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May 30, 2021
happy day I'm what one of my favorite things in the world is perfectly cut screams and one of my favorite Twitter curators for this he is also a curator of an app called never think TV where they have perfectly cut screens so today we are reacting to perfectly cut screams no, I mean, surely it should, it should be okay, I'm going to assume that was fake, I don't know, okay, we're not playing real or fake right now, but like no one in their right mind, No girl in her right mind would ever think of picking up a curling iron like we're trained, we're programmed, we've been burned by these things since we were little.
wait stop nooooooooooo
No, I just don't buy it. Oh, this is quality content. I'm a little nervous, I mean, I like it, I'm a fan, I don't know why, I really love this format, it really makes me happy, it makes me feel a certain way and I can't explain it, and that's why I'm showing it to you because I wish it were separate I have a blog I'm afraid I'm afraid oh that scream wasn't fake that was real that was horrible and I feel like I cut her scream perfectly cut because like she screamed for that, I'm so sorry, it's kind of nice, although no, I think it's like every child's worst fear comes to life, like when something disgusting falls on you you want your mom to take it away from you, your mom tries and then it jumps in your face like that, it's actually the worst case scenario, I mean, all our nightmares realized he's horrible, I hate him, girls, a little crazy, he's a tough boss, this girl is crazy, but she doesn't know it, oh, she knows, maybe, oh, I always.
wait stop nooooooooooo

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I have a week, so do you have any idea why I


ped you? Okay, that was obviously a sketch, ah, that was a perfect scream, that was a classic, like, ah, those are the best, they're even like they were so much more. It's entertaining to me that like the old man, you know, you're always going to scare his mother so much that I love her, I would adopt her as my second mother, oh, the buzz, it's about one, he, oh, he, he's going to come back, Oh, that wasn't very nice, okay? Gotta rewash that scream, cut it too early on that oh I think I know where this one is going, no I don't know where it's going right, ten out of ten absolutely perfect execution, very cool.
wait stop nooooooooooo
I looked at it's like a sleepover in a van, they must be camping, oh the commotion, oh geez, that wasn't a perfectly cut scream, since it wasn't. Oh, which is equally good, I mean, they're pretty good, that's it. screaming what's going to happen oh my god when you don't know what to say except it's so funny you feel like a literal idiot that's me right now parents are so annoying I wanted a pet parrot but apparently it's just They screamed, they just screamed with blood. I mucked all night and they told me that sometimes you have to put a blanket over their cage otherwise they will keep screaming and I don't know if I want that trip for myself by covering my parrot so you don't yell at me the cat doesn't even attack him cat was like here let me walk you under this closet what's a band can't although I wouldn't have liked to see the cat doing its business with the mouse on camera so it's good for us that the cat hit the microphone so hard that I could feel it, okay, I can't not react to that, maybe it's because my sound is so loud, oh, I don't even know what happened there, it's actually scary. scary oh this game looks tall these pogs what are those dreidels?
wait stop nooooooooooo
I literally know nothing, what are these beyblades? I knew it. I was always over these pogs or these dreidels, same concept, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, I'm embarrassed, it's a classic sibling rivalry. things, everything is happening so fast a few seconds ago it was like nothing now it's like Phil oh, I love one like a natural disaster, not a natural disaster, but you know, something like lightning, something that's all threatening but looks really threatening , it happens on camera, it's just like one of those magical things in life that you just can't plan, it's wonderful, I mean, it seemed a little fake, but it was still really lovely, no, why, hey, why do people get hurt by dnews?
I just hurt myself mentally, but why would you? hurt you physically oh that girl was like the queen of the birds like when the bird screamed she said yes, let's get it oh it's an intense battle scene okay that pet his goatee is scary I would be running away screaming at the Easter Bunny Oh when My brother He was a minor, dressed as the local baseball team's mascot, and is also a friend. They always thought that, as little children, they would like to love them, hug them and be very kind to them, and some did, but others.
Kids also like to run around and kick them in the butt and the other side for fun, maybe like a giant mascot, it's something that adults thought kids would like, but I feel like a lot of kids don't really like it. they like pets. for people in giant, creepy costumes and they would be prepared, do you know what this guy was saying to his cat? I know you are their kings, it's okay, I know what you're trying to do, you'll jump on me and I'll be ready. Where is that filter? I want to use it, unfortunate, that's one way to read it, oh, don't help, just shoot the movie, oh, how cute, it's a bad dog, the dogs beg, oh, it comes closer, look at its head, it's vibrating, damn , we have to find it.
He's a female bug, we have to get him off my screen. Wow, when you try to make a joke and end up running away screaming, it really kills Peter. Oh gosh, that's really good. Halo 1, but I'll put it in some things that come out of here. get off ok no it's not ok he didn't scream but it was effective my leg is broken I don't know why but I love it I like making this channel that I follow that makes very funny videos and I just loved it that's why I can't explain why I just think which is really good.
The app I reacted to today was never Think TV. It's in the App Store. You can download it if you want. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know if you did. I did and if you want to see me again, make sure you have push notifications. I'll see you next time.

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