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Wahnsinn in der Nachspielzeit! Milan knackt Empoli spät: Empoli - AC Mailand 1:3 | Serie A | DAZN

Oct 02, 2022
come on let's start Empoli against Milan clearly the Milanese clear favorites here but they have to do that first it's not an easy task here they just can't take the ball away from everyone Olivier Surgery we still make him dangerous in a very very difficult position which is just top class and now it's almost 1:0 Rafael yes also first great chance for Milan possibility to continue filmpoli good chance can't call it a mistake kept the ball aside saved it do good has the overview and then not many selamakers are missing that they must be a target, so as a top team, you can't pass up that opportunity again, but before that, it was probably already a paragraph, theoretically there would be his for a cop, that would be the case. back for the first time since dec 21st so it's been a while here chance big chance why do i just say good mid mid they play there sometimes not too bad major right side scoring next chance through right back via peter Stojanovic best chance Milan Laser Bayrami God too late not much for Lamas one goal so far this season Beeke unassigned head chance in Milan everything rescued what ne did what a vicar did not everyone has filmed by their own husband already loperto What caused the free kick Giro Giro is the German surgeon Chico just stopped that he was well defended and now the chance woah that should be zero what a chance for Bayrami I didn't score on this toy Rafael yes also Rafael Leo look who has the chance there is one zero


traffic light rebic 3 goal of the season now in the last few minutes it has become a bit obvious after throwing there is no offside Raphael liano with a lot an overview against three sets of players by partially combining They do very well in Empoli 88 minutes they have to be more offensive that they have the opportunity again Bayrami but it does not hit the thing well Bayrami Bayrami that goal 1 1 is there again the fact doesn't come 4 minutes later playing time if possible hit the other side that's unbelievable finishing Tourette with the 21st head extension first from the substitute chronically and then of course you can trade as much space you can leave everything clear with Milan, so it is the third goal Milan Rafael Leo three to one I think that in total I think that in total it is deserved for Milan we will see in the statistics 16 to 19 shots six more shots on goal and without counting the crossbar
wahnsinn in der nachspielzeit milan knackt empoli sp t empoli   ac mailand 1 3 serie a dazn

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