module on this arc.
watch until the end hoyt ventum 33 review

More Interesting Facts About,

watch until the end hoyt ventum 33 review...

I'm curious to see the speeds with that on the longer setting versus the 30 inches. The drawing is more towards the center of the longest module. I bet it's not that much slower even though it's a full two inches, uh, longer on the 30-inch setting, but there's a wide range of draw links there, so on top of that on this camera. I could adjust the draw length from 80 to 85 just with this little piece here. Today we're going to do it at 85 just because I feel like it's more common. More people will probably run this at 85 than 80. Mainly because that's how it will come, but you have the option if you want a little more weight to change that.
watch until the end hoyt ventum 33 review
One thing they did was beef this up a little bit, so they say it's 4.7. I hung it on our scale. and it was like just over five like 5.01 um and I've checked that scale a few times with just a little bit of plate weight of five pounds and it's on so it's a pretty meaty bow um I think part of that is due to this new small cushioning. system here, I mean, it's four or five ounces right on the end here plus this little damping piece, um, so you could remove it if you wanted, but this is actually a pretty cool feature, so it's definitely a riser design. a little different than previous years. you know, the limb, the angle of the limb is not as relaxed as before, like the uh, the axios um it kind of reminds me almost a little bit like the nitrum and the um, like the prevail, I had a baby that didn't I didn't.
watch until the end hoyt ventum 33 review
I know, but it's definitely a very attractive bow. Now also all the bows come with the same grip that the RX-1 had, which in my opinion is the best grip they've ever made, so whether it's carbon or aluminum, They all come with that grip now, um, like this which a lot of people have asked me what the purpose of having this damper, this weight down here and essentially it all comes down to lowering the center of gravity on this riser um everyone that I shoot this bow was really impressed with how stable that was maintained. They said it feels like it has a really stiff band, which I mean, all bands these days are pretty stiff, but they said it just feels really solid.
The really solid rear wall is left again. Hand-held we haven't received one of these left-handed, so I shot this bow right-handed. It's hard for me to feel really good, but it's not like that. It doesn't build up very tightly when you draw it, it seems to roll around. That rear wall is quite nice and I honestly think it's a major upgrade from all of their aluminum arches and RX series in the past. I think today they are exhausted of what they could do with the camera and a half since I've had it forever and that's why this binary camera system was a big step in the right direction in my opinion.
I think they definitely made the biggest changes and improvements this year compared to any other company, so I really like everything they've done here. I haven't had anyone photograph this and I don't like it very much other than the only complaint is the weight, again I can take it off and knock it down a few ounces but it's still a little heavy so you can tell. I have a stabilizer here and I have this um you can actually interchange them, in fact Trent when he was shooting it, he actually prefers the stabilizer down here, it allows you to run if you want a little bit shorter bar and because it starts further away, it's going to act like a longer bar, um, and then you can either not run this at all or change the position of these and again it keeps that center of gravity very low for everything that people work on here.
And the people who filmed this told me that this ship points like a rock. Now again, it's a personal opinion. I'm trying to do it just by the numbers, but I'm curious to see what this thing can do through paper, so as always, I'll do it at 30 inches and then 28 inches and I can try it. I think what I'm going to do as well is test it at 29 and 29 and a half just with an arrow and see if it's actually faster at 29 on the longer setting and 29 and a half on the shorter setting of the two modules, so I'm going to set up some arrows here, set up the chronograph and we'll put some chips through this thing so there's a couple.
More things I want to touch on I covered in the rx5


, but for those of you who haven't seen that I thought I'd go over them again, so a lot of people have been asking me about the picatinny scope mount and I figured that out too. I crudely said that wrong word on the first one, I think I called it picatilly, but the picatinny scope mount, which is an inline scope mount that you can't really see because the scope is already here, but you can see these two little holes. . Here, um, Excel is creating sites for this right now and it sounds like I'm talking to some of the other site builders that probably later this year and in the future, everyone will start creating sites for this, I think this kind of Integrated online systems are going to start to become a lot more popular, so they'll be able to do that, like I said before.
This aluminum one comes with threaded holes, so the Ventum comes with the faucet tools. The carbon one is actually in the. the owner's manual that you get with the bow, there is actually an accessory to put in there that will fit that picatinny site mount, so the other question I've been getting is without the split tips, how do you tune them? So basically they're I'm going to use a shim system like almost any other binary camera, so if you look closely here, right between the limbs, you'll see these little gray spacers, there's thick, thin gray spacers, and thick, black spacers. and thin ones, they are different, the thicknesses are between.
The gray and black ones have different thicknesses and the thin ones are also a little thinner than the other. They come standard only with all gray. So far I have had no problems adjusting them with just the spacers that come with the Matthews top hat system. You know, if I have a tear in the right tail, I'm going to start by pushing one cam to the right, if the tear persists, I'm going to push the second cam to the right until I can get that. It rips the paper into a bullet hole without having to move my rest in or out of center.
Now you know that the center shot is a delicate subject. Generally, when you're setting it up, you know you're just going to line up that string. right down the center of that rack and the grip and then align the rest with that um, but depending on how much torque you have a full pull, blah, blah, blah, really if you're within a 16 of an inch one way or the other. centered, you're usually fine, the only problem you really have running it in or out is that a lot of times you'll run out of travel on your site or your site disappears behind the lift if it's too far in, but yes, this arc is designed so it can be tuned without moving the rest all over the rack, so with that being said, I have this bow set up right now, it weighs 70 pounds, I have arrows ranging from 510 to 400 grains. so I'm going to turn this on real quick and we're going to start shooting, so this first arrow is a 510 grain fmj.
Remember I'm left handed, this bow is for right handed people, so I look like an idiot drawing it like this. it grew very easily right-handed, so 271 this next bow or sorry, the next arrow weighs 475 grains, which was drawn much easier than the math to use it, 70 pounds 280, so it picked up 10 feet per second with 35 grains, this next arrow weighs 440 grains 296. oh sorry 294. seeing things and now the speed demons this is 404 grains at 70 pounds 30 inches 303 so I'm definitely not far behind on speed um I'm really curious to see what does this on the shortest module um at 28 and then I'm going to run I'm probably going to use that big 475 arrow and I'm going to shoot it at 29 and 29 and a half and this is a little crazy and I'm going to try this but I've had several guys tell me who were testing this and the


