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Warner Bros.' Nine Dog Christmas

Apr 22, 2023
now here's a story you haven't heard a story no one has heard till now it happened once not long ago in a year when


went to the dogs


dogs that's the




we started with two dogs the the most stray dogs unfortunates of all time, but something was about to change their world, can you hurry up, tank? this is only a couple months i think i'm close to a filthy stick and a coffee yeah wait for me snowplow oh we gotta make tracks mate next time i see you is gonna last your life in manger and a Merry Christmas? to you too hey whoa that was close huh snow plow oh was there ever a scratch so tired i couldn't get us out without a plow looks nice warm place to call home two full meals a day great careful what you wish for tank you humans get little ones taken care of, kids tank, lots of carpet. what i got i am you see i'm not complaining it's just my stomach is maybe we don't have a home but we have our friend of freedom yeah that's when it changed and that's really where our story begins let's shovel snow with a meet up tank which is where being together is great but this place gives me the creeps easy buddy call me when you're done come out and show yourself Friends welcome to Pierre Ron's traveling circus I'm out of here now you can come if you want what and quit sure foreign business ok frenchy let's take this picture on the way and so the two dogs have now turned into eight oh mom it's real no honey now come with me sure santa brings me that do you think it will can i ask you ok i guess darling it's christmas after all move move move move but less than 48 hours to load that sleigh oh i almost forgot there's another part of our story a pretty important part and it starts here the man in red it has a perfect check out and as i understand that way yes so let's move it move it move it everyone is getting ready for christmas eve everyone is working so man and red will be ready for christmas and on his way around the world. be waiting for christmas day oh that's where christ continues over the north pole time is sticking right now let's move on we got to test the plane check the train check for missing parts make the coolest new clothes oh, we can do better. that these people turn their backs we have to sound expensive it sounded like Agnes had what in the name of Kris Kringle are you doing uh trying to get Sir Mr Buzz to work sir pixie policy number one sir remember that spit and polish Mr Buzz has to see yourself in those helmets, yes, sergeant, yes, Dasher, do we sleep with the window open again? like it's going to burn any second yes yes very good excellent excellent keep up excellent excellent thank you oh I'll fix that sir sir bus sir just put it in a box and seal it.
warner bros nine dog christmas
Mr. Price it better be good number two yes sir but it ain't sir what ain't good no sir I'm sorry sir it's the reindeer you see sir they have the food flu but it's oh no oh lord it's not going to happen not on my watch it's like a word coming out of my mouth look at that nose that's a problem wait a minute i've been through worse than this and how i did it i did have that no one else I had I had attachment to the activity what are we going to do sir replacements that's what these are not the only flying reindeer in the world are they but how where when there is no time I will handle it you keep the toys moving I will need help a dozen maybe two of your best workers we can do without while you run Beyond capacity already all departments are staffed with emergency staff we need everyone sir oh man ok everyone except her agnesan you are reassigned to what sir operation reindeer Roundup follow me hey snowplow this crazy ride is making me dizzy i don't feel so good yeah he's new on the road he gets used to it when you've been at it so long our names are McGregor snowplow that's nice to meet you this one is QT his name has no name where we're going now McGregor hung up McGregor we're going home we're uh uh we're uh I'm a friend we are he likes to think like that and we like to play along with what's going on now Pierre is getting ready for the big performance tonight shows the new act the flame and the leap of death now that sounds great let's see well it's not a plow i want to see the flame and the leap of death you win homie no dog will make it stronger than once always is one of the new boys giving the Flaming jump and that would be hey


we'll get out of this bag business for free Frenchie you see I'm going to succeed.
warner bros nine dog christmas

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warner bros nine dog christmas...

