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Feb 29, 2020
how many pounds of that oh my god 40lbs not my yes yes he normally lifts


s ok cause you're like wow he's so dreamy you $25,000 if you can do a bicep curl with that right now . He literally he wouldn't be able to how. Does this compare to the manner of your cat? Let's get through it push oh my god oh workout done workouts continue yeah 300 like a gym rat kinda big it was just if i got it oh yeah getting the blood flowing how many do you three? i know i might i mean me you go first you can't i can't take this ok you go first so i know it's the pace i really can go forever ok two 7 drop it on the nose just try you could tell why you look better in jeans than me that's pretty sure it weighs 20lbs oh the bar how much is the bar my bars like 40 oh jesus lemme try again how many can you do like a hundred of this yes your friends go cause i would look i would love for you to stay but well i'd like to know when you're going to have enough because use i'm over there slaving we'll bring you in and out of you i'm ready ok trying to tag oh mike this is so shaky ok ok he's going to be on the cot i can't do anything i think this is your dad my face ok guys jason just took us to the cutest cat cafe for crumbs and whiskers crumbs and whiskers brigade obviously watch that on your channel but since we're in the area very close, very and very close we're going to just go one block and back to vanderpump two dogs and show them do bob and show them sweet lady juniper is going to be very hard on me not the dog let's hope junebug hasn't been adopted you guys will be devastated yeah it's crazy because the day we went there was a whole litter of poodle puppies and it's ok yeah obviously the puppies go so fast and by the end of the day I updated the Vanderpump site and they had all been to look, so we'll be interested to see if there are any. they are still there if fairly active with front threes like upd I am visiting your site but I have looked and most of the other dogs are still there and were not there when we were there.
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There are also some new ones. Any chance we can go love some cats and dogs. some comments on our video saying you guys just go there and I'll show you care about them and then don't take them home but okay well there are also people who go there and don't pay attention for them at all and don't they get love yeah they need attention i mean just to go there and spend a little time with them yeah especially for them to like it it's like a place these two places the cat place and then this place from the dog like they are shelling out a lot of money to house these cats and feed them every day and they don't have the staff to entertain the cats yeah that's why it's a good thing you have to go support these places space for space oh my gosh look at this, look at this, what is green, they paid for the meter, yes, look, this is people. in LA, they probably can't understand this, feel that heart in LA, but guys to get space like literally right in front of where we're going, especially when you need hip surgery, that's the best thing girls do.
vlog squad weight lifting competition

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vlog squad weight lifting competition...

You thought about coming in here, but it's like triple hello Paco hello baby I don't know I think she's happy to see someone oh you're friendly he just hold on we'll be taken aback if he grabs your arm he laughs I pay you I took care of you I know we're going to get you out of here Paco shows oh you're fine ok well she left yes yesterday so i feel like she's literally from our video oh my god if so you have to tell us who she is and we have to go visit her in our Salon three months yes an update posted yesterday or Tuesday and people said that I'm going to see her, so maybe someone with so much I'm here to bring my friend Paco stays inflated ah Paco Paco please we were like children with a father, please look for Paco, what do we do when we have to go to David's house? e t-mike in love Pato what do I do what I need Dima tell me look at it you're going to have a great time I love him so much oh he was adopted from a shelter Jason and then the guy who adopted him lost his house So basically he gave up Paco.
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Please do it to go to a house I literally work in here. Thank you people for adopting a dog. I will gladly work here with you. the second day in a row that they have been here the second day of this week the second day to see them I can see them like going in opening like opening the door you are already waiting touch the window before opening he is really great oh please come adopt Paco he is so sweet look how sweet he is a very calm dog very calm he is an incredible sized dog he is not that small but he is not medium sized either he is so important here is a part well a little ago but let me tell you something about Paco JC knows all about Paco is now the one that comes G me he has a really great energy yeah I mean he's the one in charge of a key bank. if you close your eyes you can transport yourself anywhere right now i'm down south we're having caviar and champagne oh i want to take you on my yacht imagine you can be anywhere listen to me while the jazz music plays on the dogs Vanderpump Will he take this last breath to calm down and look in just before David comes and puts us in his car and tortures us.
vlog squad weight lifting competition
This is a real friends day from hell with us. It would have been, yes. I'd be sneezing because look at all the hair Paco got up and I don't care that would mean he just said the dog shed I don't care much about taking my hair off and walking around it's so nice we were what oh you want to go to pick up a dog you want a brother a puppy no or yes oh she saw the camera and turned into a ham there you go alright guys i gotta say im so excited someone adopted junebug, you made my heart feel so full that day.
I was feeling very sad because it needed to be an environment that's not really where she was, yeah she's definitely a dog, that's not right for a place not like dogs are right for a place like that she's just not very social, So yeah, if you wouldn't have dinner and you're watching, please, yeah, and if it's a weird coincidence, thank God, but I get it. It doesn't seem like it's a coincidence just because she was there for so long, can you post to your story? but let us know if anything like that too please talk to paco paco is literally perfect very sweet just calm very squishy yes he's only been there for a little over a week so someone will definitely be picking him up soon because he is literally an angel, yes Aaron was right.
If she told me this before we did the outro, but it looks scary. The website is probably like a bodybuilder but they didn't pick a good headshot no but in person he's so cute and totally oh yeah he's perfect. also so if you are looking for a potty trained pup that loves you and has some fun personality if you look and swear too let us know and we can be best friends too yeah so we can watch people become friends all think that's all we have a fun video on sunday well hope you all have fun on a safe weekend you like it we'll see what you want

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