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Watch: Trump speaks to reporters outside White House

Watch: Trump speaks to reporters outside White House
30 Sanders we'll see how it all turns out they've got a lot of winning to do I hope you so I think it was a great win for Bernie Sanders you nikka was a great win for Bernie Sanders we'll see how it all turns out they've got a lot of winning to do I hope they treated fairly frankly I don't care who I run against I just hope they treated fairly I hope it's not going to be a Rick feel because there's a lot of bad things going on and I hope it's not going to be one
watch trump speaks to reporters outside white house
of those so we'll see what happens but I congratulate Bernie Sanders and if it's going to be him he certainly has a substantially nobody said it I read where Russia is helping Bernie Sanders nobody said it to me at all nobody read see about that at all what they try and do is certain people like certain people have information no different than it's been but I have not been briefed on that at all nobody told me about it they leaked it Adam Schiff in his group they leaked it to the
paper and as usual they want to investigate Adam Schiff by leaking that information we should not be leaking information out of intelligence they oughta investigate Adam you have fancy attorney general I don't know where it stands good job to ask you a dirty gun Bernie Sanders out I mean he's no better than me I have not been briefed to that effect but you'll have to ask Bernie Sanders I think what it could be is you know the Democrats are treating Bernie Sanders very unfairly and
it sounds to be like a leaf Lalique from Adam Schiff because they don't want Bernie Sanders to represent him it sounds like it's 16 all over again for Bernie Sanders and he won he had a great victory yesterday but you know what's after these you could see the heads writing on the wall and I


ed last time with respect they happen they might have tried to do it with me but I was able to catch it let it be a terrible thing if that were the case well I'd like to see them come
together I think if they came together in the sense that they got along with each other that'd be a great thing gonna be a great thing for the world if Ukraine and Russia can work out some agreement where they get along to me that was well I've seen a very sad thing going on with respect to Roger stone you have a juror that's obviously painted he was an activist against


that bad things about


et said bad things about Sun and she somehow wheedled their way unto the jury and
watch trump speaks to reporters outside white house
if that's not it tainted jury that there is no such thing as that thank the jury I think it's a disgrace I could say plenty more about that whole situation but I'll Hogan I don't know why they gave a judgement why'd the judge ruled prior to ruling on that because in theory rule on that and then you see what happens but the judge gave a sentence without discussing that and I guess he's gonna bring that up at a later date but I do think this that Europe is no buyers and
showcases that that shouldn't happen in our criminal justice we have four or five people that are great very respected in the meantime we have our ambassador to Germany is a very smart person when his time came up I think it was March 11th his time jumped up you ran out of time because I think it was a date of March 11th he's a very nice man his time came up so he had to leave on March 11 well I look forward to being with the people of India we're gonna have many millions and
millions of people the long trip but I get along very well with the Prime Minister Prime Minister Modi a friend of mine I committed to this trip a long time ago and I look forward to go going we're taking that you know the first lady's coming some of you are coming I hear it's gonna be a big event some people say the biggest event they've ever had it India that's what the Prime Minister told me this will be the biggest event they've ever had so it's gonna be very
exciting I'm gonna be there one night that's not too much and then I'm stopping in South Carolina we're doing a big rally and then I'll be doing seatback law on Saturday there's not a lot of time for rest I think show unless they cheat them out of it I think so i think bernie is looking more and more like you'll be the nominee unless they cheat him out of it a lot of people thought he was going to be the nominee last time and that didn't work out I think
watch trump speaks to reporters outside white house


ing it very closely I would imagine yeah we're very much involved with very very cognizant of everything going on we have it very much under control that this gun well it's it's a big it's a big situation going on throughout the world and I can say the United States we very much close our doors is written areas and about certain areas through certain areas and we'll see what happens but we have the greatest doctors in the world we have it very much under
control we accept that a few people a small number of people there very well could fine and they should be getting better fairly soon very interestingly we've had though death we have a we've had a great practice we had we had 12 at one point and now they've gotten very much better many of them are fully recovered now I think President Xi is working very very hard I spoke to him he's working very hard I think he's doing a very good job it's a big problem but President Xi
loves his country he's working very hard to solve the problem and he will solve the problem I'll be appointing a ambassador to Germany I will say ambassador Grinnell has done a fantastic job this is just a temporary job we have five people that will looking at very seriously expert people and at a certain point in the not-too-distant future we'll be announcing who they are say it well the ambassador will be doing that he did a great job he's very familiar with the people and he
will he has done a fantastic job in that he's going to continue to maintain that because he's got such a good dialogue everybody said that was a deal you know they couldn't be done and we got it done it's a great thing for those two countries I'm not involved in it I'm not involved I I don't have to but I stay uninvolved I don't have to I could be totally involved as you know but I very much stay uninvolved and it's all working out very well look the Taliban
has been fighting for decades we've been over there 19 years we're like a law-enforcement force we think they want to make a deal we want to make a deal I think it's going to work out we'll see we're right now in a period that's been holding up you know we have a certain period of non-violence it's been holding up it's a day and a half don't we'll see what happens but people want to make a deal and I think the Taliban once said they can deal with you
they're tired of fighting we have inmates we haven't decided I want to see how this third of a week work that we can do that very quickly yeah yeah assuming it works out over the next less than a week I would put my name on it soon time to come home and they want to stop you know they've been fighting a long time get tough people with tough people but after 19 years we have to be very careful of national security wall way national security we have to be very careful thank you very
much everybody great fighters maybe we have to bring them both to the



I don't know that was really I think we'll do that have a good time you