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Vom Straßenmotorrad zum SUPERBIKE in 9 Stunden | YART baut mein neues Motorrad |Yamaha R1 RN65 Doku

Dec 08, 2021
what could be better for a motorcycle enthusiast in the dead of winter, to be precise, on january 22, 2021 to have a new racing motorcycle built to be at full speed but the motorcycle shuts off will never have to open all the way than, of course a company always needs to be fast now we have invested a bit in brake cooling we have the first part in an exam because you need full blocks every road cyclist every racer every amateur racer dreams of pursuing a professional racing career motorcycles on a race track in this beautiful world the guys are motivated by what they have real power i think i have done differently today i am here at the company hunt in styria in austria and today we are building a real


racing motorcycle from the model series in which 65 r14 lives is the workshop where all the threads come together and now we are going to look for ourselves from the standard bike from the box with mirror foil one and then we have the right parts to develop our actual motorcycle so come on this journey with me so markus wunsch in line with the one on the moped or or or we have to specify again which one you will see now blue or black so that the black will be this 6 there's a small selection of the standard ones in 65 there's a choice between blue and black now we take black and white it doesn't really matter anyway and we'll take it to the shop and then the future will come and then you'll be stuck, the parts are really fun of course it should be important first of all to dismantle all the resin in the series and what do you think we are there in terms of time?
vom stra enmotorrad zum superbike in 9 stunden yart baut mein neues motorrad yamaha r1 rn65 doku
Also assemble the whole series parts about 23 hours three hours three hours the audit about three hours then the whole series motorcycle is broken into individual parts and then everything that doesn't need comes out the standard fairing the standard exhaust system the student standard the wire harness the engine control unit stays inside and then we see how many parts are small that put kennedy on the ground at the end of the three hour tiebreaker 4 6 to eliminate the state of play in the world to watch no not even ten minutes have passed and half of the motorcycle is already disassembled, you can see what the guys said, you know where, what service of the opponent's place, so come anyway, say that it is definitely fast and here are the hours . work well spent even if it goes that fast I'm curious how much time it really takes that's clearly increased disassembled I think it can be expanded faster 5 what to do like four or five ago it's a great street street bike and will have run on consequence every other street setup which means we're actually home that's a whole different mot orrad all of a sudden like a lot of you this title wanted some low budget music to keep going and not just incorporate the high point that's why we now take the original fork and let the violence come from outside and it's just that patrick and springs therefore have no other role in and out so you can keep costs in check ie , since we started fighting for the vehicle, the basis is always an original motorcycle, since then the conversion the measures have been so shameless that it is not worth the It's a shame to take the original bike, that is, you have to replace so many components that it doesn't make economic sense to sacrifice a new one to mount a large cooler and keep the oil temperature in the correct window of course the new ones those that are no longer fl eisch used to be people have power nowadays trading has to be forced to trade so borderline and if that means kpt trading has to be done where you can get different pure spex that can clearly match the house Euro 50 mark then that means you trust them only in the exhaust behind the original setup then barely transparent because it's so thin it's also true that the motorcycle is not on the fuel but also on the hot air standard so I'll really do it tomorrow so it's huge you can "No something is always done about it.
vom stra enmotorrad zum superbike in 9 stunden yart baut mein neues motorrad yamaha r1 rn65 doku

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vom stra enmotorrad zum superbike in 9 stunden yart baut mein neues motorrad yamaha r1 rn65 doku...

So you can leave them completely standard or you can take bigger steps with the motorcycle. We've removed some standard parts, including the foot pegs, the stock exhaust system, and of course the mirrors. Wiring harness is there too Replaced original wiring harness no longer needed we br Also no more flashing lights no longer need lights. I will give you everything you can keep and our own things so that you can tell yourself and mark a category in the world. The recordings had to be like a support. They have a good chance of motorcycles falling apart charlene you know you probably ask a lot of people why the first part on an exam there you need bells then you need it it's great now a quick change system full instructions with all distances included with the screws for the emulator of the brake line for the hobby you are doing it yourself, then it is better to go one more floor to our first shelf and to the bottom, so you probably need the EU. that you could not duplicate at some point here everything that comes something what we have down there what net now just quasi now that we on the pc what I from gilles de domino from trans logic protection standard from peters then we have the handlebar for the new ernst hat 20 module that almost exactly then the footrest sits on all sides that's why we're up front we're seeing what racing can do ultimately auto show or what i can tell you what you're in the fairing next the fairing you always finish yes first the engine and then the fairing a lot of space away the fairings always only at the end then we need from the shelf below the location is however if the steering properly limits the steering angle the valves you need to look for the valves now , I also have a lot to choose from, magazine or standard, you get them for the elevator, we wait now for the standard and when will we?
vom stra enmotorrad zum superbike in 9 stunden yart baut mein neues motorrad yamaha r1 rn65 doku
Let's go back to the second most expensive, so to speak, from the engine compartment which is excellent now and in the construction of only seen, we need the good federer that we receive every year from the racing team and especially from the company because we today sales extreme make very moral offers from other manufacturers screen installed our brake discs installed our chains installed brake master cylinders under and exhaust and what the heck what all you have to see the full picture of these brands what we sell we are talking now about mp motorsport like dede work from akrapovic brembo 2 and around these renowned brands what we use are the least stretched but the quality is the highest as however it is one that has a reason to predict from the motogp field 90 percent a exception of ktm, the in-house brand fendt should use oil in the one should not forget about


