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WATCH | Mackenzie Shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly Strongsville crash

Aug 22, 2023
thank you unfortunately I hope you don't have your own seats damn you know okay thank you relax telling me um it's foreign thank you foreign foreign thank you I'm Tim yes sir yes can I hear that her Do you like how he said? something else I appreciate the judges thank you thank you cruise foreigner foreign fans okay we almost have something safer thank you foreigner thank you for that sorry everything is ready so let's go over some rules of thumb before we begin phones must be turned off members of the media communications officers may have their phones on but must be silent there will be no entry or exit from the courtroom once the proceedings begin you will not be able to leave if you leave you will not be allowed to calm down today is an emotional and stressful day for three families and for the accused and for those who care about Davion Dominic and McKenzie.
watch mackenzie shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly strongsville crash
I expect everyone here to be respectful of everyone in the room and if there is any disruptive behavior, I will pause the procedure. The deputies will escort you out the process of the course will be as follows: I will first listen to the state and the representatives of any of the victims, the court will then listen to the defense and any representatives who wish to speak, the accused has the constitutional right not to speak , has exercised his right not to speak at trial and that right continues throughout these proceedings. He will be given the opportunity to speak if he wishes, but that is his choice.
watch mackenzie shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly strongsville crash

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watch mackenzie shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly strongsville crash...

After that part, the court will hand down the sentence. I also want to inform the defendant that she has the right to an appeal and a transcript, indicates the expenses and we will assign the Council to the representative Council that we have previously discussed and agreed the following that the only charges for which the court will sentence today is a matter of law or counts one and two, each of which is murder and violation of a high section 2903.02 of the Revised Code, one count is the murder of Dominic Russo, count two is the murder and murder of Davion Flanagan, each of these The charges are legal sentences, each being 15






with eligibility for parole afterward. the base term is met and parole is obtained strictly within the discretion and jurisdiction of the Ohio Parole Board.
watch mackenzie shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly strongsville crash
Each of these counts are separate and apart from each other and can be run concurrently or consecutively, which is the only discretion allowed to the court in today's ruling. I understand that we also agree on the following mergers regarding the verdicts of guilty verdicts against the defendant related to the victim Dominic Russo counts three, five, six and nine are merged into count one as the guilty verdicts against the accused related to the victim Davion Flanagan the couch four seven eight and ten are merged into the count two that Raven's conversation enhancement and post-release monitoring are not applicable to either count one or count two is that a correct statement is exactly correct yes, your honor, thank you, I wish you to proceed with charges 11 and 12.
watch mackenzie shirilla sentenced 15 years to life in prison for deadly strongsville crash
It is my understanding that these two fifth degree felonies both parties are waving any argument that is correct, yes, sir, yes, it is my honor to you, if she is waving any statement on counts 11 and 12. I asked her that those two counts, yes, okay, the defendant says that on counts 11 and 12, each of which is a fifth degree felony to seven months in


for each count to be served concurrently with each other with credit for time, sir, the fines and costs are weighted as to the driver's license suspension for counts nine and ten vehicular manslaughter aggravated by the driver's license is suspended for


I am now prepared to listen to anyone who wants to speak on behalf of the foreign state. Yes, your honor, my name is Jamie Flanagan. I am the mother of victim Davion Flanagan. I want to share a small part of what we lost on July 21st. Sorry July 31, 2022 My son Davion is and always will be much more than a burden, he was precious, he was an incredible. soul with a heart of gold gave the world what he wanted most in his own life love the kind of love that would rescue a friend in the middle of the night without asking questions the kind that would protect others and honor them he made friends easily with his contagious smile he was a talented athlete he had plans to go to barber school and open his own shop my son didn't have a single click of friends but was a friend to everyone he did everything he could to show love and kindness to others others, including those who were often left out by society, the less fortunate, the developmentally challenged, the hurting and the undervalued.
Devon made sure that everyone who crossed his path knew that he really saw them. , that he valued them and that they were worth his time Davion and my children have had more than their fair share of heartbreak, hardship, and loss. Davion was adopted with his sisters from Foster Care. They are biological brothers. We feel honored to be chosen or to have been chosen to be his parents. Your family forever. I am. Devastated by the loss of Davion, the world lost a truly special man. My daughters lost their best friend. The protector of him. The only trusted family that has been by his side since day one.
Only he understands the pain and loss they have suffered. and I was always there for them, this fact alone breaks my heart for my daughters, for my family, so many dreams destroyed my stolen future, we will never be able to see the wonderful man he would surely become, his life was precious, like I said. It was much more than a burden. I pray daily for strength and perseverance for myself and my family. I also pray that Mackenzie finds true remorse in his heart and true repentance from him. We believe that all those who work so hard to help us bring justice for our children, we will always be grateful, Davion, we miss you dearly, but as Christians we cry with hope, we will make sure your memory lives on and we grieve for the day we are united against any foreign tax.
Could you start with your name? Hello, honor, my name is. divine Flanagan um David was my big brother the passing of David Marquel Flanagan has been very difficult for me we have been through everything together from day one David was a big brother to me and my little sister Dalia, we were all adopted together in 2012. After After Davion's death, a lot of past trauma and pain came into my life, which made it difficult to know about this traumatic event or this traumatic event. Diego was not only an older brother to me, but a role model in many ways, he was a person I trusted the most because he made me feel safe.
He taught me the importance of appreciating every moment and enjoying life. The memories we have are strong, but losing him has shown me the value of life because God works in ways you can't understand. but in the end it's worth it. I don't want this pain for anyone else. I don't want people to have to go through this when they were eight


