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Wason Brazoban - La Mala (Video Oficial)

May 04, 2020
I got to know paradise between her legs there she learned another way of living now she calls when she wants and always when she wants I'm here I've turned around that she's interested it's something she can no longer pretend and unfortunately I think it's too late to find out and I'm in love with a skirt of a woman with an ice in her soul who is only interested in partying because she doesn't love, she doesn't love me anymore I'm in love with a plant of a death that no longer feels anything I don't know when because it already entered my heart now I don't know what to do with this love no no and and she tells me that she no longer falls in love that she did and that she already suffered a lot and that suffering I feel that I am dancing it and it is that I am in love with a bad one with a die with a fear in her soul that is only interested in the party no longer loves me I am this ball of a bush sells a woman trying 7 nothing I do not know at what moment I project my heart now I do not know what to do with this love no the disorder of the party that no love when they talk to me misguided na moral a shovel nothing at what moment electro my heart now I don't know what to do with this love and everything after concentration with this love and
wason brazoban   la mala video oficial

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