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Feb 27, 2020
we shop at Walmart to help us like the grumpy old man calls you 69 and I have these guys. Remember I said I already have them. so you like to dip them in the 69 stuff and then hang them on a 6 foot high branch, is what it says, and that way it smells like a doe, whatever that is, so let's make that candy and I have orange vests of hunter, ammunition and no blocker. In fact, today we will have a good victory. We have a south wind and where we are sitting will face east, but a lot of the


are coming from the south, so.
walmart deer hunting challenge catch clean cook
They really shouldn't be able to smell us but there really isn't much wind so we definitely have to be pretty calm today but we do. We don't have shamblers just in case and we have some ammo this is 308 180 grain soft point I want I mean, it has a picture of a


and it looks like a pronghorn or a fast goat of some kind and a pig, so if they can kill any of those three things, then I feel like we'll be good to go, so anyway we're going to load up. the gun here and we're going to go out, we're going to open the boar, we take the cameras, this is it.
walmart deer hunting challenge catch clean cook

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walmart deer hunting challenge catch clean cook...

The first time we made a good seat for the deer and we waited for something to happen and John and I talked about maybe we made a deal, this is the deal if there are 20 minutes left until sunlight. The sun sets and we haven't seen anything at all. I know you guys are thinking about playing, don't come out of the blinds. I'm coming out of the blind and we're going to walk around and try to spot stocks because we're. we're going to have the wind in our face, I know it might be a bad idea because you know all the big money comes right at dusk, unless I think there's nonsense, if I have a feeling that says stay in the barn, I'll do it . stay in the blind but we're going to put a deer on the ground if it's brown oats, big money, the DOE, whatever it is, it's going down today, we'll load up here and get out, wish us luck, well folks, maybe this .
walmart deer hunting challenge catch clean cook
Baba will park the mule, our blinds right there, we get pretty close to the mill, but we'll be on this side, and the deer shouldn't come from this side. More in life, everyone comes from this side, probably coming from the south, so that's the north, that's easy, that's the west, that's outside and we're going to grab all the equipment that's gone and we know how to sit on the blind to have a bed, see what we see. I don't want to curse him, knock on wood but I have a really good feeling it's just one of those feelings and I don't want to curse him but I have a feeling we're going to show something tonight we're going to be silly watch deer I feel like the weather is too perfect , so we have the orange on so hopefully you won't get shot and hopefully I'll see some deer.
walmart deer hunting challenge catch clean cook
I happened to step on the strongest branch in the world, that's always key if you want to kill a big buck, that's all you have to do. I took out the 69 now it's very small, very, we're not supposed to do it right, friends, we waited quite a while, we actually went back to the farm, we have Jake, he's coming to help us, he's got a lot more experience with tracking deer and things that I and basically what happens I shot it, it stayed there for a moment and then it went into the woods here, we've read, we basically said we might want to wait two three hours, it's been exactly two hours since Now Jake will help us and This is where I think he entered the woods, so we'll look for a blood trail and hopefully we can find the first deer on the farm.
I don't think there was a very big deer. No, it wasn't a dollar, it wasn't, oh, by the way, and I don't think it was that big, it wasn't a baby, but it wasn't that big, but anyway, I hope we can find it. Pay attention. Well we found blood people now we're trying to figure out which way to go. I can't show it to you. They've already talked about all this about the YouTube deal, but there's a lot of blood right here. Now we have to sigh where he went. Do you think she went this way?
I think we're in Drew, yes sir, well look at this, we found her. You know, the whole blood thing on YouTube, we've covered it up a little bit. It's actually a pretty decent size. Let's say jiggy, you think a hundred, maybe 110, that's what you're guessing, that's not small, I guess it's a normal doe, you'd know this is like my average, some reason I thought it was smaller when I shot it, but three or four. Jake is a year old though, so yeah, we either made it or finally almost gave up. We went down that road and this is blood and we went back to the music.
Well, let's go the other way. We went the other way and found pools of blood and followed the blood. all the way here here she's gone so there you go Walmart


the old man was a savage feel savage 308 we did it we gotta gut it we should definitely show that and then we'll do a little