old. I hate the fact that he's gone because someone decided to take his life away from him. life now that Davion is gone I feel stuck I feel like I can't move on I feel lost he was the one who picked me up when I fell he was my best friend and the only person who has stayed with me since I was born, I will.
I would like you to give Mackenzie the longest sentence possible. I've known her for about three years and, in fact, she has always taken the easy way out. Yes she will be eligible for parole while my brother will be gone forever, thank you. everyone, thank you, good morning, can you start with her name, Christopher Christine Russo and Dominic's mother? No one wanted this to be a murder or punish Mackenzie and Shirella for this accident, but it wasn't a car accident. Evidence and science proved that Mackenzie Schrelle murdered. My son Dominic, as well as Davion, there is no solution in this case, as the shirellas would like to Proclaim and want to thank the Strongsville Police Department in the state of Ohio for seeking the truth behind this accident.
Thanks to them, we all know what happened in that one. car that day what we don't know is why I wish I could change this every day I lost three children in that accident not a minute goes by each day that I don't think about myself too Stadium my Harvest broke the cries forever What they heard from the family and the stroller friends after the verdict are nothing more than a lack of remorse. Mackenzie cirilla had a choice. Dominion, right? We are all here to grieve, but what Dave Tom and Candadavia lost can never be remedied in any way or by anyone else. particular phrase July 31, 2022 I called MacKenzie's mother hysterical about the loss of my son and Davion was in the hospital and the first statement he said to me was oh please don't listen to what everyone is saying on Facebook, yeah, My son's father, his friend is dead.
I'm reviewing yours, yes, social media is what's important. Social networks are created in the game. It is Mackenzie's life that is making a game out of this tragedy of the heart. No one can imagine the pain of losing a child unless they have lost one. they themselves pay us forever time doesn't heal this wound Mackenzie goes to prison because you did this I told them you're still alive and you have a future whatever it is Dom and Davion were stripped of their futures, their hopes and their dreams Mackenzie showed without mercy I am Dominic nor her in Davion only God at this moment can have mercy on her soul thank you start with your name please yes my name is these are surprised my name is Angelo Russo I am one of Dominic's older brothers and I speak today for me and also on behalf of our brothers and friends.
Sorry, Don may have been young but he made the most of every day and made an impact on the lives of his friends and his family. Dom is a businessman and Mal song producer and businessman Dom is not only my brother, he was also my best friend and the friends in this courtroom also say that Dom was his best friend. Many of my brother's interests and goals centered around learning more about himself and how I could become a better person, he was always doing what he could to learn about others, how he could understand different situations, different cultures and how we could improve. the community, he read from various authors every day and even recommended countless books to me that have made me a better person and helped me understand the world better a few months before his death, he told me that he soon planned to join a branch of the military, I admit that I was against this, but he felt the need to not only serve the community but also his country.
He gave me trading advice and also helped me with anything. Nothing said or done here today can describe the loss or repair of our lives after this tragedy. Kenzie's statement at the hospital to detect the zoo. Can't they just take away my license for 10? years or something that statement is from MacKenzie that statement is Mackenzie sharola the most selfish person I know, ironically Don was the most selfless person I know Mackenzie shirella murdered Dom and Davion in cold blood and had already recoiled at the thought of losing him and she did Davey about collateral damage, she drove, went to concerts and dressed up for Halloween, without thinking about the families and lives she had destroyed.
I said Don wrote a book every day, founded two companies, recorded his own music, and also recorded music with myself. and with his friends, Dom helped anyone who ever needed a hand, he was an inspiration to everyone who had the honor of knowing Dominic, we love you, Dom, we love you, devia and may God bless you both. Thank you very much, sir, right, uh, before we speak. you marked these activities, I have the honor of him and any objections from Mr. McDonald and you have marked the letters from him. I agree if he gives her those books go ahead.
There is very little I can say after listening to those who love Dominic and Davion. um regarding the impact that the defendant's conduct had on the lives of these families and we have received a number of letters that have been submitted on behalf of the defendant and when summarized they describe her as a good student and a loving and caring person um and that she could never do something like this and they continually, despite the verdict, refer to this as an accident and an unfortunate accident and tell her that she too is a victim and there are just a few things that I think are important for the court consider when determining a sentence today some of the evidence in this case and presented at trial was evidenced from the defendant's cell phone there were search warrants executed on her various social media accounts her school records her medical records things like this nature and I believe that who he really was is directly contradictory to what is described in the letter sent today on his behalf.
Thank you because you can do a lot of drugs and not die. I don't care if you think I'm stupid. I don't care at all. you better read if i want to be a dog i'm the girl you're dying for protection sentence this is hello shortly after the accident


