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VW Lupo GTI vs VW Up! GTI - which is most FUN?!!!

May 30, 2021
Hello guys, welcome to the checkout assistant. A video in today's video is one that I have been wanting to make for many months. In fact, it's been more than four months since I last stood together with these two cars at the top of the windswept mountain in Pfaff, Wales. At the Up GTI UK media event when I was there I made a video about the Up GTI and actually wrote an article for Motor Research and the MFN about the two cars but there just wasn't enough time to make a video and in the intervening months, Volkswagen UK wouldn't lend me a top GTR to do it, so I had to wait until mine arrived,


was about six weeks ago and it's literally barely been running, it's just done over thousand miles, so in this video.
vw lupo gti vs vw up gti   which is most fun
I can drive it the way you'd expect me to,


means using the top end of the rev counter just like you would the Lupo GTI, so without further ado, let's start this video by taking a good look at it. around these two pocket rockets, okay guys, let's start at the front of the Lupo GTI, so what is immediately obvious is that the front bumper is much more aggressive with these honeycomb inserts; There's even a GTI grille badge that the Golf GTI of the time didn't even have. There's an aluminum hood that looks like the standard one, but it's made of aluminum, not standard steel.
vw lupo gti vs vw up gti   which is most fun

More Interesting Facts About,

vw lupo gti vs vw up gti which is most fun...

You have aluminum fins, aluminum doors. The front wings are more Flair than standard, as are the rear wheel arches, which are made of steel, and the sills are like Well, that gives the car a mini RS4 look. Plus, all in all, it means the front wheels are farther apart, giving the car a wider track and better stability when cornering. We now also have standard Zelan headlights. In the past these were not very rare and expensive options on cars but here they are as standard on a 30,000 pound Volkswagen crazy Lippo was often not driven completely by the accountants in those days we had 15 inch alloy wheels called Bathurst. and they come with two or five 4515 tires originally these were made by Dunlop but Toyo is one of the few companies that still make them so


of the cars will be on Toyo these days.
vw lupo gti vs vw up gti   which is most fun
The discs are normally two five six thousand and have been upgraded to 80. on this car it's like a g60 conversion the mirrors are a little bit smaller I think the one on the passenger side yeah so that's just a little car quirk and we have a yes, and it really evokes GTI owners looking the other way now. I have standard rear discs on this car, whether you really need them or not, not even another story, but it's a nice red caliper on the rear and a red caliper on the front. The rear is quite simple, you actually have the dual exhaust which is superior to the 16 valve model which only had an oval one and the other models have no visible exhaust and the rear bumper is quite standard, it just widens a little more to join the flared wheel arches of the tailgate, it's the same I have a GTI lip again, which is like the ones on the market for golf rear wipers, a bit more like a spoiler, yes you have a pretty good spoiler which surpasses Ariel, and I think everyone is unremarkable, so let's take a look. inside, so it was pretty much, I think it was 6n polo, this car, 6n2 will polarize the car refurbished from about 98 to 2000 and to the dash and ask me that practically everything was taken out of that car, which is not a Lo The bad thing is that it's quite pretty: it has nice textured plastic on the silver instrument cluster bezels.
vw lupo gti vs vw up gti   which is most fun
You have the same stereo as in the Mart for golf or gamma. I think they occasionally came with a CD player and air conditioning. a very rare option, like leather and heated seats, which is why


