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Visiting RENNTECH and Their NEW 2020 Toy

Feb 21, 2022
We finished this project that I would like in the next two or three weeks, so what will be the purpose of this car? Well, he will drive you on the highway, just a tram. the fight for the track yes for the track or for the garage yes amazing very excited to see that play out as well i guess we say goodbye at this point because it has been a very long but interesting educational video. thanks for getting us out and yeah oh there's just maybe something else the last thing this feed class is almost a thousand horsepower car now so now it's 9:59 6102 RI ultimate but we need to build a better intake because basically now it's like restricting itself it's like you know the stock intake system isn't enough to get the flow rate we need to get to a thousand horsepower but everything else is already done so this is a nine second tall nine quarter mile propeller car hmm well i think it became my favorite oh but wait there's more one less stuff like we have this we have to add yeah maybe we can yeah set up a ride with this too that would be nice looking forward to it so now I'm definitely going to say goodbye so give Lucas and Brent a follow up I can no if you have an AMG make sure you stop by because they do amazing stuff s with him and I don't know about the coffee, we haven't had it, but I think it tastes good too.
visiting renntech and their new 2020 toy

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