kitchen a little bit later. guys, stay tuned, what's up buddy, how's it going, do you want to try some beer today, didn't you go


with us, everybody look, look, oh, here we go, you ready for this shake, yeah, look, she she still does this mouth thing, it's not even her biting me, she just enjoys putting her mouth on people's hands.
I don't know if the deal is up anyway, how's it going folks? It's been a few days, honestly, you all really missed those of us who took the deer on Jake, help me understand it basically. Jake got it, he didn't really help me, he just did it, got it, took it to the processing station and was able to put it down, but what we did was take the loins off, which is basically like when I got a deer right there, like if there really was, you cut one side, you cut the other side, take them out, they're ready, so we took that and I gave the rest to the processing station and they're going to make jerky and sandwiches and all that good stuff, but we have loins to


a little bit and we have salt, pepper and a little bit of SPG action and we have this girl here because well the kitchen still looks like this so I don't really have anything else we all have this big grill here but it takes too long to light it up for a small part of me.
I wonder: you know what? Just make that little panini maker break out. I know you guys annoy me when I use that thing, so that's basically the reason I'm using it, but anyway we're going to heat up this seasoned grill and we're going to eat some deer I've never eaten before. I don't think I've ever had venison sirloin before, maybe I once had some backstrap and obviously snack sticks, but I've never had the butt and not that fresh, not where it was killed directly in the last few days. days anyway we're going to see this thing is not ready yeah stay tuned oh yeah she's steaming and seasoned and juicy throw her in there for a few minutes half


ed bring her in to slice and Dyson and put this meat on her. in Bonzo's mouth, yeah, boom, I mean, dude, Jay gave us some venison jerky from the locker to try for hours, it was processed, but things are cooked, I don't like them overcooked, it's a Bit difficult when you're outside, oh yeah, half-baked. let it sit for five minutes so it tastes, everyone grab a fork, there you have it, yeah, beautiful, some medium rare action, guys, everyone, yeah, only the highest quality stuff here at Flare Farm, paper plates plastic with forks, panini grills on the back deck. this is how we are cooking this general so here we go mm-hmm loads sugar and the meat tastes like venison and I like the taste of venison yes, I don't think there is anything wrong with that, nothing, it's a hare, even it I would call it playful because the word playful is not good, it's good, but you're right, it's different, it's like you eat like a goat or something like that, it will never taste like that, no, no, it won't taste like that. like beef, it will taste like go, but it's not necessary, it tastes bad, it's better than everything else we eat.
I'd say he's so tall he's better than the doc, better than the raccoon squirrel, all knotted up, you know, possum, possum. there, but you know what's better, Jon Jon is the toughest critic he ever had. He tries a little and let's know what he thinks. The wind angle is nice and medium rare mm-hmm, it's fire medium rare, the best we've ever had, oh yeah. Really good, no better than orcs or Africa. Oh, right, right, Africa is like the next level, but like the United States level, a good sandhill crane, just a little bit above, what do you think?
Do you think cranes are better, although it was better than the crane? You had a crane, yes. It's uh, it's also difficult, it's difficult to say. I think when I had Crane you could still get an air like duck flavor, so it wasn't bad, but if you like the flavor, gay meanness. of duck or you know you don't care, that would be the leash for Santa personally. I'm not a big fan of him. I would say my vote would be deer, but they are very, very close as far as birds go. crane definitely the best in terms of land animals makes you go out and hunt deer, without a doubt, the best loins were tender and delicious and well, we have to take a little bite, there you go.
Mele, you have been good at all of them. Now, sit there, get up, good girl, don't tell mom. Wow, okay, did you try that or just inhale that good talk? I think Milly liked it. She joins in as John slams the door. I liked her. He was delicious, very, very good. If you kill a deer, don't forget to take out the loins, it was something Jake even told me, like when you gut the loins, if you're not careful you can take them out, you can basically like to gut the loins. they're right there under all the guts and stuff, so make sure you get it, throw it on the grill.
We used a little bit of SPG and salt and pepper so we added a little bit of that, even in the panini press it was amazing. Fire, let me know what your guys' favorite way to cook deer is. You're in the comments section below. I think there is one looking at you in peace.

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