cars are like that. This is a later car, we think it's from 2002, so I thought it had just had the six-speed gearbox, so I was kind of glad to have it. Originally it was because I didn't really want the 5 speed. I'd love one with air conditioning and a stick, but the six-speed gearbox for me was a little more important because the ratios are nice and short and make the most of that Revision 16. -valve engine, we'll find out later, for so the seats are much more reinforced than those of a higher GTI.
I think it has a shape quite similar to those of a Marvel Golf GTI. You could get them in a red fabric. Woven velvet, this is one of two options, the other has a little more red in it, which is great on a GTI. You have red stitching, although the stitching on the gear is eliminated, but it's not much to lift the cabin, to be honest? You've got mg Metro style seatbelts which I guess also add a bit of color so it's quite nice, and you've got a lot of pedals that aren't found on the top GTI which is a bit embarrassing to be honest. but there you go let's take a look under the hood so it might have a minion but it's still early pens like the normal one okay here we have a 1616 valve engine that makes 125 horsepower it's very vengeful it likes it accelerate and it is not.
Turbocharged, it is normally aspirated and actually uses quite a bit of fuel. Officially, you drive it as expected because it has all the power on top and therefore you have to rev it really hard to get anywhere, but it's fun and I suppose a lot of people will say that a GTI should have an engine that accelerate a lot and it's fun to give it wind; It's normally a bit tiring at 80mph if you're in Germany of course you'd be doing about 4,000rpm so it's pretty busy, it's not very loud because I drove it when I went to the shoot in South Wales on the m50 and it was actually quite refined, but it didn't give particularly good mpg, probably at less than 30 or those kinds of speeds, so yeah.
It may be fun, but compared to something like the top GTI, which does 50+ all day in a constant race, it's a very thirsty car, but yes, for a weekend car, it's tremendous fun. The small peculiarity is that the batteries. in the trunk, which is terrible when you have a dead battery, like I often have in this car, because I can't get in the trunk because there's no power, but you open the hood, put the amp in there and it powers a car that you can open . the boots are fine, let's move on to the top GTI.
I know the first thing I should point out is that there isn't much difference between this car and let's find here 90. Some people in the press have said the bumpers are ridiculous. for the GTR well they are actually wrong because the rear bumper is identical and the only difference between the front bumper of a TSI 90 and the GTI is that this part is black on the GTI on a CFO 90 if the body colors are now they might think. "That the GTI should have its own identity and have different bits and pieces, but Volkswagen has been very clever to have its own identity, it has a little badge on the grill, it has a stripe on the grill that you can barely see on a car. red.
I added cheap, I give it just enough to make it stand out. You have the stripes on the side again. How much is a little vinyl? It's not much, but it's a nod to the brand when Golf GTI are, in fact, noticeably close to the stripes.standard on the Martin Golf GTI and the wheels that actually look like BBS, they are actually probably the nicest wheels on any GTI in the range at the moment, made by brother, they are fantastic now, some people say that they are a little bigger. Seventeen and they ruin the ride quality but look at it I don't think the 16 would probably work for this car just if you could have the 17 and other cars too there is an extra cost option but these are the Standard wheels for the GTI and talking.
As standard, this is Tornado Red, which after much contemplation with the color I chose because it was free and, you know, in a small car, I think is very hard to beat, I actually paid more for the Crown, which was 250 pounds. You don't get the standard red with black roof on the Polo GTI, which is a bit strange, so you have to pay more for a colour. It's like £800 to change the roof color on the Polo GTI, so yeah, another reason not to buy. a Polo GTI and buy this, I would say, but hey, it all depends on your needs.
Ok, we have the red stripe on the back again. It's a standard tailgate. Some pieces have been added a little to make a difference. I also have a nice little shiny exhaust pipe. Now these cars have parking sensors, which are money well spent. They come with the cruise package. Let's take a look inside. You've probably heard me say this a million times. I gave your car a red color. tartan which is not very well reinforced and yes I think it hurts a little, it's more than just my back from time to time, but for shorter trips they are quite good, you have the lovely GTI steering wheel which is missing a few buttons. but otherwise it's identical to a GTI 7 and mid 7, you have the TD pixel, which someone correctly pointed out - the red is different from red, so it doesn't look as good as it could be, but it works in my opinion . ok, and I quite like having the red here on the inside of the car.
You know, I've lived in this car for over a month. I have used it every day and I am very happy with my decision. I am very happy to have it. climate control which cost a couple hundred more. I did about 300 with your 350. Can we have this little heat wave now, so it's been great to have the weather. The only thing that really bothers me is that you have grill ice in there which is the only type of center vent and when you have the phone in place it blocks the flow of the grill so the vent is a bit rubbish in this car to be honest but in every way I'm very happy with it, it has 6 speed gearbox with no red stitching, no alawite pedals, look at those shitty pedals, almost as bad as my Marta for the golfer, ok , guys, under the hood GTI above, we have the year 2018, yes, this engine won an award for being the best engine. so it has to be very good.
To be honest it doesn't surprise me at all because it is very economical, it is very tractable with 200 Newton meters of torque, okay it only has 112 horsepower which is not that impressive but it still loves to accelerate and is a Very talkative engine that in this light car makes it very fun to drive. The big question is whether it's more fun to drive than the Lupo GTI. Well, there's only one way to find out, so without further ado, let's hit the road in the Lupo. GTI guys, here we are behind the wheel of the Lupo GTI and it's a really nice place to be when you're on a typical British bee road like this, when you're not really trying too hard, so we're just having fun.
