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Virtual Biden-Harris Campaign Strategy Call

Jun 25, 2023
I am and we're just hung up on things, yeah, and it's free, it's free for me, for me, someone whose feelings for me look so bad everywhere in this world, what is that? He walked the line and tried to see if I'm falling. behind and what could be completely alone I keep thinking I'm thinking what I bring are hidden in the stars above without it life is a wasted time things look so bad everywhere in this whole world falling behind what could be thank you and we're just hanging on, facing our fear and standing out there alone there must be someone whose feelings for me things look so bad everywhere in this world bring me I keep thinking about something strange a break without it life is wasted time look inside your heart and I look inside The things of mine look so bad everywhere in this world, which makes me go back and we are just holding on, facing our fear and being there alone for me.
virtual biden harris campaign strategy call
Things look so bad everywhere in this world. They bring me freedom. Personal freedom is essential for whom. We are as Americans there is nothing more important nothing more sacred that has been the work of my first shift to fight for our democracy this should not be a Red Revolution protect our rights to make sure that everyone in this country is treated equally and that everyone Sean You have a fair shot at it, but you know that across the country Maggie's extremists are lining up to take on those fundamental freedoms: cutting the Social Security you paid your entire life and cutting taxes on the very rich who dictate what decisions you make. of health care women can take. books and telling people who they can love while making it harder for them to vote.
virtual biden harris campaign strategy call

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virtual biden harris campaign strategy call...

Thank you when I ran for president four years ago I said we are in a battle for the soul of America and we are still the issue. What we are facing is whether in the coming years we will have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or less. I know what I want the answer to be and I think you do too. This is not a time to be complacent, which is why I'm running. for re-election I know America I know that we are good and decent people I know that we are still a country that believes in honesty and respect and treating each other with dignity, that we were a nation where we do not give hate any safe harbor, we believe that everyone is equal, everyone should have a fair chance to succeed in this country, thank you for choosing us every generation.
virtual biden harris campaign strategy call
Americans have faced a moment when they have to defend democracy, defend our personal freedom, defend the right to vote in our civil rights. and this is our moment so if you are with me go to joe


.com let's finish this job I know we can because this is the United States of America there is nothing considering anything that we cannot do if we do it together foreigner my name is José Núñez and I I am the national organizing director of the Democratic National Committee. I'm


ing you live from the headquarters of the National Democratic Party.
virtual biden harris campaign strategy call
I'm so excited to have all of you join us today. We have an incredible event prepared for all of you today. the foundation for you on our organizing


in the coming weeks and months on how we organize our communities for President Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ticket President Biden announced his re-election


on Tuesday with a simple message, together we can finish the work organizing program for the American people will be powered by people like you speaking to their friends, families and communities. It will be a common theme you hear today and in the future, speaking directly to the people in your life about what is happening.
What's at stake is whether these are magnetic extremists lining up to take us backwards by trying to gut Social Security and Medicare, telling women what health care options they can make, and to top it all off, they're also going after their right to vote. It won't be higher, but friends, we have fighters in our corner, people who fight every day and who, from the first day they took office, have created 12 million new jobs since they took office. Unemployment rates near record lows as inflation-reducing law caps the cost of insulin for people over 35 per month, the largest investment to combat climate change in US history .USA and much more, and with that I'm excited to introduce you to two of those fighters, Vice President Kamala Harris and Doug and huff, thank you José, it's good to see you all, hello, happy Biden Harris.


launch week and thank you for the warm welcome and those words about the fight and for all the work of him, José and the Democratic National Committee team.
I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this team and to be here with the president, my wife, the Vice President, first lady, it's been a great honor for me these last two plus years to be the first second gentleman in the United States and, as I traveled across the country, I heard their stories and saw their work. and Wherever I go, tell me what you care about and believe in building an economy that works for everyone. You believe in justice, equal fundamental rights and making this country a better place for the American people and I will tell you that no one works harder for the Americans, other than President Biden and Vice President Harris, are true public servants who They do this job not because of ego or power, but because they are patriotic, they love our country and in everything they do they think about each and every one of you and I are very lucky to have this front row seat to see them do it together, Biden and Harris, every day and I only have one more thing to do, which is time, well, look, I'm only here because Married to her, Kamala Harris, the first female vice president of the United States, has been protecting democracy and fighting for the people throughout her career, from her time as district attorney in San Francisco to California attorney general, United States senator, and as our vice president. she has been traveling all over the country in the world fighting for the issues that matter to you ladies and gentlemen my wife vice president of the United States Kamala Harris hello Douglas welcome good evening Democrats and thank you José for bringing us together and thank you for that presentation, Mr.
First Second Gentleman of the United States and I also want to thank Dr. Biden for her leadership. She has been extraordinary and has a good team. We have a great team and I am very proud to be running for re-election with our President Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States of America so that we can finish the job for everyone on this