police were notified that they had received community related emailsin which it was said that the defendant and her mother were seeking employment at the Los Angeles modeling agency Kenzie Sharilla told Vitali thank you for the comment. I would love to work with you. I've been sending them a lot of emails.
It's a great opportunity. Thank you. Is there a date? There is no date for this, your honor. According to the investigation, she surrendered to the police while the defendant was still at the Metro Health hospital, so it was during that period that she was in the hospital for several weeks, shortly after being discharged from the hospital, that the police received additional videos of the The defendant stood up from her wheelchair while attending a concert at the apartments and again, your honor, presented them to the court to show the shocking lack of remorse. This was something that was being shown while the investigation was still going on before she went.
He was charged and arrested in November last year and this was the kind of thing that came to the attention of the police and the shocking lack of remorse coupled with the fact that the accused was reported to be driving a car shortly after this event.that he was seeing in Strongsville again driving a car even though, as his mother testified, he sometimes got dizzy due to a condition for which he had to take salt pills for it, even though it was actually his mother who provided him with the car she used to take the lives of Dominic and davion uh Halloween last year again even before she was charged Mackenzie shirella celebrated Halloween with her friends in Ohio exactly baby that's how we need to go to the count the dog smokes that kind of marijuana like America Church are these publications these are not last year's Halloween so they would be after the accident just before she was charged in November we believe that the defendant has shown a surprising lack of remorse your honor we believe that she has continually presented that this it was an accident despite the fact that the evidence is in direct contradiction Your Honor you were on Progress Drive uh you saw the evidence that was shown in court and your honor we believe that you are the person who is in the best position to decide an appropriate sentence, we have full confidence in the sentence that will thank you, thank you, Mr.
McDonald, to address the court first, okay, can you start with your name? My name is Natalie. I just want to say that I am. I allowed myself to address them, sure, I just want to tell the families that I am broken, sad and lost in my heart, it hurts for everyone, it's okay, Davion was her new friend and Don was the love of her life and he was part of we. family, okay, I'm so sorry this happened, we're heartbroken, okay, and so your honor, this was a terrible, tragic nightmare that happened in an accident that she has no memory of and will never recover emotionally or physically. also then we ask that you please do not execute the sentence as consecutive he was family and we all loved each other that morning of the accident called I got a phone call saying there was a car accident so we went to the hospital and I didn't even know who was in the car the Navy hadn't been confirmed yet and I was like I was going to cry because the oops are so bad we love him so much I called them over and over again praying that he was going to answer the phone and he didn't answer the phone so I could try to call her mom and she didn't answer the phone either and I still didn't know who was in the car, I didn't even know.
I knew if she was alive, I didn't know what was going on, so we were in the waiting room and then her mom finished, she called me, so I answered the phone and was like, oh my God, like I didn't even know? I know who was in the car like what was happening was that diamond she said what do you mean my son is dead and I was like I'm so sorry and then she said something like and now I have to wait until your son comes out. of the hospital? and then I didn't hear the rest.
I just thought we loved him so much. I hung up the phone. I didn't talk about social networks. I didn't even know what was happening yet. Well, then that was it. At the hospital that Vitality posted, I commented that because someone had called her a murderer, okay, and she's not a murderer, so she didn't even have her phone at the time because the police still had it, so I jumped in and I was like you know she's not a murderer she's sadder than most of these people commenting that she's been trying to contact you. I mean at the time it was just an accident so I commented on her behalf and that because of the modeling opportunity who even cares about that I don't want her to be referred to as a murderer okay and I don't even know how that comment came on the phone because the police still had her device and she couldn't access her phone or her social media, so I did it and called them to ask if they could shut down the social media because people were calling her a murderer and threatening her with death and organizing groups to, you know, pick her up when she got out of the hospital and stuff, so I don't even want her phone.