33 at 29 so again that's the longest draw setting on the shortest mod was faster than the ventum 30 when it was set at 29 which is only third well you're within an inch of maxing out on the longest mod so this bow in the 29 was faster than the 30 even though it is rated almost 10 feet per second faster than the 30 is rated at 10 feet of good seat 10 feet per second faster than this um so I'm curious, it seems like where you are in the module definitely has a lot to do with the efficiency of that camera um but that'll be in the end what I'm going to do The thing to do now is set them to 28 inches. and I'm going to shoot those same arrows so 28 inches 70 pounds the first arrow weighs 510 grains 262 it's actually not as big of a jump as 10 feet per second although it's two whole inches shorter there's a 475 grain 268 arrow this is a 437 grain 280 arrow oh sorry 279 without rounding and this is 404 grain 290.
It definitely has good velocities. I think what impresses me most is that with the heavier arrow, even on the shorter modulus, I still shot really good velocities. so I'm going to change this to 2 or 29 real quick and then I'm going to shoot, so I'm going to shoot 29 inches, which again is the longest setting on the shortest mod and then I'm going to shoot 29 and a half inches, which is the shortest setting on the longest mod and in theory with a half inch longer draw length I would expect a five to seven feet per second rise but I bet in reality it will shoot probably five to seven feet per second . second slowest, am I right?
I don't know, but we'll find out. Okay, 29 inches, 70 pounds, this is the top end of the shorter 282 module, so 29 inches, top end of the 282 module. Now I have to change these modules. I can't just turn it because this is the shortest one, so I'll be right back. We're going to run the same arrow, so 29 and a half. If you're a bettor you'd probably say this I should shoot faster but I'm going for a lot of money betting against the odds so 29 and a half 475 big arrows last one was 282 275 I called it I swear I haven't done that before, but the reason is because On the shorter end of this module, today I would probably tell you that it doesn't matter because they have two different modules here, but it's pretty clear that there is a big difference now, one thing I wish I had gotten wrong there because I feel like the 29 and a half year old kids are getting screwed here, because again, these modules don't overlap, whereas if you remember last year, well, the last three or four years, you know that a number two camera would last 25 and a half for 28 inches and the three cams would go from 28 to 30. um, so if you wanted to, if you had 28 inches, you'd have to forgive me, you had a choice, you could use a little bit stiffer draw cycle but get more speed with the number two. cam at 28 or you could go with a much gentler and slightly slower draw cycle with cam number three at 28.
This year there is no overlap here, so again the lower module goes from 26 to 29 and then the upper one. module goes from 29 and a half to 30. So 7 feet per second difference, that means there's almost a 14 feet per second jump there because it should have been 5 to 7 feet per second faster, but still at 29 and a half 275 feet. a second with a heavy arrow like that,I mean, it's a lot of speed, it's no slouch, but I was really curious about that after hearing some of these stories, so it's interesting to know, like I said, I wish I was wrong. about that, but I just won a lot in Vegas, so anyway, I really think you're going to like this arc.
I'm really surprised at how smooth this thing draws um again right hand shooting. I'm usually completely exhausted by the last one. arrow and I feel like I can keep shooting this for another 20 30 arrows, so definitely go to your Hoyt dealer and try one of these things. A little extra weight doesn't bother you if you shoot a lot, that extra weight. it'll just help you hold up better, so, you know, get down there and check one of these things out, you'll do it. Don't be disappointed if you have any questions or comments, hit up the comments section below or hit me up on Instagram with precision inner underlining and until next time, keep them in the middle.

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