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Walk Around The Block With Barney Part 1

Apr 12, 2023
Let's check out the other bulletin board, okay? Wow our class made a lot of nice neighbors for the bulletin board and here's the pretty yellow sun to shine on them all no that's what I call it sunny smile now where was that by the box? what you're looking for yes it's Barney Thank you now we can finish our bulletin board mmm that's great it's about our neighborhood I think I know some of these places I'm sure they're all close to where we live there are houses in different types of buildings well a lot of people people who lives here people who work here and people who are friends yes and friends are my favorite


of the neighborhood i like to run jump and play there are so many things i like every day i learn new things and it only makes it better friends sounds like if another friend was paying a visit i have another delivery for school today what's so big in it? oh you can tell just by reading the outside of the box look at textbooks hmm for teachers jump ropes for gym class ketchup for kitchen pencils for principal thats just a super set of surprises all my customers might be as happy as you are today but i don't think it's okay to see this package be the address label fell off and i don't know where to take it and i have more boxes like this in my truck oh you know i know that they are supposed to go to the people in this neighborhood, but I don't know, maybe we can help you, we can deliver the boxes to you, I'll go get them right now, okay, if there's no address, how will we know where to take the fox bun reading what's inside our box? skull so reading what's in the other boxes will help us guess where to lead no direction lamp oh great look at everything yes it's a lot but it sure is nice of you to help me finish to say thank you im going to get you come back surprised when i get out from work today ok ok chinese news yes those are presents and they are not for you everything you said from above in the tree house you are helping deborah the delivery girl but i'm not quite sure how we're going to carry all these boxes we need something for put them on, uh, how about something like ride up and down in my little red wagon? and it would be a great help if we could borrow your safe car
walk around the block with barney part 1

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