I don't care about her, but I don't care about her social media. She just wanted them to stop calling her a murderer so that when she came to her senses she would come back. outside of surgery multiple surgeries she wouldn't see all these people calling her, remember because she would never ever murder the love of her life. Ok, Halloween, for three months after the accident, she would only work on her clothes, she would only eat the snacks. he ate, she just listened to the music he wrote, it's okay, she lay in bed for three months crying, there was a shrine of him next to her with pictures and things he liked and this light-up flower that he gave her because I wanted to.
Being fresh and alive forever is like hitting a beast flower, okay, she has this Shrine of him next to her, so she was crying for three months and her friends asked her if she wanted to go trick-or-treating. or Halloween. and she was an OU and she didn't even want to go, she said: I don't know, she should go. She couldn't even walk yet, so I told her, I said baby, please go, it's Halloween so you've been lying down. three months crying just listening to her music please go have a fun time so we told her to go my husband took her in the car I brought her back home she just needed a second of fun after losing her whole world, her whole world So it was us, we told her to go and that concert she went to with Dom's cousin Abby, they picked her up and took her there.
That was Don McKenzie and Diamond Addie. They all decided to go to this concert together while they were in the hospital. she faked everything she did after the accident was in honor of him for him or just to be with him in any way she can she is devastated and trans he was the heir she breathes well and they left with her cousin we went through all kinds of time with him after the accident um, what was the other thing? I'm hearing a lot about your daughter. I don't hear much about the two deaths. Dominic, okay, I ask for your mercy because it was a tragic action. that she doesn't remember and Davion we don't.
He is a new friend. Very sorry. What does that mean? His life is worthless. No, no, no, no, no, okay, no, not at all. They all loved each other. spending every day together, you know what I mean, no, I don't know, this is not part of the problem, I'm sorry, it's not part of the problem that everyone trusted each other, isn't that part? it's a problem at all it's a problem how they all ended up in the car together and two of them ended up dead I understand I understand how it looks I'm I'm I'm saying it was a tragic accident that she would never do well we're going to have to disagree, it I understand well and I respect your position that you don't agree with me, I understand that, but anyway that's all, I just wanted to address those, we told her to go to those things and then she went to Don's family, so look at that don't look at it with your eyes and don't look at that with different eyes if you can please this is that those things are not relevant at all at all at all at all I agree she is good if you would do it if you had a moment, all that You would need five minutes of conversation with her to know who she is, you just need five minutes to know who she is and what she is capable of not doing and doing, and you would see for yourself I think that's all I'm so sorry guys thank you I feel I love you, is there anyone else?
I would like MacKenzie to address the court Mackenzie doesn't have to talk if she doesn't want to, it's up to you Okay, can you consider it if it's more comfortable for the families? Very sorry. I hope one day you can see. I would never let this happen or do it on purpose. I wish I could remember what happened. Very sorry. My heart is broken. I love Dominion, we were all friends and we were sad for my soulmate. I wish I could take away all your pain and I am so sorry. To my family, thank you for the support and all the love you give, thank you for inviting me.
I love them. Thank you all very much, thank you if I could address this Orchard, your honor may please the court, firstly, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Russo and Flanagan family. I can't imagine how difficult this is, people's actions are terrible. has consequences and the consequences here are up to you, you have a variety of possibilities when it comes to a girl who was 17 at the time and who is now 19 and has no criminal record and as you so rightly pointed out at the beginning , The decision when she gets out is up to the parole board and we know how the parole board operates and we know that everyone fails at least once, so a 15 year sentence becomes a 20 year sentence at least and it will be up to this young woman here as to how she is going to behave for the next 20 years or whatever the phrase is, it would be second number one of everything.
I would like to say thank you very much for allowing us and taking the time to read them. letters and I would like to focus on the letters from the people at the juvenile court, first of all, Miss Smith and Miss Kent, they have been the people who have monitored his progress since he entered the juvenile detention center, where he was for approximately nine months. and I would like to congratulate them for writing these letters because in the end or initially I tried to get them to send a letter and the people at the juvenile court wouldn't let them and so they sent these letters anyway and what do we see in their letters?
In fact, I see where they both say she expressed remorse during the prosecutor's time there after the accident and long before she was incarcerated. They also both say that they have