. Thank you for the work you do every election to ensure the people's voice is heard in 2020 during the height of a pandemic. of you sent over 300 million text messages and made over 300 million calls because of your hard work.
They sent me and Joe Biden to the White House in 2022. They helped defend reproductive rights on state ballots from California to Kentucky as races moved up and down the ballot. from coast to coast for the State Legislature, Secretary of State, those are some really important races, as we all know, as were those races for attorney general and governor, and you did the work to help expand our majority in the Senate of the United States and with your help now later. two years of good work, President Biden and I have a lot of really good material to show, we must also see clearly the moment in which we live in a moment in which in the states of our nation many of our hard-won achievements freedoms They are under attack by so-called Republican extremist leaders The attacks on people in states like Florida and Texas are just the first step These extremists have a plan to carry out their national agenda to attack a woman's right to make decisions about her own body not the government to attack the right to vote, to ban books and hinder the teaching of the entire history of the United States and to prevent people from loving who they love and to do all that in all 50 states, they even went so far as to turn off the microphones and expel the elected leaders in Nashville because you know why this is what I think because they did not want to hear the voices of the people through those legislators, they did not want to hear the screams and the demands of the people who simply want the end of the armed violence, these so-called leaders, well, we are seeing many examples where they simply want to silence the voices of the people and be clear about what is at stake.
The voice of the people is the heart and core of our democracy. and as far as we are all concerned I know this is true the people will not be silenced together we will fight and we will fight because we love our country together we will fight for our democracy and our ideals and I believe that when you know what you represent you know what to fight for in every one of these issues we know what we represent we know what we fight for and when we fight we win thank you all, see you soon José comes back to you, thank you both Vice President Harris and Doug M Haw, you know there is a lot to be proud of heading into 2023 and 2024.
Democrats have been steadily organizing since day one after we concluded the 2020 election. I've been talking to voters in states like Arizona. Nevada Georgia Wisconsin across the country supporting races from mayor to Senate seats, no race was too big or small and our successes are only possible because of the work each of us does: talking to our neighbors about what what's going on. What's at stake is talking to that friend you chat with about politics, it's your family, all those conversations matter and it's never too early to start. President Biden observed his campaign's organizing efforts around a simple principle that you are the best advocate for the people closest to you.
In our lifetime, each member of this team will play a role in ensuring that the people closest to you Let us know what is at stake for our families, our communities and our country. In this election we have also seen President Biden's decency, his empathy and his belief that everyone counts, that's who he is and Dr. Jill Biden has been an advocate for students and veterans throughout her career and from the moment she entered the White House, the only way to strengthen our democracy is if we fight for it together. I know that President Biden and Dr.
Jill Biden are in that fight with us along with Democrats across the country up and down the ballot and we have a simple question to ask ourselves: who is going to fight for us, our country, our families, our friends. I'm happy to introduce you to the people. who will fight for American President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, thank you José, good evening, every few years we tell Americans that this is the most important election of their lives and every year we are right because the fight for freedom has no end. because democracy for America has no end, there will always be those who want to push us back and can only see the glory in some imagined past, so when they pull, we push, we push for progress, we push for the people we love, we push for the future.
We want the future our children deserve and when we all stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart we win, that's what we did when we elected Joe and Kamala. I will never forget the moment we found out they had won. We were sitting on a dock. from a lake near our house in Wilmington and then all of a sudden we heard shouts of joy coming from our house and we knew we had won, don't you remember? People banging pots and pans and dancing in the streets. like we were all holding our breath and suddenly we could breathe again, you made it happen with a dozen phone calls, a five dollar donation, with a conversation, you were a little nervous about having little moments over and over again until together we created something bigger than any of us, so thank you for that work, thank you for being with us then and now, with your help Joe has changed our country forever.
America has seen the true character of the person I have known for so long whose heart is big enough. overcome our divisions and unite Americans from all walks of life whose vision and determination are strong enough to overcome the partisanship of our politics and pass historic legislation whose commitment is strong enough not only to keep its promises but also to overcome them and it is not over. He is ready to continue pushing us forward, we will win again, but not without you, we are all in this and I ask you to participate and help us with those small moments, dollars donated, calls made and doors knocked, we have to start. now and we cannot give up until we win because the fight for freedom does not end and this is the most important election of our lives.
I know we can win because we have you by our side Joe, look ateveryone, hello to Jill and me. Kamal and Doug wanted to get together for two reasons for all of us, the first is a thank you, so many of you are with us during this incredible journey from 2020 to this day, we wouldn't be here without you and that's not the case. hyperbole we're counting on you to help us win next time we can't do it without you just look at everything we've accomplished so far and think of everything we can do together let's finish the job and we were in Reach and that's the second reason why I wanted to talk to you, we need you, since Jill said our democracy needs you and that again is not literal because it's about our freedoms.
The mega Republicans are trying to push us back, but together we are not going to do it. let them do that instead, our agenda will move us forward and build on the progress we make to get the job done. Look, we continue to grow the economy from the middle out and from the bottom up, not from the top down. We said we do that, let's protect. a woman's right to choose let's get Roe v Wade it's just a long and there's a lot we have to do look let's protect our children from gun violence let's continue to reduce the cost of prescription drugs less let's protect Social Security Medicare we've done so many things there so many more to make friends, we are still in the battle for the soul of America andWe are now at a turning point, one of those moments that not only happen every few generations, but they appear and we are in one of them right now and when we look back in a few years we will know if we found this moment.
You know, so you have to let me tell you something because that is very important because all of you will know this moment because of you just like we did in 2020. Remember 2020 like Jill said when everyone wrote us off, but they knew we could do it. We did it and we did it thanks to you. Remember in 2022 those midterm elections in which the Red Wave is supposed to annihilate us with the gigantic victory of the Republicans. Never happened. We meet the moment again and again with a broad coalition with all of you. Do it again in 2024.
We will do it together so that as we enter this re-election campaign, Jill and I Kamal and Doug want you to remember that the power of America is in you, the American people, you know all this and now. We need you to spread the word to our friends, visit joe