Ramen in foreign Las Vegas like those guys with the Tigers. I'll see where he is let me talk to him oh leave him alone where are we going to find the missing reindeer Buzz sir very simple Agnes and all we do is uh well just uh we can ok we'll start here , Hello. sir, i say there, hello, can't you see? I'm in the uh, who's that, who's there, I'm here, what do you children, children of all that want, my good man? try the guy from the north pole, everyone's sick, you mean santa doesn't have any reindeer this year, are you kidding junior, certainly not, so how is he going to bring in the toys he doesn't have unless he finds some reindeer?
warner bros nine dog christmas
Why not? check the yellow pages yes nine reindeer you have them only eight i can live with eight oh and they can fly well hello hello how will we find anything in a place as big as this? if you have a job and you want to be done with it, there is no point in pouting, that will only make you want to quit, take a deep breath and you will be able to handle it. and stick to it when you meet a robot try to find a different way to go around it left or right leave it where you found it there's no telling what's possible when you put your mind to it just stick to it if you don't say it with me stick to it stick to it never leave a job to be done with it stick to it stick to it never leave a job to be done with it you have to work in the morning our work isn't done the solution will emerge hi what have we found so far let's see um seven fish two pigs a chicken and a partridge in a pear tree and about zero reindeer I won't let the big guy down oh I know what they say behind me back they say oh Buzz is past his prime they say it's time to hang up my hat and leave him but I'll show him I still have to fight me I'll make him see my glasses I can't I can't Look I'll bring them oh what was that tell me they weren't my glasses oh dear ladies and gentlemen children young and older, welcome to Pierre Laurent's traveling circus tonight, the most daring feat in our history, the leaping heart. death hey that's your cue folks I'm not going to do any death jumps fliming or otherwise oh Mr.
warner bros nine dog christmas
Pierre can be terribly persuasive when he wants to so who's the lucky footballer wearing this stupid outfit tonight? You're in care alright yikes yikes yell around the world's greatest showman just as he saw it he wasn't a friend to dogs anyway and now a flaming jump of death alright jump I said jump and I meant you, what are the ears friend? no no no foreign look what you've done, are you trying to ruin me? Hey that was really sensational ladies gents kids young and old please there's Moto C what's that Pierre can you read it? Agnesan, I would if I could, but I can't read.
What is that Reno says? Reindeer thanks ma'am thanks you're welcome dear how many are there uh I don't know I don't know eight or perfect but uh I don't know if these really really of course they are they are ok yes I think they are a little small and the colors are a little fun but it's reindeer ok if the boss says so then the reindeer come on Santa's back in the business hello someone here we have a first class emergency here we will write a note we will say we borrowed the reindeer the owner will understand I will say that santa will make up for it let's go fresh we have to find some goofballs or as some call them customers don't bother me now we have work to do which is the truck stop.
Shall we go home now McGregor? Hey? We are going home? our way takes one through the north pole come on we have to get the dogs back we've never been on the road that long before i'm ready let me out umbreon go go find whatever he chases everything where you think we are go go go home let's go home partial block i just don't get it this is our house the truck turned on and drove off into a world they'd never known a place they'd never dreamed existed um mr buzz are you sure? we're on the right track we're on course of course the north pole is just over that hill i'm glad i found my spare glasses the south pole would be right over that hill so what's your story run away kicked out why you left home never i had a lot of a home you see me and snowplow we've been on the streets forever i guess we get by with snowplow he gets us out of all kinds of trouble i had a house once a big house fireplace big dog bed with red cushions they decided to move but they couldn't take me with them too much trouble i guess that really sucks huh i'll find another home on sunday we all will Someone like you makes it easy makes forever just a heartbeat away oh i never knew a dream could come true for me and someone like you and i will never let you hear it side by side we both know that one day there will be know tomorrow we will have a place of our own there will be some laughter and some sadness together we will get home just me and someone you foreigner parents fried with salt and vinegar for me the locks if santa left in the dark they've got to be worth more than i ever imagined i'd get him back no matter what the cost still no sign wait someone to come yeah jim it's buzz it's mr mr buzzer waking up out here we work together we didn't think you'd make it mr buzz when he says buzz he's going to do one thing he does it on the count of three here's not one one one not two two no three three we're home now hey is this house is hey uh huh what happened to the reindeer where did these dogs come from ok that's what i was trying to tell you these look like dogs of course they look like dogs because since they are foreign dogs they don't get reindeer flu if i brought reindeer they would just get sick , come on guys you know it's a buzz smarter than that I don't know what we were thinking Mr.