and kaya stock have their own chas company is why ok the miracle belongs to shoah and so on and they buy us the whole motogp field they all drive brembo brakes the exhausts are ak He drives every motogp bike that has no water has it on has put it on that means you buy the titles its two separate pieces the brake shoes for this so basically the whole thing then the brake shoes for the pv rx but for the many calories and for this the patients find the standards for the edition of the 118 for this initially only for the typical old guys just stopped by them but not too bad if we have to and of course it's themselves but I can have everything around so it's been training so far. up oil why are there such small things about you don't even think about it that's relevant that's very that's why the order was very important keep double checking what you got then you have to live with a mechanic or and mechanical detail right ? i want to participate now big lender in addition to having in advance that the group can also prepare the brake discs for some things and then you speak more precisely mittenaar with a mechanical server so that he has it immediately, only in the order in which it is actually coordinated with the machines and actual use that's exactly what it is now so you have the connection to the wiring harness with the selected electronics and we switched to it because you don't have to switch to it at first that's a bit like farming gases and it seems like the playstation play with a lot of class is somehow also very important next year around the on off switch use big just the switch itself that you actually press it but that depends a little bit on the parent with the glove you're going to be the one press we should write in my opinion better yes and if it is so good is that it is actually so good that the intermediate update we have the e1 completely Back here as you have seen, all the parts of the series are now here in the box, we were upstairs in the warehouse, we broke everything together here A shopping cart with the first parts for the first assembly divided into the different ports is located here and I have some experience in building the motorcycle from back to front now the carbonero is here for him as an aligner and the oil in the steering damper is now 13 14 he is already putting it together there we come so much error both there it is then the rhein fork and the handlebar tune the bridge of the fork I already put it and the plan would be to go to the test stand around 16 finally personally but it is also more b is getting the rear axle quick change system is the one that has the rear brakes excited about the arrangement with likely position from the potash production corner this rear axle quick change system here that definitely goes to 1 who was i extremely important i know how awkward it is to change tires on series 1 you get there you are not in queue and that's why they designed the bracket for the original to brake this time my other all serious and you can also rotate an album so that the disc of brake go from above towards summer so just throw people from above nicer change tires is faster and sportier a lot nurture now we are on the right side footpegs more for places perfect for me because I like to understand well stored here it is now 3:11 p.m. the motorcycle is taking shape there are some important things are there for example now the charcoal burner is going up, the front fork, the brake is getting ready, the chain, the gears of the tires, the tires with the tires, the brake discs, the complete exhaust system. it's there now, electronics and tank arriving, says bridge and fairing seen, it's only 3pm. and things are really moving forward and if they're timed right and everything works then we're still behind today so that's what you do change the handlebars because you vote for smock gauges where you can imagine the traction more on the right side of the same boats with the mega and the guys never put it now but in the meantime just the cables are the brake lines and the barry calle


