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Waking Up At 5am For A Week!

Jun 08, 2021
I would need the alarm. I woke up at 4 57 literally on a diet I woke up you know I checked my phone and you know I actually feel a lot better than I did yesterday I don't know if it was because I woke up yesterday at five or what it is but the truth is that I I feel very very good I didn't need my alarm to wake up I did it myself good God did it Of course, but I did it myself. Yesterday I was telling my boyfriend that I actually like


up at five o'clock.
waking up at 5am for a week
You just had to plan your schedule. Why is it like you can't go with the flow? and everyone saw. I did that yesterday, I planned my schedule and I will do it today too. You can take a little nap in between but you don't want to sleep too much and that's what I did yesterday and I was completely fine all day so what's on the agenda for today? Well, today is a little different because I have classes much earlier than yesterday. My first class yesterday was at nine o'clock. Our first class today is at seven damn thirty, so I can't really take a nap until my classes are completely over, so from five o'clock until five thirty, everyone knows the deal.
waking up at 5am for a week

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waking up at 5am for a week...

I still have to adjust to being awake, so I'm going to be doing exactly the same thing I did yesterday, I'm not getting up until 5:30. Boom, so 5:30 to 6:30 I'm not going to need the whole hour, but I still want that space between 5:30 and 6:30. I'm going to take a shower. I came in for my cycle yesterday, so I shower twice a day. Tomorrow I take a shower and you know, I get settled and after that I'm going to get something to eat and get ready for class, so at this time it's going to be like 6 45 7 40. not 6 45 and then, as you know, 7 30 it's when I go to get dressed for class and the 8 45 to nine o'clock stuff hits my left side, so we want to come back and pick it up after my second class, which is crazy because I don't even pay for this, but yeah, it's a light day, we don't really have much to do early in the morning, but since I have class for most of the morning, I want to pick this up after those classes and call it a day, but I'll see you at 5:30.
waking up at 5am for a week
I need my mental break to rejuvenate myself and we were convenient, okay, so we're in the bathroom. You're about to take a nice. shower I don't know why I don't actually feel like taking a shower, that's because when I get on my bikes and stuff my body just hurts like my back hurts and my legs hurt, I'm not trying to make too much noise because it's just the 6 33, I mean, five to three and my mom is still sleeping. I woke her up yesterday with ice cream. I'm sorry, Mom. She was looking for some things about my eye from a nearby doctor, so if they like it, I don't know.
waking up at 5am for a week
If you watch my boyfriend's channel, but when my boyfriend and I make videos or something like that, you know a lot of times, my right eye is not right, yeah, my right eye will start twitching and I don't feel it when it twitches. I don't know when it's moving, I just see it after the fact, it's like my eyes are like that when I talk, you know, half closed, but I can see completely, I just don't know what. I've been doing my own research, of course, before I said I'm not going to go here, but I was looking at the causes and stuff and basically what it said was lack of sleep and eye strain and it was like caffeine anxiety.
I don't drink coffee, so I know it's not caffeine the only one I know that predicts this I'm not hanging on you either you're not sleeping because I barely sleep for one and I'll tell y'all I'm on my computer all day every day and my eyes are starting to hurt so much Which is like it's really really bad, so I definitely think it's because of the discharge from my eyes, but now that I'm here I have to do something about it, so I want to talk to my mom when she wakes up. Hopefully we can get me a doctor's appointment, but I told my doctor that my eye twitched in high school because that's when I first noticed it.
My eyes started twitching in high school and it's always been just this one, I decided right, but it's always this high and I think this is the exact same eye as when I went to the ophthalmologist, she was telling me I had a retina in this one. eye or something, which means like there's not enough sunlight getting into this eye or something, she told me I don't remember, I think it's in my right eye too and that's the only act, so I'm going to try again to get Neil to adopt, but when I went last time and they said I don't see your eyes shaking and they probably didn't because it wasn't that bad, but I had video proof Virginia.
I don't watch it because it's so weird every time I make my own videos it doesn't happen I guess because I don't know when you think about your eyes shaking it's not going to happen but when you don't think about it it will happen like when my boyfriend and I are talking or getting into discussions like I started Twitch because it's like I'm not even thinking in my eyes but right now I'm starting regularly but yeah I also looked at something called computer classes and someone is definitely looking into that. I also want to talk to my mom first, I hope they can get me a date very very soon, trying to adopt her at least and I will find myself like I am 19 years old.
I can carry myself, but I need to find where. To go I also saw something that said like you know, do the 20 minute rules. I'll start with that too. I don't want to take 20 minutes on my computer 20 minutes on my phone 20 minutes on TV. I don't even watch TV and I'm going to put a warm compress on my eyes and that's just because this is something serious, well let's hope not, but I know people in the city who tell me to keep asking myself what's wrong with my eye and I I respond. sometimes or sometimes I insert some, but I guess every time we come back on camera I would just talk about it because now it's 605.
I told you guys I need it between 5 30 and 6 30. I didn't take. the whole hour, but I knew it was going to take at least 30 to 35 minutes, so right now I'm downstairs in my kitchen. I'm about to decide what I want to eat, but I didn't tell you guys either. is that I'm making a smoothie, so as you can see, I have a lime smoothie right here that's clearly frozen. I like to think about it, but every beginning of the