Buzz oh it happens they can fly they can fly they can fly he asks can of course they can fly do you think I'm going to have dogs that can't fly we have what to teach these dogs will fly three thousand miles to go Frenchie will be there in no time up to two three four steps to shape you can fly remember rain dogs love snow just think positive exercise lol oh thats one way to get rid of the fleas Oh yeah man that's cool cool we're doubles yeah that's right we'll pull that slate for you real high on Christmas Eve we can fly if we believe hello hello what's all this fluffy stuff?
Hello, he may not have to with the little green Gringo food ringing right at us. Good thing I didn't get it oversized. I don't have a pet goldfish, but he doesn't need to know that faster, faster and on the dock he was driven by the power of pure greed. almost within reach Fame and fortune would soon be tired gotta go higher for the elves time was running out fast and there wasn't a moment to lose just an hour to take off we have to load this up soon time to take advantage of the reindeer uh Rain Dogs now around the same time something else was going on foreigner uh oh yeah foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner went to get the dogs but there were no dogs to get Agnes and the mongrel faster my futures are waiting to head to Las Vegas las things finally go right for us and then this happens cheer up guys my snowplow never got into any trouble we couldn't get out of the right snowplow sure mate sure that's where we're going now McGregor we're going home huh Are we finally going home?
Are we foreigners? What did I do or did I not do? Did I overwork them? Look at Mr. Buzz. What if we teach some seals to fly? It will work or maybe a polar bear. An agnesan walrus. It's no use if Santa doesn't. takes off in 30 minutes he'll never make it I can't put it off any longer I have to tell you I have to break the news that there will be no Christmas this year this was indeed the darkest hour any elf had ever known then something caught Agnes Anne's eye something in the snow what is this?
These are not Santa's boots. The guy has big feet but not that big dognapped hi puppies oh i just have to remember what Buzz always says i gotta be sticky i'll find him if it's the last thing i do and it might be the last thing i do oh gosh i can't wait To get home, hey man, we know how you feel. top dollar my favorite guy no Pierre Laurent dreamed of fame and fortune insure the dogs and don't let anything happen to him luckily he really craved craved fame he could wait what's that huh is that home huh it's hot I don't know exactly what my dude, whatever it is, i don't like ithow it looks, hey you can tell that good things don't happen here, what do you think the guy is going to give us some food or something?
Hey? I don't think we're ever going to get anything out of it. Stop complaining there abroad. You may be looking to buy maybe small memes. I pay a lot of money for good dogs. I got eight and eight times Top Dollar I carry the three minus taxes plus seven foreigners really interesting There is nothing more interesting than that. I'm talking about a little game of skill, even steaks are doubled and nothing that isn't by nature. Gambler man but times are what they are I guess a little friendly salary is what hurts what keeps I'm freezing my tail out here guys talk about chill whoa ah I live for this kind of weather maybe but I i'm freezing here you can be by my side and stay out of the wind my name on my mouth bill full shot we don't have this kind of weather where i come from you're holding out bring me boy i just got one thing i said hello to someone else oh it's them oh it's oh stop your tummy aching why not you? where is that single fool? uh come on come on he's warming up that's all what do you say?
