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Wason Brazoban - No Estoy Loco (Video Oficial)

May 03, 2020
Here I no longer miss you, I'm not looking for you, you've weighed yourself, excuse me, if I miss you, I'm the one who marks you if you see it private, but I'm not crazy, my heart, like I'm not so crazy, that's why the bottom line is that I love you strange I want to blame her and maybe that's why I dressed several but I'm not crazy heart no no don't yell at me crazy that's why I didn't want to ask to go highlighting my mind I miss you when but I'm not crazy with heart I love you and listen to me when I told you that I didn't love you anymore it was me inventing with him you don't know what it is that your absence hurts so much and so much that I'm alive messing around but I'm not crazy about that no no don't tell me the good thing is a matter of waiting and I want to tell later but no I don't you give crazy heart when it is the result of walking I miss you and now it is giving me I never miss you so much but I am not crazy heart do not yell at me crazy heart I am in love a heart do not tell me otherwise site i
wason brazoban   no estoy loco video oficial

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