ones are still coming in here and the injection system can make contact with mr and then the fairing goes it is adjusting slowly because something special works even though before opening the fairing you get to the build up because also dyno with driving always without a fairing so you don't have any unnecessarily we have invested in brake cooling these are the bonnet fairings where the air flows directly up front to cool the brake calipers which is in any case a very very good thing if you handle the series notes and i think in connection g with pull brake discs you should get that very cool option from brähmers and above all good braking stability pavel colistin throttle flaps o unique system next to the design here with the exterior system and the briefings is so I think it's really for better exhaust gas combustion for them euro 5 the location sensors I have announced a lot more friendship games and just like us the monastery second briefing time the motor is north he is still sinking the difference is not only the technically taller they are his motorcycle is a huge construction site the farther you go. of stock engines the more questions you ask and the higher the risk of a problem story there and that's why it's a rhyming buck if you build something like this especially for customers it's always a plus that you know about this component and this component and I am sure of this and I have no problem.
vom stra enmotorrad zum superbike in 9 stunden yart baut mein neues motorrad yamaha r1 rn65 doku
You have enough other construction sites and also all the d. These manufacturers were expensive to buy, one has to say that now we are talking about maxim from akrapovic oils that spontaneously nothing at all that means that it is buy buy at the prices there yes this material is so high quality is important so good that he heard well well you can ask for it because it is just what nobody can offer we do not even trust hombergs


one hundred percent that things we have never had a problem with these components and you are very happy especially on long distances and in motogp that you do not get something like this from people and we want our know-how, of course, toLet's pass on to the customer and the most important thing in the year is not just that you build beautiful motorcycles, fast motorcycles, the most important thing to a customer is that you don't have any. problems in mallorca and with this material you can guarantee that you will not have any problems with that and that is important for us the best thing for me is of course when you go too far to the right and again a great season no problems thanks for the great engine a that is of course the best for us all other components you are the test driver no known rhein claims from the time changed you are the test driver of actually only from an economic point of view yes on my discs brake is d he looks at the same price that probably makes it cheaper really one or the other is clear, but somewhere there is of course compromises must be made, yes, and above the song, the motorcycle high level has these components to have and before that we are right we have no problems and therefore they exist.
I insist that the components be installed in anja motoren because from mannheim they want it to stay, but from time to time there are and there are no problems because you use these components now, of course, you may think that I am in the comments for yes, but I have, but now something else is coming, it still worked and probably would be so too, I saw that in individual cases other manufacturer constellations will definitely work, I think that's less of an issue for the individual, but only video takes care of you as the company that works for the end customer who has to guarantee 100 percent that it works and who has no experience with another winner with the exhaust with a different focus system, but as far as voting is concerned, then start over and then there is also the risk of that the engine works or sees that it is better to simply go up consequently they give me a guarantee on the three motorcycles if someone says that I will build a motorcycle we will pr Observe what the foreigners have on the lake bring it and have no problem it's pretty good if you fit 200 motorcycles and only you have two percent rejections have you ever have four drivers michael abuse congratulations what is the liner but one that more time up to the start pure under pressure and it works with these problems we don't need yes now it's in the final sprint now the box comes in the tank and do checks the distribution fill oil because that's how it is so to speak a bigger cooler and oil cooler lost a little oil you have to fill it again, the first thing to do is inflate it completely before it starts so that the engine does not work without having had it before the days of the moment of the who so you already have the tire on it again the test bench for the new slicks no matter if women are a plan like this just have to start why let it run comfortably one of the most comfortable os however we go with the brakes on the test bench Christian does it now maybe I can later 96 I have never done that but I have to keep going very well with the gas god out of sight we did it once 100 kilometers ago here already a few kilometers or natural time yesterday had time to sit in it at 120 150 km/h to comfortably drive 5 and 6 and 4 half see through the gears and now you can already do one or the other measurement and then of course Vote and we'll do it now that the residue is already finished now it's settled but just drive it to get a feel for the e-gas it definitely feels good so now it's back in the shop and by the way it's well set up. the paneling and I promised that there will be something special and in the meantime the box and now the company likes to take a look in the workshop and see what is being done in the paneling this is how the test bench goes now the inheritance comes we look at it well touched good own work of course also for forgiveness and criticism is actually so real the same woman what rico finds great i think it's red the duty here that somehow he doesn't find the for youtube the work there for me now homeless from the link that the guys actually have that incredibly made it possible now it's only 7pm. and the bike is ready, but it must be said that the front fork is already in place.
There were always a lot of people who prepared themselves in advance on a part that just gets stuck, but otherwise, overall, it was an extremely fast job and Of course two mechanics worked here, that's not usually the case, but we did it now for the movie. to show how fast it really is and i think it was done professionally without there being any problem we will know in a few days cartagena after an exciting evaluation who wants to test there the bike works if i really am like mandy said one second faster with my house than had so far and watch it so it's really banged up here that's absolutely crazy give it a thumbs up subscribe to this video tell the channel if you didn't I wish you lots of fun next time.
The h But I promised myself on the last day it's amazing like this video subscribe to the channel if you haven't already so I would say a little earlier if we meet again in the next video see you later

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