We up the stakes just a bit, assuming you have something to put on, um, it could ruin your sled, what else? that makes nine dogs that's all i got what's dire need what in the name of the blue blazers are you doing good shoot crooked foreigner what kind of scum are you running here shoes untied diana they are the brakes don't feel sad dude, Your dogs will love working in the mines, oh, it's not the dogs, it's the sled. I will not get lost in any way, this dog will work in any mine. man oh nothing broken all i have to do is get up and get out of here there's only 80 oh you're trying to fool mate honestly there were nine of them there's another one somewhere important little thing yeah he thinks me or all your dogs for a minute working in a mine i have something else coming no way i'm going i'm glad i'm not in his place oh my god i don't know how to thank you little friend where is your house friend do you have a house no huh no well then you can come live with me as soon as I find what I'm looking for there are other dogs I lost maybe you saw them you know where they are don't you boy can you show me the way oh please boy I really need to find it, me and Santa need your help so bad, if I don't get them back there won't be much Christmas this year, oh please boy are you sure you can't help me right?
There's going to be a lot of sad kids this year, puppies, I'm going to beat myself up in the morning for this, you know, Santa? It's more or less what I'm trying to say in other words, so to speak. I'm too busy Buzz What's up? Did I ever tell you how good you look in red You slim down thanks Buzz Actually the truth is good The reindeer got sick and we trained some dogs to take his place but now they're gone and Christmas is doomed that was pretty honest I don't know what happened to the little dog I swear mom's machete is fine I'll take the eight where is the foreign key hurry up, will you?
I rush as much as I do What do they know? There is a terrible escape, my dogs, my dogs, one last thing still stood between the dogs and freedom. far enough, don't forget to send a postcard and now there were nine, come on guys, well here he goes, the guy works his whole life, gives a job, all he has, 24/7, And it's about this long run and what do I have to show? for that nothing and nothing about kiss zero but hey i can't kick i had a good run it was fun while it lasted now it's time to hang up the old elf hat buzz all set ya see santa is so the boy has a hat 24 7 and what he's got to show come on buzz the sleigh uh the truth is the truth is ok of course big guy what do you think i let you down in a couple of minutes we'll be ready i don't know how you did it but you did it and i love you you gotta be , they are nine street wackos, they look strong and determined and proud, it looked like their luck had finally turned, I didn't think we would make it. but everything's going to be smooth sailing from here on out, well santa where's my laser reindeer?
Buzz, sir, why are these dogs here? I'll explain later sir, now for the final finishing touch, Buzz the elf covered them all in Christmas magic and nothing. it happened maybe you'll need a little more sometimes with some dogs it takes a little more magic pow what's going on in dasher on the adaptive weight that's not going to work what am i supposed to say what about uh mush no a dog can to do a lot of things but it's not in his nature to fly a dog likes a room his four legs planted firmly on the ground it's over we haven't done it yet we're flying i can hardly believe my own eyes are up they're not down oh no no they're outside they're down and in fact they made it after all their trials all the hardships they certainly made it this new old Buzz could make it.
I never could have done it without this hooray! the nine dogs were flying all night and santa was back in the lead and south to normal the lord is east west from new york los angeles across the ocean from the eiffel towers to the pyramids of egypt no dogs out and santa's kids santa is here nine dogs flew that christmas eve for the first and only time nine dogs brought christmas to the world hey wait man what's up i did wrong i mean he's inside i tell you i'd get ready hey hey that's good Could you look at that Cheech cheating thing?
I mean, come with me now, little friend, now this is living so long, boys, hey, Santa merci beaucoup, where do I go now? big bullshit you're going home thanks for everything snowplow ah i didn't do anything buddy we'd still be dancing for our dinner if it wasn't for you oh what's wrong boy do you care about your friends well they have all got nice houses and i know because i checked the list and i double checked it come here boy there you have it each and every dog ​​with a house and the so called snowplow well he finally knew this is a gift that everyone had longed for worse than a swarm of foreign fleas me santa has a problem with the sleigh that doesn't matter until next year Merry Christmas everyone and good night Merry Christmas Merry Christmas and that's where our story ends with all our new friends living happily ever after nine dog christmas if you got a job and want to be done with he's pointless pouting that'll just make you want to leave him take a big deep breath you can handle it fine look you just have to stick to it stick to it let me stick to it when you meet a robot.
Try to find a different way to go around it to the left or to the right. I don't leave it where you found it. There's no telling what's possible when you put your mind to it. never leave a job never leave a job until the end you have to work in the morning you will find the answers if you look into things and change foreigners

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