ed her grow as a person and that she has taken every class possible. both culinary and university who has actually been a model recluse, the letter says, and who has exhibited what they call the highest level of behavior who are excellent people one two three four the better their behavior, the greater the number they will always has received the highest number she has ever received. I have also been receptive to counseling and since Smith Kent said she has been making amends, I would ask that you pay special attention to the letter from Kelly Lightner that I believe she is talking about.
Certainly she cites certain things that she did. This Lightner is asking you to consider that the brain is not fully developed until age 25 or older. Foreigners are indicative of teenage invincibility, while depending on your decision, you don't discover that there are that you spoke to MacKenzie's mother about accepting responsibility Etc. All I can tell you is that from the moment I met this The young lady here expressed her regret and I would say that during the course of this trial, in the emails emails and opening statements, she said, "I'm sorry for what you did, but the prosecutor has said you didn't accept responsibility as well as you remember during the trial." During this trial our defense was that it was reckless homicide taking responsibility for what she believes happens, so I respectfully disagree with that.
I've seen her express true remorse in the moments I met her in prison and I don't. I think she is selfish. I will say, as an officer of the court, that I feel very confident in saying that she has expressed genuine remorse, so ultimately the other thing to ask for is the likelihood of recidivism, etc., based on all those. things that I would respectfully ask you to carry out the sentences at the same time, thank you so that anyone who wants to speak on their own knows that your honor today is the same as the defendant for the intentional and intentional murders of Davion Flanagan and Dominic Russo and in some ways en The second time their families come together again to mourn, it is also a day when Mackenzie's family will mourn for their daughter's future.
These three families and the friends of these families are suffering and all of their lives have been irrevocably changed due to the actions of the accused. The unintended and collateral consequences of a selfish, intentional and cruel decision by Mackenzie will ripple forever through time,It has literally changed history because it ended two lives, two young people are dead, their desks were horrible, scary and tragic. I will repeat it if there are any. reasonable person reviews exhibit 802 there can be no doubt in your mind what happened this time there can be no doubt of the absolute terror of the two people on that call the defendant controlled all the events you chose the day specifically she chose a date just before his 18th birthday you chose to drive a car the time to drive the car you chose a previously explored dark route through an Industrial Parkway you chose the target to attack and the victims he chose the means and method to follow and she planned and purposefully carried out the events of July 31, 2022. the review of the evidence supports the factual findings the forensic testimony the testimony of the first responders the testimony of the emergency room doctors who treated the defendant the testimony of the medical examiner the testimony from those who knew the victims and the defendant and the testimony of BMV officials who provided evidence that not only did the defendant deny any medical condition when applying for his license, which his mother signed and witnessed, but also that just after the accident Mackenzie renewed his driver's license and again denied any medical conditions;
In fact, the defendant was so concerned about driving that, as the state mentioned during the investigation, she asked if her license could be suspended for 10 years. It's hard to understand how a person could care about having their driving privileges. He has only been responsible for the death of two people. There was no medical condition that caused this to be an accident. There was no mechanical failure in the car. The file is clear in the facts and the evidence is the statements corroborated by the mother herself without any testimony or record. doctor is not convincing It is also important to remember that even if Mackenzie intended to die in this accident as well, that is irrelevant, the failed suicide attempt is not a defense against murder and even in a murder-suicide attempt when the perpetrator who executes the plan survives the other death of deaths. still murdered there is only one person responsible for the pain of everyone in this room that person is you Mackenzie no one else is responsible this is not the fall of Dominic's family or Davion's family or your family and I know that each of you has asked for his They wonder what would happen if he had done this or that.
The truth is that none of us can control the intentions of another and when there is an intentional intention to harm or kill someone, it is the perpetrator Alum who bears the responsibility for what happened. The choice and the consequences and the harm that follows the difficulty of sentencing honestly today is whether or not I believe you should receive consecutive sentences. I'm worried that if I give you a concurrent sentence people will think I'm somehow being disrespectful to one of the victims and on the other hand I have to weigh the punishment there is a very good chance Mackenzie that you will spend the rest of your life in prison that It won't be up to me that will be up to the parole board and that will be largely up to you.
I understand that the pain in this room wants me to impose the harshest sentence, but I don't think that's the appropriate sentence because I do believe that McKenzie won't be out for 15 years, so she was


on the charge of murdering 15-year-old Davion Flanagan. years to life in prison you were


on count one for the murder of Dominic Russo 15 years to life in prison to be served concurrently with credit for time served find fees and costs and your health attorney will be assigned are there any questions any questions ok thank you very much hello

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