I'm going to make seven smoothies for each day, you know, seven. days of a new


and in my smoothies I put fruits, vegetables like spinach, kale and I also put herbs in it, so this is the first one for today, it was today, Wednesday, yes, Wednesday.
I started late because my containers arrived yesterday, so there's that. Because? But this is going to be what I'm going to drink today. I'm going to let her pull it a little bit. She was going to have some tea, but I don't think she feels like it. I mean, it's not difficult for me. but I don't really feel like it so I have some hot water boiling right now so I can put my smoothie in there so it can start to thaw. My smoothie is also part of my meal, but we don't know when it will be.
I'm going to finish I want my Echo cinnamon toast waffles, but I broke them yesterday, so I like to waste four sauces here, but with what's just applesauce, I love applesauce too, but I don't know if I want to eat this , guys, I want. to find something to eat just cereal I'm not going to eat cereal I don't like Siri, as you can see I'm back in my room. I'm also more awake now. Check time 6 23 so basically I have almost an hour until my next class for my first class of the day and I'm trying to decide what to do.
I ate too. I ended up eating the waffle. I only ate one and now I ate some applesauce. I'm drinking my smoothie which is half thawed, it's really good, in fact it's very refreshing. One thing I can say about my period. I would be hungry, but I don't really feel like eating the way I do, but I rarely eat when I'm on my cycle, which is a little annoying, so now I'm trying to figure out what I should do. What I wanted to do was work on something on YouTube or do some school work when it was like I don't want to strain my eyes so I should sit here and close my eyes and think no or I should do my work.
I don't really even feel like doing any work, but today is going to be a work day. anyway I'm about to take a nap until 7 30 and my first class you know I'm going to get on my computer pay attention to my next class I don't pay attention to it I'm just doing my work because we don't like Class work, just We work on the computer, so I want to go while I'm in that class. I'm going to edit my YouTube video, it has to be posted tomorrow and after I do that I'll do my science. work due tomorrow too so I'll definitely do it, all good, sounds like a plan because instead of doing that, I just wanted to start my work from time to time and then take a nap, after which I would change the schedule, like this that I'm just going to do that, yeah, so I'm going to lay down, close these eyes, take a little nap and see that they want to wake up, so just to fill you in a little bit, because I know it's been a minute, it's 9.41 like this it's almost 10 o'clock currently I'm in math class, you know, a little bit of math, I'm not really learning, I didn't learn anything, but I'm in math, the shake is ready, I drank it or it was very, very good, I have like three more. bottles, oh, three more bottles, stir them up, I want to drink one morning and another the next day, so I didn't end up taking my nap because life just didn't work out like that, you know how you like it, I'm tired.
I'm going to go to sleep and you're not going to sleep. I was just lying here. I didn't use my phone or anything because I didn't want to strain my eyes and my mom woke up not long ago so I told her about my eye problem even though it's kind of new but she doesn't know that I need to go to the doctor so she told me You're going to find a doctor, we're going to take care of it and I'm going to go, um, right? Now what I'm about to do, I'm about to start editing my YouTube video that's due to be posted tomorrow and this part of the video, like Tuesday Tuesday, day two of the 5am wake up challenge, is going to be longer than yesterday's part because I actually had to go to school, so I'm going to incorporate more into today's segment, so I'm about to go ahead and get ready to start editing my YouTube video, which is my talk of girls.
If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you go watch that tune into my segments every Thursday foreign foreign foreign all day long, but I just wanted to change it up a little bit and not keep it and I'm keeping the days the same way they've been for the last few days actually. I'm going to get up at five, you know, nine, but today I showed you how I got up and came here to talk to you at 6 46. I just finished breakfast. a boiled egg and cinnamon french toast, whatever you're talking about, I need to stop eating them, but they're so addictive, I've been eating them all week, I probably like them, damn it, don't change them. for breakfast probably tomorrow maybe I'll change it for you all tomorrow this challenge will end on Saturday I don't know how people how long they make their videos honestly for seven or five days I'm doing five days because I have to do the weekend as usual, so this video will only be five days.
I mean, five days is usually a week after the actual school week, so you know, that's it. I have a light day to day, but not very light yesterday. It was a really busy day for me, oh my god, I had things back to back like, oh I can't believe this, and on top of that I didn't even take a nap yesterday and I went to bed late, so I'm a little tired today, but it's okay, we'll stay up , so I have a speech to present today for a school. I know that my speech is going to be a bomb because my topic is a bomb and when I like it, I practice my speech.
I showed it to my boyfriend, I showed it to my mom, everyone said it was a bomb and the thing is that my speech has to be in a four to five minute time period, like when I was timing it myself. It was like you had like a minute and 45 seconds left. So is my speech long enough? Not long enough? Should I add something? But I don't want to add anything and it will be too long. That's the thing, so I think I'm going to It's like slowing down when I present, but I don't want it to be too slow, so I'm nervous about that.
I know I have all my solid points and stuff. I just don't know if I want to slow down. Down or not but I think I'm fine. I also have this science lab that I had to do yesterday and it's so stupid but I couldn't finish it, it's not until 11 15. oh my god, I forgot about you. Guys, I have this homework due at 12 o'clock, no, I have this homework, at one o'clock today, let me go ahead and start doing that, so I have to do some school work for the moment, is it 6 49? Yes I have school work to do I also have to upload my video so they can be posted what else I have to do this week oh today I have to make some strawberry samples and I have to make some tomorrow I have a client today if you didn't do it Look at the week of my life, please go see it so you can get a deep insight into my life because honey, it's always something, maybe when I'm done with my work I'll get up and take some photos and some of these depop. colors I need to post I usually post my clothes every Wednesday, but it probably didn't happen because my schedule yesterday was so hectic.
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