We could take this bend on this road at the 60-mile speed limit now and it might feel perfectly fine, although there's always the underlying suspicion that if you took a bend a little too fast there wouldn't be a terrible problem. There's plenty of capacity in the chassis to get around it and , as we went on, it didn't make me any faster, but in some of the tighter corners on this road it's quite easy to feel that the chassis isn't particularly well suited to the role of a GTI. Because it has a lot of roll and pitch and, like the Mart for Golf GTI of the time, it's not a particularly good advertisement for Volkswagen's chassis dynamics engineers at the time because this was a few years before to be launched and shipped.
It came into the fold from Ford and things got a lot better, so yeah, there's a lot of image overall, it's significantly under-damped and this car actually had new Volkswagen shocks, so it's as good as it gets. So let's try this cool and I was still doing the speed so really a lot of you it's quite a lot of you which is disconcerting in this third coordinator way down the speedometer there's a lot of things that are really rolling and then once that starts to go at the front, you can feel that the rear is a little unstable, it's a little messy, to be honest, it's too comfort-oriented and not enough agility-oriented, like the brand for the GTI's. golf of the era that I have already mentioned it anyway, one good thing is the engine, so it is 16 valve in the traditional sense, it likes Rev and now we are in third place at five thousand Rev and at five thousand it moves a lot and it stiffens and sounds like an angry swarm of bees, of course it's a problem with all the power being wasted if you tend to approach corners too quickly and you don't know if the chassis can really help you get around it, so you must be attentive. a little careful, it's understandable why a lot of these cars have coil-over shocks because they are so ratty.
I think it looks pretty good in standard, actually, but I think there's a lot of room for improvement and it doesn't necessarily need to be done. lower it only with a nice firm Bill Stein, some benign shocks would make a big difference. I guess I'm not saying it's not fun, the gearboxes are interesting here,It can be a little reluctant when driven hard, but that's okay and this is a six. speed gearbox on this late 2002 car the first two years of production was a five speed, the six is ​​definitely an option for lovely short ratios where you can really make the most of that top end, the free brakes are good on this one column a 83 56 is for the road they are good so the Lupo GTI is clearly I have a lot of fun it has a fantastic engine that loves to rev and the chassis well it could be better and for us it is not an investment very big thing you can do.
It's much better and we make it compatible with that engine, but is it more fun than the top GTI? Well, there's only one way to find out. Let's go and drive with GTI. Well guys, here we are behind the wheel of my very own GTI. We are on the same road as we were in the Lupo and even at this slow speed, which is about 45 miles per hour, it feels much more serene, you are almost encouraging yourself to push yourself a little. Also, if we go to the limit of Speeding at 60 miles per hour, it's not perfect, it doesn't turn corners like it's on rails like a Golf, which can be almost too easy, but it's not slimy and almost scarily out of control like the Lupo.
Yes, it looks like you can locate it better. It's a narrow road, even in this car it's only as wide as the road in some places, but you feel like you can position it perfectly on that road and make the most of the road. and the performance available and it has a lot of performance so it's okay I think ultimately they don't feel much different when it comes to acceleration but to get the Lupo moving you really have to and the opportunities to do so they are not. that's common and it also uses a lot of fuel while doing it, so this car is fine, if not the greatest compliment, but it drives very much like a good turbodiesel and has plenty of mid-range torque and revs in the curves, so we scream.
Going around that bend in the looper, probably about two thirds the speed of this car, it wasn't even close to its limits, so again it sounds like a diesel, but it's hot, it's very happy to rev the throttle a bit. traction, but He didn't seem to care about the phone, so what are those four thousand five hundred revolutions or, to be honest, the gear so long in this car that we weren't really going to get close to the rev limiter in third without breaking the speed limit , so let's go? try this with the second 3000 red and the second is a little bit late but it's already past 6:00 so the rev limiter is about six and a half it's a very soft limiter and then you hit the limit of speed, but the difference is in this car.
We can go around the bend, so it's still a little scary, but probably because I did it, I laugh, up, Lupo, cheetah, and that was scary, so no, that was lovely, I felt like we weren't that close to the limits and this is enough. a challenging road, it has a bit of fun bends with tricky cambers, it's that just that gear that will take you well over the speed limit for the UK, but yes, it feels much more precise and much more beatable and you won't get let go I'm wrong, the Lupo GTI is a wonderful car, but it's almost like it was developed by two different people, it was four people who went crazy with the wide arches and stuff, but didn't really do anything with the chassis to take advantage of it. to the maximum the widest. track, while the GTI looks like I can hold the car, but every detail has been perfected to perfection, some parts are better than the top G than the Lupo GTI, some parts are worth it, like the body is standard, but not for me.
It doesn't matter if the car has wide arches and looks good if it doesn't drive very well and it doesn't matter if the car has narrow arches and looks a lot like a normal one if it drives very well and that's what this car does, yeah , the Leaf is a GTI, whether it's the current classic, not even a future classic I'd say, and it's a beautiful thing to behold, but it just needs a little tweaking to get the most out of it. The high G in the box really couldn't be improved, it's just that every little area is as good as it could be for the price and we have to talk about the price because this car was 13,750 new and now it's 14 grand. but that price is pretty similar to what the Lupo GTI had when it was new and that was 13 years ago when you could buy the last Lupo GTI.
Taking inflation into account for that 14 grams would actually make the Lupo cost £20,000 today. and with the top master you get a lot more for your money, you could make a good case for owning both, but for a daily driver that's a bit of fun, you just can't be us GTI, so how do you like to sponsor? If you liked the video, subscribe for more and see if the next one comes soon.

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