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Watch Rep. Joe Kennedy Compare Trump Dynasty To Kennedy Dynasty | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Feb 18, 2020
our Democrats fighting well against Trump, that was a big test for Congressman Joe Kennedy, who gave the State of the Union response to some rave reviews. I just met with the congressman in Washington. Check it out. Miller investigates that his security clearance has been downgraded. It is clear that he cheated on his forms on his foreigner repeatedly. Do you think President Trump made a mistake by giving these kinds of important roles to family members? I think so, I do and I'm aware. from the fact that my family members when they were in office, yes, I had some memories of the time and key roles as well, which I think we recognized then, certainly as time has gone on, the issue is not so much the aspect of the family member. of that, although I think that's the important piece, but we would be having a very different conversation if Mr.
watch rep joe kennedy compare trump dynasty to kennedy dynasty the beat with ari melber msnbc
Kushner had in fact disclosed all the meetings he had with Russian officials if he had filled out those forms properly if he had stripped himself for full of interests with foreign governments, which you clearly haven't done just because you're a family member. It doesn't mean there's necessarily a conflict of interest, what this administration seems unwilling to do, the Trump family seems unwilling to do, is divest themselves of the interests of the American public and government and their own financial assets, and that's what I think should lead us all to have a problem. Do you think in today's world it would make sense if you could a president to point his brother to the cabinet or do you think that's something we've learned through history is not as good an idea now as it once may have been, so I think it was a great idea with my great-uncle as president.
watch rep joe kennedy compare trump dynasty to kennedy dynasty the beat with ari melber msnbc

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watch rep joe kennedy compare trump dynasty to kennedy dynasty the beat with ari melber msnbc...

I do not have any problem with that. what's going on with mr. Kirchner with Mrs. Travancore Trump and with other type of secondary problems with the Trump family is their unwillingness to clarify the circumstances and put up very clear walls between themselves, the government and Trump assets, you are part of a family that the United States stands for fascinated. How do you take that into your daily role? I am very proud of the contribution that my relatives have made to our country, but you cannot walk with that every day. The lesson that I take from my family is one that is not covered.
watch rep joe kennedy compare trump dynasty to kennedy dynasty the beat with ari melber msnbc
Most people focus on the part of Kennedy, I focus on the part of the family, we are a family, correct, it is the fathers, the mothers, the brothers, the sisters, the aunts and the uncles, and it is what you learn more than anything else, regardless of the tribes we have as a family and the struggles we have. You always have a family there for you. We also talked about how difficult it is to respond to a State of the Union and how they can become bad Democrats. great job and you responded to the state you broke with a republican approach you didn't drink any water during your speech when it was lighter on water and probably heavier on lipstick so that was the good news aria is i never have to buy pencil again lipstick I have tubes of lipstick that a conscious choice shade is something you and Marco Rubio have ever discussed because he went in a different direction so I met Senator Rubio for the first time last night and we shared a joke about it. so it was a great sport, look at a certain point, all you can do is laugh about it, so I'll do it.
watch rep joe kennedy compare trump dynasty to kennedy dynasty the beat with ari melber msnbc
I've made a conscious decision to go lighter on lipstick ever since, so thank you america we also got congressman kenny to do a lightning bolt. round on the


what's on your playlist right now oh pandora based on what kind of music depends on the mood usually early in the morning because i have two kids kind of kind of relaxing i have a workout mix that starts with really starts off with kanye west so there goes a little bit of everything yeah his mix workout kanye is it the old kanye or the new kanye old kanye told kanye you mentioned working out from what i understand some mornings you work out with Paul Ryan next to Paul Ryan, there's a mayor Paul Ryan, this is Paul Ryan, yeah, what have you learned exercising around Paul?
Paul Ryan is in very good shape. Paul rides in very good shape. of what I am I will progress in the event. I'll say it that way. A little bipartisanship in the gym. Paul Ryan in excellent shape. Hi, I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC. Thanks for


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