.com or text 30330. You are the reason we have never been more optimistic about our future and we are real. I have never been more optimistic, we just have to remember. who we are, we are the United States of America and there is simply nothing beyond our ability if we do it together, so we are going to win this, let's get the job done thank you, thank you, thank you, let's do this, thank you very much, President Joe Biden. and Dr.
Joe Biden, I'm personally excited and yeah, let's get the job done. The last speaker we have, I mean, I'm very excited to introduce her, is our Democratic National Committee organizer, Ashley Chacona. Ashley gives you the floor, thank you José, hello everyone. I'm so excited that she was able to join us tonight. My name is Ashley Jacquon and I am the national organizer for the Democratic National Committee. I organize with volunteers from across the country who are bilingual Spanish speakers and support voter contact within the Latino and Spanish-speaking communities. across the country to elect Democrats everywhere on the ballot I was born and raised in South Texas and completed my bachelor's and master's degrees in Texas and I'm even calling from Texas, you guessed it, so my passion for the community, my family and my friends. led me to where I am today, like many of you on this call, you probably share my passion with your own community, wherever that may be, what inspired my involvement and my work with a Democratic party was that in 2016 I realized how important which was to protect our democracy while in college I felt the need to be more involved in my community and volunteered.
I became active in interacting with voters during the midterm elections. I walked in block providing outreach and educating voters on the importance of participating and making their voices heard. The first two principles that really motivated me to get more involved in the protection of women's rights and the importance of other types of education. Since then, I have been involved in many political campaigns from Texas to New York and everywhere in between. In that work, the results I hope for are to develop a leader for a community at a time, a leader who understands how powerful his or her voices can be in organizing his friends, family, and neighbors.
That's why I organize. That's why I support the election of Democratic candidates like President Joe Biden and other Democrats across the country who won't run. As mag extremists push to take away our freedoms in our democracy, everyone has their own reasons why they are on this call today and you may be wondering what can I do organizing in essence is community building and today on this call we have begun the process of build a community together around a shared goal of supporting President-elect Biden and Democrats across the country. President Biden launches campaign organizing efforts around a simple principle that you are the best advocate for the people closest to us in your life, every member of this team will play a role in ensuring the people closest to us know what is at stake for our families, our communities and our country in this election.
We take the first steps by having conversations directly with our families and friends, sharing the key messages and content of the campaign. Within our online communities there is a lot at stake and when we really need to get involved, much of our community connection and communication happens online and that is where we understand that we really have the opportunity to organize. Our goal is to break through the noise. media and online discourse that's where you come in before you leave this call today. I need everyone to text 30330 and share your support for President Biden on social media.
We would also like you to join us for a training series to go deeper. about how you will organize online and offline specifically in your own communities to commit to joining a training, text 30 33 0 and let us know you're in and while you're at it, share your support on social media , thank you. for your time and we hope to see you at future events foreign friends thank you so much for joining us tonight as Ashley said please if you have a second shared text message to 30330 as you heard from everyone today it will all be needed. Of us are talking to the people closest to us to make sure we can achieve a victory in 2024 by electing Democrats up and down the ballot, so again I hope you'll take a moment tonight.
Send a share text to 30330 and we hope to see you very soon, I hope. May everyone have a wonderful night. Thank you. I'm still thinking about bringing me. I'm thinking about a break.

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